Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1805 May 18


Ao. 1805 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 125.

Saturday, the 18th of May.

King's House, Stabroek, 14th May 1805. [heading]
The Votes of the Inhabitants for the Election of a new Kiezer and Finantial [sic] Representative respictively [sic] having been this day examined, agreeable to the Governor's Proclamation on this subject; of the 24th of April last, it appeared that by the majority of said Votes James Ogle Esq. was elected Keizer, and John Wilson Esq. Finantial [sic] Representative; - whereof this Notice is given accordingly.
By the Governor's Command,
P. F. Tinne,
D: Secretary of the Colony.

BEKENDMAAKINGEN, Van de Secretary. [heading]

Alzoo den Heer Binjamin [sic] Nirton, van voorneemens is binnen de tyd van veertien dagen van hier te vertrekken, zo word zulks mits deezen bekend gemaakt, ten einde die geenen, welke iets van hem te pretendeeren hebben, of aan hem vershuldig zyn, hunnen pretentien koomen ontsangen, of hunnen Schulden betaalen ter zyner Domicilium
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary dezen 18de Mey 1805.
In Kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman, gezw Clercq.

Alzoo den Heer J. H. Reiss Medicine Doctor, van voorneemens is binnen den tyd van vier weeken van hier te vertrekken, zoo wordt zulks mits deeze bekend gemaakt, ten einde die geenen, welke iets van hem te pretendeeren hebben, of aan hem vershuldigd zyn, hunnen Pretentien koomen ontsangen, of hunnen Schulden betaalen ter zyner Domicilium
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary dezen 18de Mey 1805.
In Kennisse van my F. Horn, gezw. Clercq


On Wednesday the 22nd Instant, will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, by order of Messrs. G. J. Goppy & Co. at their Store in New Town: - Beef, Gin in cases, Irish Butter Best quality, Tar, Pitsh [sic] and Turpentine, Nails, Soap, and Lamp Oil &c. &c.
May 18th 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

The Vendue of O. J. Laurin Esqr. Advertised for Monday last, is postponed to Tuesday the 21st Instant.
May 18th 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

The Vendue of Doctor De Niefeld Advertised for Thursday last, is postponed to Thursday the 23rd Instant.
Brereton & Kingston.


McInroy, Sandbach & McBean [heading]
Will on Tuesday the 21st Instant Expose for Sale, at their Store on front of Plantation Werk & Rust: - 233 Prime Gold Coast Slaves. Imported in the Ship Sarah, Capt. McClune.
Demerary, 18th May 1805.

For Sale: - All the Buildings situated on the Lotts No. 4 and 13, in the New-Town, in front of Plantation Vlissengen, on reasonable Terms for Prompt Payment. The Public are Cautioned against negotiating a Sale, with any other Person whatever, but the Subscribers, who have the sole right and title to the above Tenements: - Further Particulars may be known by enquiring of Doctor Lewis, the present Tenant, or of the Proprietors on the Island of Leguan, Essequebo.
May, 18th 1805. John & Elizabeth Frye.

For Sale at the Subscriber's by Whole-sale and very reasonable for immediate Payment only: - Furniture, consisting of Bedsteads with Curtains, Mattrasses and Counterpanes complete, spare Matrasses 4 and 6 feet wide, cherry Tree Chairs with and without Arms, Chamber looking Glasses, Bidetts &c. Chests of Hyson and canisters of Gun Powder Teas, Refined Sugar, Spices assorted in small cases, Pearl Barley and split Pease, Shone's brown stout and pale Ale, Poland Oats in Puncheons, London Claret in cases, a small bale of London superfine broad Cloths assorted, Soap and Candles, Cordage assorted, Negro Cloathing &c. &c.
Demerary, 18th May 1805. John Madden.

Wanted to Hire: - Ten Field Negroes that understands the use of the Shovell, any Person having them to Hire, will oblige the Subscriber by informing him of their Terms. They will be wanted for three or four Months, when they can depend on their being well treated by. Harris Drayton. q. q.
N.B. Who will dispose of a few hundred-weight of Rough Rice fit for Planting.
Hope, Demerary, May 18th 1805.

