Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1805 December 14


Ao. 1805 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 154.

Saturday, the 14th of December.

By His Excellency Brigadier General James Montgomorie, Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies, President in all courts and Colleges, &c. &c. &c. and the Honble: Court of Policy of the said Colonies, &c. &c. &c.
To all whom these Presents may or shall concern, Greeting! be it known:
Whereas it is necessary again to furnish the Government Chest with Funds to make good the different annual Payments that must be defrayed from us for carrying on the Public Service.
We therefore, on His Excellency the Governors proposition, have resolved to levy, and hereby do levy the Capitation Tax due for the Year 1804, to be Paid by each and every Slave holder, agreeable to the established mode, and in the same manner as the Taxes last raised for the Years 1803 and 1797, viz: at the Rate of Three Guilders ten stivers respectively for each and every Working male or Female Slave past 12 Years of Age and of One Guilder for all Children from 3 to 12 Years.
It is also ordered in conformity to the system established by the existing Ordinances of Taxing House Slaves at a higher rate, that all Persons Possessing Three Male or Female House or Domestic Slaves or less, shall Pay for each of them the Sum of Six Guilders.
Those Possessing Four, a Sum of Ten Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Five, a Sum of Fifteen Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Six, a Sum of Twenty Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Seven, a Sum of Twenty five Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Eight, a Sum of Thirty Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Nine and upwards, a Sum of Forty Guilders.
From which encreased rate of head money respecting House or Domestic Slaves, are however to be exempted all Planters residing on their Estates, also the governor to the number of 20 Domestic Slaves, the Members of the respective Courts, the Secretaries of the Courts, the Receivers of the Government and Colony Chests, and the Vendue Masters, to the number of six House Slaves, and all other Persons in Public Employ, who are obliged to reside in the chief Towns or their Precincts, to that of Four Domestics.
Tradesmen are to Pay for each Slave they Employ in their respective Arts or Trades, Seven Guilders.
All free Women of Colour shall Pay for their own Persons a sum of Ten Guilders: - the other Regulations respecting free Men of Colour to remain in force as established by other Ordinances in this behalf.
And in order the collecting of the necessary returns and the Payment of the said Head Money may be completed in any regular manner, We do hereby order and direct as follows:
That all Planters in these Colonies, whether Proprietors or Attornies, shall give in before the 15th day of March 1806, exact returns, subscribed by them under a tender of Oath, of the Slaves on each Plantation belonging to them or under their Administration, according to the number of the said Slaves up to the 31st December 1805, which particulars are to be given in as pointed out in the return, a form of which is printed at the foot of the present publication, and whereof blanks will be left besides at the respective Receivers Offices, to be filled up by those it may concern.
That further such of the Inhabitants as, tho' residents on, are not Proprietors of any Estates, and also those residing on the respective Towns or their Precincts, or in any other place in the Colonies not being a Plantation, shall likewise be obliged to give in exact returns under a tender of Oath, of his, her or their male or Female Slaves, Domesticks, Handicraft and other Slaves according to their number in 1804, and agreeable to the second form printed at the foot of the present publication, and blanks of which may also be had at the respective Receivers' Offices.
The different returns before-mentioned are to be filled up with the utmost accuracy, so as distinctly to state the number of Slaves of each description therein mentioned, as well as the general number of Slaves on each Plantation in the Year 1804.
It is further ordered that Payment of the said Capitation Tax for the Year 1804 shall be made before the 15th day of March 1806, at the same time of giving in the returns herein before required, either in Cash, Bills of Exchange to the satisfaction of the receivers, or in approved Claims against the Government Chest.
It is also ordered that the respective receivers of the Government Chest shall for the purpose of receiving the different Returns and Payments herein before respectively required, give attendance at their respective Offices from the date hereof, every day in the Week, Saturdays, Sundays and Holydays excepted, from 9 o'Clock in the morning till one o'Clock in the Afternoon; the whole on pain that those who shall be faultive in giving in returns and in making Payment in the manner and at the time herein before directed and limited, shall, on the expiration of the said period, be charged and debited in the Books of the Receiver with a sum equal to the amount of the Capitation Tax which they may appear to have paid for the Year 1803, with the addition of one fourth or 25 peer Centum of such amount; which amount and additional Sum shall then, if necessary, be recoverable from the defaulters by Summary Execution.
Such Persons as may not be mentioned or occur at all in the former books of the Receivers, and are faultive in giving in their returns in the manner herein before directed, shall immediately forfeit, independent of the Taxes, a Penal sum of One hundred and Fifty Guilders, to be applied to the use of the Government Chest.
And that no ignorance may be pretended of what is herein before directed and required, these presents shall be Published, posted up, Printed and sent round for general Information
Thus done in our Extraordinary Assembly held in the Town of Stabroek, Demerary, on the 28th of Novemer [sic] 1805, and Published on the 14th of December next following.
James Montgomorie.
By Command,
P. F. Tinne, D. Secty. of the Colony.

