Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 March 29


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 170.

Saturday, the 29th of March.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting the Colony:
Mrs. Charlotte Rogers, with the first Fleet.
Mr. I. L. Eils, with ditto.
Mr. I. M'Farlane, in three or four weeks.
Mr. Nathan Rudd, in fourteen days.
J. C. Stadtman,
Senior Clerk.


Alzo den Heer John Chapman van voorneemens is binnen den tyd van veertien dagen met een geral van 80 stucks slaaven than op de Plantagie Harmonic Hall, aan de Oost Zeekust deser Coloonie, in het District van Klein Courabane, van hier na de Colonie de Berbice te vertrekken, zoo word zulks mitz deezen aan elke en een iegelyk geadverterd, ten einde die geenen welke iets van zyn Ed. te pretendeeren, of eenig Actie of Reclame op voormelde slaaven mogte sustineeren te hebben, daarvan opgaave, alsmeede die geenen welke iets aan hem verschuldigt zyn, daar van betaaling te koonen doen ter zynner Domicilium op de Plantagie Harmonic Hall Voornoemd
Demerary den 18e Maart 1806. In kennisse van my
J. C. Stadtman, oudste Clercq.

All Persons having any Claims or Pretentions on the Three-quarter Lot No. 6 situated in the Front of Plantation Vlissingen, otherwise called Bridgetown lately the Property of M. Doyle, Esq. are required to send the same within Six Weeks from the Date hereof, to the Secretary's Office: as, after that period, if none be established, a free Transport will be given. J. C. Stadtman,
Demerary, March 21, 1806. Senior Clerk.

Uit krgate van zeker appointment van den Heer fungeerend Praesident F. C. Loncke, de dato 27 February 1806.
Worden door my ondergeschreevene eerste Exploiteur in de Colonie Demerary, ten vesoeke van A. H. Walstab [sic], in relatie als eenig overgebleeve Executeur in den Boedel en naalatenschap, in als meede over de meerderjaarige kinderen van wylen Cornelis Mulder en deselvs huys vrouw Jacoba Constantia Looff, ten deesen by Edicte GADAGVAARD.
Alle bekende en onbekende Crediteuren van den selven boedel van wylen Cornelis Mulder en desselvs huisvrouw Jacoba Constantia Looff.
Omme te compareeren ofte gemagtigden te zenden voor den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie, Sessie houdende op de Hoofdplaats Stabroek, in Rio Demerary, in de maand Mey, anno 1807.
Ten einde aldaar hunne pretentien met de verificatoire van deselve in te leeveren, op poene dat teegens de non comparanten by defaulten naar style locaal zal worden geprocedeerd, om teegens deselven te obtineeren het eeuwig silentium, en verder voort te procedeeren als na rechten.
Rio Demerary den 28 Maart 1806. Mart. Smit,
eerste Exploiteur.

The Underwritten being enpowered by the Court of Policy to contract for making a NEW DAM in the Front of Cumingsburgh, cleaning out the draining Trenches, and making up the Roads in that Town, are ready to receive tenders for all or any part of the work. The Front Dam to be finished agreeable to a Pattern made betwixt Mr. Heathcote's Lot and the Colony Hospital. The Side Drains not to be less than Twelve, and the small ones along the Street Five Feet wide. The Dams to be Wood, and the Roads made up.
Further Explanation may be had by applying to either of the Underwritten. The Tenders to be given in sealed, specifying the price per rood, and when the Work is to be finished; and will be opened on the 14th day of April next, when the most favourable Terms will be accepted.
Demerary, March 26, 1806. F. P. van Berckel,
Thomas Cuming.

Pursuant to a Proclamation of the Hon. Court of Policy, and by permission of the Hon. F. P. van Berckel, Fiscal, at the expiration of Three weeks from the date hereof, will be sold, at public Vendue, TWO ASSES, confined by R. Tapers, of Plantation La Penitence, on the 19th instant. Meanwhile the Owner or Owners may have them restored, on paying the expences to
J. Runnels, J.Z.
Stabroek, March 25, 1806. Sheriff.

The Attorney at-Law Fleischman, deems it necessary to inform those of his Clients who have not yet confided to him their Powers of Attornies, that it is absolutely requisite they should do so without delay; as, conformably to a late Regulation of the Hon. Court of Justice of this Colony, no Attorney is allowed to practise, unless he be first so duly authorised.
Demerary, March, 29, 1806.

