Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 April 05


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 171.

Saturday, the 5th of April.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. Nathan Rudd, in fourteen days.
Mr. Frederick Grosse, with the first Fleet.
Mr. Peter Haywood, with the first Fleet.
Mr. Roeloff Broers, with the first Fleet.
Mr. Alexander Wishart, with the first Fleet.
J. C. Stadtman,
Senior Clerk.

Alzo den Heer John Laforey Morson, Meerderjarig [sic] jongman, gebooren te Antigua, Bruidgom, ter eenre en Mejuffrouw George Ann Halleran, minderjaarige jonge dochter meede geboortig te Antigua, geadsisteerd met haar ouders, de Heer en Vrouwe Halleran, bruid ter andere zyde, van voorneemens zyn met elkander een wettig huwelyk aantegaan, zoo als die ook reeds opgisteeren voor Heeren Raaden Commissarissen, uit den Eedel Achtbaare Hove van Justitie dezer Rivier, in ondertrouw zyn opgenoomen zoo word zulks mits deezen aan elk en een iegelyk geadverteerd, ten
einde die geene welke vermeenen zich teegens dit voorgenoome huwelyk te kunnen opponeeren, zulks in tyds te doen, ter plaatze daar en waar het behoord.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary deezen 4e April 1806.
In kennisse van my
J. C. Stadtman, oudste Clercq.

The Receiver of the Colony Chest does hereby advertise for the information of all concerned, that he will attend at his Office from Tuesday [illegible] the 12th instant, for the reception of the second Instalment, due [illegible] extraordinary Taxes levied on all Lots and Buildings, situate in Stabroek, after the expiration of which limited time the Receiver will enforce [illegible] agreeably to his late instructions.
[illegible] Proprietors of Lots and Houses situate on the front Lands of [illegible] Cumingsburgh, Vlissingen, Werk and Rust, and Repentir, who have hitherto been deficient in paying their Taxes, are likewise requested to come forward and acquit themselves of the same with the above mentioned time as no farther indulgence can be given
Demerary, April 5, 1806. C. Vincent, Receiver.

Te koop, by Jacobus Van Millingen, in Stabroek, bakst de Drukkery, hammen, kaas, rolpens, booter, [illegible] suurkool, Hamburger ribben, &c.
Demerary den 5de April 1806.

The Subscriber has imported in the Harmony and Hercules, from London, and for sale, at his Store, in the New Town, at the customary Credit to those that have discharged [illegible] last year's Accounts, the following Articles, viz.
[illegible] in Brandy, smoked Salmon, red and black Currant [illegible], Syrup of Capillaire, Syrup of Orgeat, Sugar Almonds, [illegible], Carraways, ginger and Peppermint Drops, loaf Sugar, Raspberry and Cherry Brandy, Spa Water, sweet Oil, Sugar, Mustard, green split Pas, Irish Linens, long Lawns, [illegible] Cambrick, printed Calicoes, corded Dimities, sewing [illegible], Flannel, Men and Women's Stockings, Silk Hats, [illegible] ditto, best twilled Coffee Bagging, Cotton Bagging, Curry Combs and Brushes, Silk Reins with Tassels complete, [illegible] and Thread ditto, Glue, Japan Ink, White lead; blue, green and yellow Paint; Paint Oil, Spirit of Turpentine, blue, Brown, Starch and Blue, black and bright Varnish, [illegible] made Towels, Checks, East India Cotton for lining, ready Handkerchiefs, best Rose Blankets, Tool Chests, Glass and Horn Lanthorns, India Shades, Beer and Wine Glasses, Ink Stands, Earthenware, Shot assorted, Grating Bars, Cotton Gin Cranks, Nails assorted, Hinges assorted, stays and [illegible] for Windows, Cloak Pins, Brass Pullies, Brass cocks, [illegible] Hoops, Coopers' Rivets, Hand Saws, Frying pans, Coffee-[illegible] Plantation Lamps. elegant Knife Cases, Salempores, [illegible] strong Gloves, Braces, &c.
Demerary, April 5, 1806. P. Verbeke.

TO LET, [heading]
The large Premises lately occupied by the Eendragt Society, containing two Lots of Land, with a large and commodious Dwelling house, Out-houses, Horse-stable, [illegible] house, and Stock-yard. They would answer extremely well for a large Family, are in good repair, and, though at present occupied by Mrs. Eyman, may be entered on the 1st [illegible] For further particulars inquire of
Werk en Rust, April 5, 1806. A. Fleischman.

C. Van Dyk, of the Snow Hercules, just arrived in this River, being determined to sail again with the Convoy appointed for the 18th inst. requests all those who have goods on board to apply for the same without delay. He means to reload with Coffee and Cotton only. For Freight or Passage, apply to V. A. Heyliger, Esq. on Plantation Good Fortune, or to the Master on board. The Hercules now lies off Le Repentir.
N. B. Those Gentlemen who have engaged to ship their produce in the above vessel, are requested to be in readiness.
Demerary, April 5, 1806.

For Sale, by the Subscriber, for immediate payment, Salmon in tin, Dutch Sausages in kegs, Boulogne Sausages, pickled and smoaked Herrings, Swiss or Green Cheese, round ditto, Dutch Pipes and Tobacco, Tea, fine Foolscap, large thick quarto Post, best Quills, Wafers in chip boxes, and Sour Crout.
Demerary, April 5, 1806. W. Dobbrauski.