H. W. Knollman, adverteerd by deeze dat by 't overneemen der Plantagie Sans souci op Wakenam Iland in Juny 1804, by aldaar gevonde heest in een Negerlogie, neegentien vaten Zuiker, aldaar gelost uit een gezonken Schoener; dat by onlangs in presentie van twee lieden de gemelde vaten heest laaten open maken, en als toen seeven vaten maar zyn opgevuld, en dewyl deeze vaten hem in de weg leggen, en ook op 't laast geheel zullen uitlekken. Zoo worden die geene dier zulks mogte aangaan, verzogt de overgebleeven seeven vaten binnen 14 dagen na dato deezer te laaten op voornoemde Plantagie afhaalen, zullende anders op Publicque Vendue worden verkogt ad opus Jus habentium: en na aftrekken [sic] van kosten het resteerende ter Secretary gedeponeerd worden.
Essequebo 17de Mey 1805.

De beide halve Concessien No. 72 en 73. aan de Middeldam in Stabroek, met alle de daar opstaande Gebouwen op en dependentien; De verkoop conditien zyn te bevraagen by
Stabroek den 18de Mey 1805. P. C. Mickerts.

Weggeloopen van den ondergeteekende twee Neegermeiden met naame Genie en Catharina, die dezelven aan den ondergeschreevene terug brengt, of zet haar lieden in de Barrack; zal een Johannis tot een belooning genieten.
Demerary den 18de Mey 1805. Frico Deserace.

For Clyde to Sail with the July Convoy [heading]
The new fast sailing copper bottomed Ship Highlander Allan Stevenson, Master. - For freight or Passage apply to the Subscribers, or to the Captain on Board.
McInroy, Sandbach & McBean.
Demerary, 18th May 1805.

The Ship Sarah, John M'Clune, Master, carries sixteen 9 Pounders and is well Manned, and will Sail in Company with the Ships Brilliant and Ariadne, about the middle of next Month.
For Freight or Passage apply to the Captain on Board, or to.
McInroy, Sandbach & McBean.
Demerary, 18th May 1805.

For London, the Ship Mark Anthony, George Pettrey Master, and For Liverpool, the Snow Irton, J. Hicock Master. - For Freight or Passage apply on board said Vessels or to.
Telford, Naghten & Co.
Who have on Sale the Cargo of the Schooner Louisiana, from Boston, consisting of salt fish in casks of 10, 8, 6, & 4 Quintals.
Demerary, 18th May 1805.

Captain C. van Dyk of the Brig Sarah, for London, will certainly Sail with the June Convoy, whether full or not. Demerary, 17th May 1805.

Just received by the Ship Active, Capt. Silcock, from Bristol and Cork and for Sale by the Subscriber, viz: Fine Hams, pickled Tongues, do. Pork, do Trip and Pigs Cheeks, Cheese, Butter, Potatoes, Oysters, refined sugar, hyson Tea, sago, currants in jars, imperial plumbs, peas, barley, sallad oil, Vinegar, Irish mess Beef and Pork &c. &c. Also fashionable superfine broad Cloths and Kerseymeres, bombazeens, dimities and Thicksets, Irish Linen, Ladies and Gentlemens hose, boots and shoes, blankets and Negro Clothing, a general assortment of Ironmongery, glass and queens ware, bottle gunpowder, paints and paint oil, elegant Sadlery, Stationary, Inverness cotton bagging and Twine, sail canvas, stock bricks, wood hoops &c. &c.
Stabroek, May 18th 1805. C. D. Forrester.

Absented himself from the Subscribers, a Negro Man named Abel, a Boat Captain, formerly the Property of Messrs. Geo: Laing & Co. - He is supposed to be employed in that capacity by some Leward [sic] or Essequebo Persons, to whom he may give himself out as a free man. - Any information that can lead to a discovery where he is to be found will oblige.
Demerary, 18 May 1805. Wm. McKenzie & Co.

Drifted from Plantation Rome, fourteen days ago, a large Batto or Corjaar; Whoever have picked up the same are requested to give information thereof to the Manager of said Plantation, on which they will receive the usual reward.
Demerary, 18th May 1805.

