Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1805 March 30


Ao. 1805 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 118.

Saturday, the 30th of March.


By His Excellency Anthony Beaujon Esquire, Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies &c. &c. &c.
Whereas it has been judged necessary to take some further measures, in addition to those that have already been adopted, for the better Security and Defence of this colony, I have thought proper to issue this my Proclamation, hereby ordering that on the appearance of an Enemy off the Coast, all Proprietors of Estates on the Coast, or their Representatives, are immediately to dismantle their Boats or other Craft that may be in the Trenches, so as to render them unserviceable, and also to pull down the Poles or other Marks that shew the Channels into the Canal or Trenches, and in the event of the Enemy shewing a disposition to Land on any Estate, to let Water into the Trenches of such Estate, and if possible, to overflow part of it, so as to prevent their advancing: - The Horses, Mules and Cattle, as well as Negroes on the Estates, are then to be sent aback as far as possible; all Carts and Carriages to be made useless by taking off the Wheels, and all possible obstacles to be thrown in the way to oppose the Enemy, - Whilst the zeal and spirit that has already been manifested in all parts of this Colony, and the readiness which the Masters of British Ships and vessels in this River, and the brave Seamen on board of the same, have evinced in coming forward to aid in the defence of the Colony, afford the best founded hopes that the resources of the Country, thus brought forward, and rendered efficient by the well known Gallantry of His Majesty's Troops, and the skill and experience of their Commander and Officers, will not fail of ensuring Success against any attempts of the Enemy.
Given at the Kings [sic] House in the Town of Stabroek, Demerary, this 29th day of March 1805.
Anthony Beaujon.
By Command,
P. F. Tinne, D. Secty. of the Colony.
God Save the King!

King's House, 30th March 1805 [heading]
Notice is hereby given in Consequence of the Arrangements made with the commandant of His Majesty's Troops, that the Signals at the Block House will be changed on to morrow, the 31st Instant, and that four Signal Posts have been Established on the east Coast from Fort William Frederick to Mahayca on the following Estates; viz: on Goede Verwagting, Lusignan, Paradise and Dochfour.
The new Signals may be seen at the Union Coffee House in the New Town.
By the Governor's Command,
C. T. Tinne, Gv [sic] Sect.

As a sufficient number of Gentlemen have not come forward for the purpose of forming a Troop of Cavalry, ( to consist of Twenty or Thirty: ) Conformable to His Excellency the Governor's intention. - He is pleased to Postpone the formation of any Corps of that Kind for the Present. Those Gentlemen who did offer their Services, will therefore from their Loyalty no bout still Contribute to the General good, in some other manner that may be approved of by His Excellency.
Colin Macrae,
Stabroek, 31st March 1805. Major 1st B. D. M.

BEKENDMAAKINGEN, Van de Secretary. [heading]

Alzo de Heeren Edward Bancroft Med. Doct. en Henry Bolingbroke van voorneemens zyn binnen de tyd van veertien dagen van hier te vertrekken, zo word zulks mits deezen bekend gemaakt, ten einde die geenen welke iets van hun te pretendeeren hebben, of aan hun verschuldig zyn, hunne pretensien koomen ontsangen, of hunne Schulden te betaalen, ter hunner Domicilium.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary, den 30de Maart 1805.
In Kennisse van my F. Horn, gezw. Crecp [sic]

Alzo Clement Johnston meerderjaarig Jongman gebooren te Barbados ter Eene [sic], en Mary Morgan meederjaarige Jonge Dochter gebooren in South Wales in Engeland ten andere zyde, van voorneemens zyn met elkandere een wettig Huwelyk aantegaan, zoo als dezelve ook reeds op den 25st deezer voor Heeren Commissarissen uit den Hove van Crimineele en Civiele Justitie deezer Rivier in ondertrouw zyn opgenoomen. - Zoo wordt zulks mits deeze aan elke en een iegelyk geadverteerd, ten einde die geenen welke vermeenen zig daar tegen te kunnen opponeeren zulks in tyd zoude doen, ter plaatse daar zulks behoord.
Actum ter Secretary, van Rio Demerary deezen 30st Maart 1805.
In Kennisse van my P. A. de Veer gezw. Clerq.


