Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1805 December 21


Ao. 1805 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 156.

Saturday, the 21st of December.

By His Excellency Brigadier General James Montgomorie, Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies, President in all Courts and Colleges, &c. &c.
Whereas, from the insufficient state of the front and side Dams of Cumingsburg, the influx of the Tides from the River renders the communication between the different quarters of Stabroek, Cumingsburg and the adjacent Townships, frequently very difficult and, on some occasions impracticable, and whereas it appears by experience, and by the report of several of the Proprietors of Cumingsburg, that no permanently efficient Remedy can be provided, from any means hitherto used; I have, therefore, judged proper to require the Proprietors and Inhabitants of Cumingsburg to meet together at the New Union Coffee House, on Monday the 30th of December current, there to appoint a Committee from their number, to propose a Plan for the future Security of the Dams, and to exhibit the same to me, in order that I, in conjunction with the Court of Policy, may investigate the same, and adopt such measures as appear best calculated for preventing in future the inconveniences which the Inhabitants have so long been subject to. And I do, therefore call on the said Proprietors and Inhabitants so to me accordingly.
Given at the King's House in Stabroek, this 21st December,
1805. Jas. Montgomorie,
Brigadier-General and Governor.
By Command,
C. T. Tinne, Gov. Sec.

Some of the Returns of the County Divisions, given in to the late Governor, having been lost or mislaid, of which no correct Copy can now be furnish; and the Governor, Brigadier General Montgomorie, being unwilling to act partially, fines himself under the necessity (which he very much regrets) of suffering the Delinquents of the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Companies of the First Battalion, to escape this time, without paying the Fines they incurred.
The Governor is, however, yet more confirmed in his opinion (as expressed in his General Militia Orders of the 9th November)), of the absolute Necessity of having the Militia of the Colony properly armed and in some state of Discipline; and therefore directs the Major Commandant to send immediate orders to each Captain of the First and Second Battalions, to inspect his Company, reporting to him (according to a form he shall give), for the information of the Governor.
The Governor hopes, that, by the Returns that are to be laid before him, he shall perceive very few who presume to neglect or disregard the Militia Regulations of the Colony. All such may be assured, the Fines shall be levied in the most summary and effectual manner.
The Major Commandant is himself also directed to inspect the whole of the Militia, as soon after the 25th of next Month as possible, and report to the Governor.
By the Governor's Command,
King's House, Stabroek, Dec. 21 1805. C. T. Tinne, Gov Sec.

BEKENDMAAKINGEN, Van de Secretary. [heading]

All Persons who have any Claim or Claims against, or stand indebted to Calcutta Estate, situate on the East Coast of this colony, in the District of Abary, or the Firm of Messrs. Edward and Charles Mackintosh, either jointly or separately, are requested to render in the same, or to come forward with Payment, on or before the 15th of January 180[6, at the Secretary's Office, or at Calcutta Estate aforesaid.
J. C. Stadtman, Sworn Clerk.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, Dec. 20, 1805.

Alle die geene welke verschuldigd zyn of Pretentien ten laste der Boedel van wylen Mr. W. Pauw mogten hebben, worden [illegible]zogt dezelve te komen voldoen of op te geeven aan den overblyven de Curator in gem: Boedel, F. A. Vernede, voor den 10 January 1806, zullende de staat der Boedel aan het Edle: Achtb: Hoff van Justitie den 16e zittende ter decisie overgelegd worden.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary deezen 20 December 1805.
In kennise van my J. C. Stadtman, oudste Clercq.

Alzoo den Heer Paul Smith, von voornemens is in de Maand Maart eerstkomende, deeze Colonie te Verlaaten, zo word zulks mit deezen bekend gemakt, ten einde die geenen welke iets van hem te pretendeeren hebben, of aan hem verschuldigd zyn, hunne Pretensien komen ontvangen, of hunne schulden betaalen ter zyner Domicilium.
Actum ter Secretary, van Rio Demerary deezen 20e December 1805.
In Kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman, oudst Clercq.

