Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 May 24


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 178.

Saturday, the 24th of May.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. William Barrett, in 14 days.
Mrs. Mary Lookey, in 14 days.
Mr. Richard Deane, in 14 days.
Mr. P. Sweeny, in 14 days.
Mr. T. H. Parkinson, in 14 days.
Mrs. Broekhoff van Jaarsveld, Widow, with the first Convoy.
Mr. J. C. M'Farlane, with the first Convoy.
J. C. Stadtman, Senior Clerk.

The Undersigned Receiver of the King's Chest in Essequebo requests those who have not paid up the Taxes of the last Year, to with-hold them till further notice, or he comes among them
May 23, 1806. Theophilus Williams,
Receiver of the Sorvereign's Chest of Essequebo.

Pursuant to a Proclamation of the Hon. Court of Policy, and by permission of the Hon. F. P. van Berckel, Fiscal, on the 10th of June, will be sold, at public Vendue, a Male Ass, light coloured head, and body very dark, confined on the 22d instant. Meanwhile the Owner may have him restored on paying the expences to
Stabroek, May 24, 1806. J. Runnels, J.Z.

Pursuant to a Proclamation of the Hon. Court of Policy, and by permission of the Hon. F. P. van Berckel, Fiscal, on the 10th of June, will be sold, at public Vendue, a black Horse, with a white spot on his forehead, confined by Mr. Manges, Manager of Plantation Ruymveld, on the 13th instant. Meanwhile the Owner may have him restored, on paying the expences to
J. Runnels, J.Z.
Stabroek, May 24, 1806. Sheriff.

All Persons having Demands against Plantation Union, on the West Coast of Berbice, are requested to render their Accounts as early as possible, either to Simon Fraser, Esq. upon the aforesaid Plantation, or to the Subscriber on Plantation Coldingen, on the East Coast.
Demerary, May 18, 1806. James Ogle.

De Ondergeteekende maakt nogmaals by deze bekend, dat hy voorneemens is (met het Juny Convooy) deze Colonie te verlaaten, verzoekende dus nogmaals, die iets van hem mogt te pretendeeren hebben, zulks op te koomen geeven, ten einde accoord bevonde wordende, daar voor de betaaling te ontsangen.
Hy presenteered nogmaals zym [sic] Plantage [sic] Fielicite te koop; iemand daartoe geneege zynde, addresseere zig aan de Heer James Ogle, welke geauthoriseered is tot de verkoop. Hy presenteerd meede nog een extra goed rypaard, 8 schaapen, 1 ram, 6 lammeren van een groot soort, en eenige meubelen.
Demerary, den 18 Mey 1806. James Samms.

Strayed Away, a few days since, a tall Negro man, of the Mandingo Nation, who speaks no English, having been only Two months in the Colony. The Subscriber will be thankful for any information respecting him, and a Reward for taking him up will be paid on his delivery to
Demerary, May 24, 1806. I. C. Underwood.

