Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1805 December 07


Ao. 1805 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 154.

Saturday, the 7th of December.

By His Excellency Brigadier General James Montgomorie, Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies &c. &c. and the Court of Policy, combined with the Representatives of the Inhabitants of the said Colonies for fixing Colonial Taxes, &c. &c.
Unto all whom these Presents may or shall Concern, Greeting! be it known:
Whereas a Statement has been laid before Us of the Supplies wanted to defray the Annual and Extraordinary Colonial Expences, the latter including the provision made by the Court to carry into effect the measures adopted for protecting the Properties of the Inhabitants against the Depredations of Privateers.
We therefore have fixed and by these presents do fix, a Colony Tax for the Year 1805, as follows;
That all Proprietors, Renters or Occupiers of any Plantation or Plantations in the said Colonies or their Dependencies, Cultivating or preparing to Cultivate, Sugar, Rum, Molasses, Coffee, Cotton, Cocoa or Indigo, shall Pay the Sum of Four Guilders Ten Stivers for each Slave attached to or worked upon such Plantation or Plantations, including House Slaves, Tradesmen, Sailors, Children, Sick, Lame, Superannuated and Infants, and all other Slaves of every age and description, according to the returns to be given in as herein aftermentioned.That all other Persons in the said Colonies or their Dependencies aforesaid, shall Pay a like Sum of four Guilders and ten Stivers for each of his, her or their Domesticks or House Slaves of every description.
That further all Persons deriving or who may derive a Revenue in the said Colonies or their Dependencies, from any other Source than Military Situations, Salaries from Government, or the Cultivation of some of the Articles of Produce herein before-mentioned, Shall Pay on the gross amount of his, her or their said Revenue or Revenues, without deduction of any Expence, according to the amount of such Revenue or Revenues from the 1st January 1805 to the last day of December of the same Year, and so in proportion for any shorter period within the present Year, such rate as is pointed out by the following Classes, viz: - those whose Revenue or Revenues aforesaid amount to any Sum from [table follows]
1 - f 2000- tot f 3500 - f 50.-10
2 - f 3500- tot f 5000 - f 89.
3 - f 5000- tot f 6500 - f 127.
4 - f 6500- tot f 8000 - f 164.-5
5 - f 8000- tot f 10,000 - f 202.-10
6 - f 10,000- tot f 15,000 - f 250.-10
7 - f 15,000- tot f 20,000 - f 380.-5
8 - f 20,000- tot f 25,000 - f 506.-5
9 - f 25,000- tot f 30,000 - f 633.-5
10 - f 30,000- tot f 35,000 - f 759.-5
11 - f 35,000- tot f 40,000 - f 886.-10
12 - f 40,000- tot f 45,000 - f 1012.-10
13 - f 45,000- tot f 50,000 - f 1133.-5
14 - f 50,000- tot f 55,000 - f 1265.-10
15 - f 55,000- tot f 60,000 - f 1392.-15
16 - f 60,000- tot f 65,000 - f 1518.-15
17 - f 65,000- tot f 70,000 - f 1646.
18 - f 70,000- tot f 75,000 - f 1772.
19 - f 75,000- tot f 80,000 - f 1899.
20 - f 80,000- tot f 85,000 - f 2025.
21 - f 85,000- tot f 90,000 - f 2151.
22 - f 90,000- tot f 95,000 - f 2278.
23 - f 95,000- tot f 100,000 - f 2405.-5
24 - f 100,000- tot f 110,000 - f 2531.-5
25 - f 110,000- tot f 120,000 - f 2784.-5
26 - f 120,000- tot f 130,000 - f 3037.-10
27 - f 130,000- tot f 140,000 - f 3294.
28 - f 140,000- tot f 150,000 - f 3543.-15
Excepting from such Payments, respecting the Tax on Revenues, all Persons whose Annual Income or Incomes, have or have not respectively for the present Year, exceeded the Sum of 2000 Guilders.
And it hereby ordered, that with respect to the said Taxes hereby laid on Slaves exact Returns shall be made upon Oath, as herein after directed, by all Persons subject to such Tax, and by them be delivered or transmitted to the respective receivers in Essequebo and Demerary at their respective Offices at the time of Payment herein after fixed, and which Returns, as far only as concerns the Slaves, shall afterwards be Printed for Public Information.
