Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 May 17


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 177.

Saturday, the 17th of May.

(BY AUTHORITY) [heading]
Notice is hereby given, that the Meeting of the Hon. Court of Justice of this River, which was to have taken place on Monday, the 19th instant, has been prorogued by His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor till Monday, the 9th of June next.
Stabroek, Demerary, P. F. Tinne,
May 15, 1806. Dep. Sec. of the Colony.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mrs. Adelaide Therese Jeannette Lefever. (Widow of the late T. L. Cramer, Esq. who departed this Life on the 4th instant in this Colony) ditto [sic].
Mr. A. Baum, ditto.
Mr. Hendrik Beis, ditto.
Mrs. Margereta Keir, in 14 days.
Mr. William Barrett, in 14 days.
Mrs. Mary Lookey, in 14 days.
J. C. Stadtman, Senior Clerk.


By Authority of an Extract Notul, dated the 18th of February last, the Undersigned, in his quality of Exploiteur, hereby
for the second time, in the name and behalf of F. C. Elbers, Esq. Curator to the Estate of C. Straup, Esq. all the known and unknown Creditors of the said Estate, to appear before the Commissioner of the Hon. Court of Justice, sitting in the Court of Rolls, on Monday the 19th inst. and following Days, to produce their Claims and Pretensions; and Notice is hereby further given that against all those who shall neglect to appear as herein directed, such proceedings will be instituted as the Law directs.
Demerary, May 3, 1806. F. P. Francke, Exploit.

By Permission of His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor, [heading]
The Subscribers will expose for Sale, on Tuesday next, the 20th instant, at Bourda's Logie,
220 Prime Gold Coast Slaves,
Imported in the Ship Frederick, Capt. M'Donald, from Cape Coast.
Demerary, May 16, 1806. C. Macrae,
H. I. Underwood.

By Permission of His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor. [heading]
The Subscribers will expose for Sale, on Tuesday next, the 20th instant,
225 Prime Young Slaves,
Imported in the Ship Harmony, Capt. Ainsworth, from Angola. Telford, Naghten, & Co.
Cumingsburgh, May 13, 1806.

For Sale, a very clever Boat Captain. He is sold for no fault whatever, and only to enable his Owner to discharge a Debt. For particulars apply to the Printer of this Paper.
Stabroek, May 17, 1806.

At a Meeting of the Officers of the First Battalion and Rifle Company of the Demerary Militia, held at the Union Coffee House this 5th Day of May, 1806, to take into consideration the Cause and Merits of the misunderstanding between their late much-lamented Commandant Farquhar Macrae, Esq. and Major Blair of the Cavalry Corps. - Present,
[first column]
J. C. M'Leod,
H. I. Underwood,
W. Dodgson,
[second column]
H. Tulloh,
M. Smit,
D. Telford,
[end columns]
And Captain and Adjutant Brandt,
Capt. Lieut. F. A. Vernede, Provost Marshall Capt. F. S. Swanke,
[first column]
J. T. Matthews,
I. Robertson,
A. Fullerton,
H. Clementson,
W. M'Bean,
[second column]
J. C. Stadtman,
J. Madden,
D. Cornfoot,
P. A. Deveer, and
J. C. Wolf, Surgeon,
[end columns]
Several Letters and Papers were read relative to that subject, when they were unanimously of opinion, and resolved as follows:
That Mr. Blair's pretensions to a separate and independent Command, are both inconsistent with his own proposals to Sir William Myers, his letters to Lieutenant Colonel Macrae, and incompatible with the tenor of his Commission.
That, consequently, Lieutenant Colonel Macrae had sufficient grounds for Expressions he made use of, and behaved in the highest degree becoming the character of an Officer and a Gentleman, in refusing to retract them.
That, unanimously deploring the subsequent melancholy event, which has deprived the Community at large of one of its most useful, most distinguished, and most conciliatory Members, as well as the Corps of a most able Commanding Officer, they do hereby resolve:
1st. To cause to be erected at their expence, in the centre [sic] of the New Parade Ground, a Monument of Marble, of a pyramidical form, with a suitable inscription, testifying the high regard and esteem which thy entertain for the Memory of Lieutenant Colonel Farquhar Macrae; and as a lasting mark of the heavy loss which these Colonies have sustained in his Person
2d That Capt. M'Leod, Capt. Underwood, Capt. Dodgson, Lieut. Robertson, Lieut. Fullerton, Lieut. Clementson, and Lieut. Cornfoot, be a Committee, in order to carry the above resolution into effect
3d That they shall wear Mourning for the space of three Months, both in their civil and Military Capacities
4th That Copies of these Minutes be sent to Major Lachlan Cuming and [fold in page obscures one complete line of text] the command of Lieutenant Colonel Macrae
5th That a Copy of these Resolutions be sent to Major Colin Macrae, commanding the Battalion, by him to be transmitted to His Excellency the Brigadier-General and Governor Montgomerie.
In Behalf of the Meeting,
J. C. M'Leod, Senior Captain.

