Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1804 July 14


Ao. 1804 )


( No. 81.


Essequebo and Demerary





Saturday, July 14, 1804.

At a Meeting of the Committee representing the Proprietors of Lots in Cumingsburg, Convened by the Honbl. F. Kroll Esqr. in the Name of the Court of Policy of these Colonies, and held at the Colony-House in Stabroek, on the 11th July 1804.
A. Meertens Esqr. being called to the Chair, the following Resolutions, among others, were passed;
Resolved, that P. F. Tinne Esqr. be requested pro tempore to Act as Secretary.
Resolved, that Thomas Cuming, Adam Smith and N. Morehouse Esqrs. be appointed a Sub-Committee for the time of three Months, commencing from this date, to superintend the Execution of the Works that may be deemed necessary by the Committee.
Resolved, that Charles Clifton & John Jackson Esqrs be requested to demand and examine the Accounts of the old Commissaries of Cumingsburg, and Report thereon at the next Meeting.
Resolved, that Charles Clifton Esqr. be requested to Act as Treasurer, and as such to call in by Advertisement in the Demerary Gazette, all Claims against Cumingsburg, in order to their being laid before the Committee at the next Meeting, that measures my be adopted for discharging the same.
By the Committee aforesaid,
P. F. Tinne, Secty.

Stabroek, 13th July 1804.
Capt. McLeod from the Report made to him, has seen with regret the little attention which has been paid to the last Orders issued for attendance on Parades and has consequently directed that the Fines shall be levied on all those who were absent without legal reasons.
From the now uncertain state of the weather and the bad condition of the Ground, Parades shall be discontinued until further Orders.
J. C. McLeod, Capt. and Comdg.
Stabroek District, Demerary Militia.

BEKENDMAAKINGEN, Van de Secretary. [heading]

Alzoo Mejuffrouw Mary Smith, Wed. Steward, en de Heer Josephus Greaves van voorneemens zyn binnen den tyd van 14 daagen van hier te vertrekken, zo wordt zulks mits deezen bekend gemaakt, ten einde die geenen welke iets van hun te pretendeeren hebben, of aan hun verschuldigd zyn, hunne pretensien koomen ontvangen, of hunne schulden betaalen, ter hunner Domicilium, ofte wel ter Secretary alhier.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary dezen 7 July 1804.
In Kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman, gezw. Clercq.


To be Sold on Saturday the 21st Instant at Public Auction to the highest Bidder; - The Dwelling House and Out buildings erected on Lot No. 24 in Cumingsburg. The Buildings are almost new and very commodiously situated for Business
July 14th 1804. Brereton & Kingston.

On Tuesday the 24th Instant, will be sold, by Order of Messrs. Bruninghaus & Co. at their Store; - 30 or 40 pipes of London particular Madeira Wine in half and quarter pipes, beef and pork, hogs lard, &c. &c.
July 14th 1804. Brereton & Kingston.

On Wednesday the 25th Instant will be Exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, on Plantation La Penitence, by Order of Ts. Cuming Esqr. The Cargo of the Ship Loyalty consisting of Porter in barrels, bottled ditto, bottled taunton ale, prime bottled small beer, white oats in casks, Scotch barley in kegs, grutis [?] in jugs, oatmeal in jugs, Bristol building and temper lime, Negro pipes, iron potts, Smith's coals and wood hoops; and at the same time will positively be sold, the Schooner Lively, as she lays in this River and as formerly Advertised.
July 14th 1804. Brereton & Kingston.

On Thursday the 26th Inst. will be sold by order of M. Smit Esqr. The Lot of Land as the same is now railed in and situated in front of Plantation Iveleary, with a strong dwelling house, Store & Wash do. kitchen, necessary &c formerly the Property of Mr. Wm. Gibson. Also will be sold by order of Doctor P. C. Mickerts, Executor to the Estate of W. Stoel deced: wearing apparel, a Boat Negro, a gold Watch &c. &c.
July 14th 1804. Brereton & Kingston.

On Friday the 27th Instant will be exposed for sale to the highest Bidders, at the Vendue Office, by Order of Mr. P. C. J. van Ryssel, as Executor to the Estates of A. M. Changuion and J. Van Weerden deced: - Wearing Apparel, &c. &c.
July 14th 1804. Brereton & Kingston.

