Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1805 September 07


Ao. 1805 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 141.

Saturday, the 7th of September.

By His Excellency Anthony Beaujon Esquire, Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary with their Dependencies, President in all Courts and Colleges &c. &c. &c. - and the Honble: Court of Policy of the said Colonies;
Unto all whom these Presents may or shall concern, Greeting! be it known:
Whereas it has appeared to this Court from a Statement given in by the Commissaries appointed by the Publication of the 29th of August 1804, for the purpose of Collecting the Tax thereby laid on Lots and Buildings on the front land of the late La Bourgade Estate, or Cumingsburg, and applying the Monies arising therefrom to the special end of making a new Front Dam in the said Cumingsburg, that a great proportion of the Proprietors of Lots and Houses so concerned, have hitherto neglected to Pay their Quotas in the aforesaid Tax:
These are therefore to Warn and require all Inhabitants of the said Cumingsburg whom it may concern, to come forward with the amount of their Quotas or Assessments in the Tax beforementioned of one and an half per Cent on the original Price of their Lots, and where the Lots are built upon, also of one and an half per Cent on the appraised Value of the Buildings thereon, and to Pay the same, within the space of Three Weeks after the Date of this Publication, to either of the Commissaries appointed by the Court on the 29th of August 18042 viz: - Charles Clifton, John Jackson and Adam Smith Esquires, on pain that, in default of such Payment no the expiration of the term herein before fixed, the Lots and Buildings belonging to the said defaulters shall be Publicly Sold by the First Exploiteur, after such Sale shall have been thrice Advertised by the said Commissaries in three successive Demerary Gazett's [sic], in order to recover out of the proceeds of such Sale the amount of the Tax due on the Property so Sold with the attendant Expences.
And that no ignorance may be pretended of this our Publication, the same shall be Published, Printed and Posted up as customary.
Thus resolved in Our Ordinary Assembly held at the Court House in Stabroek, Demerary, this 31st day of July 1805, and Published the 7th of September next thereto following.
Anthony Beaujon, Vt.
By Command of the Court,
P. F. Tinne, D: Secty.

BEKENDMAAKINGEN, Van de Secretary. [heading]

Alzoo den Heer Nicholas Osborne, van voornemens zyn binnen den tyd van Veertien Daagen van hier te Vertrekken, zo word zulks mits deezen bekend gemaakt, ten einde die geenen, welk iets van hem te pretendeeren hebben, of aan hem verschuldigd zyn, hunne Pretensien komen ontvangen, of hunne Schulden betaalen ter zyner Domicilium.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary dezen 6 September 1805.
In kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman, gez. Clercq.

In English - T. Allison 29 Aug 1805


Vermogens Extract Notul de dato 5 Augustus J. L. - Worden Uit naam en van Weegens Alexander Wishart en Robert Stephenson, als door 't Overlyden van G. Handasyde, Overgebleeve Executeuren wylen J. Addison - Ten Vierdemaale Exsuperabondantie by Edicte GEDAGVAARD!
Alle bekende en onbekende Crediteuren van den zelve Boedel Onmete Compareeren voor den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie Sessione op de Hoofdplaatse Stabroek, teegens den Zittiende September Eeerstkoomende en Volgeede Dagen.
En aldaar te koomen op en aangeevan hunne Pretentien voorts te dienen van derzelver Sustinuen, Sub poene dat teegens dezelve zal worden geproceederd als na Rechten.
Rio Demerary, den 31e Augustus 1805
Marts. Smit, St. Eerste Exploiteur.

Agtervolgens Extract Notul de dato 5 Augustus J. L. - Worden mits deeze alle Bekende en Onbekende Crediteuren van Wylen John Louden, ter Instantie van Alexr. McNabb en Alexr. Wishart, Executeuren Testamentair ten Boedel Wylen den zelve John Louden - Ten Virdemaale Exsuprabundantie by Edicte GEDAGVAARD! Onmete Compareeren voor den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie, zitting houdende op de Hoofdplaats Stabroek, teegens den Zessiende September Eerstkoomende en volgende Daagen.
Ten Einde als nog op te geeven de zelver Pretentien en teevens te dienne van gesustineerde, terwyl tegens de Non Compartanten na asloop deze laatste Edicte zal worden geconcludeerd tot het Eeuwig Stilwygen.
Rio Demerary den 31e Augustus 1805. F. P. Francken, Expr.

Uit Krachte van Zeekere Extract Notul de dato 5 Augusturs 1805. Worden Ter Instantie van J. C. Stadtman en Benjamin Teyssen Jr. als Curators in den Boedel van P. C. J. Van Ryssel, - Ten Vierde maale Exsuperabondantie by Edicte GEDAGVAARD! Alle Bekende en Onbekende Crediteuren Omme te Compareeren voor den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie, zittende op de Hoofdplaatse Stabroek, teegens den Zestiende September Eerstkoomende en volgende Daagen.
En aldaar alnog optegeeven hunne Pretentien en te dienen van dezelver Sustinuen Terwyl tegens de non Comparanten zal worden geprocedeerd Omme het Eeuwig Stilswyzing te Obtineeren.
Rio Demerary den 31 Augustus 1805. F. P. Francken, Expr.