De Ondergeteekende adverteerd dat by voorneemens is deeze Colonie te verlaaten met een der scheepen welke met het aanstaande Convooy (dat bepaald is teegens den 18de April) zal zylen; by verzoekt dierhalve die geene welke aan hem iets mogt schuldig zyn, of [illegible]te van hem te pretendeere mogt hebbe, zulks in tyds te koome voldoen, of te ontsange, ten eynde hem in dit voorneeme behulpzaam te zyn.
Voorgrond der Plantagie Werk en Rust, den 29 Maart 1806.
Roeloff Broers.

FOR GREENOCK, [heading]
The Ship General Hunter, McPhaill, Master, will sail with the first Convoy, and has already a large part of her Cargo on board. A few Bales of Cotton may still get room, by an early application to the Master, or
Demerary, March 29, 1806. J. Madden & Co.

FOR LONDON, [heading]
The fast sailing Brig Henry, Capt. J. Smith, to sail with the Convoy appointed on the 18th of April next. For freight apply to V. A. Heyliger, Esq. on Plantation Goed Fortuyn
Demerary, March 29, 1806.

[mutilated ads for the Brig Henry]

(By Permission of His Excellency Brig. Gen. Montgomerie,)
Scheme of a Lottery of the Concessions No. 3, & 4, with the Buildings thereon erected, situate on Vlissingen Estate, as follows:
An elegant, strong, and well-finished Dwelling House, four stories high, long 50, and broad 25 feet. The frame is of colony wood, the floors of the first and second story of Crab wood, and the third and fourth of two-inch American planks. The whole is divided in Nine Chambers, with an uncommon elegant stair case of Determa wood.
A House two stories high, long 36, and broad 18 feet. The Frame is of Colony wood, divided in two apartments, and a garret over the whole, covered with Wallaba shingles.
A Side Building, long 70, and broad 16 feet. It contains a very handsome Kitchen, with brick fire places; a Wash and Ironing house; a Butlery; and a Coach house and Stable for four horses. The Frame and floor are planked with American planks and clapboards, and covered with shingles.
A Water house and Store, long 24, and board 12 feet; planked and clap-boarded, and covered with shingles.
A double Necessary, very properly finished.
An elegant Fowl and Pidgeon House, fenced in, and provided with a pond and koker.
Both the above concessions are elegantly fenced with laths. The Buildings were erected in the course of last year, and are now painted for the second time.
The Concession No. 4 is laid out for a Pleasure garden - already planted with a variety of young trees, flowers, and vegetables. In the middle is a Bowling green, planted round with grapes and grenadillas.
Both these Concessions are to be given over in free possession for the yet unexpired term of circa twenty-eight years. No. 3 pays an annual ground rent of only f 600; and No. 4 is rent free.
THIS LOTTER [heading]
is to consist of One Hundred and Thirty-Two tickets (each Ticket of f 700 [possibly 100]), whereof Ten are to Prizes, and Four Premiums, as follow:
PRIZES. [heading]
No. I. The before mentioned Concessions and Buildings thereon, appraised, as per the very equitable and moderate Computation hereunto annexed, at f 60,000.
No. II. A Negro Man, being an excellent House Servant, f 1,300.
No. III. A Negro Woman, being a complete Cook, Washer, and Ironer f 1,300.
No. IV. An elegant forte Piano f 600.
No. V. A gold watch, 6 silver spoons, 6 ditto forks, 6 ditto tea spoons, a tea set, and a round table f 500.
No. VI. A pair diamond ear-rings, and an oil and vinegar stand, with nine phials f 500.
No. VII. Two elegant girandles with 6 lights, two ditto with 2 lights, two clock lanthorns with wooden stands, two large shades with plated candlesticks, and one large clock lanthorn. f 500.
No. VIII. A mahogany bureau and two ditto tables f 500.
No. IX.
Two new water vats, containing 3,000 gallons f 500.
No. X. Two large water jars, a chaise and harness f 500.
The PREMIUMS are [heading]
For the first-drawn Ticket f 2,500.
For the last drawn ditto f 2,500.
For the Ticket drawn tithe next before the highest Prize f 2,500.
For the Ticket drawn the next after the highest Prize f 2,500.
The above Premiums are to be paid by the Drawer of the First Prize, within twelve months after the Drawing; for the performance whereof he is to give his Obligation, on interest of 6 per cent. and Security on the Buildings and Concessions.
The Tickets are to be paid within 14 days after the Drawing in Cash, or Coffee at the Colony price, to be delivered at the residence of the Proprietor in Stabroek. Within the same period, the goods are to be delivered, and transport given of the Concessions and Buildings.
The Drawing will take place, as soon as a sufficient quantity of Tickets shall be disposed of, in the presence of such persons as Government shall be pleased to appoint, and the time will be announced in the papers.
Wm. van Dura.
Tickets may be had at Mr. Campbell's New Union Coffee House, at Mr. Marshall's (the Endraght Society), at Mr. Zeegers' (the Harmonic Society), and at Mr. Van Dura's.