Op nadere bekoomene Authorisatie van zyn Excellentie den Heere Anthony Beaujon, Gouverneur over de Colonie Essequebo & Demerary; - Zal op Dingsdag den 7e May Eerstkoomende door den Eerste Exploicteur deezer Colonie, ten overstaan van Heeren Raaden Commissarissen uit den Hove van Justitie by Executie worden verkogt, ten behoeve van J. M. Spooner. Een quart Concessie, toebehorende aan Majoor Van Well, geteegen op de voorgrond van Plantagie Werk & Rust met het daar op staande Woonhuis lang circa 26 voeten, by 18 breed, twee verdiepingen hoog, van Americans hout, Een zy Gebouw 18 voeten lang by 12 ditto breed, en eindelyk nog een afdakje met posten in de grond dienende voor Combuis; alles aankoomende de geexecuteerde In. Greene.
Zo is 't dat die eenig recht van oppositie nog vermeenen te hebben, addresseeren zig zodanig, als men te raade zal worden of te vermeenen te behooren, en zy voorts die in de Verkoop dier gemelde Concessie en Gebouwen gading vinden, vervoege zig ten voors: dage, ten Raadhuyse alhier, en deen hun Profyt.
Rio Demerary, den 30e Maart 1805. H. C. Evertsz, Expt.


On Friday the 5th April will be Exposed for Sale to the highest bidders at the King's Store, by order of W. N. Firebrace Esqr. Resident Commissary: - A quantity of Prime Irish Mess Pork and beef, remaining form the Vendue held on the 26th Instant.
March 30th 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Tuesday the 9th of April will be exposed for Sale at Public Auction, by Order of Messrs: Bynoe & Culpeper, the Premises at present Occupied by them on the American Stelling, together with all the Privileges annexed to said Stelling, and an extensive Water Lott; - at the same time and place will be Sold, all their Goods and Merchandise then on hand, without limitation, to close their Concern.
March 30th 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Thursday the 11th of April will be Exposed for Sale to the highest bidders, at the Premises formerly occupied by P. C. J. Van Reyssel in Stabroek, by order J. C. Stadtman & B. Teyssen, Trustees to the abandoned Estate of P. C. J. Van Reyssel; - Household furniture consisting in mahogany tables, chairs, Secretaire, Wardrobes, card and tea Tables, Kitchen Utensils, plated and Silver Ware, &c. Also four excellent House Slaves.
March 30th 1805. Brereton & Kingston.


Mr. Piecke begs leave to inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of this Colony, that he has removed his Residence to the House of Mr. J. Huiberts in Stabroek, where he will be happy to receive all Commands.
Demerary, 30th March 1805.

FOR SALE or to RENT FURNISHED. [heading]
That Pleasant and Healthy situated House and Garden formerly the Property of Mr. Diertange, and at present Occupied by Mr. Patterson; - to an approved Purchaser the terms will be made very reasonable.
Demerary, 30th March 1805.

For Sale by the Undersigned at very moderate prices; Inverness Cotton Bagging.
Demerary March 30th 1805. J. F. Meyer.

To Be Hired; A large, airy and convenient Stable in the centrical part of Stabroek, and fit for a large Cargo of horses: stabling for any number of horses, may also be had at the same place by the month. - For information apply to the subscriber.
Stabroek, March 25th, 1805. J. Huiberts.

The Undersigned begs leave to inform his Friends that he will leave the Colony to sail for London with the first Convoy, appointed on the 12th of next Month, he therefore requests those he stands indebted to (as well for his private and the Brig Eliza as his Concern under the Firm of C. H. de Muninck [sic]) to call for settlement, and begs all those indebted to him or to the Concerns as above, to come forward with Payment, to enable him to fulfill his engagements.
Demerary, 30th March 1805. A. Z. de Munninck. [sic].