[the first form]
Return of Slaves appertaining to Plantation _________.
Working Field People
Children from 3 to 12 Years of Age
Suckling Children and Invalids

Free Women of Colour

[the second form]
Return of Slaves appertaining to Plantation _________.
Field Negroes
Children from 3 to 12 Years
Sucking Children and Invalids
Free Women of Colour

Such Planter of these Colonies as may wish to obtain Licences for purchasing New Negroes in the course of the next ensuing year are desired to be particular in attending to the last Clause of His Excellency the Governor's Proclamation of the 30th November last; and, consequently, to apply for such Licences, by Petition, before the Date therein fixed, viz: the 15th of January next, in order that His Excellency the Governor may be enabled, as early as possible to make a general and fair Distribution among the Applicants, of the number of 2000 Slaves, to which the Importation is limited for the Year 1806.
King's house, Stabroek, 14th Dec. 1805.
By His Excellency's Command, C. T. Tinne, Gov Sec.

The Gentlemen composing the Corps of Cavalry will appear, properly armed and accoutred, opposite Major Blair's House, on Wednesday next, the 18th Instant, at Six o'Clock in the morning.
By Order, W. L. Cowan,
Dec. 14, 1805. Adjt.

BEKENDMAAKINGEN, Van de Secretary. [heading]

Alle de genen welke iets te pretendeeren van of verschuldigt zyn aan den Boedel en nalaatenschap van Wylen Louis Favarger, gelieve daarvan opgaave en betaaling te doen by de Heeren G. A. F. Van Kinschot en J. Borell, in qualiteit als Executeuren Testamentair, binnen den tyd van Zes Weeken, ten eiede [eiede?] gemeld Boedel zo spoedig moogelyk tot Lequideteit te brengen.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary, dezen 14e December 1805.
J. C. Stadtman, oudste Clecrq [sic].

Alzo de Heer John Lewis Chase van voornemens is, binnen den tyd van Veertien Daagen, van hier te Vertrekken, zo word zulks mits deezen bekend gemaakt, ten einde die geenen welk iets van hem te pretendeeren hebben, of aan hem verschuldigd zyn, hunne Pretensien komen ontvangen, of hunne schulded [sic] betaalen ter zyner Domicilium.
Actum ter Secretary in Rio Demerary den 14 december 1805.
In Kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman, oudste Clercq.


Den Ondergeteekende St. Eerste Exploiteur zal op bekoome Authorisatien ten Overikaan van Heeren Raaden Commissarissen op den 16 December 1805, en 7 January 1806, by Executie opvylen en Verkopen, als: - den 16 December ten behoeve van S. G. Martens, Eischer en Triumphant, op en de jeegens Jno. Griffin. Gedaagde en Geexecuteerde, drie stuks Neegers genaamt Prins, Charles en Herculus. - den 7 January 1806 ten behoeve van G. J. Furnace en M. Hoppen, Eischers en Triumphanten, op en de jeegens Engel Loncke. Gedaagde en Geexecuteerde, Een Concessie of Lot Lands geleegen op de voorgronden van Plantagie Vlissingen, bekend onder No. 36, met de daaropstaande gebouwen, een Woonhuis circa 26 Voeten by 18 breed, met een Vicugel daaraan van circa 32 voeten lang by 18 breed, van inlandse Houtfraam, staande op posten dienende voor Pakhuise &c., een zy gebouw dienende voor combuys met posten in de grond en cingel gedeckt. - Op dato ut supra, ten behoeve van F. W. Thron q.q H. Vos q.q. de Erven Arthau, Eischer en Tripumphant, op en de jeegens Franciscus Krain, Ged[?]en Geexecuteerde, een zeeker gedeelt, circa quart Concessie, No. 11, geleegen op Stabroek, met 't daaropstaande Woonhuys lang 40 voeten by 20 breed, min of meer, staande op een gemetstelde steene meul, inlandse Houte fraam, verdeeld in diverse vertrecken, verders een zy gebouw diedende voor Combuys &c. en laastelyk een gemackhuysje.
Zo is 't dat iemand teegens voorsch: Verkoopingen eenige recht van Oppositie vermeenen te hebben, addresseere zig ten Exploiteur's Comptoire in geschrifte, voorts welke die gading vinden mooge, kome ten dage en plaatse, ten Raadhuise op de Hoofdplaats Stabroek, en doen hun Profyt.
Rio Demerary den 13 December 1805.
Marts. Smit, St. Eerste Exploiteur.


