Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 January 11


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 159.

Saturday, the 11th of January.

Notice is hereby given, that on Tuesday the 28th inst. being the second day of the ensuing ordinary Session of the Honourable Court of Policy, the Undersigned, in the name of the Administrators of the Poor's Chest of this Colony, and according to annual custom, will give in public, to the Honourable Court aforesaid, an Account of the Receipts and Expenditure of the said Chest for the Year 1805, in presence of all Persons who may be desirous to attend on that occasion.
Stabroek, Demerary, P. F. Tinne,
Jan 11, 1806. Acting Receiver to the Poor's Chest.


Uit kragt van het appointemente verleend by den Wel. Edele Gest. Heer Praesident den 14e December 1805.
Worden door my Exploiteur ten verzoeke van J. W. Bruninghaus & C. J. Rapin, aangestelde Curateuren ten boedel Jacob Lachtrop.
Voor de eerste maale by edicte gedagvaard.
Alle bekende en onbekende crediteuren van dezelve boedel.
Omme te compareeren voor den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie zittende op de Hoofdplaats Stabroek, den 20 deezer maand, en volgende dagen.
Ten einde te dienen van derzelver pretensien en sustinuen, zullende na experatie der vierde edicte tegens de non comparanten geprocedeerd worden als naar rechten.
Rio Demerary, den 4e January, 1806. F. P. Francke,

Pursuant to Proclamation of the Honourable Court of Policy, and by permission of the Honourable F. P. Van Berckel, Fiscal, will be sold, at the Vendue Office, on Tuesday the 28th inst. a brown Gelding, with black mane and short tail of the same colour, brought to the barracks, the 13th Dec. 1805, by R. B. Dally [sic], Esq. also, a ditto, with long mane and tail, and white feet, brought by the Military on the 25th Dec. 1805. Meanwhile, if any persons can prove them to be their property, they may have them restored, on paying the expences, by applying to
J. Runnels, Jun.
Stabroek, Jan. 11, 1805 [sic]. Sheriff.

We, the Undersigned, having the painful task of performing the last duties of our lament Friend, H. E. Glaser, Esq. hereby inform all those whom it may concern, that he departed this life on the 6th inst. at the age of 45 years.
J. Thibou Matthews,
Stabroek, Jan. 11, 1806. I. L. Eils. Curators.

The Undersigned informs the public that, after his Vendue of the 2d instant, he had left on hand the following Goods, which he proposes to sell on very moderate terms, viz. Checks, Linens, Salempores, Chintzes, Dimites, Muslins, and a large assortment of dry Goods; also several different kinds of Liquors, &c. &c.
New Town, Demerary, January 11, 1806. Levi Eliaser.

For Sale, at a moderate price, to an approved Purchaser, the well-known and convenient House, belonging to the Undersigned, together with the Outbuildings, situated on the Brick Dam, formerly occupied by H. Cantzlaar, Esq.
Stabroek, January 11, 1806. P. Jourdan.

Word gezogt een Tuynbaas, welke de coffy plantery kundig is, tegens een goed salaris. Adres aan de Gazette Drukkery, No. 20, Stabroek.
Den 11 January 1806.

Imported by the Ship Brilliant, Capt. Gammell, the following Goods, for Sale by Joseph Ward, at his Store, Werk & Rust.
[first column]
Hussar boots
Long ditto tops
Back-strap'd half ditto
Mud shoes with buckles
Ladies' and Gentlemen's shoes
Children's ditto
Saddles and bridles
An assortment of whips
Curry-combs and brushes
Stall collars
Spring girths
Ladies' hats
Men's patent silk hats
Children and youth's ditto
Ladies' and gentlemen's cotton and thread stockings
Half stockings
Dawlas, checks and check shirts
An assortment of chintz fancy colours
Sod irons, hoes, cutlasses, and shovels
Printed linen handkerchiefs
Cambrick ditto
Cotton cambrick
[second column]
Black Cambrick
Black ditto
Camblet cloaks lined with green
Green cloth for tables
Ladies' fashionable dresses and trimming
Ditto caps
Lace and edging.
Hair mattresses, bolsters, and pillows
Morocco, silk and cotton braces
Black silk handkerchiefs
Welch flannel
Lined and unlined negro jackets and trowsers
Men's gloves, buck, doe skin, and wash
White rope
White lead ground in oil
Linseed and neat's foot oil
An assortment of glass ware, viz. shades, barrel lamps mounted, quart and three quarter gallon rummers, goblets, tumblers, Madeira and claret glasses, finger cups, &c.
An assortment of jewellery.

The Proprietor of this Paper (N. Volkerts) was very much surprised to find a publication in circulation on Monday last, with his Title and his Number affixed thereto, printed by Mr. Henery, evidently with a view to mislead the Public, by imposing a new paper on them for the old-established Essequebo and Demerary Gazette. On what grounds Mr. H. has ventured on such an unprecedented proceeding, Mr. V. is at a loss to discover. This Paper ever was, and still remains, bona fide, the sole property of N. Volkerts - the contract between the parties, which was annulled last week by mutual consent, stipulated that Mr. H. should receive half the profits of the paper, for his trouble in managing it, not half the property - Mr. H. must, therefore, have been very ill-advised, when he was tempted so much to infringe on that property, as to take its Title and Number. What excuse he can make for such conduct, remains to be seen; Mr. V. has applied to that sacred guardian of all property, the Law, for redress, but he thinks it proper, in the mean time, publickly to state thus much, that the respectable inhabitants of these Colonies, who have hitherto honoured his Paper with their countenance and support, may not be deceived by any artifices of this nature.
As N. Volkerts is making the proper arrangements for obtaining intelligence from all quarters, he trusts that the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette will now be found to improve in interest and amusement every week. Advertisements for each weeks' paper are taken in till Nine o'Clock on Saturday, the Morning of Publication, at the Printing-Office, No. 20, Brick Dam, where Subscriptions, at 33 guilders per ann. continue to be received, and where also Advertisements and Subscriptions are taken for the Berbice Gazette, which is delivered every Monday morning.

