Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1805 March 02


Ao. 1805 )


( No. 114.


Essequebo and Demerary





Saturday, the 2d of March.

BEKENDMAAKINGEN, Van de Secretary.

Alzoo John Agart Cozier minderjaarig Jongman gebooren te Barbados, met schriftelyk Concent van zyn Vader J. W. Griffith Cozier ter Eer en Ruthey Reese minderjaarige Jongedochter [sic] mede gebooren te Barbados, met schriftelyk Concent van haar Moeder Elisabeth Scott bevoorens Wed. J. Reese ter andere zyde. van voorneemens zyn met eikander een Wettig Huwelyk aantegaan zoo als dezelve ook reeds op den 22st deezer voor Heeren Raaden Commissarissen uit den Hove van Crimineele en Civielen Justitie deezer Rivier in Ondertrouw zyn opgenoomen. Zoo word zulks mits deezen aan elk en een iegelyk geadverteerd, ten einde die geenen welke vermeenen zich te kunnen oponeeren zulks in tyds te doen, ter plaatse daar zulks behoord.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary, dezen 23st February 1805
In kennisse van my, J. C. Stadtman, Gezw. Clercq.

Alzoo Robert Abbell, Van voorneemens is in den tyd van 14 dagen van hier te vertrekken, zo wort zulks mids deezen bekend gemaakt, ten einde die geenen, welke iets van hem te pretendeeren hebben, of aan hem verschuldigd zyn, hunne pretensien koomen ontsangen, of hunnen schulden betaalen, ter zyner Domicilium.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary, dezen 2 Maart 1805.
J. C. Stadtman, Gezw: Clercq.

Alzoo de Heer M. J. Verroen van voorneemens is binnen de tyd van Vier Weeken deeze Colonie te verlaten, zoo word zulks mits deezen aan elk en een iegelyk bekend gemaakt, ten eynde die geenen welke iets van hem te pretendeeren hebben, ofte aan hem verschuldigd zyn, hunnen Pretentien te koomen ontsangen en hunnen Schulden voldoen ter zyner Domicilium en voorts dat die geenen van welke by Papieren en stukken als Procureur onder zig heest dezelve binnen voormelde tyd tevens betaaling koomen athaalen [sic].
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary dezen 2st Maart 1805.
J. C. Stadtman, Gezw Clercq


On Wednesday the 6th of March, and following days, will be Exposed for sale by order of A. Meertens and Charles Vincent Esqrs. at the Logie of Plantation Vlissengen: - An elegant fast rowing six oar'd Yacht, seasoned Negroes, copper and tinned pans and kettles, &c.
March 2d, 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Saturday the 9th of March, will be Exposed for Sale to the highest bidder, by order of C. D. Forrester, Esq. at his Store in Stabroek: - 25 Prime Negroes, claret in hogsheads, a quantity of water butts and puncheons &c.
March 2 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Thursday the 14th of March, will be Exposed for Sale to the highest bidders by order of Messrs. Remey & Boter, at their store: - An assortment of provisions, consisting of brandy and gin in cases and pipes, spermaceti and mould candles, Casteel soap, rounds of beef, hats, shoes, medoc, Malaga and claret wine, tobacco in barrels, tar, rice in tierces, Iron hoops, hoes, axes and bills, hams, onions, &c. &c. and some elegant Spanish mantles for ladies. On the same day and place will be also Exposed for sale, by order of Mr. D. H. Van Nooten qq - Knoop, Negroes, &c.
March 2d 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Monday the 18th of March, will be Exposed for Sale to the highest bidder by order of J. Ceurvorst Esq. at his store, the following articles, viz: - Muslins, dimities, callicoes, pullicat and Madrass handkerchiefs, bed tick, silk stockings of all kinds, thread, Irish linens, ladies silk shoes and hats, superfine kerseymeres and cloths, gentlemens and childrens shoes, boots, umbrellas and parasols, ladies ready made dresses, gloves, sheeting, gentlemens shaving cases, cotton and coffee baging [sic], blankets, sallad oil, pickles, olives, mustard, sauces, split pease, barley, oats, sago, loaf sugar, walnuts, Madeira wine, cogniac brandy, temper lime, lamp oil, nails assorted, hinges, bolts, Iron pots, Iron tea kettles, sod Irons, fishing hooks, sail needles, earthen ware, white lead in oil, yellow, green and blue paints, tar, cutlery, sugar candy, currants, negro cloathing, medicines, &c. &c.
March 2d 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Tuesday the 19th of march, will be Sold to the highest bidder, at the store of John Madden & Co. - Eight New Negroes, some dry Provisions, viz. Rice and beans &c. in tierces and a large parcel of Iron bound puncheons.
March 2d 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Wednesday the First of May next, will be Exposed for Sale, by order of Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach & M'Bean: - The Premises at present occupied by them known in the General Chart of Stabroek as forming 3.4 of Lot No. 21, at the same time will be Sold, all their goods then on hand, on said Premises.
March 2d 1805. Brereton & Kingston.


