Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1805 August 17


Ao. 1805 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 138.

Saturday, the 17th of August.

A Petition having been presented on the 10th of August last to the Honble: Court of Justice of this Colony, by Messrs: I. S. Masse and H. Hoola Van Nooten Junr. as Acting Executors to the Estate of the deceased G. H. Trotz Esqr. Praying the Court's Sanction on a Contract provisionally entered into by them with C. M. Overweg, for the Sale to the latter of the Plantation Vive La Force belonging to the said Estate, - and the Court having thought proper, previous to their taking any determination on the Prayer of that Petition, to hear thereon the respective Creditors of the Estate of the said G. H. Trotz Esq. deceased;
These are therefore to give Notice to the Creditors of the Estate of the said G. H. Trotz decd: that they are at liberty to state or give in their remarks on the Prayer of the aforesaid Petition at the Roll court to be held on the 16th Of September first ensuing, and that in the mean while the Petition of the Executors before named together with the Balance Sheet of the Estate of G. H. Trotz and the conditional Agreement for the Sale of Plantation Vive La Force, may be viewed and examined by the said Creditors, on application at the Secretary's Office; - and the Court, after hearing the Report of the proceedings in this Business at the said Roll Court, will further determine on the Prayer of the said Petition as to them shall seem meet.
Secretary's Office, Stabroek, Demerary, 17th August 1805.
P. F. Tinne, D: Secty.

BEKENDMAAKINGEN, Van de Secretary. [heading]

Alzoo de Heeren T. T. Barret [sic] en Levy Eliazer, van voornemens zyn binnen den tyd van Veertien Daagen van hier te Vertrekken, zo word zulks mits deezen bekend gemaakt, ten einde die geenen, welke iets van hun te pretendeeren hebben, of aan hun verschuldigd zyn, hunne Pretensien koomen ontvangen, of hunne Schulden betaalen ter hunner Domicilium.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary dezen 17 Augustus 1805.
In kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman, gez. Clercq


Krachtens Auctorisatien van Zyn Excellentie den Heere Anthony Beaujon, Gouverneur mitsgader President in alle de Collegien, &c. &c. &c. Wordt mits dezen bekend gemaakt, dat op den tweede September aanstaande, ten overstaan van Heeren Raaden Commissarissen ten Radhuize op de Hoofdplaatse Stabroek zal Verkogt worden, ten behoeven van Wm. Brown, triumphant, en Executant; - Drie Stuks Neegers genaamt Gibralter, Weaney, Hatty of Hardy, op en de jeegens R. Barnes, gedaagde en Geexecuteerde - Alsmeede op Dingsdag den Derde September, ten behoeven van T. Dunbrack, Een Quart Concessie Lands bekend by No. 43, geleegen op Stabroek, (Noord Dam) met alle de Gebouwen daaropstaande en een geme[?]selde Steene Reegenback, aankomende Susanna Savoliani, Wedw: S. Conner, by Sententie gedaagdesse, en nu Geexecuteerde.
Allen de geene die in 't bovengenoemde gading vinden mooge, komen dage en plaatse voornoemd: En we koten deesen opposeeren zal kunnen, addresseere zig ty den Ondergetekende, zo als Stilo en gebruikelyk is
Actum Rio Demerary, deezen 16de August 1805.
Marts: Smit, St. Eerste Exploiteur.