Berbice Chocolate at Three Guilders per lb. and Cocoa Nuts, for Sale at the Printing Office.
Stabroek, May 17, 1806.

The Commissioners of the Eendragt Society particularly request the attendance of every Gentleman belonging hereto, on the day above mentioned [May 28th]; as immediately after the Ballot the half yearly Meeting will be held.
Demerary, May 17, 1806.

De Ondergeteekende heest op den 4de dezere, zyn jonge, genaamt Frederick, na Mahayconi gezonden, met een pas voorzien, en een brief aan de Heer M. Mauville, op de plantagie Sophias Lust, als ook om voor hem eenige andere boodschappen te verrichten, voornoemde jonge tot heeden niet geretourneerd zynde, en de weg zo wel in Demerary als Mahaycony bekend zynde, vreest den Ondergeteekende dat hy zig ergens mogt ophouden, verzoekende dierhalve zeer vriendelyk, hem aan te houden, en aan Stabroek in de tronck, of op de plantagie De William, te bezorgen, zullende daar voor een genreuse belooning genieten (alwaare het dat hy zig nog van zyn pas sogt te bediene) Deze jonge is circa 16 a 17 jaar oud, welgemaakt, spreekt Hollands en Engelsch, en gaat gemeenlyk met een lange witte broek aan.
Een eyder word intussen gewaarschoud gemelde jonge niet aan te houden, ofte employeeren, en alle Captyns gewaarschoud hem niet te vervoeren, zullende in zodanig geval ten sterksten in regte worde vervolgd.
Demerary, den 17 Mey 1806. W. I. Appel.

Levi Eliazer, just arrived by the schooner Hannah from Barbados, respectfully informs his Friends and the Public in general, that he has brought with him from that island a vast number of articles, which, added to those he has received by the last Fleet from London, form so complete an assortment that he flatters himself every Purchaser may be well suited, both as to reasonableness of terms and variety of goods, by applying at his Store in the New Town. The following are a few of the articles he particularly recommends to the notice of the Public:
Superfine Lace Cambric and Cotton Ditto
Lace of all kinds and Thread Edgings
Fancy Tassels, Silk Trimmings, and Ditto with Cords and Beads
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Silk Gloves, of various Colours
Black Silk Handkerchiefs
All Sorts of Linens
Chintzes, Calicoes, Britannias, Salempores
Dutch and English Checks
Table Cloths, Clouting Diapers
Cotton Counterpanes
India Dimities, White English Ditto
Welch Flannels
Sewing Silk and Thread
Fancy Silk Buttons, Raised Mold Ditto
Dutch Tape, Brown Holland, Bed Ticks
Superfine Black Kerseymere
Ditto White Jean and Thickset
Rich Silk Florentine
Ladies', Gentlemen's, and Children's Hats, of all kinds
Ditto ditto Shoes and Slippers
Gentlemen's Hessian Boots, of the latest Fashion
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Cotton Hose
Romal, Pullicat, Primed Cotton, and other Varieties of Hand[illegible]
Shoe and Saddle makers' Leather, of different Sizes
Nest Trunks
Fowling Pieces, and a few Pounds of superfine Gunpowder
Gold and Silver Epaulettes, and other Appendages to Uniforms
Noyeau and Rose Water
Paint and Paint Oil
Complete Accoutrements for Cock Fighting.
And a great Variety of other Articles.
Demerary, May 17, 1806.

