Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 March 01


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 166.

Saturday, the 1st of March.

The Royal Demerary Cavalry will parade on Sunday next the 2d instant, at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, and on the following Sunday, at the same hour.
It being the intention of His Excellency Brigadier General Montgomorie to inspect the Corps on the 10th inst. it is expected that every Gentleman belonging to it will attend.
The Arms and Accoutrements must be in perfect order.
A. Blair,
Stabroek, March 1, 1806. Major Comm. R.D.C.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. P. F. Schirmeister, in fourteen days.
Mr. Hugh M'Donald, in fourteen days.
Mr. Robert Younghusband, in fourteen days.
Mr. F. W. Thron, with the first convoy.
J. C. Stadtman,
Senior Clerk.

The Undersigned hereby acquaints all those whom it may concern, that this day, by virtue of a Power of Attorney, he has given over, by Substitution, to the Hon. V. A. Heyliger, LL.D. all his Procurations in the following qualities, viz.
As Agent and Administrator of the Funds of Negociation of Doecksheer & Steenbergen in his possession.
As Agent for the Widow of H. van's Gravenwert, Esq. deceased; and
As Agent for Messrs. Bruinvis, Barrevelt, & Co.
All persons having any business to transact with the above-mentioned concerns, are requested, therefore, for the future, to address themselves to the before-mentioned V. A. Heyliger, LL.D. at the Good Fortune Estate, on the West Side of this River.
Demerary, March 1, 1806. F. W. Thron.

For Sale, a large Colony Schooner Boat, 44 feet keel and 15 feet beam, the Subscriber having no further use for her. Terms of payment will be made to suit the conveniency of an approved Purchaser, and she will be disposed of either without or with a complete set of rigging.
Kingston, March 1, 1806. W. Mackenzie & Co.

De Ondergeteekende is verhuisd naer het huys voordeezen bewoond door Mevrouw Richard, aenden [sic] Zuid-dam van Stabroek, achter het huis van den Heer Obermuller.
den 2 [sic] March 1806. Huiberts.

Run Away from the Subscriber, a Negro boy, named La Fleur, who was sent on the 14th inst. with letters to town, and has not yet returned. He is of the Mokko Nation, tall and well made, black of colour, and very remarkable from having the following letters marked upon his right and left breasts - I v S as well as from a small cut or scratch under his right eye. Any one who will secure him in the gaol, or deliver him to the Subscriber, shall receive One Joe above the ordinary fees; and whoever will give a declaration upon oath, in presence of witnesses, by whom the above mentioned slave has been harboured during his absence, shall have a Reward of Five Joes.
Mahaica, Feb. 26, 1806. I. F. H. von Schuler.

All those who have any demands upon, or are indebted to the Estate of Van de Paadevoort, Esq. deceased, or his Widow, are requested to call and receive or liquidate the same at her Plantation Het Land Canaan, or at the House of G. Egeling, Esq. Stabroek, as she intends to leave the Colony with the first Convoy.
Stabroek, March 1, 1806.

The Members of the Eendragt Society are hereby informed, that on Wednesday, the 19th of March the balloting [illegible - full line obscured by crease in paper] Stabroek, March 1, 1806. T. Duim, Secretary.

To be sold an excellent new Chaise and Harness, with an exceeding good Horse. For particulars enquire of the Printer of this Paper.
Stabroek, March 1, 1806.

Just imported in the Sloops [sic] Polly and Eliza, Capt. W. Gere, and for sale by the Subscriber on reasonable Terms, for Cash or Coffee.
Prime Mess Beef in whole and half barrels.
New Butter in kegs of various sizes
A few superior Burlington Hams and Mock Boulogne Sausage.
Demerary, March 1, 1806. A. Cart.

To Mr. George Handasyde. [heading]
I find clearly that you are a nasty dirty fellow, a liar as well as a drunken blackguard. I sincerely wish I had never been concerned with such a paltroon as you are: your news to Mr. Perkins to-day I have just heard of.
I am, Sir,
8th March, 1802 (was signed) J. M. Henery.

To John M. Henery [heading]
In answer to your damn'd nasty lousy note, announce with all the appellations you give me to yourself. I sincerely wish I had never seen such a person of your description.
(was signed) Geo. Handasyde.

Answer to the above. [heading]
You dirty puppy, let me not hear from you again, untill it is to settle our accounts (you lying dog)
(was signed) J. M. Henery.

The Subscriber requests all those indebted to him since the Years 1804 and 1805, to come forward and settle their accounts, as he otherwise will be under the necessity of suing them without respect to persons.
Demerary, March 1, 1806. J. F. Meyer.

Run away from the Subscriber, a Negro Man; he is about five feet ten inches high, has a sore leg, and answers to the name of Colingwood. Any person who may apprehend and lodge him in the Barracks will receive a reward of Two Joes. It is expected that no Ship Masters will harbour the said Negro after this notice.
Demerary, March 1, 1806. Thomas Marsh.

[Volkerts ad for Flinsburg dated March 1, 1806.]

PUBLIC VENDUES, in Stabroek and its Environs. [heading]

On Friday, the 7th instant, at the Vendue Office, field negroes, provisions, and dry goods; also 3 sailor negroes (one a good captain) and a negro woman (a good washer.)
On Tuesday, the 11th instant, at Messrs. Culpepper & Troughton's store, Irish linens, linen drapery, beef & pork, Newfoundland fish, &c.
On Wednesday, the 12th instant, on Plantation Good Fortune, on the West side of this river, household furniture, plate, a polygraph machine, a copying ditto, milch cows, bulls, and calves, a chaise, saddle horses, &c.
On Saturday, the 15th instant, on Plantation William, West coast, elegant household furniture, plate, table linen, milch cows, calves, oxen, creol sheep and goats, an elegant curricle, horse, &c.
On Monday, the 28th of April, at Myconi Ferry at 6 months credit, a large carpenter's working logie, 84 feet by 36, with necessary out-buildings, carpenters' tools, punts, cattle, water vats, 27 Negro men (carpenters and wood cutters), and a negro woman (a good sempstress, &c.) and her child.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Feb. 22. Sloop Polly and Eliza, W. Gere, from New York, with Beef, Pork, Hams, Tongues, Sausages, Smok'd Beef, Butter, Flour, Oats, Lumber, &c.
Feb. 24. Sloop Blackbird, Elias Tynes, from Barbados, with Beef, Fish, Tongues, Cheese, Oil, Dry Goods, &c.
Feb. 25. Ship Thomas, I. Archibald, from Africa, with Slaves.
Feb. 26. Snow Byam, J. Bradley, from Africa, with Slaves.
March 1. Sloop Kitty, J, Fantozzi, from Barbados, in ballast.

Feb. 24. Schooner Catherine, S. Hutchings, for Barbados.
Feb. 24. Ship Mariner, G. Durham, for Greenock.
Feb. 26. Schooner Camilla, J. Redman, for Barbados.
March 1. Schooner Ranger, I. H. Hewes, for Boston.
Ship Duke of Kent, I. Douglas, for Glasgow.
March 1. Ship Demerary, P. Inglis, for Liverpool.

For the List of Runaway Slaves, see Supplement.

N. Volkerts, Printer, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.

[no supplement in microfilm]

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