The Subscriber has received in addition to his late Advertisement, a general assortment of dry goods, ladies ready made dresses of the newest fashion, bonnets and dress caps, cotton baging [sic], an assortment of Negro cloathing, pearl barley, gruts [sic], split pease and pickled herrings.
March 2d 1805. Joseph Ward.

Having removed to the Good Hope, adjoining the Creek Madewine [sic], I take this Public method to request that no Person whatever may be found Trespassing on Lands in my possession, as for a long time, numbers of Persons have made a practice of sending up their Negroes and cutting Timber, Troleys &c. &c. off the lands, much to the Injury of my Family, whoever in future should be found trespassing, may be assured will suffer.
March 2d 1805. Harris Drayton, q. q.

Wanted: - A Book Keeper: a Person competent to that situation, will receive a liberal Salary. Apply to the Printer.
March 2d 1805.

William M'Kenzie & Co. will Expose for Sale on Wednesday the 6th of March: - 150 Prime Gold Coast Slaves, arrived in the Ship Rio Nova, Captain Henry N. Tuming, from Cape Coast. Demerary, 2d March, 1805.

The Subscriber will give five Joes Reward to any Person who will give Information as will lead to the discovery of a Punt, that drifted some time past from the Stelling of Messrs. Telford, Naghten & Co. She was Built by Mr. Gold in Mahaica and carries from 16 to 20 Hogsheads.
Demerary, 2d March, 1805. F. Bynoe.

Notice is hereby given, that there remain on board the Ship Tarleton Joseph H. Stoddard, Master, from London, One Puncheon Merchandize and a bundle of whips, marked H. D. S. in a Diamond, shipped by William Richardson, and consigned to Order, if not called for before the expiration of Three Weeks from the date hereof, they will be Sold to Pay Freight and Expences.
Demerary, 2d March, 1805. Joseph H. Stoddard.

Wanted to Borrow, Twenty Thousand Guilders, Payable in Four Years, with Interest, and Eight per Cent will be allowed to any Person that will advance that Sum on these conditions, and good security given. They will be pleased to apply to the Printer, who will give them the necessary information.
Demerary, 2d March, 1805.

Strayed away from the lumber yard of the Subscribers on Sunday last; a New negro Man of the Gold Coast nation, he is tall and very black, speaks not English, and can give no account of himself, it is supposed he has gone to one of the neighbouring Plantations with some of his Country men. Whoever will cause said Negro to be brought back to the Subscribers, shall be Rewarded, and any Expences attending, will be paid by
March 2d 1805. William Hallstead & Co.

All Persons Indebted to the Subscriber, are hereby requested to come forward with Payment, on or before the First May next, and such as have Demands against him, are desired to render in the same for Liquidation, as it is his determination to quit this Colony as soon as possible. he has for Sale some Carpenter Negroes and a good Washer woman.
Demerary, 2d March 1805. John Henderson.

The Undersigned having in contemplation to Liquidate his Concerns, offers for Sale by Private Contract, his House and Yard, situated on the Water side of Werk & Rust, and likewise every thing concerning his Mercantile Establishment; he consequently must solicit from every one who has not as yet Settled their Account of last Year, to do the same on or before the First of April next, as he will otherwise be obliged to have recourse to law.
Demerary, 2 March, 1805. O. J. Laurin.

Corn for Sale on Plantation Potosi, from One to 25 Thousand Ears at F 16 10 per Hund. from 25 to 50 Thousand at f 13 15 and any quantity above 50 Thousand Ears at f 11 per Hundred. Plantains may also be had by applying to the Subscriber on said Plantation.
Demerary, 2d March, 1805. Richard Harding.

at the Store of
Demerary, 2 March, 1805. Bruninghaus & Co.

Te Huur, De halve concessie No. 18 met de daar op staande Gebouwen en regenbak, thans bewoon wordende door den Heer Verroen gelegen op het middelpat van Stabroek benessens de halve Concessie No. 12 met bovenwoonhuys en zygebouw than bewoon wordende door Mejuffr. de Wed. Eyman geleegen op Werk & Rust - Zynde te bevraagen by de ondergetekende.
Demerary 2de Maart 1805 H. Mutz.

Weggedreeven of gestoolen op Donderdag den 28st February by de Schoenmakers Stelling een Americaansche JOL, weinig gebruykt, die dezelve by den ondergeteekenden te regt brengt zal eene ordentlyke belooning hebben.
Demerary den 2de Maart 1805 F. C. Engels.