H. B. Gall, Practitioner of Physic, begs leave to inform his Friends, and the Public in general, that he has again opened a shop in the New Town, next door to James Robertson, Esq. Merchant, where he has for Sale, for immediate payment, a few Articles of Medicine, just imported, of the best quality, viz. Bark, Opium, jalap, Nitre, Rhubarb, Verdigrease, Spirits of Terebinth, Hoffmann's Anodyne, Gum Arabic, Myrrh, &c. Glauber Salts in kegs of 112 lb. each, at 9 stuivers per lb. for a single keg: and 8 stuivers taking 5 kegs or more; also mixed Spices, Rose Water, Extract Tinc. Bark, Antibilous Pills, &c.
Prescriptions put up with neatness, accuracy, and dispatch.
Mr. Gall Promises the most assiduous attention to the duties of his situation, and solicits a renewal of the patronage he was formerly honoured with.
Demerary, May 14, 1806.

For Sale, a Long Boat, well adapted for this river, or for Essequebo, inquire at the house of E. C. Eli.
Stabroek, May 17, 1806.

W. A. Leeseman has for Sale One Hundred Fathoms of excellent Fire Wood, at a moderate Price, to be fetched from Plantation Herstelling, on Canal No. 3.
Demerary, May 17, 1806.

Strayed from Plantation Werk & Rust, a Red and White spotted young Ox, and has been seen in the Bush behind the said Estate, and on the Back lands of Stabroek. Whoever brings the said Ox to the above named Plantation, or can give such information so that he may be recovered, shall be handsomely rewarded.
Demerary, May 17, 1806.

Strayed from the Subscriber's House on Friday, the 9th instant, a Red and White Spotted Cow. Whoever will deliver the same to the Owner, or give any information about her, will be handsomely rewarded.
J. H. Giesenhuysen,
Concession No. 15, on the Middle Dam.
Also a part of a House, Warehouse, &c. to be let on very moderate terms, being an excellent situation for a Public Office or Store, apply as above.

FOR SALE, [heading]
Newfoundland Cod Fish, and a few American Mules.
Demerary, May 17, 1806. Bruninghaus & Co.

Just imported, and for Sale by the Subscriber, at his Store, on the American Stelling:
Hams, Irish Butter, and Potatoes
Tea, and double refined Sugar
Irish Linen, Platillas, Britannias, Calicoes, Checks, Welch Flannel, and Salempores
Gentlemen's fine Cotton Stockings
Gentlemen's Silk Hats
Madeira Wine, Claret, Port Wine, and Cherry and Raspberry Brandy, by the Dozen
Beer in Brrls, Porter in Hhds, gin in Cases, and Brandy in Demy Johns
Sailors' superfine Cloth Lined Jackets, ditto Trowsers and Shirts
Negro lined and unlined Jackets
Duck and Osnaburg's Trowsers
Coarse Hats, and ready made Coffee Bags
Deep Sea, Hand, and Log Lines; Cordage assorted, from 1 inch to 4 inch rope; and a few 6 inch Cables
Earthen Ware in Crates
Nails in Kegs, from 4d. a 30d.
A large assortment of Tin Ware, elegantly assorted
Hook and Eyes H. HL. and T. Hinges; assorted sizes Window bolts
Corn and Coffee Mills, Desk Hinges, Patent Wine Cocks, and Gimlets
Curry Combs and Brushes
Stay Bars and Staples, Hasps and Staples, portable Desk Locks, and Copper Nails, &c.
Patent Lamps. &c.
Neat's Foot Oil in Gallon Jugs
Paints and Paint Oil
Tin, and Pump Tacks.
Demerary, May 17, 1806. Francis Meagher.

The Undersigned intending to leave the Colony for a few months, does hereby advertise for the information of his friends, and all others whom it may concern, that he has duly appointed Mr. Joseph Walcott & E. J. Bertho Loncke to represent his person during his absence.
Demerary, May 14, 1806. F. C. Loncke.

PUBLIC VENDUES, in Stabroek and its Environs. [heading]
On Wednesday, the 21st inst. at Plantation La Jeannette, Mahaica, Household Furniture, Plate, Glass ware &c.
On Thursday the 22d and Friday the 23d inst. at the store of Macdonald, Halket, & Co. Dry goods, &c.
On Monday the 26th, at the Store of M'Inroy, Sandbach, & M'Bean, Dry goods, &c.
On Tuesday the 27th, at the House of Doctor van Dura, Household Furniture, jewellery, House Negroes, a Cow & Calf, &c.
Also the Elegant House itself, and the Concession thereto belonging.