Stabroek, Saturday, January 11, 1806. [heading]
The spring tides have been higher this week than for many years past. On Plantation Vlissingen, much damage has been sustained; and several Plantations on the West Bank were entirely under water.
The body of a white man was washed ashore last week on Plantation Flinsburg. A man of the name of Meurs, formerly a Gunner in the Orange Battalion, having been missing for some time, there is reason to suppose that this was his body. It was decently interred on the Plantation.
Four Bush Negroes were last week taken in the Negro-houses of Jonas Fileen, Esq. at Plantation Couvoerden, and safely lodged in the Barracks.
On Wednesday last, was sent to town, by I. C. Gehericke [sic], Esq. a white madman, to all appearance a sailor, found on his Plantation Groote Dyamant. On being taken before the Fiscal, he began to dance, and utter the most incoherent expressions. He was sent to the Colony Hospital.

In Stabroek and its Environs. [heading]
January 13. On Plantation Vergnoegen, on Account of the Hon. C. D. Mack's Departure for Europe, nearly 37 Head of Cattle, Horses, and Carriages, a six oared Yacht, 27 Feet in the Keel; some Silver Plate, and a Collection of German, French, English, and Dutch Books.
January 20. At the House of the late Mrs. G. R. Pletz, Brick Dam, House Negroes, Furniture, &c. also the Concession No. 56, on Plantation Werk & Rust with the large Dwelling House thereon, at present occupied by H. Cantzlaar, Esq. also the Half Concession No. 17 in Robbs Town, Part of Plantation Vlissingen, with the Buildings thereon, at present occupied by T. Finlayson, Esq.
January 27. On Plantation Nismes on the West Bank of the River, Milch Cows, Oxen, and Calves, Chaise and Saddle Horses, Two Chaises, a Four oared Boat, excellent Household Furniture, a Chamber Organ with Five Barrels; best English Ware, Silver Plate, Damask Table Cloths, Napkins, &c.
January 28. At the Vendue Office, by Order of the Fiscal, Two new runaway Negroes, Dry Goods, Cutlery, &c.
January 30. At the Vendue Office, at Six Months' Credit, the Old Union Coffee-House, situated in New Town.

DIED. [heading]
The 8th inst. at his Plantation Vrees-en Hoop, R. Ferrier, Esq. aged 29 years and six months. A man, every action of whose life, and every thought of whose mind, tended to the benefit of his fellow creatures; in the pursuit of which object, and in rendering a most essential service to one, he met a return which his liberal mind could not have apprehended possible to have consisted even with the worst stage of human depravity. Unexpectedly, a persecution was excited, under which his mild, generous, and beneficent spirit, unused and unequal to such a contention, to the regret of every good man, sunk at once, and sought that Heaven to which his own virtues so manifestly tended, and where he enjoys a repose, which Christian Charity induces a hope, may, through the unbounded mercy of the Almighty, aided by their sincere and deep repentance, be extended even to the enemies and persecutors of such a man as he was.
The 3d inst. Dr. Charles Whitehead.
The 7th inst. H. E. Glaser, Esq.

The Undersigned offers for Sale, on moderate Terms, to an approved Purchaser, his Plantation Flinsburg, situated on the West Bank of the River, opposite the second Island. The Plantation is in good Order; has 10,000 bearing Coffee Trees, 20,000 young ones, an abundance of Plantain Trees, Fruit Trees, and vegetables, and may be had with or without from 20 to 30 Slaves. There is an excellent Dwelling-House, on a Brick Foundation, quite new; also Out houses, a Drogery, and Range of Negro houses, all in good Order. The Terms of Sale may me known by applying to N. Volkerts; and the Plantation may be viewed every Day. If not privately disposed of before April next, it will be put up to Public Vendue, together with several Horned Cattle.
Stabroek, January 11, 1805. N. Volkerts.

Vessels Entered and Cleared from the 31st of Dec. 1805, to the 11th of Jan. 1806.

Dec. 31. Brig George Washington, R. Blunt, from Portsmouth
Jan. 4. Schooner Polly, Amos Denison, from New London
Jan. 5. Ship Ariadne, Th. Watt, from Greenock
Jan. 6. Ship Brilliant, W. Gemmill, from Greenock
Jan. 6. Schooner Experiment, H. Darrell, from Barbados
Jan. 6. Schooner Hunter, G. Copeland, from Boston
Jan. 6. Brig William, T. E. Glad, from New York
Jan. 6. Schooner Mary, J. Giddings, from Boston
Jan. 6. Schooner Mary, J. Giddings, from Boston
Jan. 6. Brig Hiram, J. S. Billings, from New London
Jan. 7. Brig Neutrality, S. Moore, from Portsmouth
Jan. 7. Brig Rose, J. Sullivan, from Kennebeck

Jan. 9. Sloop Blackbird, Tynes, For Barbados

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves. [not transcribed]

Printed and published by N. Volkerts, Stabroek.


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