Also de Heer Charles Sayers, woonagtig op de Plantagie La Penitence, van voornemens is, binnen den tyd van Veertien Daagen, van hier te Vertrekken, zo word zulks mits deezen bekend gemaakt, ten einde die geenen welk iets van hem te Pretendeeren hebben, of aan hem Verschuldigd zyn, hunne Pretensien komen ontvangen, of hunne schulden betaalen ter zyner Domicilium.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary, deezen 20 December 1805.
In kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman, oudste Clercq.


Den Ondergetekende St. Eerst Exploiteur zal op bekome Auctorisatie ten overstaan van Heeren Raaden Commissarissen op den 7e January 1806 by Executie opveylen en Verkoopen, als: - Ten behoeve van Chs Treadwell, Eyicher en Triumphant op en de jeegens Louis Favarger, gede[?]een Concessie Lands geleegen op de voorgrond van Plantagie Werk & Rust, bekend onder No. 73 met de daaropstaande Gebouwen, te weeten, een Woonhuys lang 33 voeten by 15 breed min of meer, twee verdieping hoog, Fraam van Inlandsch hout en met Wallaba cingels gedekt, een zy gebouw dienende voor combuys, pak en wasch huys, een gemakhuyne en een boender kot, nog infraam staande En laatelyk te behoeve van J. T. Matthews Ca. Wm. B. Dennison geexde: Een Neger Man genaamd Jack –
Zoo is het dat iemand teegens vorschreeve Verkooping eenige Recht van oppositie vermeenen te hebben, addresseeren zig ten Exploiteurs Comptoir ingeschrifte, voorts welke die gading vinden moge komen ten dage, en plaatse, ten Raadhuyse op de Hoofdplaatse Stabroek, en doen hun Profyt.
Rio Demerary den 20e December 1805.
Marts: Smit, St. Eerste Exptr.

Op Dingsdag den 7 January 1806 aanstaande, zal van weegens den Ondergetekende alhier, voor Heeren Raaden Commissarissen uit den Edele Achtb: Hove van Justitie, by Executie worden Verkogt, ten behoeve van Bollers & Spooner, als gefungeerd hebbende Vendue Meesters, een Neegerin Mary, aankomende J. Huiberts; over welke Slavinne door N. Rousselet q.q. A. H. Walstab is worden geopposeerd, dog op den 17 deezer by wel gedagte Hove als kwade opposant verklaard, en mitsdien geauctoriseerd om met den begonne Executie te kunnen voortgaan; - Zo is s's dat die geene die in den Verkoop dien opgemelde Neegerinne Mary eenig gading vinden, vervoege zig ten voorschreeve dage ten Raadhuyse op de Hoofdplaatse Stabroek, en doen hun Profyt.
Rio Demerary, den 20e December 1805.
Marts: Smit, St. Eerste Exploiteur.


The 13th of January 1806, will be offered for Sale, publickly, on Plantation Vergenoegen, Essequebo, on account of the Hon. C. D. Mack's Departure for Europe with the first Fleet, viz,
Nearly 30 head of cattle, horses and carriages, a six oared yacht, 27 feet keel, some silver plate, and a collection of German, French, English, and Dutch books, &c. &c.
C. Remy.
Essequebo, Dec. 21, 1805. Commissary of Vendue.