On Tuesday the 7th August will be sold at the House of Mr. A. Reith, adjoining the Stelling in Bridge Town, by order of Messrs. A. McNabb and A. Wishart, Executors to the Estate of the deced John Loudon; - 25 Negro Men Carpenters and Timber cutters, 3 Negro Women, a Punt, tent boat, tools, wearing apparel, buildings as they now stand in Hobaba Creek, also a large quantity of green hart timber. On the same day and place will be sold, by order of Messrs. A. Wishart and R. Stephenson, Executors to the Estate of the deceased L. McKennon, Wearing apparel, Carpenters tools &c.
July 14th 1804. Brereton & Kingston.


All Persons to whom the late Commissaries for the Town of Cumingsburg are Indebted for Work done in that Town for the general Benefit of the Inhabitants are requested to deliver them to the Subscribers by the 25th Inst. properly attested, that means may be pursued by the present Commissaries, to have them liquidated as soon as they can. Charles Clifton.
Demerary, 14th July 1804. Treasurer.

For Liverpool, to Sail without Convoy, in company with one or more armed Ships, by the second springs in August; - The new coppered and fast sailing Ship the Loyalty, R. Bailey Master. For Freight or Passage, apply to said Master, or to
Demerary, 14th July 1804. Thomas Cuming.

Ship Glamorgan, Thomas Mulloy Master, will Sail for London with the first Convoy; - For Passage only, apply to the said Master on board, or at the Union Coffee House. The Ship has commodious and comfortable Accommodation for a large Family, and the Terms will be very moderate. Demerary, 14th July 1804.

Take Notice: - The Subscriber earnestly requests all those Indebted to him, either on Note or open Accounts to the 31st of December last, to come forward and settle with him before the expiration of the present Month, as he is otherwise positively determined to Sue without respect to Persons, the situation of his Affairs rendering it totally impossible to give any longer Indulgence; and he therefore hopes this will not be looked on, as a formal Advertum [sic].
Demerary, 14th July 1804. H. B. Gall.

All Persons having Demands against the Estate of Hector McKenzie Esqr deced. are desired to send in their Claims properly attested, to John Ross, or John Fraser Esqrs. of Berbice, his Executors or to
Demerary, 14th July 1804. J. C. McLeod.

One or Two Gentlemen of a regular Life, having no Incumbrance whatsoever, may be accommodated with Board & Lodging in a genteel Family in Stabroek. Enquire at the Printing Office.
Demerary, 14th July 1804.

Just Imported from Boston in the Brig George, Wm. Waymouth master, and for Sale at the new Store of the Subscribers, on Werk & Rust, next to that of Messrs. McInroy, Sandbach, McBean & Co. the following Goods, viz. Superfine flour, rye do, rice in tierces, pork, hams, beefs, oysters in pots, white and brown soap, lumber, red oak staves, sigars, tar, black pepper, almonds, hhds and truss hoops, claret, Medoc, Port, Rhenish and Malaga wines in cases, Gin in jugs, Plantation tools, temper lime, hats, boots, shoes, &c.
Demerary, 14th July 1804. Remy & Boter.

De Wedwe: Dirk De Beet woonende op de halve Concessie No. 15 aan de Zuyd Dam van Stabroek, presenteert uit de hand te Koop, de Geheele ofte halve Concessie No. 15, zo voor als agter Dam van Stabroek, alsmeede de Heele Concessie No. 50 op dito; teffens Vier Huismeyden en tien Neegers, en eenige fra[?]ije Huis Meubilen. Demerary den 14 July 1804.

TAKE NOTICE if You Please. [heading]
Whereas the Honbl. Charles Vincent Esqr. Collector of the Colony Ongelden, after a long continuance of repeated Solicitations in the Public News Papers, to those Gentlemen who have not paid their Taxes, nor even given up the quantity of Slaves on their Estates, or of such Estates which are under their Administration. And Whereas it is absolutely necessary that good Order should be maintained in a point so essentially necessary for the support of the Revenue, whereby the Demands against said Collector can be discharged with dispatch. And Whereas the Underwritten Attorney at Law for the Collector, has received upwards of Sixty six Accounts unpaid, and of course due to the Collector for Colony Taxes; He by these presents informs all those who are Owners or Attorney's [sic] of Estates, to call at his Office in Stabroek, from this day until the 1st of August next, to Pay the Accounts due on Negro Ongelden for 1803, after the expiration of that day, he then positively will proceed against the delinquent Debtors according to Law.
N. Rousselet,
Stabroek, Concession No. 40, July 14th 1804. Atty. at Law.