W. the Underwritten inhabitants and Carpenters of this colony, certify by these Presents, that We, at the request of Mr. William van Dura, have appraised all the Buildings erected on Concession No. 4, on Vlissingen Estate as follows:
A Dwelling House, of which a Description is in the proceding [sic] Lottery Scheme f 40,000.
A House, one story and a half high, also described in the said Scheme, f 5,000.
A side building, containing a Combuis (Kitchen), Store-room, and Horse stable f 5,000.
A Water and Store House, further Buildings, Fences, Bridges, &c. f 3,000.
The Concession No. 4, laid out for a Pleasure Garden 7,000.
Total f 60,000
The above Appraisement we declare to be as moderately made as possible, and we are willing to make Oath to the same.
(signed) P. De Vries
(signed) H. Huntingford.
Stabroek, March 1 [sic], 1806.

The Undersigned, intending to leave the Colony, requests all those who are indebted to him to come forward and settle their accounts; and those to whom he is indebted, to come forward and receive payment.
Demerary, March 29, 1806. A. Baum.

The next Publishing Day of this Paper being Easter Eve, our Subscribers are respectfully requested to send for their papers before Six o'Clock in the evening, as none can be delivered after that hour until the expiration of the Holidays.

PUBLIC VENDUES, in Stabroek and its Environs. [heading]
On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 1st and 2nd of April, at the house of C. Smit, Esq. Werk and Rust, linen drapery, grocery, wines, &c.; Stationary, and a young carpenter Negro.
On Thursday, the 3d of April, at the Vendue Office, provisions, wine, &c. Also 6 house and field negroes, and a hogshead of sugar.
On Friday, the 4th of April, at Alexander Ruth's store, in Bridgetown, linen drapery and hosiery, also household furniture and house negroes.
On Saturday, the 5th of April, at the house of the late L. Favanger [sic], Esq. Werk and Rust, household furniture, seasoned negroes, a schooner boat, &c.
On Tuesday, the 8th of April, at the house of W. Harris, Esq. New Town, linen drapery and dry goods; also some house negroes, a washerwoman, and a huckster.
On Wednesday, the 9th of April, at the house of John Hall, Esq. Cumingsburg, English and French books, wine, &c.; also the house in which the sale is held, the two adjoining house on each side, and in Kingston.
On Thursday, the 10th of April, at the Vendue Office, in Lots of 200 roods or more, a piece of wood land of 1000 roods on the West Bank of this river, adjoining Hayama Creek, with the buildings thereon, and a small Plantain walk next the Sand Hill.
On Monday, the 21st of April, at the house of Mrs. Whitehead, North side of Stabroek, the quarter Lot of No. 46, situated on the North Dam, with the buildings thereon; also four seasoned negroes, household furniture, &c.
On Monday, the 28th of April, at Myconi Ferry, at 6 months credit a large carpenter's working logie, 84 feet by 36 with necessary out-buildings, carpenters' tools, punts, cattle, water vats, 27 Negro men (carpenters and woodcutters), a negro woman (a good sempstress, &c.) and her child.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

March 24. Schooner Hebe, R. Stickland, Barbados, with Madeira Wine, Noyeau, Dry Goods, Candles, and Butter.
March 25. Schooner Hannah, J. Hazel, Barbados, in ballast.
March 26. Brig Valerius, F. Gross, Bath, with Pitch Pine Boards and Planks, Staves, Cypress Shingles, and Rice.
March 28. Brig Henry, J. Smith, London, with Dry Goods, &c. &c.

March 22. Brig Fidelity, S. Fernald, for Portsmouth.
March 24. Brig Harriet, F. Smith, for New London.
March 24. Schooner, Mary, J. Giddings, New York.
March 24. Brig Kitty, H. Clarkson, for Portsmouth.
March 25. Brig Emmeline, J. Allen, for New Orleans.
March 28. Schooner Eliza, B. Snow. for Boston.
March 29. Schooner Hannah, James Hazel, for St. Thomas's.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves. [not transcribed]

N. Volkerts, Printer, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.


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