And it is further ordered and required that all and every Persons in these Colonies, without exception, whether they are or are not liable to the Tax hereby laid on Revenue or Revenues agreeable to the above mentioned Classes, shall on or before the 15th of March 1806, declare to which of the said Classes they respectively belong, and also at the same time further certify and declare upon Oath, to the best of their knowledge and belief, that the gross Amount as aforesaid of his, her or their Revenue for the period aforesaid, does not exceed the highest Sum of the Class to which he, she or they shall have so declared themselves to belong; or (should this be the case ) that they do not come within the description of any of the said Classes, either in consequence of their having derived no such Revenue or Revenues at all, or from their respective Incomes not having Exceeded the Sum of 2000 Guilders for the period aforesaid: - Excepting form the Obligation of taking the Oath, those who shall declare as aforesaid that they belong to the highest Class and pay their Tax accordingly, all such Persons being hereby excused from taking such Oath.
The several Oaths herein mentioned, are to be taken before the Governor of both Colonies or the Commandeur of Essequebo, a Member of the court of Policy or of Justices, or before the Burgher Captains in the respective Districts, such of them not already qualified being hereby specially authorised thereto by the Court of Policy.
It is likewise ordered that Attestations of the taking of such Oaths subscribed by the Persons respectively before whom such Oaths shall be taken shall together with the Returns and Certificates herein before required, be produced and delivered to the said respective Receivers at their respective Offices, before the 15th day of march 1806, and further that the amount of the said respective Taxes, so to be ascertained by the said returns and Certificates, shall by the Persons liable thereto, be Paid to the respective Receivers at their respective Offices, in Cash or good Bills of Exchange to the satisfaction of the said Receivers, all before the 15th day of march 1806.
All Persons neglecting to give in such Returns, Certificates and Attestations and to Pay the respective Taxes herein beforementioned in the manner and before the time above stated shall immediately on the expiration of such time, become liable to Pay at the Respective Receiver's Offices, as follows, ( viz: those who shall so neglect respecting the Tax on Slaves ) their proportion of the said Tax according to the Returns of Slaves given in by them for the last preceeding Year, with the addition of one fourth as a Penalty, all at the rate now fixed of Four Guilders ten stivers for each Slave; and such Persons as may not be known in the Books of the Receivers, and neglect to declare the number of their Slaves for the present Year, are to Pay a Sum of Five Hundred Guilders to the Colony Chest; - and all Persons neglecting as aforesaid with regard to the Tax on Revenues, to Pay, on the expiration of the aforestated time, the rate fixed for the highest Class of Income, viz: f. 2543. - 15.
And it is lastly hereby ordered that for the purpose of receiving the said several Returns and Taxes, the said receivers shall daily attend at their respective Offices, from the 1st of January 1806 'till the 15th Day of March thereto following, from 9 o'Clock A. M. 'till 1 o'Clock P. M. Saturdays and Sundays excepted.
And that no Ignorance may be pretended hereof, this present Publication shall be published, affixed and sent round for general Information.
Thus resolved in Our Assembly held on the 28th of November 1805 and Published the 7th of December following.
Jas. Montgomorie.
By Command of the Court,
P. F. Tinne, D. Secretary.