For Sale or Hire: - A large convenient House with good out buildings, the whole perfectly New, situated on Lot No. 206 in Cummingsburg [sic], immediate Possession can be given. For further particulars, enquire of the Printer. March 2d 1805.

To be Sold: - The half Lot of land with the buildings thereon, known by No. 37, situated in Stabroek, fronting the Back Dam, formerly the property of Doctor Baum, and lately occupied by Mr. Emmerson it will be Sold on very reasonable terms. For further information, apply to the Printer.
Demerary, 2d March 1805.

Runaway from the Subscriber; a Caramantey Negro Man, named Julius, about Five feet ten Inches high, with his Country marks on his face and belly, he speaks English pretty well, is a Carpenter, and has a Chop from an Adze on his left leg, near the heel; any Person who will deliver the said Negro to his Master in Kingston, shall have a Reward of One Joe, a further Reward of Two Joes will be given to any Person, who will give proper information where he is harboured, as the Law will be rigidly enforced against all such offenders; all Captains of Vessels are forbid taking off the said Negro, he is well known, and was sold as a part of the Estate of Douglas Thompson, decd.
Demerary, 2d March, 1805. Thomas White.

List of Vessels Entered and Cleared from the 23d of February to the 2d of March 1805.

Feb. 22. Schooner, Nancy, Capt. Edward Abbot, from St. Bartholomews.
Feb. 23. Ship Rio Nova, Capt. H. N. Tuming, from Africa.
Feb. 23. Sloop Hebe, Capt. T. Ewing, from Barbados.
Feb. 25. Brig Sophronia, Capt. C. Bird, from Boston.
Feb. 26. Schooner Highlander, Capt. John Campbell, from Surinam.

Feb. 20. Brig William & Mary, Capt. C. A. Bird, for Liverpool.
Feb. 25. Ship Rio Nova, Capt. H. N. Tuming, for Jamaica.
Feb. 25. Brig Rose, Capt. E. Perkins, for Kennebunk.
Feb. 26. Ship Duke of Kent, Capt. James Dougla, for Clyde.
Feb. 26. Ship Demerary, Capt. Peter Inglis, for Liverpool.
Feb. 28. Ship Ceres, Capt. D. Bousfield, for London.
Feb. 28. Schooner Highlander, Capt. John Campbell, Barbados.
Feb. 28. Brig Lord Duncan, Capt. W. Greenidge, for Barbados.
Feb. 28. Brig Rockingham, Capt. J. Sullivan, for Portsmouth.
March 1. Sloop Hebe, Capt. T. Ewing, for Barbados.
March 1. Schooner Betsey, Capt. E. Trask, for Waldobrough.

List of Runaway and arrested Slaves, on this 28th day of February 1805,

in the Stocks of Demerary.

Lyst der op heden den 28 February 1805, zig in arrest bevindende

Weglopper slaaven, in Rio Demerary.



By whom brought.






M. Smith.


Simon Fraser in Berbice.



Vry Neeger Jeems.

W. Irvine, Pl. Matilde.


Plantagie Cottage.

Neeger Groin.


Ms. Silbvin in Mahaica.

Zelf aangegeeven.


Van den Brock in Berbice.




Van Cooten.



John Lucke.

And 6 New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
Voorts 6 Nieuwe Negers, waarvan men de naamen der Eygenaar niet kan ontwaaar worden
J. Runnels, Drossaart

Lyst der begraavene op het Collonie Kerkhoff van den 22 tot 28 February 1805.

Den 23. Charles Grindly Clercq 25 Jaar Ouwd: van Schotland.

Den 22. Een Matroos van het Schip Demerary Dannald Macfiol, 25 Jaar ouwd van Schotland.
Den 22. Een ditto [presumably a Matroos (sailor) from the same ship] Dannald Mac Leen 15 Jaar ouwd van Schotland.
Den 24. Een Stuurman van Schooener Ulysses, gen. Ried. 22 Jaar ouwd, van America.
Den 25. Een Matroos van Schip Parragon, Robbert Person, 20 Jaar ouwd, van Schotland.
Den 26. Een Matroos van Schip Teem. John King 24 Jaar ouwd, van London.
Den 26. Een Matroos van het Schip Duke of Kent, John Holm, 23 Jaar ouwd van Deenemarke.
Den 28. Een Matroos van het Schip Tyson Joseph La Fabouw, 32 Jaar ouwd van Engeland.
L. F. Schriebvogel, Pr. d:G.

Published and Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.

to the
Essequebo and Demerary

Saturday, 2d March, 1805.

Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.


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