To Be Sold at Public Vendue on Thursday the 22d Instant, at the Store of Messrs. John Madden & Co. for Account of the Owners, Underwriters and all concerned; - The Hull of the Condemn'd Ship Rose, with all her Masts, Anchor and Cable, as she now lays in the River. Also the Guns, Rigging and Stores of said Ship in Lotts.
17th August 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Friday the 30th Instant will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, at the Vendue Office, a quantity of dry goods, candles, soap, salt fish, tobacco, Madeira wine, Carpenters tools, a few milch goats, a 4 oar'd tent Boat, Negroes &c. Also a house frame one and a half storie, 40 feet by 20, of Green heart and Walaba, with 18 Green Heart supporters 9 feet long and 12 Inches square, as it now lays on the Premises of Mr. I. De Rooy, Lott No. 161 in Cumingsburg.
17th August 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Wednesday the 4th of September next, will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, by order of Jos. Ward Esqr. At his store on Werk & Rust, Payable on the 1st November: - A compleat assortment of Jewelry, Ladies dresses and dress caps of the newest Fashion, Ladies fashionable straw bonnets, patent silk and beaver hats, laced muslin, jackonet, plaint, sprig and black ditto, white and coloured cotton cambrick, coloured silks, sewing ditto, white and pink persian, gawze and lace, silk Veils and cotton fringe and trimming, silk and silver cords and tossles [sic], silver fringe and lace, muslin and silk shawls, pocket handkerchiefs, white thread, Ladies long and short silk and leather gloves, glove knots, silk and satin ribbon, pins, silver wreaths and feathers, ostrige do, artificial flowers, Ladies combs, pocket books & fans, silk purses, Ladies shoes and shoe roses and silk stockings, corded dimity, gingham, printed calicoes, furniture chints, mourning cotton prints, crape and bombazeen, Gentlemens white and black silk stockings, cotton ditto, cotton and silk pantaloons, silk and cotton braces, white and yellow nankeen, blue, white and green kersimere, waistcoat patterns, coloured cotton velvits, coloured janes, cockades, silver and gold apulets, sword knots, Childrens hats and shoes, Mens boots and shoes, shoe brushes and blacking balls, coat brushes, fine pullicat handkerchiefs, snuff do, dowlas, check, check shirts, oznabrugs trowsers, brown thread, blue jackets and trowsers, Negro hats, sewing twine, cotton bagging, saddles and bridles, horse whips, chaise do, chaise and harness portmantues [sic] and umbrellas, cups and saucers, china tea services, tea trays, table mats, mother of pearl salt and egg spoons, fish and counter liquor stands and bottles, ditto swing looking glasses, different scent waters, smelling salts, wash balls, windsor soap, shaving boxes and brushes, and an assortment of glass and tin ware, stationary, spices, black pepper, hyson and green tea, cherry and rasberry brandy, Holland's and Cologna gin, brandy, port wine of the very best quality, corks, an assortment of nails, hinges and bolts, hand saws, do files, gimlets and augers, chissels and planes, stock, drawer and pad locks, iron pots, grid Irons, herrings, split pease, rice, barley, grots and perl barley, superfine flour, corn meal, all colours of paints, do brushes and oil, cordage, hair brooms, horse brushes, scouring do, white wash do, copper tea kettles, spermacite and mold candles, glauber salts and an assortment of cutlery, coffin furniture &c. &c.
17th August 1805. Brereton & Kingston.


The Undersigned hereby gives Notice to their Friends and the Public, that they recommend themselves to Gentlemen inclined to entrust them with the Care of their affairs as Town Agents, who by Living in the Country find it difficult to come to Town as often as their Concerns may require; they beg leave to assure those Gentlemen that the greatest Assiduity and Correctness will be used in attending to Business so entrusted to them.
R. Onink.
Demerary, 17th August 1805. F. Van Kinschot.

Den Ondergetekende Adverteerd by deezen als dat hem den 8 deezer 'Savonds tusschen 7 en 8 Uuren, Een Bruin Baarje gestoolen is, uit het Huys van de Widw. Van Breyen met eenige Acceptatien en Orders van differente Persoonen, versoekt de halve aan een ider die de bovengemelde Acceptaties of Orders mogten aangaan om niet de Voldoen zonder kennis te geeven aan de Wedw. Van Breyen of aan den Ondergetekende hebbende volmaakt om te incasseeren van gem: Wedw. Van Breyen.
Werk & Rust den 17 Augustus 1805. F. Graaff.

OFFICE of ORNDANCE, Demerary 16th August 1805. [heading]
Cash wanted for Bills of Exchange to Amount to L 800, Drawn on the Right Honble and Honble: the Principal Officers of his Majesty's Ordnance, at 30 Days sight; - Seal'd Tender therefore will be Received at this Office, on or before the 24th Instant, at one o'Clock, which when opened before His Excellency Governor Beaujon, the highest Offers will be accepted.

John Madden & Co. have a few Cases of Excellent London Claret, in Pint and Quart bottles for Sale.
Demerary, 17th August 1805.

For Sale: - A fine large Schooner Rigged Colony Boat: - Apply to
Demerary, 17th August 1805. Wm. Mc Kenzie & Co.

NOTICE [heading]
All Persons who are indebted to Captain Simon Murchison, are requested to Pay the amount of their respective Accounts to the Underwritten duly Authorised to receive the same. There being a necessity for bringing his Concerns in these Colonies to an immediate close, any failure of attention to this notice, must be followed by coercive measures.
Demerary, 17th August 1805. Stephen Mourant.

Notice to the Public in general and a Reward for discovery. [heading]
Stolen from the Lodging of Mr. I. Kynon, situate on Mr. Robb's Stelling, a Mahogany writing Desk containing sundry Papers of use only to the Subscriber, and a number of Obligations, Payment of which has been Stopt: whoever will give information where said writing Desk and Papers can be found, shall receive a reward of Five Joes, by applying to said Mr. Kynon, Messrs Kent & Leslie, or the Subscriber.
Stabroek, 17th August 1805. Alxr. Simpson.