The Meeting of the Court of Rolls will be on Monday next; that of the Court of Justice is deferred till the 9th of June. See Official Adv.

J. Ceurvorst, Esq. is appointed, by the Court of Policy, Provisional Recorder of the Orphan Chamber, in consequence of the indisposition of F. A. Vernede, Esq.

It is understood that C. T. Tinne, Esq. late Government Secretary and J. C. Stadtman, Esq. now Senior Clerk in the Secretary's Office, will shortly be appointed Joint First Clerks in the latter Department.

L. Dumelet, Esq. who was appointed governor General of all Dutch Guiana by the Batavian Government in 1803, but taken on his passage hither, and carried to England, when he was permitted to visit this Colony on his parole about 18 months ago, has entered a volunteer on board Admiral De Winter's ship, to serve as his junior Captain during the war.

Mrs. Meyer, formerly Proprietor of Plantation Mindesburg, and well known and respected in this country, died lately at Gorcum, in Holland.

We have to apologise for not mentioning the names of Alex Macrae Esq. (elder brother of the late justly esteemed and deeply lamented Lieutenant-Colonel), Doctor Duncan, and - Naghten, Esq. in our account of passengers arrived by the Fleet last week. The omission was unintentional, occasioned entirely by hurry of business and want of proper information - not out of any disrespect. Of this we can assure the public, to whom we principally owe this excuse, for withholding the information; as we have too high an opinion of the liberality of the truly respectable friends and connections of those Gentlemen, to suppose for a moment that they will take offence before it is meant.

It appears that a very elegant entertainment was given to Governor Bentinck, at the Freemason's Tavern, by the Merchants and Planters of this Colony, resident in London, previous to his Excellency's leaving that capital.

So many vessels have lately arrived from London, that the luxuries of Europe are at present very plentiful in this Colony. Almost every comfort and convenience of life may now be obtained with nearly as much facility as in that great metropolis itself, by visiting the Stores of Messrs. Meyer, Otto, Meagher, or Eliazer: the truth of which may be partly ascertained by referring to their Advertisements in our paper.

There is some reason to apprehend that the enemy's frigates, which lately sailed from Cayenne, have escaped the vigilance of the British cruisers; as late accounts from the Saints and Guadaloupe make no mention of them.

Lieut. Paterson is appointed to command his Majesty's sloop Demerary, vice Wm. Maude, made Post in the Alligator.

For the Rest of the Advertisements, and Slave List, see Supplement.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

May 12. Ship L'Harmonie, J. Ainsworth, from Africa, with 225 Slaves.
May 13. Brig Lord Duncan, Richard Godwin, from Barbados, with Salt Fish, Potatoes, Butter, Soap, Candles, Furniture, dry Goods, and Claret.
May 14. Schooner Hannah, J. Hassel, Barbados, in ballast.
May 14. Ship Highlander, J. Inglis, from Glasgow, with Lime, Bricks, Herrings, Soap, Candles, &c. &c.
May 14. Schooner Antelope, J. Roberts, Nova Scotia, with Fish, Mackerel, Herrings, Lumber, Shingles, Shooks, Gin, Brandy, Sweet Oil, &c.
May 14. Schooner Ariel, E. Cooley, from New London, with Horses, Mules, Beef, Pork, Bread, Hams, Crackers, Staves, Hoops, Candles, Soap, Tongues, Whale Oil, Cheese, Garden Seed.
May 14. Ship British Queen, J. Shirstone, from Bristol, with Tierces of Oats, Bottled Liquor, Millenery, Furniture, Earthen Ware, Firkins of Butter, Cheese, Nails, Lime, &c. &c.
May 16. Ship Frederick, G. M'Donald, from Africa, with 249 Slaves.
May 16. Schooner Camilla, J. Redman, from Barbados, with Fish, Lime, Pork, Bread, Lamp Oil, Gin, Soap, Candles, Cordage, Dry Goods, &c.

May 12. Ship Intrepid, W. Turnbull, for Liverpool.
May 13. Brig Byan, J. Bradley, for Liverpool.
May 13. Sloop Perseverance, J. Murch, for North America.
May 16. Ship Thomas, J. Archibald, for Liverpool.
May 16. Brig Mary, J. Ingerson, for New York.

N. Volkerts, Printer, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.

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