Hugo Cantzlaar and N. Rousselet both Attorneys of I. G. Cloot de Nieuwerkerk, and both Attorneys at Law, inform the Clients of said Mr. Nieuwerkerk, likewise a Lawyer, that that Gentleman has taken a Trip to the British West India Windward Islands, in hope to recover his health and strengthen a Declining Constitution, he'll return in two Months. All Business left by said Mr. Nieuwerkerk as a Lawyer, and delivered to the Subscribers by him for their Patronage, will be attended without negligence or delay. They request those Gentlemen who are concerned it Suits now pending for the Honbl. Court of Justice, a small Information of the Business, only for the assistance of their memory. The Money received from Suits will be (as customary) delivered directly to the Owners of it.
H. Cantzlaar, j. z.
Demerary, 14th July 1804. N. Rousselet.

For Sale: Part of Concession No. 2, in front of Plantation Werk & Rust, adjoining O. J. Laurin's Esqr with the Buildings thereon, at present occupied by Mr. N. Hart, it has the advantage of the Water Lot, and is suitable to a Person in the Mercantile Line, Terms will be made agreeable to an approved Purchaser, by applying to
Demerary, 14th July 1804. James Parss.

For Sale: The Buildings on the 1/2 Lot No. 27 in Bridge Town, consisting in a Dwelling House, Kitchen, and other necessary Buildings, all new and in compleat Order; the situation is very well adapted for the Mercantile Business, and the Terms made easy to an approved Purchaser. For Particulars, enquire of the Printer.
Demerary, 14th July 1804.

VIER DE PROCLAMATIE. [heading] By deezen word aan een ieder bekend gemaakt dat Ik Adsistent Exploiteur, uit krachte van zeekere Executone by Non- Sessie van den Edele Hove van Civiele Justitie, door den Presideerends Raad in loco in dato 29 Maart deezes jaars 1804. Verleend opeen tot dat einde gepresenteerd rekest, door William Lawson imperrant van Executie, naar voorafgegaane Sommatie, Renovatie en behoorlyke in erpellatie in arrest genoomen en in des Hoogen Overigheids landen heb gesteld, de Grond No. 48 geleeegen aan de Korrentynsch Kust divisie toebehoorende aan Pearce Tapin & H. Rawlins, onme daaraan te verhaalen eene somma van f. 2646 met de kosten daar reed opgeloopen, of no[?] te loopen, welke voorz: Grond Ik van meening hun, op Maandag den 9e July 1804, des morgen ten 9 Uuren te verkoopen ten Raad huize deezer Colonie, op zoodanige conditien als ten dage der verkoop zal worden verkiaard (by het uitgaan der Waschkaars) zullende de meestbiedende kooper zyn.
Zoo iemand zich tegens deeze Verkooping zoude willen opposeeren, als sustineerende eenig recht op dezelve te hebben, vervoege zich tot mynent welke ik als Opposant zal ontvanger hem dag van recht betekenen en van alles Onderrichten zal op poene van verstek en euwig Silentium.
Aldus deeze vierde Proclamatie naar het eindigen der gewoone Godsdienstoessaning aan den volke bekend gemaakt of Zondag den 27e Juny 1804
F. B. Ader.

The Subscriber request all Persons having Demands against the Estate of Mr. W. Stoel deced: to render the same properly Attested, on or before the expiration of three Months from this date; and Persons indebted to said Estate, to make immediate Payment to the Underwritten, as it is his intention to liquidate the Estate as soon as possible.
Demerary, 14th July 1804. P. C. Mickerts, Executeur.

Runaway from the Subscriber, a Negro Man of the Mandinga Nation by Name Sandy, he is to appearence about forty Years of Age, nearly six feet in height, speaks English very indifferently altho upwards of three Years in the Colony; he is well known about Town as a Wood and Grass cutter, and has been lately seen in the Neighbourhood of Plantation Providence. Whoever will apprehend the said Slave and restore him to the Subscriber, shall receive a reward of Two Joes, and any Person who will lodge him in the Barracks will receive half of the above Reward by applying to the Subscriber.
Stabroek, 14th July 1804. Robert Murray.