The Undersigned have removed from Plantation Vlissengen to Werk & Rust, into the new House of W. Bruninghaus Esqr. and offers for Sale on reasonable terms and prices, the following assortment of Goods, viz: - Candles, soap, cordage, paint oil, Spanish brown, white lead, yellow oker, lamp black, fresian green, genuine black lead, patent verdigrease dry and ground in oil, blue paint in pots, Venetian red, york brown, orange lead, and red lead of a superior quality, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 and 24 d Nails, Coopers and Carpenters tools, writing paper, sealing wax, quills, wafers and drawing paper, coffee bagging and oznabrugs, slops, Ladies fashionable shoes and slippers, Childrens shoes, Gentlemens boots and shoes, cotton and silk stockings, printed furniture callicoes, quiltings, thread, tapes, twist, pins, gloves, whips, rich enamelled table services, Guernsey frocks, Medicines and Drugs, split pease, pickled neatsfeet, barley, mustard, pickles, soy, essence of anchovies, souchon tea, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, nutmegs, &c. &c.
Demerary 30th March 1805 C. H. de Munninck [sic] & Co.

Lost between Stabroek and the Camp, a Note of Hand of J. Luke q. q. J. Ward in favor of H. Cantzlaar Esqr and endorsed by him, for One hundred and seventy-two Guilders. Whoever has found the same, and will return it to the Subscriber will be Rewarded.
Demerary, 30th March 1805. H. C. Evertsz.

Runaway on Monday last, Two Negro Sailors one a Boat Captain named John, lately belonging to Mr. Underwood, the other a stout Man named Quashy, about six feet high with his legs a little swelled. - Whoever will apprehend the said Negroes and deliver them in the Barracks or to the Subscribers will be Rewarded.
Stabroek, 29th March 1805. James Lyon & Co.

For Sale, Plantains for 10 stiver per Bunch, and Corn for f 11 per thousand; at the Plantation Kl. Poedereoyen, Cash Price.
Demerary 30th March 1805.

The Subscriber begs to inform the Public that it is his intention to leave this Colony in the course of a Month, he requests all Persons indebted to him to come forward and Pay their Accounts, and those whom he is indebted to, to render the same, which will be duly Paid.
Demerary, 30th March 1805. Wm. Till.

Den Ondergeteekende voorneemends zyne binnen de tyd van veertien dagen deeze Colonie te verlaaten; verzoekt alle die geene welke van hem ites te pretendeeren of aan hem verschuldig zyn, zulks te koomen aldoen, ter zyner Huise, of by den Heer Joseph Bergh.
Demerary den 29st Maart 1805. Willem de Wolff.

Runaway from the Subscriber about 14 days ago, two Carpenter Negroes, supposed to be harboured about Town; one named Kuvidor, Marked on his Breast DML, and the other named Polidore, formerly the Property of J. Forbes Esqr. Any Person that will apprehend said negroes and lodge them in the Colony Barracks, or bring them to me in front of Plantation Werk & Rust, will receive One Joe Reward for each.
Demerary, 30th March 1805. John Henderson.

List of Vessels Entered and Cleared from the 23d to the 30th of March 1805.

March 27. Sloop Packett, Capt. James Tatem, from Barbados.

March 25. Schr. Industry, Capt. Th. E. Gage, for Boston.
March 25. Brig Mary Jane, Capt. P. M'Cobb, for Boston.
March 26. Ship Mary, Capt. Th. Busshel, for Liverpool.
March 26. Ship Horatio, Capt. Ed. Crosby, for Liverpool.
March 26. Ship Paragon, Capt. P. Redmayne, for Liverpool.
March 29. Ship Minerva, Capt. G. Adams, for London.
March 29. Ship Loyalty, Capt. R. Bailey, for St. Kitts.

[List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves – notes indicate its presence, but photocopy not made (or misplaced) for transcription]

Lyst der begraavene op het Collonie Kerkhoff van den 15e tot den 29st Maart 1805.

Den 18. Een Docterje van Mr. Jeckmann twee maande ouwd.
Den 18. Een Burger. William Forster 43 Jaar ouwd, van Engeland.
Den 22. Een Persoon gen: Thom. Hearess.
Den 24. Mr. Eduard Hinkson, van Essequebo; ouwd 20 Jaar.
Den 27. de Wed. Johanna Maria Fussen 50 Jaar ouwd, van Zeeland.