The Subscriber respectfully informs the Ladies and Gentlemen of these Colonies, that he has just received (in addition to his late importation) an elegant assortment of Goods, per Ship Isabella, Capt. W. Barr, from London, which he will sell at reduced prices, for immediate payment in Cash, Coffee, or Cotton, at Colony price.
Broad Cloth, consisting of superfine Scarlet, second quality ditto, superfine Yellow, superfine Drab, & Bottle-Green & Blue ditto.
Ladies' Boots and Shoes, Gentlemen and Youth's ditto, Men's strong shoes, Children's ditto assorted, & Ladies' Sandals & Velvet ditto
Superfine marseilles Waistcoats of different patterns
Belt Cotton web single spring Braces, plain ditto, and best double spring web ditto
Silks of all kinds, best triple gilt Buttons, and Button Moulds
Silver Knee-Buckles assorted, ditto Segar Tubes, and ditto Pencil Cases
Scissars assorted, Razors, jegger Knives, Pocket ditto, elegant Pen-knives, Sets of Table Knives and Forks, fine Ivory-handled Desert ditto, and Carvers to match
Patent Cork Screws, and Cork Screws with wooden handles
Metal Spoons, Boot hooks, lock Wine Cocks, and large ditto for Water Vats
Gentlemen's elegant tool Chests
Grafting Saws, Compass ditto assorted, Dovetail and Sash Brass-backed Tennant Saws, 26 inch Hand Saws, and Pit Saws
Hand Saw files, flat Irons, Fryingpans [sic], and Cloak Pins
Best Military Rifles, locks case hardened, barrels browned, with Swivels, and Swords to fix on, and Accoutrements complete
An elegant Military Rifle, to load at the breech, on Sir Sidney Smith's plan, with bolts and roller lock and sling complete
Military Pistols, locks case hardened, and barrels browned
City Light Horse patent Braces; Pistols, roller locks, & spring bayonets
Best double-barrelled Guns complete, ditto single ditto
Elegant Broad Swords, with white and black belts, ditto full-dressed ditto, and fancy Dirks
Gold and Silver Epaulettes, ditto ditto Lace, ditto Sword Knots, and Breast Plates
A capital Brace of Pistols, stocked on a new principle, bolt and roller Locks, Gold Pans, &c.
Pencils assorted, best Middleton riveted sheath Combs, Ivory Small Tooth ditto, negro opening ditto, and bone Combs and Brushes
Sets of Money Scales, in 7 inches wainscot boxes; ditto Mahogany do.
Assorted razor Strops, and leather Ink pots
Nelson's Medals of Trafalgar
Patent plated Candlesticks, rising with silver edges; and Chamber Candlesticks with Snuffers, &c.
Best plated Snuffers and Stands
Japanned Tea Trays of various sizes, with Gold Borders and Waiters to match
Large Bread Baskets, and oval and octagon red and gold Knife Trays
Black and Gold fine Paper Bottle [?]
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Whips assorted
Umbrellas with Walking Sticks
Glass Shades for Candlesticks t Saddles with Hoisters complete, ditto Bridles, and Cercingles
White lather-head Collars, and best plated Spurs
Curry Combs and Brushes
India Nankeens
Silk Hats, Children's ditto and Negro ditto
Edinburgh strong Ale, and London bottled Porter
Hams, and rounds of Beef
Butter, Porter, and Beef
Mould and Spermaceti Candles, and Soap
And a great Variety of other Articles.
Demerary, May 24, 1806. Thomas Marsh.

De Ondergeteekende presenteert te koop, teegens contante betaaling,
Beste Hollandsche Booter en Kaasen,
gepekelde Paaling en Schades, Krakers, beste zoete Oly en Brandewyn by de kelder, &c. &c.
Stabroek, May 23, 1806. H. D. Obermuller.

To be disposed of reasonably, for immediate payment, three seasoned Negroes - one a complete Cooper, and the other two female House Servants. Sold for no fault whatever. Apply to the Store of C. D. Forrester, Esq.
Demerary, May 24, 1806.

WANTED TO HIRE, [heading]
In a small Family, a Middle-aged Woman, who can be recommended for Honesty and Cleanliness. She must be able to act in the capacity of an Upper Servant, and be a tolerably good Semstress [sic].
For further information, inquire at the house of the Subscriber.
Stabroek, May 24, 1806. J. Huiberts.

NOTICE [heading]
JOHN MADDEN & CO. [heading]
To all whom it may concern, [heading]
That, in consequence of the great Difficulty and many Disappointments they have experienced in the Collection of their numerous and large outstanding Debts, and having serious Demands against themselves, for the Payments of which they are exceedingly pressed, they are compelled, and, though very much against their wish, are determined to put their Balance Sheet and Books into the hands of their Attorney at Law, T. Duim, Esq. on the 1st of July next, to which day they will be made up, with instructions to sue at the Court which will sit the 20th of the said month, for every open Account therein at that period, without any reserve whatever. Those, therefore, of their Debtors, who wish to avoid the expence of being sued for payment, or passing their note on interest for the amount, before that time.
Stabroek, May 20, 1806.