On Monday the 30th Instant, will be exposed for Sale, to the highest Bidder, by Order of Jas. Lyon & Co. at their house in New Town - Men's and Women's shoes, boots, ready-made cloaths, silk and beaver hats, children's hats, silk and cotton stockings, silk and muslin handkerchiefs, checks, cambrics, thread, buttons, broad cloth and cassimere, glass ware, tin and earthen ware, peas and barley, Irish linen and sheeting, calico, ginghams, and several other articles of dry goods; nails, paints, and paint oil, carpenter's and cooper's tools, loaf sugar, stationary, dimities, nankeen, mustard, gunpowder, terrace, Port wine, German linen, wine corks, &c. &c.
Dec. 21, 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Thursday the 2d of January 1806, will be exposed for Sale, to the highest Bidder, at the house of Mr. Levie Eliaazer [sic], and by his Orders - Broad cloth, cassimere, salempores, assorted linens, checks, calicoes, dimities, romal and pullicat handkerchiefs, thread, tape, needles, shoemakers' and sadlers' leather, boot patterns, ready made pantaloons, waistcoat patterns, and stuff for trowsers; noyeau, rose-water, indigo, plantation utensils, prepared paint, fiddle strings, jewellery, and other things.
21st December 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Monday the 6th of January 1806, will be exposed for Sale, to the highest Bidder, by Order of J. F. Narjes, Esq. 25 to 30 healthy, prime, seasoned Negroes, amongst which are three carpenters and house people, payable in three and six months; also on three months' credit, 10 to 12 horned cattle, amongst which are best milch cows; 20 sheep; a mahogany sofa and chairs, and other house furniture, silver plate, &c. &c. Likewise, will be exposed, on very favourable terms, the Lot No. 29 on Plantation Le Repentier, with all the Buildings thereon, at present occupied by Colin M'Rae, Esq.
21st Decbr. 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Monday the 20th of January 1806, will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidder, by Order of H. C. Evertz, Esq Executor to the late Mrs. G. R. Pletz, deceased, at her House on the Brick Dam, Stabroek, house Negroes, a washerwoman, a Cook, Huckster, Furniture, &c. &c.
On the same day and place will be exposed for Sale, if not disposed of by private Contract, by Order of H. C. Evertz, Esq. for self and q.q. M. E. Evertz, deceased, the Concession No. 56, on Werk & Rust, with a large Dwelling House thereon, three stories high, all of the best green hart, and other colony wood of the first quality, a kitchen, negro house, chaise house, horse stable, &c. &c. at present occupied by Hugo Cantzlaar, Esq.
Also, will be exposed for Sale, if not disposed of by private Contract, the Half Concession No. 17, in Robb's Town, part of Plantation Vlissingen, with the Buildings thereon, at present occupied by Thomas Finlayson, Esq; the frame of colony wood, and in good repair.
Dec. 21, 1805. Brereton & Kingston.

On Friday the 10th of Jan. next, will be exposed for Sale, at public Vendue, by order of Robert Patterson, Esq. at the house lately occupied by the Rev. Mr. M'Mahon, in Kingston, sundry Articles, consisting of Household Furniture, Plate, &c. &c. &c. also a Schaenes' six-feet Piano Forte, having the grand piano movements, and Smith & Litherland's patent helical springs.
On the same day and place will be exposed for Sale, to the highest Bidder, the Premises now occupied by Robert Patterson, Esq. with the Lot No. 49, 50, and part of 51, the property of the Rev. Mr. M'Mahon.
14th Dec. 1805. Brereton & Kingston.


All Persons having Demands against the Subscriber, are requested to call upon him for Payment, and those indebted to him, to come forward and settle their respective obligations or open accounts with loss of time; otherwise, he will be necessitated to sue them the ensuing Court, as it is his fixed intention to leave this Colony for Europe next Month.
Demerary, Dec. 21, 1805. Philip Yates.

[mutilated - illegible] who have any Claims against His Excellency the [illegible] Governor Beaujon, are requested to render in their accounts, without delay, to Mrs. Beaujon, at her House in Cumingsburg, in order to their being examined and paid.
Demerary, Dec. 21, 1805.

All Persons having any Demands against the Commissary's Department, are requested to render them in to the Resident Commissary, made up to this day (24th December), that they may be adjusted and paid. No attention will be paid to any accounts, made up to the above date which are not sent in by the 31st Instant.
Resident Commissary's Office, Dec. 20, 1805.

