Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 May 03


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 175.

Saturday, the 3d of May.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. R. S. Turton, in three or four weeks.
Mrs. Pauli, with the first convoy.
Mr. E. C. Eli, with the first convoy.
Mr. J. F. Narjes, with the first convoy.
Mr. C. D. Forrester, in 14 days.
Mr. George Charles Schott, with the first Convoy.
Mr. William van Dura, with the first Convoy.
J. C. Stadtman, Senior Clerk.


Alle die geene welke iets te pretendeeren hebben, ofte verschuldigd zyn, aan de boedel en nalatenschap van wylen Mejuffrouw Johanna Maria Mulders, bevoorens Weduewe Fussen, en lasstelyk gesepareerde huisvrouw van wylen Daniel Taayspel, J.Z. gelieve daar van opgaave en betaaling te doen, binnen de tyd van zes weeken ten huise van de Heer Pieter Balmer, in qualiteit als Executeur Testamentair in wel gemelde boedel, of wel ter Secretary alhier, ter einde gemelde boedel zo spoedig mogelyk is tot lequiditeit te brengen
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary, deezen den dertigste April 1806.
J. C. Stadtman, oudste Clercq.

Word geadverteerd dat op bekoome authorisatie van den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie alhier, d. d. 24 January 1806, op gedaane instantien ten versoeke van I. P. Muncker q.q. Bonde & Bert, I. P. Muncker q.q. I. C. Bert en A. Iver, gemagtigde van M. Bruce, en onder executie is gebragt de Plantagie De Groote Diamond geleegen in deese rivier, met alle deszelfs bepoo[?]ingen, beplantingen, met 163 stuks slaaven, en alle de gebouwen, niets daar van uitgesondert.
Zoo is het dat den Ondergeteekende op authorisatie als vooren gemelde Plantagie De Groot Diamand, cum annexis, in de maand Mart 1807, ten behoeven als voorschreeven.
Zoo iemand zig teegens deese verkoop zoude willen opposeeren, en eenig recht sustineerende vervoege zig behoorlyk ingeschrifte by den Ondergeteekende op poene als na rechten.
Aldus gepubliceerd en geassigeerd in Rio Demerary den 2e May 1806.
Mart. Smit, eerste Exploiteur.

The Undersigned hereby informs all those whom it may concern, that his Domicilium is at Plantation Mindenburg, on the West Side of this River.
Demerary, April 26, 1806. J. L. Morson.

M. Doyle hereby informs all those whom it may concern, that he has removed his Domicilium Citandi et Executandi to the house of C. F. Guintzel, Esq. on Robb's Stelling.
Demerary, May 3, 1806.

C. F. Guintzel respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that he has removed to the house formerly known as the Demerary Hotel, on Robb's Stelling, where he hopes to merit a continuance of their favours.
Demerary, May 3, 1806.

The Undersigned hereby informs those whom it may concern, that his Domicilium is on Leguan, at the house of L. Senn van Basel, Esq.
Demerary, May 3, 1806. J. D. Breton.

De Heeren Planters of Administrateurs, die een bekwaame Directeur, 't zy op een Zuyker of Coffie Plantagie, benoodig heest, geliefe zig by den Drukker te addresseeren.
Stabroek, den 3e Mey 1806.

To Surinam or Berbice, in the Sloop L'Amitie, Gemon, Master, apply at the Office of this Paper.
Stabroek, May 3, 1806.

Departed this life, on the 23d of February last, in London, L. H. S. Paal, Esq.
Demerary, May 3, 1806. A. C. Paal, Widow.

For Sale, by the Undersigned, at moderate prices, for Cash only,
One Hundred Kegs of Dutch Butter.
Demerary, May 3, 1806. J. F. Meyer.

To be Sold, at very reasonable Prices, Green Heart, Determa, and Crab Wood Planks, of different dimensions. Apply to the Manager of Plantation Zorg en Hoop, Mr. J. A. Otto, or to
Demerary, May 3, 1806. J. Pantliz [sic].

NOTICE. [heading]
The Partnership of Jabez Lamb and James Parss commenced on the 14th of December, 1805, under the firm of Lamb & Parss, who carry on the Boat Building Business on the front of Plantation La Repentir.
For James Parss and Self,
Demerary, May 3, 1806. Jabez Lamb.