The Subscribers have yet remaining Fifty Prime Gold Coast Negroes, imported in the Ship Frederick, Captain M'Donald, from Cape Coast.
Demerary, May 24, 1806. C. Macrae,
H. I. Underwood.

The Undersigned request the Creditors of W. Postlethwaite, Esq. to meet them at the Union Coffee House, on Wednesday next, the 28th instant, at noon
Demerary, May 23, 1806. W. Brumell,
C. Macrae,
Attornies to W. Postlethwaite.

The Undersigned, appointed by the Honorable Court Curators of the Boedel of Connor & Paynter, and E. T. Paynter, request all those who have any demands against the said Boedels, to render in their Accounts to Robert Phipps; and all who are indebted thereunto, to pay the same, in order that the Boedels may be settled as speedily as possible
Demerary, May 23, 1806. J. Parss,
R. Phipps,

FOR SALE, OR HIRE, [heading]
An exceeding good House, fit for the accommodation of a large family, situate on lot 206, in Cumingsburgh, near the public road. The Frame is entirely of hard wood, the House nearly new, and there are suitable Outbuildings to it, with a very good Garden. It will be sold very cheap, provided the payments can be made in twelve months. For further particulars enquire of
Demerary, May 23, 1806. Robert Phipps.

The Subscriber hereby acquaints the Public, that he resigned Business on the 30th ultimo, and, intending soon to quit this Colony altogether, requests those who are indebted to him to be speedy in discharging their accounts. Those to whom he owes Money, are informed that they may receive it upon application at his house on the North Dam.
Stabroek, May 24, 1806. C. D. Forrester.

The African Concern in which the Subscribers have hitherto been engaged, will no longer be carried on, in consequence of Mr. Forrester's determining to leave Demerary in a short time; they, consequently, have to solicit from their Debtors an early Discharge of their Obligations, in default of which, they will assuredly, at the next Court, adopt legal measures to enforce Payment of the same.
Stabroek, May 24, 1806. Walcott & Forrester.

To Be Sold, by Public Auction, on Monday the 14th of July, by Order of Mr. N. Volkerts, the Coffee Plantation called Flensburg, situated on the west Bank of this River, nearly opposite the second Island, with Twenty four prime seasoned Negroes.
The Estate comprises five Hundred Acres of Rich Land (200 Roods in Front), contains about Thirty Thousand Coffee Trees, an abundance of Plantains and other Vegetables, and is in very good Order. There is an excellent newly built Dwelling House, a well fitted-up Brick Kitchen, and all the requisite Out-buildings. A Chart may be seen at the Plantation, or at the Office of this Paper, where also the Terms of Sale may be known, and at the Vendue Office.
On the same day will also be sold Horned Cattle, Sheep, Goats, a Horse and Chaise, &c. &c.
Due Notice of the Place of Sale en [?] in this paper, meanwhile the Plantation may be viewed.
Demerary, May 24, 1806.