The Subscriber intending to close his Mercantile Concerns on the 31st Instant, requests all Persons having Demands against the firms of "G. I. Goppy & Co." and "Goppy & Reid," to render the same to him, in order that they may be examined and paid. And all Persons Indebted to said Firms, are requested to settle their accounts as soon as possible, to enable the Subscriber to comply with his Engagements
He offers for sale, on moderate terms, the Premises (situated in the New Town,) which he at present occupies.
Demerary, Dec. 16, 1805. G. I. Goppy.

Just imported and for Sale by the Subscriber, at a short Credit to approved Purchasers - Building lime and bricks, bottled ale and beer, hams, potatoes, Irish rose butter, herrings in kegs, linen and cotton check, best twilled coffee and cotton bagging, refined sugar, ladies', gentlemen's, and children's cotton stockings, calicoes. brittannias, platillas, oznaburgs, seine and [illegible] twine, glass and earthen ware, hoes and shovels, coopers [illegible] vat hoops, half mattresses, cordage, nails assorted, &c. &c.
And all Persons who are indebted [illegible] of R. Younghusband, Younghusband, Corbet & Co. and R. Younghusband & Co. are requested to make immediate Payment to him before the 1st day of March next; as he then intends leaving this colony, no further indulgence can possibly be given.
Demerary, Dec. 21, 1805. R. Younghusband.

For Glasgow - The armed Ship Mariner will positively sail early in February in company with any other armed ships that may then be ready. For Freight or Passage, apply to the Captain on board.
Demerary, Dec. 21, 1805 R. Younghusband

The Subscriber gives, by these present, public Notice, that Gwyn Jones, Esq. q.q. Morgan, in his relation of Proprietor of the Leased Lands on the Front Lands of Vlissingen Estate, has, from this date, no longer his Domicilium Citandi & Executandi at his (the Subscriber's) house. He, consequently, neither can nor will receive any more monies, or trouble himself therewith for the future. Hugo Cantzlaar, J. Z.
Rio Demerary, Dec. 19, 1805.

All Persons who have any Demands against the Estate of the late Michael Gould Esq. deceased, are requested to render them, properly attested, to the Subscribers, and those indebted to the said Estate, to make immediate Payment.
Wm. Till.
Dec. 14, 1805. Wm. Chichester, Executors.

A Caution - The Public are respectfully desired to deliver no more goods whatsoever on account of the Plantation Le Reduit, without an Order in the Hand-writing of
I. Ph. Struby q.q.
Le Reduit, Dec. 16, 1805. C. A. De Florimont.

The Subscriber requests all Persons having Demands against the Estate of the late Mr. Samuel Cox, Printer, to render in same, properly attested, to him, at his House on the Brick Dam, known by No. 82; and all those indebted to said Estate, are requested to come forward with Payment, so as to enable him to close his concerns.
Demerary, Dec. 17, 1805. Collit & Smith.

To Be Sold, a very fine English Saddle Horse, who draws well, the property of a Gentleman who has no occasion for [illegible] Application to be made at the Store of Mr. John Benning,
Robb's Town.
Demerary, Dec. 19, 1805.

Absconded, a few days ago, from Charlotte Rogers, a Barbadian Negro Woman, called Mary Sam, well known in and about Stabroek, and lately released from the Barracks. A Reward of Two Joes will be given for apprehending and lodging her in [illegible]; and, as it is supposed some person about town is harbouring her, a further Reward of Three Joes will be given on information and conviction of any such person or persons.
Cumingsburgh [sic], Dec. 17, 1805

All Persons who have any demands against the Brickery, now belonging to Mr. A. J. J. Van den Heuvel, situated on the East Bank of the River Demerary, next the Plantation Garden of Eden, from the Year 1801 till this day, are requested to give in the same, within the space of Three Months from this date, to Mr. A. J. J. Van den Heuvel, on his Plantation the William, on the West coast of Demerary, as, after that time, no payment will be made of any demands that have not been given in within the prefixed time, as the concerns of Mr. Van den Heuvel and Wm. Ewing, Proprietors of that Brickery during that time, must be settled.
Demerary, Dec. 21, 1805.