C. I. A Stakman is admitted by the Honble: Court of Justice of the Colony of Essequebo as Attorney at Law: - His Office is at Fort-Island, next to that of C. Remy Esq. Receiver of said Colony.
Demerary, 17th August 1805.

For Hire: - The whole Lott with the Buildings thereon, the Property of C. I. A. Stakman Esqr. it is a most Eligible situation, and the Buildings consisting of Dwelling-House, Store, Kitchen, Horse-Stable &c. in Excellent Order: - Apply to N. Rousselet in Stabroek.
Demerary, 17th August 1805.

The Subscriber most urgently solicits all those who are indebted to him, to come forward with immediate Payment, that he may be enabled to settle with his own Creditors; he is determined to put all Accounts unpaid, one Month from this date, into the Hands of a Lawyer to be sued for.
Demerary, 17th August 1805. Richard Forshaw.

The Subscriber having taken Mr. John Ballord in Company, informs the Public in general that they carry on the Black-Smith, Copper-Smith and Plumming business, at their Shop on the Front Lands of Plantation Vlissengen. gentlemen wishing to have their Horses Shod by the Year, or as Occasion may require, will please to address themselves by a Note to Thos. Fisher & Co.
Demerary, 17th August 1805. Thos. Fisher.

Alle wel Edele Heeren koenen werke zaaden doen van Boeken in te binden, Oude of Nieuw zouder goud Werk voor Een Civilie Prys, op de Voorgrond van Werk en Rust, op Permissie de ik geebe bekomen. J. N. Hindermyer.
gesworne S' Lands Boek Binder
Staberoek [sic] den 17 Augustus 1805. in Demerary.

On Wednesday the 21st Instant will be exposed for sale to the highest Bidders, on the premises of Wm. Heathcote Esqr. The Hull, Rigging, Sails &c. of the condemn'd Ship Mentor, Capt. Stephens. Also two hundred Casks of Surinam [illegible- MoMiet?] being part of the cargo of said Ship.
August 17th 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

CASH [heading]
For Bills of Exchange drawn upon the Right Honorable the Paymaster's General of His Majesty's Forces, to the amount of
L 1000 Sterling.
Sealed proposals will be received by W. N. Firebrace Esqr. Resident Commissary, at his Office for the same, on or before Tuesday next, the 20th Instant: - 10 o'Clock, which Proposals will be opened in the presence of Brigadier General Montgomorie and the highest offer or offers will be accepted.
Demerary, 17th August 1805.

Colonel Nicholson's Answer to the Address, inserted in our last:
To the Planters and Merchants of the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, who have been pleased to Honor me with an Address.
I have been favored with your Address, communicating to me your approbation of my Conduct, during the time I had the Honor to hold the Civil and Military Command, of the valuable Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo.
So flattering a mark of attention from a Body so truly respectable is most gratifying to me, and will most gratefully live in my remembrance,
To a Soldier, the present of a Sword, you have Honored me with, is most valuable, and I shall feel inexpressible [sic] satisfaction wielding it in your Defence.
Permit me to assure you, that the Hospitality and Attention I have received from you, has made an impression not to be erased from my mind; and tho' Duty calls me from you to the colony of Berbice, I still hope to revisit the Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo and renew those happy days I have passed in your Society.
The Welfare and Prosperity of the Colonies has ever been nearest my heart. - That the Planting and Commercial Interests of them my flourish to your utmost expectation is the fervent wish of your most obliged Friend
and faithfull Humble Servant, Robt. Nicholson.
Lieut. Colonel 1st Battalion of the Royals.

[List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves – no photocopy made for transcription]

List of Vessels Entered and Cleared from the 10th to the 17th August 1805

10th Sloop Black-Bird, Capt. J. Tynes, from Barbados
13th Brig Lord Duncan, Capt. Wm. Greenidge, from Barbados
14th Sloop Hornet, Capt. Ths. Hunt, from Surinam.
14th Sloop Sally, Capt. E. Masters, from Grenada.
17th Schr. Fame, Capt. Jas. Lawson, from Barbados.

12th Ship Diana, Capt. J. Harding, for Boston.
12th. Brig Juno, Capt. A. Reith, for London.
14th Brig John Adams, Capt. S. Woodman, for Portsmouth.
15th Ship Enterprize, Capt. Ths. Waterman, for London.
16th Ship Mark Anthony, Capt. G. Pettrey, for London.
16th Brig Irton, Capt. Ths. Hicock, for Liverpool.
16th Brig King's Mill, Capt. J. Smith, for London.
16th Brig Sally, Capt. J. Sinclair, for Liverpool.

Published and Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.




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