NOTICE. [heading]
In consequence of O. I. Laurin having Published and Recorded in the Secretary[blank]s Office in Fort Island, Essequebo, a Caution to the Public from having any thing to do with me in transacting any Business on his Account from April 1804 to February 1805, when I left him; in vindication of my Character I now conceive it my Duty to Publish the whole proceedings and cause of Dismission, that the Public may not be led to Erroneous opinions of my Conduct: - I had been for a long period in the habit of Purchasing produce for the said O. J. Laurin, for which he gave me Letters to different Planters, and also Letters authorising me to do the same for him, as if he were personally present, which Letters I have now in my Possession, - in consequence of which, I made a Purchase of Twenty-two hogsheads of Sugar, at four Stivers per pound, from Wm. Robinson Esqr. on Leguan, which, from the distance they were Rolled, no doubt received some injury, but when they arrived in Town, they were refused, and landed on his Stelling, where for several Days they were exposed to several heavy showers of Rain, for which I have sufficient Testimony: the said Sugars were sold to Rd. Wells Esqr. for the cost, and other Sugars received in Payment at five Stivers, which were again sold to several American Captains at 4 & 3 stivers, consequently he sustained a loss of one fourth of a stiver only; - but he has charged me one stiver, and the Total loss which he makes, by his Account, f 1328 10sts, bringing me Indebted f. 1051 8sts which he makes me a present of. I ought in Justice to Honesty receive a balance of f 425 13sts justly due me for Salary as Clerk, - he also charges me f 9 for a Guaging [sic] Rod which got broke by accident, also f 9 10sts for a Box of Bubbles, I having per accident lost one, he has thought proper to charge me with them and detain them.
Demerary, 18th may 1805. Benjamin Jacobs.

Runaway from the Phoenix Estate, about two Months since, a Negro Man named Oswald, about 5 feet 9 or 10 Inches high, stout and very black, the Subscriber was informed that he was taken to Fort-Island and confined there but on sending up was unable to hear any thing of him. Any Person delivering him in the Barracks in Town or to the Subscriber will receive the usual Reward.
Phoenix, 18th May 1805. Joseph Beete.

For Sale: - A new Sloop Boat, 33 feet Keel, 13 feet 4 Inches Beam, and 4 feet 10 Inches deep, her Bottom of best brown Sirabally and compleatly Rigged: - If not disposed of immediately the Subscriber will Hire her, when any Freight should offer, as he has a very good Crew of Sailor Negroes to put on Board of her.
Cumingsburg, 18th May 1805. Jas. Wilson.

Te Huur voor een billyke prys twee zeer aanzienelyke Kamers, waar van een geschikt is voor een Koopmans winkel met en bineevens een ruim Pakhuis, en des begeerende het gebruik van een Neegery, en Combuis, met of zonder chais huis en Paardestal; alles geteegen in het best van Stabroek, nader te bevraagen by
Demerary den 18e Mey 1805. Rudolph Onink.

List of Vessels Entered and Cleared from the 11th to the 18th May 1805.

11 May. Brig First Attempt, Captain Richd. Anderson, from Boston.
14 May. Schooner Ariel, Capt. Elinezer Cooley, from New London.
15 May. Brig Dispatch, Capt. Robert Strong, from Portland.
15 May. Brig Polly, Capt. Kennison, from Portsmouth.

11 May. Ship Eglenton, Cpt. Wm. Hamilton, for Glasgow.
13 May, Ship Clyde, Capt. Wm. M'Kissock, for Greenock.
13 May. Schr. Fame, Capt. Js. Lawson, for Barbados.
13 May. Brig Perseverance, Capt. Philip Curtis, for London.
14 May. Schr. Saphyon, Capt. Wm. Haddean, for Bath.
14 May. Barq. Castor, Capt. Ths. Paul, for Liverpool.
14 May. Brig Salerno, Capt. Wm. Stevens, for Newfoundland.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, on this 16th day of May 1805,

in the Stocks of Demerary.

Lyst der op heden den 16de Mey 1805, zig in Arrest bevindende

Weglopper Slaaven, in Rio Demerary.



By whom brought.





Pittman Pl. Cotage in Berb.

Gerechts Dienaars.

Jan Jacobus.




Van den Broek, in Berbice.



John Ashly.



Sandiford in Essequebo.

Mac Donal.


Hatfield en Morrow.






R. Douglas, in Berbice.

Ridly en Dodson.



Mac Pharson.



Neeger Henry.


King, in Berbice.

Paadevoorth. [sic]


M. Spooner.



G. Cammel, op de Rivier.






Ms. [sic] Selby, in Mahaica.

Zelf aangegeeven.



Gerechts Dienaars.



Bomba Circa.



G. Robertson.


A. [A?] Gall.



Mc Pharson.





And 4 New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
Voorts 4 Nieuwe Negers, waarvan men de naamen der Eygenaaren niet kan ontwaaar worden
J. Runnels, Drossaart

Published and Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.



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