BOAT FOUND. [heading]
Picked Up, in this River, a small two oar'd Boat, painted white, with a green streak. The Owner may have her again, on paying the expences of this Advertisement, by applying to Plantation Werk & Rust.
Demerary, May 3, 1806.

We are Concerned to learn that the ship George, Capt. Williams, which sailed from this port for London on the 18th of March, was taken on the 1st of April, close under St. Lucia, by a schooner of one gun and 29 men, and carried into Martinique. The George mounted 18 guns, and is stated in the account which has reached us, to have had 32 men, who, when landed at Martinique, were hooted at with much indignation for their non-resistance to so insignificant a force. We regret to add, that Mr. Klyne, a Gentleman well known in the Colony, was unfortunately a passenger on board this ship. Many people have taken it into their heads that the Attorney at Law H. Cantzlaar, Esq. J.Z. had also taken his passage in the George; we believe, however, it will be found that he went in the Queen, Capt. Bond.

The Court of Rolls and Commissaries of Essequebo and Demerary, and the Court of Justice of Essequebo, will meet on Monday next.

On Tuesday, the 29th ult. died, Farquhar Macrae, Esq. Captain in the late 11th West India Regiment, and Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant of all Colonial Corps; a man highly respected for his private worth, and whose loss must be considered as a public calamity. The cause of this lamentable event is said to have been a wound received in the adjustment of an affair of honour with A. Blair, Esq. late Major Commandant of the Royal Demerary Cavalry. In consequence of a difference originating with the Lieutenant-Colonel's late appointment, and increased by the subject being improperly permitted to be agitated at the Meeting of the Sons of St. George on the preceeding [sic] Wednesday, the parties are stated to have met last Sunday morning, near the Plantation La Pentience, and to have exchanged shots, at twelve paces distance, when Lieutenant-Colonel Macrae fell at the first fire, having received his opponent's ball a little above the right hip. Every possible assistance was immediately afforded; and, to insure the attention and care which his situation demanded, he was taken to the hospitable and friendly mansion of the Hon. A. Meertens. The wound was not at first thought to be dangerous; but the following morning it assumed an unfavourable aspect, and it was soon known that he could not survive. In this most trying situation, his manly conduct evinced, in the strongest light, the high sense he entertained of that honour, to the vindication of which, according to the fatal but imperious laws of established custom, he was then falling a martyr. Although repeatedly and earnestly pressed to say who had inflicted the wound under which he was suffering, he firmly resisted, declaring that he received it in an honourable way, and that nothing should induce him to name the party. He continued to hold the same generous sentiments till about one o'clock on Tuesday, when, to the extreme sorrow of his friends, and infinite regret of the Whole Colony,
"His noble spirit sought the shades."
The body was conveyed from Rome, by water, to the New Hope (the estate of the deceased), where it was interred about four o'clock on Wednesday.

PUBLIC VENDUES, in Stabroek and its Environs. [heading]
On Monday, the 12th inst. at the house of O. Laurin, Esq. Werk & Rust, Provisions, Madeira, Port, and Claret Wine, vinegar, Dry Goods, &c. also a Colony schooner, 25 to 20 [sic] hhds. burthen, in complete repair, 3 boat and 7 very capable house negroes, 2 of whom are good washers.
On Tuesday, the 13th inst. at the house of Wm. Halstead, Esq. Robb's Town, several pipes of port wine.
On Wednesday the 14th inst. at the Concession opposite to that of the Hon. C. Vincent, newly imported Dutch Provisions, Table Beer, Portable Kitchens, Dry Goods, &c.
On Friday, the 16th inst. at the Vendue Office, the temporary Bridges over the Canal and Cross road of Plantation Vlissingen; also Dry Goods, &c.

For the Rest of the Advertisements see Supplement.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

May 1. Brig Pope, W. Beattie, from Barbados, with Rice, Oats, Fish, Old Iron, &c.
May 2. Brig Wm. Gray, I. W. Saunders, from Savannah, with Stores, Shingles, Pitch, Pine, lumber, &c.

April 28. Schooner Fame, I. Lawson, for Barbados.
April 28. Schooner Ocean, S. Mountfort, for Boston.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves. [not transcribed]

N. Volkerts, Printer, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.

[no Supplement appears in the microfilm]


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