Just imported in the Ship Hope, Capt. W. Delday, and Brig George, Capt. Ellison, from London, and for Sale by the Subscriber, Wholesale and Retail, at his Store on Werk & Rust, for immediate Payment in Cash.
An assortment of fashionable Wearing Apparel, Boots, Shoes, Hats, &c. Irish Butter, Cheese, smok'd Beef, Westphalia Hams, Tongues, Tripe, rounds of Beef, prime London Mess Beef in half barrels, Cod Fish, Pickled Salmon, Oysters, Anchovies, Sallad Oil, different kinds of Pickles, Sauces, Essences, Vinegars, Capillaires, Dyes of various Colours, Mustard, Barleys, Pease, Hambro' Loaf Sugar, Hyson Tea, Spices, Almonds, Raisins, Currants, Plumbs [sic], &c. Brown Stout, Porter, Ale, and Table Beer, in casks and bottles; Brandy and Gin; dried Beans, Herbs, &c.
Nalm Paviers, Lime, Wood Hoops, and Coffee Tarpaulins.
Further, a general assortment of Dry Goods, Negro Clothing, Perfumery, Stationary, Jewellery, Haberdashery, Sadlery, Cutlery, Medicines, Paints and Oils, Ironmongery, Tin ware, Chandlery, Glass and Earthen-ware, Drag Nets, Cordage, Canvas, Candles, Soap, Pitch, Rosin, Tar, Oakum; Ship-wrights', Carpenters' and Painters' tools; Gentlemen's Tool Chests, Gause, Bunting, Window Furniture, Swords, Garden Chairs, Baths, new mounted Coffee Pots, Artificial Flowers, &c.
Demerary, April 5, 1806. C. H. De Munnick.

Just imported in the Snow Hercules, C. Van Dyk, and for sale by the Subscriber, at his store on Werk and Rust, for Cash, or Produce Cash Price.
Irish linen, cotton shirting, lace, muslins, ginghams, cambrick, dimity and cords, linnen and cotton checks, calicoes, britannias, Madrass and Pullicat handkerchiefs, Gentlemen's gloves, black muslin, salempores, romal handkerchiefs, Hessian Boots back strapped, military ditto, half ditto, , strong and dress shoes, silk patent hats, beaver ditto, ladies' and children's ditto, saddles and bridles, jockey whips, ropes of different sizes, fishing lines, lanthorns, camp kettles, tea kettles, coffee bagging, negro hats, blue cloth jackets, check shirts, silk umbrellas with walking sticks, fishing seine, seine and sewing twine, paint of different colours, paint oil, indigo, starch, table knives and forks, dessert ditto, carving ditto, sour crout, Irish butter, hams, cheese, claret in cases, port wine, cherry brandy, porter, Burton ale, cyder, Stoughton's elixir, fine Hyson tea, black pepper, blooms, raisins, almonds, nutmegs, cloves, loaf sugar, Scotch barley, pearl ditto, white wine, vinegar, sallad oil, soy, catsup, tarragon vinegar, queen's sauce, capers, girkins, onions, anchovies, fine table salt in baskets, nails assorted - 6d. 8d. 10d. 12d. 20d. and 22d; an elegant table service, queen's ware, China tea sets complete, plates, soup ditto, India shades, ring-neck decanters, tumblers, water glasses, &c. &c.
Demerary, April 5, 1806. C. Smit, J.C.Z.

The Courts of Rolls and Commissaries of Essequebo and Demerary will meet on Tuesday next; and on Wednesday there will be a meeting of the Board of the Orphan Chamber.

To the Printer of the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette.
I Send you the following Lines, which you will oblige me by inserting in your paper, whatever may be your sentiments respecting their merits. They are, in my opinion, fully equal to those which lately appeared on the same subject in a contemporary print. The like beautiful irregularities and pleasing variety of measure may be perceived in both; indeed, there is such a striking similitude in these two efforts of true genius (which, you know, always disdains to be governed by common rules), that, lest you should suppose them to be the production of the same scholastic mind, I deem it proper to inform you, they were written by an A.B.C. friend of mine at Mahaica, who, after much solicitation, consented that they should be published. I am, Sir, your's, &c.
Stabroek, March 31, 1806.
Dedicated to the Remembrance of the deceased Lord Nelson.
Or matchless Heroes, and their noble train,
Shine forth to grace great George's happy reign,
Nelson, great Hero of the watery flood,
Has died imbru'd and welter'd in his blood,
His magnanimous battle off the Nile,
Will ever cause Britannia's sons to smile,
At Trafalgar he made his last defeat,
He lost his life, but conquer'd French fleet.
Nelson is dead, but yet the truth will tell,
How great he conquer'd, and how brave he fell.
Time yet will boast of his exalted fame
Of his achievements, and his glorious name.

PUBLIC VENDUES in Stabroek and its Environs. [heading]
On Monday the 14th, Wednesday the 16th, and Thursday the 17th, of April, at the house of C. H. De Munnick, a variety of articles, as specified in his Advertisement: (see the first page)

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

April 1. Ship Intrepid, W. Turnbull, from Liverpool, with Provisions, Dry Goods, Plantation Stores, &c.
April 1. Ship Harmony, W. Wilson, from London, with ditto.
April 1. Ship Barkhouse, W. Kelly, from London, with ditto.
April 1. Ship Hope, W. Delday, from London, with ditto.
April 1. Brig George, G. Ellison, from London, with ditto.
April 1. Snow Hercules, -- -----, from London, with ditto.
April 1. Ship Admiral Colpoys, I. Morrison, from London, with ditto.
April 3. Sloop Wealthy, I. Clark, from America.
April 3. Schooner Richard, I. D. Green, from America.
April 4. Ship Neptune, C. Hardy, from Madeira.

April 1. Schooner Hebe, R. Strickland, for Barbados.

N. Volkerts, Printer, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.

Supplement to the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette.



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