Den 15. Een Matroos van het Schip Horateur gen. James Corser, 17 Jaar ouwd, van Leverpool.
Den 17. Een Matroos van het Schip Industrie, Eyzak Hadden; 45 Jaar ouwd, van Noord America.
Den 17. Een Matroos van het Schip Mary, Cristoffel Wyd, 18 Jaar ouwd.
Den 19. Een Matroos van het Schip Industrie gen: Daniel Biebacker, 22 Jaar ouwd van Noord America.
Den 19. Een Matroos van het Schip Mary, William Everd, 17 Jaar ouwd van Engeland.
Den 25. Een Matroos van het Schip Mary gen: William Waevies, van Leverpool, 14 Jaar ouwd.
Den 27. Een Matroos van het Schip Mary, John Reyde van Manshester, 20 Jaar ouwd.
L. F. Schriebvogel, Pr. Gd.

Published and Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.


to the

Essequebo and Demerary


Saturday, 30th March, 1805.

Vermogens Sententie by den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie deezer Rivier en onderhoorige [illegible] dato 21 Maart [illegible]: incausa B. Teyssen en J. C. Stadtman, [illegible]aangestelde Curateuren, in den geabandonneerde Boedel van [illegible] V. S. van Reyssel opposanten contra W. Chorley, geopposeerdegeweesen, en opgevolgd Appoinctement van zyne Excellentie den Heere Gouverneur. Zullende van weegens 't Exploicteur Comptoir [illegible] op den 16e April eerstvolgende ten Peye van 't Raadhuis [illegible] opgeveild en verkogt; De onroerende en roerende Goederen ten [illegible] van bovengedagte Wm. Chorley, van P. Van Reyssel & Co. [illegible] Executie is gebragt en waarvan by de daarvan uitgegaane [illegible] en Rechtsdags geboden, den Verkoop tegens den 18e deezer Maand Maart was geannonceerd, is Een halve Concessie No. 27. op [illegible] Middledam in Stabroek, met de daaropstaande Woonhuis, Combuys, Negerhuysen Paadestal &c. Voorts de Negers Primo, Jeems, [illegible] Present, Rosina, Fanny, Flora en Rosa, de laaste met haare [illegible] gent Charlotte, Jeems en Willia als meede een partey [illegible]. - Imand daaringading vindende vervoegen zig ter [illegible] voorz. aanhoore de Conditien en doe Profyt.
Rio Demerary den 28e Maart 1805.
F. P. Franken.

EXECUTIE. 'T word aan alle en een iegelyk by deezen bekend gemaakt; dat ingevolge in en uit kragt van zeekere [illegible] [illegible]en geweezen by de Edele Achtbaare Hove van [illegible] Sessione op de Hoofd Plaatse Stabroek, den 28st November [illegible], ten behoeven van J. Ward, Eerst Trimphant [sic] en nu [illegible] Contra J. J. De Mey, Eerst Gedaagde, de [illegible] [illegible] en nu geexecuteerde; Zoo heb ik Ondergeschree[???] Exploicteur van welgemelde Hove alhier, na alle behoorlyke [illegible] in handen van den Hooge Overigheid deezes Lands ge[illegible], drie Looten Land geleegen op de voorgronden van de geweesere Plantagie Evelary, aldaar bekend by No. 29; 30 en 31 met een [???huis] lang circa dertig by twintig voeten breed, op posten [illegible] en andrehalve verdieping hoog; voorts een Zygebouw welke [illegible] Gebouwen eenigzints vervallen zyn. Dewelke ik Onderge[????]ven na Expiratie van deeze Vier Sondags en twee Rechsdags [illegible], waar van Priciesen Dag, op den 7de May aanstaande [???]nemens ben ter Puye van het Raadhuis, by Publique Opv[??????], ten overstaan van den Edele Achtbaare Heeren Raaden Commissarissen aan den meestbiedende by Executie te Verkoopen, ten [illegible] omme daar aan te verhaalen 't gunt bevonde zal worden den [illegible] te Competeeren, alles met de Kosten; - In Cas ie[???] teegen deeze Verkooping eenig Recht of Eigendom vermeenens [illegible], addresseeren zich middelerwyl met deszelfs Redenen [illegible] oppositie in geschrifte, als wanneer ik dezelve als opposar[????] en ten dagen van Rechten beleggen zal, [illegible] [illegible] van eeuwig stilzwygen - Werdende by [illegible] bekend gemaakt dat dit is 't Eerste Zondags Gebod
[illegible] Gedaan en voor de volkeren afgekondigt in Rio Demerary 31st
Maart 1805. F. P. Franken, Exploict.

Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.


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