On Friday the 20th Instant will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidder, at the Vendue Office, by order of C. Smit, Esq. q.q. Eight Negroes - Carpenters and Field Negroes. On the same day will be exposed Dry Goods, &c.
14th December 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Friday the 27th Instant will be exposed for Sale, at public Auction, at the Vendue Office, by order of John Corbet, Esq the Schooner Old Retrieve. Burthen about 18 heavy hhds. To be seen at the stelling of Messrs. Telford, Naghton [sic], and Co. a week before the day of Sale. On the same day will be sold, Dry Goods, Provisions, &c. &c. &c.
14th Dec. 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Saturday the 28th Instant will be exposed for Sale, at public Vendue by order of Robert Patterson, Esq at the house lately occupied by the Rev. Mr. M Mahon in Kingston, sundry Articles, consisting of Household Furniture, Plate &c. &c. &c.
14th Dec. 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Dec 21, 1805, the advertisement changes:

On Friday the 10th of Jan. next, will be exposed for Sale, at public Vendue, by order of Robert Patterson, Esq at the house lately occupied by the Rev. Mr. M Mahon in Kingston, sundry Articles, consisting of Household Furniture, Plate &c. &c. &c. also a Schaenes' six feet Piano-forte, having the grand piano movements, and Smith & Litherland's patent helical springs.
On the same day and place will be exposed for Sale, to the highest Bidders, the Premises now occupied by Robert Patterson, Esq. with the lot No. 49, 50, and part of 51, the property of the Rev. Mr. M'Mahon.
14th Dec. 1805. Brereton & Kingston.


We are truly concerned to feel ourselves under the necessity of addressing such of our Friends (Subscribers to this Paper) whose Payments are in Arrear, with an earnest request to be immediately favoured with a Settlement of their respective Accounts.
We beg leave to observe, that an individual Subscriber cannot be materially inconvenienced by paying up his subscription; whilst we, by having many of those subscriptions withholden, experience a very serious injury. We trust, therefore, that we shall stand acquitted of any intention to offend, when we give Notice, as we now do, that, from the End of the present Year, no more copies of this Paper will be worked off, than may be necessary to supply such of our Customers whose Accounts are then discharged, and who in future may be punctual, the unavoidably great Expences of the Press rendering such a measure absolutely necessary.
Printing-Office, Dec. 14, 1805.

NOW IN THE PRESS, [heading - this and following lines, except the last paragraph, are centered within the column]
And will be ready for Sale the 30th Instant,
Printed on a New and Beautiful Type, with Red and Black.
[right-pointing finger/hand] This Almanack contains, besides the usual Appendage, many useful Instructions, and a Table of Tides.
Printed for, and sold by, the Subscriber, at his House, opposite the New Union Coffee House; and by Mr. W. Perkins, at Mahaica Ferry; price Three Guilders.
Demerary, Dec. 14, 1805. E. J. Henery.

The Subscriber particularly requests that all Persons indebted to him, will come forward and discharge their Obligations, &c. in all this Month (some of which are very long due), or he will be under the disagreeable necessity of handing them over to a Lawyer, with positive instructions to enforce Payment in the most summary way.
Demerary, Dec 10, 1805. Wm. Brereton.

For Sale, a Negro Man about Twenty Years of Age. He has always been employed in a genteel Family, is a good Cook and Butler, and can take care of a Horse. For particulars, inquire of the Printer. Demerary, Dec. 13, 1805.