BEKENDMAAKINGEN, Van de Secretary. [heading]

The Attorney at Law Cantzlaar, J. Z., persuant [sic] to his former Advertisement, requests all and every Person, who have any unsettled Business with him, to call at his Office for Liquidation and Settlement; also that all Persons having entrusted him with their affairs, will come to take away their Papers before Ultimo December of this Year, as it is his firm intention to leave this Colony in the begining [sic] of the Year next ensuing:
For the above purposes, and for Paying the Debts of the Copartnership of the Honble F. P. Van Berckel L. L. D. and Cantzlaar, as also of this Private Debts, he will be regularly at his Office every day. (Sunday excepted) from 8 o'Clock in the Morning untill 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon.
Rio Demerary, 6th December 1805.
F. S. Swanke, Sworn Clerk.


On Thursday the 12th Instant will be exposed for sale to the highest Bidders, by order of P. Yates Esq at his House in the New Town: Household Furniture consisting of Mahogany dining tables, chairs, sophas, side board, a neat mahogany bureau, a medicine shelf, looking glasses, plated glass and earthen ware, silver spoons, salt cellars and sundry other Articles.
7e Decbr. 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Wednesday the 11th Instant will be exposed for sale at the Vendue Office, Fish Hooks, needles, hogsheads of new London Porter, calicoes, Irish linen, handkerchiefs, waistcoat patterns, candles, &c. &c.
And precisely at one o'Clock will be sold a Sloop boat with her rigging and sails compleat, as she now lays off Mr. Holmes' Stelling.
December 7th 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Tuesday the 17th Instant will be exposed for sale to the highest Bidders, by order of J. P. Muncker and E. C. Eli Esquires, Trustees to the late Ths. F. Wolff deceased, at the House of J. P. Muncker Esq. on Werk & Rust, - two negro Boys, a milch goat, tables, chairs, writing desks, bureaus, gold watches, a silver soup ladle, cotton hammocks, wearing apparel, shades, glass ware &c. &c.
7e Decbr. 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Wednesday the 18th Instant will be exposed for Sale by order of J. Ceurvorst Esqr, at his House on Werk & Rust, the following articles, as tea, ladies & Gentlemen's hats, Jewelry, gloves black silk, silver forks and spoons, Coffee and sauce spoons, nails, Plantation utensils, ink, powder and pomatum, cherry brandy, vinegar, corks &c. also a parcel of flour, rice, and sundry other articles.
7th December 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Monday the 23d instant will be sold by Public Auction at the stores of F. C. Engels Esq. by order of H. D. Obermuller and F. C. Engels Esqrs. Executors of C. F. Wesendonck, deceased, furniture, wearing apparel, Negroes, a horse, an excellent new Piano forte and what further will appear on the day of Sale
7th December 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Tuesday the 24th Instant will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, by order of Hugo Cantzlaar J.Z. Esq at his House on Werk & Rust; House Furniture, viz: a Mahogany Cabinet, breakfast and dining tables, side boards, a fine Pendule, chairs and pictures, silver spoons and forks, knives, a blue China table service, plated work, secretairis, beautiful looking glasses, shades, a Chaise with a loose cap to it, a Chaise horse, saddles and bridles, glass ware, water casks, water jars, Kitchen Furniture, some Jewelry, and Negroes among which are House Servants &c. &c.
7th December 1805. Brereton & Kingston.


The Subscriber requests that no Person will in future attend to any Demands, under the denomination of Doctors Charges, on having their Slaves released from the Public Goal [sic] without previously applying to him or the assistant Surgeon at the Colony Hospital, where they will be every Morning 'till ten o'Clock and a specific Account, if any exists, will be rendered.
Demerary, 7th December 1805. Jos: Tuite.

NOTICE. [heading]
Having seen an Advertisement in the Essequebo & Demerary Gazette of the 23d of last Month, from the Exloiteur's Office, intimating that the half Lot No. 21, with the Buildings thereon front of Pln. Vlissingen, were to be Sold under Execution the 10th Instant, for Account of a Demand against Richard Barnes, I beg leave to caution all Persons whom it may concern from Purchasing the said half Lot No. 21 and Buildings under such Execution, as a legal and regular Protest has been made by me against the said sale; the sole and only Title, for the said half Lot no. 21 and Buildings thereon being in my Possession, and Richard Barnes having no Right or Title, whatever, to the said half Lot and Buildings, so as to authorize his giving them up under Execution.
Stabroek, 7th December 1805. Frances Wilson.

Aan alle Heeren Leeden der Societeit Eendragt word bekend gemaakt, dat, de Ses Maendelyksche by eenkoomst, welke Ingevolge het 13e Articul van het Regiement den 7 deezer moet gehouden worden uitgesteld is tot Zaturdag den 14 December 1805, s'middags om 12 Uuren, wanneer hun Pretentie vriendelyk verzogt word, om te delibereeren ingevolge voornoemde 13e Articul.
F. A. Vernede,
Demerary den 7 December 1805. Secretaris.

Just Received and now opening for sale by the Subscriber, for immediate Payment only; a small assortment of dry Goods and Ironmongry, among which are India and British Muslins, Durants of various colours, fine Printed callicoes, gentlemen's silk hose, cotton ditto, Kersimere, coats and pantaloons, stationary, glass and crockery ware, sets of tea China, &c. Carpenter's and Cooper's tools, window hooks and staples, locks and hinges, knives and forks, &c.
Demerary, 7th December 1805. W. Hallstead.

Just Imported in the Ships Demerary and Duke of Kent, and for Sale by the Subscriber at the Pack house of Messrs. Remy & Boter, on front of Werk & Rust, for Cash only: - Hams, Cheese, Butter, Potatoes, Herrings red and white, Ling Fish in boxes, bottled Beer and Porter, ditto Solid, an assortment of Glass ware, Pennistone and Negro Blankets, fine salt in barrels, refined sugar, Paint oil and Paints of all colours, Irish linens, &c. &c.
Demerary, 7th December 1805. M. Downie.