Picked Up, from across the Cable of the Brig Equator, on Thursday the 12th Inst. by the Crew of said Brig, a Ships Yawl. Any Person proving the same to be their Property, can have it by paying the expence of this Advertisement, applying on board, or at the store of
Demerary, 14th July 1804. O. J. Laurin.

Den Ondergetekende presenteert ter Huur of Koop, het nieuw gebouds Huis, met desselvs va zy gebouwen, staande op de 1-4 Concessie No. 10 geleegen tusschen de Huyzen van Mevrouw de Wed: Pletzen de Heer Butteweg, aan de Hoofdplaatse Stabroek; naander te bevraagen by de Heer F. Butteweg, ofte by
Pl. Meerzorg, den 12 July 1804. J. L. Biegman.

De Firma van C. F. Guntzel & Co. met onderluige goedkeuring geschyden zynde zeedert den 7de May, verzoeken dezelve die aan gemelde Firma nog mogte schuldig zyn zulkste koomen voldoen, ten Eynde hun in Statte stellen, het hunne te betaalen.
Demerary, den 14 July 1804.

As the Subscriber's ill state of health will oblige him to leave this Country in the next Spring, he offers to dispose off [sic] by private sale, his Plantation called Leyden (on which he resides) with all the Buildings &c. on the same, containing 250 Acres fit for Coffee, Sugar and Plantains, and in the depth for cutting Wood. The Wood Ground named Berg & Dal, with the Buildings thereon, situate in Coeberissarabo Creek, containing 1250 Acres. The Wood Ground called Ebenezar, situate opposite the Loo Estate, containing 250 Acres. Forty-seven Young healthy Negroes capable for the Wood cutter's business. Lastly, Craft, cattle, diamonds, gold & silver, working utensils, and furniture, also Building & Mill timber, ready for delivery.
Demerary, 14th July 1804. E. L. Escher.

Runaway from Mrs. Francis Mackay, Relict of the decd. John Mackay, now residing on Plantation Bourdeaux, in Canal No. 1, a negro Man named Robin, well known in this Colony, having been for 3 years past employed in Boats and working on board Ships, he is a well looking Negro, about 20 years of Age, and 5 feet 8 inches high, stout made and speaks good English, have been bred in the Islands; - Any Person apprehending said Negro and lodging him in the Barracks here, or in the stocks on the Plantation where he may be found and sending word to his Mistress, shall be handsomely rewarded. Any Person who is found harbouring said Negro, shall be prosecuted to the utmost Rigour of the Law. Ship Masters in particular are requested not to employ said negro, as whom he is found with, may depend on being Prosecuted.
Demerary 14th July 1804.

List of Runaway and arrested Slaves, on this 13th day of July 1804,

in the Stocks of Demerary.

Lyst der op heden den 13e July 1804, zig in arrest bevindende

Weglopper slaaven, in Rio Demerary.



By whom brought.





Freese in Berbice.

Ord. Fiscaal.






Pl. Providence.


Wits in Barbados.

[?]. Cennedy.



Pl. Ruymveld.


Pl. Cottage.

John Ashley.


Doct. Luye

J. van Genderen.



Pl. Succes. [sic]


Philis Lameur.

A. Burges.



J. Osborn.






A. Martyn.






Rob. Stephenson.


A. Smith.

L. Breeda.





Miss Hall in Abary.






G. Laing.



Gordon in Berbice.




N. Manget.


Juffw. Cozier.

P. Cample.



Ord. Fiscall. [sic]






James Hunter.



M. Visser.



J. Bollers.



W. Kemp.


John Moore.

H. McNish.











Van der Lott.




F. Ralaing.


Wedw. De Beet.

Werk & Rust.





Doctor Lucas.

Wedw. Dali[?].




And 22 New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
Voorts 22 Nieuwe Negers, waarvan men de naamen der Eygenaar niet kan ontwaaar worden
J. Runnels, Drossaart

Printed and Published by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.

to the
Essequebo and Demerary

Saturday, July 14, 1804.

Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.


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