Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 March 08


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 167.

Saturday, the 8th of March.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. Robert Younghusband, in fourteen days.
Mr. J. Sayers, in fourteen days.
Mr. R. C. Hollrung, in fourteen days
Mr. F. W. Thron, in fourteen days.
Miss Nancy Brown (free Mulatto woman), in fourteen days.
J. C. Stadtman,
Senior Clerk.

Picked up, in front of Plantation Best, A Copper Bottomed Boat, with two Masts, &c.; about 26 feet long, and 7 feet wide. The Owner can have her by paying the expences. Apply to the Manager.
Demerary, March 8, 1806.

A Few Coffee Casks for Sale by the Subscriber, for payment in Cash or Coffee; or to be delivered at cost price to any person to whom he owes money.
Demerary, March 8, 1806. W. Hallstead.

The Subscriber intending to leave this Colony as soon as possible, offers for private sale his house and land, situated on the Middle Dam, Stabroek, known as No. 48, in which he at present resides, with all the outbuildings thereon: consisting of a good Dwelling House, Outhouses, and a small counting house on pillars, all in complete order; also 5 Negroes, amongst whom are a complete washerwoman, and a good stable boy - the others are all grass cutters; likewise three Horses - an excellent Chaise and two Saddle Horses. Further, he solicits once more all those who are indebted to him, to come forward with payment before the last of March, otherwise all accounts not paid by that time he will lodge in the hands of the Attorney-at-Law Fleischman, as no longer indulgence can be given.
Demerary, March 8, 1806. P. C. Mickerts.

By Permission of His Excellency the Governor, the Subscribers will expose for sale at Bourdeau's Logie, on Saturday next, the 22d instant, under licence.
230 Prime Windward Coast Negroes,
In high health, imported in the Ship Thomas, Capt. Archibald, from the Windward Coast.
Demerary, March 5, 1806. C. Macrae,
H. I. Underwood.

Notice. The Subscriber will give Four Joes Reward (exclusive of the Colony Allowance) to any Person who will apprehend and lodge in the Barracks a Negro Woman belonging to him, named Lamon, a Creole of Barbados, with her boy child called Charles. She is too well known in this Colony to require any further description, and is supposed to be harboured on the West Coast of this river, at or about the Plantation Best, belonging to Joseph Beete, senior, Esq. where she has a husband. She has been seen frequently on that plantation; and from the repeated offers of the Proprietor to purchase her below her value, the Subscriber has reason to suppose she is encouraged. If she will return of her own accord she shall be pardoned, although absent upwards of six months; and should she be still withheld from him, he will be under the necessity of publishing such documents as will justify his claim to suspicion.
Mahaica, March 8, 1806. Roderick Cozier.

N. Volkerts respectfully informs the Merchants, &c. of this Colony, that having just printed a large quantity of Bills of Exchange, Bills of Lading, and Window Bills; any number of them may now be had on reasonable terms, by applying at the Office of this Paper, No. 20, Brick Dam, where ready made Pens, Ink powder, and Paper of all qualities are also for sale. - Likewise a few remaining almanacs for the current year.
Stabroek, March 8, 1806.

[Volkerts ad for Flinsburg]

The Printer having been imposed upon several times, by boys coming to fetch papers for persons whose names they had no right to use, requests, that in future all Subscribers, when they send for their Newspapers, will have the goodness to write their Names on a scrap of paper. Four o'clock is the hour of publishing.

PUBLIC VENDUES, in Stabroek and its Environs. [heading]

The Vendue of W. Tron, Esq. on Plantation Good Fortune, which was to have been on the 12th inst. is postponed.
On Thursday, the 13th instant, at the house of W. Harris, New Town, linen drapery and dry goods; also house negroes, a washerwoman, and a huckster.
On Tuesday, the 15th of April, at the Vendue Office, in L[illegible] 200 roods or more, a piece of wood land of 1000 roods on the West Bank of this river, adjoining Hayama Creek, with the buildings thereon, and a small Plantain Walk next the Sand Hill.

For the List of Runaway Slaves, see Supplement.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

March 2. Brig Emeline, Joseph Allen, from Boston with Boards, Fish, Shooks, Beef, Flour, Staves, Spermaceti Candles, Iron Hoops, Sausages, Cheese, Herrings, Salmon, Salt, &c.
March 6. Brig Phoebe, J. Bouton, from New York, with Fish, Beef, Pork, Tar, Pitch, Candles, Salt, Gin, Soap, Sausages, Vinegar, Oil, Sour Cream [illegible] Butter, Hams, Smoaked Beef, Onions, Staves, &c.

March 3. Brig Hinde, D. Barrett, for Liverpool.
March 3. Ship Kelton, G. Harrison, for Liverpool.
March 3. Ship Francis, J. Longhton [Loughton?], for Liverpool.
March 6. Sloop Blackbird, J. Tynes, for Barbados.
March 6. Ship Ariadne, T. Watt, for Greenock.
March 7. Schooner Tryal, J. Harding, for Boston.

N. Volkerts, Printer, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.

Supplement to the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves. [not transcribed]

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