Just Imported in the ships Duke of Kent, Demerary &c. and for sale by the Subscribers at their store in the New Town: Hams, cheese, red and white herrings, ling fish in boxes, split pease and barley in kegs, spiced salmon, small Beer, porter, potatoes, soap and candles, fashionable boots and shoes, very strong shoes, Ladies and Youths ditto, patent silk hats, Negro hats, jackets and trowsers, ready made clothes, blue pennistones, broad cloth and kersimeres, 4, 6, 8, 10, 20, 24 and 30d nails, iron pots, grid irons, Earthen ware, tin and glass ditto, an assortment of stationary, Irish linen and sheeting, printed cambricks, plain ditto, fancy muslins, linen and cotton checks, a variety of Carpenter's and Cooper's tools, brass cocks, plated goods consisting of tea pots, coffee biggins, candlesticks, ink stands, pint mugs, table spoons, fruit and bread baskets, paints and paint oil, fish sauces, knives and forks, hinges and bolts, Gin in cases, London particular Madeira wine in pipes, half pipes and quarter casks, old Jamaica rum &c. Cotton, Coffee or Cash, will be taken in Payment.
Demerary, 7th December 1805. James Lyon & Co.

A Vendre pour Comptant chez N. Winandy a[grave?] Stabroek, une Petite quantie[grave] de Livres Franc[cedila?] dont le Catalogue fe trouve chez lui.
Demerary, 7 Decembre 1805.

Den Ondergeteekende adverteerd aan zyn Vrienden dat by met de laast gearriveerde scheepen heest onsangen, een assortement tafel messen en vorken, syne pennesmessen, dito schaaren, gemeene en fyne scheermessen, pleete kandelaars, pleece soep leepels en een leepels, brittannies, perl quasten, lay waagens, stoffers, een assortement Neeger kleederen, avegans, bylen, haalmessen, kuyper dissels, hand zaagen, trossels, saag fylen, nieuw moodisch knoopen, split pees, paerl gort, hysond thee, joosjes thee, brood zuyker, mostard, een quantiteit yzer potten in soorten, en meer ander Goederen.
Demerary den 7 December 1805. Cornelis Smit.

Now Landing from the Brig Salerno, Newfoundland Cod Fish in 3, 4, 6 and 8 Quintal Casks, for Sale by
Demerary, 7th December 1805. James Robertson.

Imported in the Ship Demerary, Capt. Inglis from Liverpool, and for Sale by the Subscriber. - New double Rose Butter in firkins and half firkins, Porter and Ale in tierces, Draught porter of an Excellent quality in hogsheads, rounds of beef, hams, tongues, Tripe, Ling Fish, cheese, potatoes, Hyson tea, pickles in boxes contain 1 jar chow-chow, 1 ditto picallilo, 1 ditto cucumbers, 1 ditto walnuts, 1 ditto onions, 1 do sasiphere[somewhat illegible], 1 do califlowers, 1 do. brown mushrooms, 1 ditto white ditto, 4 ditto mustard, 1 do. capers, and one bottle of olives; Sweetmeats in boxes containing one jar strawberries, 1 ditto raspberries, 1 ditto cherries, 1 ditto green appricots [sic], 1 do. currant jelly, 1 do. black ditto, 1 do. gooseberries, 1 ditto damsons, 1 do. black currants, 1 do. red currants; Raspberry and Cherry Brandy, fine Irish linen, gentlemen's fine shirts and cravats, fine cotton stockings, counterpanes, linen and cotton check, marseilles quilting, superfine corbeau, blue and French black cloths, unlined Negro Jackets and wrappers, boots, Gentlemen's and Ladies shoes, Rose and Lavender water, white soap in boxes, Windsor soap. Tooth Brushes, Gentlemen's silk hats, Windsor chairs, fashionable Gigs and harness, cordage assorted, blue, green-edge and cream coloured Earthen ware, pen and pocket knives, Hunting and plain gold watches, Family Medicine chests, anchors, coal and common tar &c.
Vlissingen, 7th December 1805. James Robertson.

Opgevischt een Geboede Corjaal, dewelke kan Toonen zyner Eygendom te zyn, kan dezelve bekoomen teegens betaalen, der onkosten op Plantagie L'Espirance [sic].
Demerary den 7 December 1805. E. A. Christiani.