All Persons having Demands against the Estate of the late widow G. R. Pletsz, are requested to render the same to the Subscriber immediately, and those indebted to said estate to come forward with Payment, so as to close the Boedel with all speed
H. C. Evertz, Execut. Testr.
Demerary, 14th Dec. 1805.

The Subscriber offers for Sale, or Hire, her House situate on the South Dam of Stabroek, just aback of the Premises of H. D. Obermuller, Esq. and fronting those of H. Cantzlaar, Esq
Demerary, Dec. 14, 1805. M. Richard.

For Sale, an Excellent Saddle Horse. For particulars, apply to the Printer.
Dec 14 1805

The Subscribers request all persons who have Demands against the Estate of the late Francis Bynoe, to render in their Accounts, properly attested, within Six Weeks from the Date hereof, as no attention will be paid to any rendered after that time. All those who are indebted to the said Estate, are requested to make immediate Payment, as it is necessary to bring his affairs to a speedy conclusion and no indulgence can be given.
John Lewis Bynoe,
William King, Executors.
Stabroek, 14th Dec 1805.

The highest Price will be given for approved Bills, at Three Months, either on London, Liverpool, or Bristol, for the Amount of 25,000 or 30,000 guilders cash, by the Subscriber.
Demerary, 11th December, 1805. Van Basel.

An Advertisement having appeared in last Saturday's Gazette, under the signature of Frances Wilson Whereby she cautions all persons against purchasing the Half Lot No. 21, and Buildings on the Front Land of Plantation Vlissingen, which Lot and Buildings have been taken in Execution by a Decree of the Honourable Court of Justice; and several idle Reports having maliciously circulated, as it that Execution had been taken out by me with a view to persecute the said Mrs. Frances Wilson: I think it necessary to undeceive those that may have been misled by the Advertisement alluded to, as well as by the Misrepresentations which have been made on this subject, by stating that the above-mentioned Lot and Buildings are levied on for an Obligation given by Rchd. Barnes to the Order of Jam. Russet, on the 9th November [illegible] specifying to be "for the Half Purchase money of the Half Lot no. 21 in Front of Plantation Vlissingen, with all the Buildings thereon, which it reclaimable until fully paid for." This Obligation [illegible] I am become the [illegible] Holder, has never been discharged by R. Barnes to me, who has constantly given for answer, that Mrs. Frances Wilson ought to pay it, because she purchased [illegible]lot and Buildings for a sum of f. 36,000 guilders, of which she never paid any more than about 3,700 guilders, Holl. curt. although an Instalment fell due on the 1st of July last for which Mrs. Wilson had been sued by Rich. Barnes in the last Court, who, on the defence put up by Mrs. Frances Wilson's Advocate, has been nonsuited. With what propriety Mrs. Wilson can maintain that the sole and only Title for the said Lot is vested in her, when a sum of upwards of 32,000 guilders, Holl. cun. remains still due by her on the Purchase Money, will note easily be discovered. Her motives in cautioning the Public against purchasing the said Lot and Buildings, and thereby depressing the Sale, may be accounted for on speculative principles. Hugo Cantzlaar, J.Z.
Rio Demerary, 12th December, 1805.

The Subscriber requests those who have any Demands against the late Mr. James Dickson, to lodge the same, properly substantiated, at the house of Messrs. Henry Tulloh and Co. on or before the 15th of January next, as, after that period, no Notice will be taken of any Claims that may make their appearance.
Essequebo, 10th Dec. 1805. James Taylor.

The Subscriber having been appointed by the Honourable Court of Justice of this Colony, to be Solicitor before the Court of Commissioners requests all Gentlemen of this Colony to favour him with their practice; promising them to spare no pain, nor activity, to promote their interest and obtain their satisfaction. Till he has fixed his office, he may be spoken, every day, from ten till two o'Clock, at the Orphan Office, and, earlier or later, at his house in Cumingsburg.
G. A. F. Van Kinschot.
Demerary, 13th December, 1805.

For Sale, a young, healthy, and strong Negro Woman, who is a complete Washer and Ironer, with her Mulatto infant Boy, formerly the property of Catharina Cells, and now of the Subscriber.
Demerary, 14th Dec 1805. F. S. Swanke.