For Sale, a Dwelling House, with a small Side Building, situated upon half of a Lot of land, fronting the South Canal, adjoining the Cooperage of Messrs. Kent & Leslie, in Werk & Rust. The House is framed of Colony wood, and a great part of it planked with the same; it is about 30 feet long by 18 wide. Any Person who may be disposed to purchase, may meet with favourable terms, upon application to the Store of
Stabroek, Dec. 20, 1805. John Madden & Co.

For Sale, at the Vendue Office, Madeira Wine in Pipes and Hogsheads, Claret of the first quality in Cases of three dozen, and Port Wine in wood and Bottles.
Demerary, Dec. 21, 1805.

Just imported, and for Sale by Maria Kendrick, at the House lately occupied by R. S. Turton Esq. in Bridge Town, the following articles: -
Elegant straw and chip bonnets of the latest fashion, ladies' headdresses, turbans, head bands, hair combs, a general assortment of millinery, fruit in brandy, rose and bay water, and an assortment of perfumes; also, an elegant standing bedstead, mattress, and curtains, and a small field ditto.
Demerary, Dec. 19, 1805.

The Subscriber gives this public Notice to all whom it may concern: - That he has purchased from Mr. Alexander Arthur, the whole of the Buildings erected on Lots No. 23 and 24, next the new Coffee House of Mr. Campbell; and that he has had a transfer made him of the Lease by Mr. Alexander Arthur, which he (the said Mr. Arthur) made with R. B. Daly, Esq. for the two Lots, no. 23 and 24, in New Town, on Vlissingen Estate, where his Residence at present is.
Demerary, Dec. 21, 1805. Will. Ross.

Absented from the Subscriber, a Negro woman, named Kitty, well known by the name of Kitty Price. She is a huckster, and had, when she went away with her goods, a Government Pass, dated the 8th of August, since when she is missed. She is supposed to be on the other side of the River. Any person who can give an account of her, or secure her with her goods, will greatly oblige, and be generously rewarded by
Stabroek, Dec. 21, 1805. J. Bischoff.

All those who are friends to the Demerary Hotel, are expected to come forward and settle their respective Accounts, before the 1st of January 1806; and those that do not comply, must abide by the consequences.
Stabroek, Dec. 21, 1805. Robt. Bennie.

Den Ondergeteekende verpligt zynde mit deese nogmaals te versoeke aan die geene hem verschuldigd zynde, ofte aan hem te pretenteeren hebbe 't selve te koome voldoen ofte ontvangen uyterlyk voor uytgangs des maand January 1806 - Zullende anders hoe[?]ongaarene ook verpligt zyn 't door regte te moete vorderen presenteerd mede uyt de hand te Koop drie Slaave als een bequaaame huys jonge & kok genaamt Tom, een bequaame schoenmaker met alle de selves gereed schappe genaamt Primo, & een wasmeyd genaamt Hanna.
Dec. 21, 1805. I. I. Boullier.

The Subscribers request all persons who have Demands against the Estate of the late Francis Bynoe, to render in their Accounts, properly attested, within Six Weeks from the Date hereof, as no attention will be paid to any rendered after that time. All those who are indebted to the said Estate, are requested to make immediate Payment, as it is necessary to bring his affairs to a speedy conclusion, and no indulgence can be given.
John Lewis Bynoe,
William King, Executors.
Stabroek, 14th Dec. 1805.

Vessels Entered from the 14th to the 21st December, 1805.

Dec. 16, Sloop Kitty, I. Fantuzzi, for Barbados.
Dec. 16, Sch. Laurel, W. Lardiee, for Barbados.
Dec. 19, Ship Queen, H. Bond, for Liverpool.
Dec. 20, Sloop Industry, T. Havel, for Islands.


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