For Sale by the Subscriber, at his Store on the American Stelling London Particular Madeira Wine in pipes, hogsheads and by the dozen, Port wine in casks of 3 to 9 dozen each, Brandy in pipes and demejohns, Gin in pipes and cases, Noyeau in cases, Hock in do, Tobacco in barrels, Negro pipes, Tar in barrels, and a quantity of Cordage.
Demerary, 30th November 1805 Francis Meagher.

Printed and Published by E. J. Henery & Co., Stabroek.


to the

Essequebo and Demerary


Saturday the 7th December 1805.

The Subscribers have for sale a few pipes, hogsheads and quarter casks of London particular Madeira wine, imported in the Ship Cumberland, Capt. Langley; Also the cargo of the Ship George, Capt. Greenough from Boston, consisting of white pine boards and plank of an excellent quality, red oak shooks, clapboards, shingles, cod fish in hogsheads and boxes, Mackarel, Alewives &c.
Telford, Naghten & Co.
Cumingsburg, 7th December 1805.

Plan of a Lottery made by T. Quiding, with His Honor the Governor's Permission agreeable to an Appraisement of the Prises [sic] by Messrs. J. J. Bateling and Jno: Nilson.
Art. 1st This Lottery will consist of Eighty Four Tickets, at one Hundred and Thirty two guilders, amounting to f. 11099.
Art. 2d All Purchasers of Tickets in this Lottery, will sign their names opposite the number Corresponding with their Tickett or Tickets, In a Book kept for that Purpose.
Art. 3d. All Purchasers of Tickets will give their Obligation for the same, Payable One Month after the day of the drawing of this lottery, of which timely Notice will be given in the Demerary Gazette.
Art. 4th This Lottery will be Drawn by two children, In the presence of a Secretary's Clerk, who will keep a List of the numbers and another a List of the corresponding Blancks and Prizes.
Art. 5th The Prizes will be delivered the day after the Drawing of this Lottery, or on the same day.
LIST OF PRIZES. [indented sub-heading]
No. 1. A Schooner Boat compleat, 36 feet by 12 feet wide, 6 feet deep. f. 4400
No. 2 a Boat Captain Named Jack F. 2200.
No. 3 a Sailor Negro Named Billy f. 1500.
No. 4 a Sailor Negro Named Marcus f. 1500.
No. 5 an Elegant Organ f. 550.
No. 6 A Bureau f. 264.
No. 7 Five Pictures f. 146.
Premium No. 1 shall be for the Number previous to the Highest Prize. [right pointing brace]
f. 264.
2d for the Number immediately after the drawing of the Highest Prize f. 264.
Demerary, 7th December 1805 f. 11088.

N.B.N.B.N.B. Just published, at the House of N. Volkerts ( where the Printing Office is kept ) price 4 guilders in Cash, an Almanack for the Year 1806, expressly calculated for these Colonies, printed in the English Language, and containing besides all the customary information, the times of Meeting of the different Courts of Essequebo and Demerary, Lists of the Civil and Criminal Government, the Public Officers in the Courts of Justice and Colleges, &c. &c. Printed for the Subscriber, who has left for sale a few pounds of best Gun Powder.
Stabroek, 7th December 1805. N. Volkerts.

A few remaining Translations of the Regulations for the administration of Justice and the manner of the proceedings in the [illegible] Essequebo and Demerary, framed by the Committee of Ten and approved of by their High Mightinesses, the Lords States General of United Netherlands, dated October 1774, are to be had at the reduced Price of three Dollars, by
Stabroek, 7th December 1805. N. Volkerts.

For Sale: - A very convenient family house, almost new with good Stabling and out Buildings, situate on Lot No. 206 in Cumingsburg, in the Public road, for further Particulars apply to
Demerary, 7th December 1805. R. Phipps.

List of Vessels Entered and Cleared from the 30th of November to the 7th December 1805.

2d Decb. Schr. Argo, Capt. T. Simmons, from Montserat.
4th. Decb. Schr. Johnston, Capt. T. G. Amis, from Barbados.
5th. Decb. Brig Rising Sun, Capt. E. Salter, from Portsmouth.
7th. Decb. Schr. Industry, Capt. S. Thompson, from Bath, N. A.
7th. Decb. Ship Four Sisters, Capt. H. Anderson, from Boston.

7th. Decb. Brig Lord Duncan, Capt. W. Greenidge, for Barbados.
7th. Decb. Brig Joseph, Capt. H. McClintock, for Wilmington.

[List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves – no photocopy made for transcription]

Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.

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