Run away from the Subscriber, a Negro Wench, named Kitty, with her Mulatto Child. She was formerly the property of the free Mulatto woman Sarah Cells, and speaks the English and Creole languages. A Joe Reward will be given to any person that will cause the said Negro Wench to be apprehended and lodged in the Barracks, or delivered up to the Subscriber.
Demerary, Dec. 13, 1805. F. S. Swanke.

All Persons who may have Claim or Demands against the Estate of the deceased C. F. Wesendonck, Esq. are hereby requested to render their Accounts, properly attested, to the Subscribers, and those who are indebted to the said Estate, are likewise requested to make immediate Payment.
H. D. Obermuller.
Demerary, Dec 12, 1805. F. C. Engels.

A SUPPLEMENT will be published at Nine o'Clock on Monday Morning.

Published and Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.


to the

Essequebo and Demerary


Saturday the 14th December 1805.

On Thursday, the 19th Instant, will be exposed for Sale, at the House of Mary Harris, in the Street leading to Robb's Stelling, the following Articles, imported by the last Arrivals from London, viz. - Silk and Feather Hats, best superfine Navy Blue and Black Cloth, ditto ditto Coat Patters, the most fashionable Colours, with Trimmings for same, ditto ditto Cassimeres, fashionable Colours, Quilting of various patterns for Waistcoats, fashionable Velvet Cord for Riding Breeches, Men',s and Women's fine Cotton Hose, fine Hyson Tea, Black Pepper, Split Pease in Kegs, White Paint in kegs, Paint and Lamp Oil in Jugs, Glass and Queen's Ware, Iron Hoops and Rivets, &c. &c.
Dec. 14, 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

[advertisement badly mutilated in upper right hand corner]
Den Ondergetekende, geresolveerd zyn [illegible] aanstaande Jaar naar Europaterug te keeren, verzoekt zer [illegible] alle de geenen, welke hem zeedett het voorleede en teegens woordige Jaar Schulden zyn, en aan welker grootste gedeelte by wegens de slegte Tyded tot nutoe cordiaale uytstel gegeyen heest, hunne [illegible] hunnen de Twee Maanden tyd aan hem te betallen, naardien den Ondergeteekende anderzints middlene zoude moeren gebruyken, die zeeker evenzoo onaangenaam voor hem zelfs, als schadelyk voor zyn Deibteuren zyn konden, om heem tot zyne Betaalinge te verhelpen. - Dezelve presenteerd te Koop deszelvs op de voorgronden van Werk & Rust, zeer ter neering leggende Huys en Erve bestaande in een woltresselyke omkraalde, bedolven en opgehoogde Concessie Inhoudende ruim Tweeordinaire Concessien met een uytweg voor en agtar op de Publicque Wegen op deese bevinden zyg de naavolgende Gebouwen, als: een woonhuys lang 36 voeten by 24 voeten breed, drie verdiepingeen hoog, het Vraam van inlands Hout, van onderen voorzien m[??]een sterk steenen Pakhuys on boven met een ruime Winkel en diverse gemakkelyk vertrekken. Een nieuw sterk Pakhuys lang 46 by 22 Voeten breed in diverse afdeelingen, het Vraam meede van Iinlands Hout, en op steene pilaaten gevestight, het gebouw is een en een halve Verdieping hoog. Eenzygebouw bestaandein een be[?]looten water huyse en drie Neeger vertrekken. - Een dito waarin eene gem[illegible] combuys en bak oven, een [illegible] en solder. - En cindelyk een chaise huys en Paardestal, welke huys en erve recht heest op die Stelling op Werk & Rust, van ouds de Schoemaakers Stelling genaamt. - Alles is in de beste order to niet en gemakt. De Conditien zyn by dan ondergeteekenden te verneemen.
Demerary, den 14e December 1805. F. C. Engels.

List of Vessels Entered and Cleared form the 7th to the 14th of December 1805.

9th Sloop Neptune, Capt. Peter Leverock, from Barbados.
10th Ship Redman, Capt. Ths. Wood, from New York.

10th Schr. Richard, Capt. J. D. Green, for New London.
10th Brig Betsey, Capt. James Sharp, for New York.
12th Ship Reserve, Capt. Tristrem Redman, for Savannah.
13th Schr. Ariel, Capt. E. Cooley, for New York.

Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.


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