In consequence of a Petition presented to the Honble: Court of Justice of this Colony by Ch. Vincent Esqr. as Attorney to Daniel Changuion of Amsterdam Esqr. in his Capacity as Executor to the last Will of Joh. Heyliger Joh. Fils deceased Esqr. and having as such the Charge of the Estate Ameliswaard, situate in this Colony, and by Virtue of the Order made by the Honorable Court on the said Petition on the 9th of August last, by which Order the Court, without Investigating the Quality or Capacity in which the said Petitioner did apply to them as beforementioned, hath Authorised him as having the charge of Plantation Ameliswaard, to Cause the same with it's [sic] Appurtenances to be Publicly Sold after having been Advertised in the Gazette and Otherwise, on the 1st of October next ensuing, unless a Caveat should in the mean while be entered against such Sale;
The Undersigned Vendue Masters do hereby Advertise that on the 1st of October ensuing (unless a Caveat should be entered as abovementioned) will be Exposed for Sale, by Order of said Charles Vincent Esqr, the Plantation called Ameliswaard, situate on the East-Side of the River, between the lands of the late Plantation La Conception and the Creek Karra-Karra, together with the Slaves and Appurtenances thereon belonging; also a few head of Cattle: - The Conditions of Sale to be seen at the House of said Ch. Vincent Esqr.
7th September 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Monday the 16th Instant will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, by Order and at the House of H. Mutz, (Werk en Rust) the following Articles, viz: - Port Wine, Irish Butter, Brandy and Gin in cases, hats, shoes, Earthen ware, Irish linnen, tobacco in boxes, snuff, &c. &c.
7th September 1805. Brereton & Kingston.


For Sale: - A Schooner Boat 36 feet Keel, 12 feet Beam, in perfect Condition, Sales nearly new. Anchor and grappling with new Cables and every thing Complete: - For Terms apply to
Demerary, 7th September 1805. John Madden & Co.

NOTICE [heading]
All Persons whom the Estate of the dec'd Jannette Robert Bourgeois, is indebted to, are requested to render their Accounts to Mr. A. Cart, one of the Executors, residing on the Front Land of Plantation Vlissengen, within Four Weeks from this date hereof, and all those indebted will please to make immediate Payment, in order to enable the Subscribers to bring said Estate to a Liquidation.
A. Cart
Stabroek, 7th September 1805. I. A. Otto. Executors.

Wanted, a Young Man of Good Character, as Overseer on a Coffee Estate: - Apply to the Printer.
Demerary, 7th September 1805.

Runaway from the Subscriber, a Negro Boy named Anson, he is a stout short fellow, speaks the dutch and Creole Languages very well, and is well known about Town, he has very board feet and suffers much from yaws - Any Person that will cause the said Boy to be lodged in the Barracks, or delivered up to the Undersigned, shall be handsomely Rewarded.
Demerary, 7th September 1805. F. S. Swanke

Any Person or Persons desirous of being supplied with about 300 bunches of plantains, to be delivered in Town constantly every Sunday, may be accommodated by the Subscriber, for a specified term, at the current Price; even those who may want so few as 10 bunches pr. Week, will be credited so far as to spare their small Money, if they are punctual in Payment. The Subscriber has for Sale 3 seasoned Horses, viz: one Draft, one gentleman's Saddle, and a lady's Horse.
Demerary, 7th September 1805. Jno. Hall.

NOTICE. [heading]
All Persons Indebted to the late Copartnership of William Hallstead & Co. are requested to attend to their Advertisement of 23d of last Month, in the Gazette; - Those whose Accounts ought to have been Paid at the end of the last Year, or from, by particular agreement, will, to a Certainty, be proceeded against without Delay.
Demerary, 7th September 1805. Wm. Hallstead.

De Ondergeteekendens maaken bekend, aan het Gee[umlaut]ard Publicq, dat de Compagniaschap gecanteerd hebbende onder de Firma Biegmann & Co. gedisolveerd is, en dat dezelve blyven Continueren, zoo in het maaken van diverse Hout, leeveren van alle soorten Planken, Vraamen van Huyzen, voortaan onder de Firma van Beckmann & Trachte, recommendeeren zig in de Gunst van een Gee[accent]erd Public, met Belofte van Prompte en Civiele Bediening, voorts maaken bekend. Dat hunne Domicilium Citandi en Executandi gekoosen hebben, ten Huyze van den Heer Friedrich Butteweg in Stabroek.
Demerary den 7 September 1805 Beckman & Trachte.

Uyt De Hand Te Koop: - Agt to Twaalf Negers, welke reeds eenige tyd in de Colone, zyn Nader te bevraagen by
Demerary den 7 September 1805. J. L. Eils.

Absented himself from the Subscriber, a Negro Boy named Thomas, of the Mundingo Nation, supposed to be some where in the Quarter of Mahaica or Mahaicony, he was sent out to Sell Goods and had a regular Government Pass for six Months, which time has now elapsed: - Whoever will apprehend said Negro and either lodge him in the Barracks or deliver him to the Subscriber, shall be handsomely rewarded. The boy is very tall, walks lame, as tho' he had the remains of the Yaws, speaks Dutch and English.
New Town, 7th September 1805. Ann Morgan.

List of Vessels Entered and Cleared from the 31st of August to the 7th September 1805.

4th Sloop Wealthy, Capt. J. Clark, from New London.
8th Brig Harriott, Capt. F. Smith, from New London.

31st Aug. Sloop Rachel, Capt. J. Jones, for St. Bartholomews.
3d Sept. Brig Sally, Capt. R. Blunt, Portsmouth.
8th Sch. Fanny & Polly, Capt. J. M'Donnall, for St. Vincents.

[List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves – no photocopy made for transcription]

Published and Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.


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