It must be in the recollection of our readers, that so long ago as the 26th of April we stated Government to have come to the resolution of allowing a Bounty on fish imported to the West India Colonies. Our information was perfectly correct, as the following more particular account will evince.
It has been transmitted to the principal Officers of his Majesty's Customs of this Colony, that the Lords of the Committee of Council for Trade and Foreign Plantations have deemed it expedient to recommend to the Lords' Commissioners of the Treasury, to authorise the payment, in the several British Colonies in the West Indies, by Bills to be drawn on the Treasury Board, of a Bounty of Two Shillings sterling per quintal upon Newfoundland and all other British American Fish, which shall be imported into the said Colonies in British ships, from the 1st day of June, 1806, to the 1st day of June, 1807: and that a particular account of the amount of the Bounties so paid be kept in each Colony respectively, in full reliance that the same will be repaid to the British Treasury, as soon as the Legislature of the respective Colonies shall have provision accordingly; and shall also have made provision for the continuance of the said Bounty, for the term above mentioned. And it is further expected, that the respective Colonial Assemblies will grant a Bounty of One Shilling sterling per quintal on Newfoundland and all other British American Fish, imported as aforesaid; together with a Duty on all fish imported from the United States of America, to countervail any duty which may be payable within those States, on the importation of British Fish; such Bounty, and such Duty, to take effect from and after the 1st day of June 1807.
And that so long as a Bounty of Two Shillings per quintal shall be paid on the importation in British vessels, into his Majesty's West India Islands and conquered Settlements, of British American Salted Fish, the Bounties undermentioned shall also be paid on Pickled Fish of the following descriptions, viz.
On Shads . . 1st. 6d. per Barrel of 32 Gallons
On Herrings . . 2s. 6d. per ditto
On Mackarel . . 3s. per ditto
On Salmon . . 4s. per ditto
imported in like manner into the said Islands and Settlements.
With their Lordships' desire, that the same be circulated to the Governors of his Majesty's American Colonies and Settlement, viz.
[first column]
Upper and Lower Canada
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
[second column]
Cape Breton
Prince Edward's Island
[middle column, centered below]
Surinam, Berbice, and Demerary,
and also to the several Governors in his Majesty's West India Islands, with instructions to continue the several Proclamations which have been issued by them, allowing the importation of every article of provision, and lumber of every description, allowed under the existing Proclamations, from the United States (except salted Beef, Pork, and Butter), until a notice of six months shall be given, declaring that the said Proclamations are to be considered as no longer in force.
The Lords of Council for Trade, &c. have also signified, that in consequence of representations from the several colonial Agents and other persons interested in West India Trade, the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty will in future appoint sufficient and regular Convoys for the protection of British vessels which may be employed in carrying from Newfoundland and other his Majesty's Colonies, &c. in North America, British Fish for the supply of the British Islands and Settlements in the West Indies and America; upon such vessels assembling to take benefit of the ships of war appointed for that purpose; and that the accustomed protection will be granted to the crews of vessels employed in such trade, upon the usual application.

The Court of Rolls and Commissary Court of Essequebo and Demerary will meet on Monday the 2d of June next.

The Militia mustered this morning. After the usual parade, they were informed by the Commandant, Major Macrae, that there would be another muster on Saturday next, weather permitting, and if not, on the ensuing Monday, preparatory to the grand parade on Wednesday the 4th of June, when he trusted every Gentleman would make a point of attending, to do honour to the natal day of his Sovereign.

The following article has been sent to us by a friend of the deceased:
On the 19th instant, departed this life the Honourable Ferdinand Kroll, Member of the Court of Policy for Demerary. This Gentleman, - whose long residence in this Colony, great experience, and general information rendered his life invaluable, - now rests, after a series of years devoted for the service of the community of which he was a conspicuous ornament. Initiated early in life into the active scenes of the political world, his acquirements and knowledge corresponded with his extensive abilities. Familiar in the modern languages, his mind was enlarged by an extensive intercourse with distinguished characters of every nation. - Having acted with the confidence of their High Mightinesses the States General, at the Courts of Vienna and Constantinople, in circumstances of peculiar delicacy, he came to this country with two considerable posts, and has now left us, full of respect and honour, at the age of Eight-and-forty years.
Peace to his liberal Soul!

PUBLIC VENDUES, in Stabroek and its Environs [heading]
On Tuesday the 27th, at the House of Doctor van Dura, Household Furniture, jewellery, House Negroes, a cow & Calf, &c.
Also the Elegant House itself, and the Concession thereto belonging.
On Thursday, the 29th, at the Store of W. S. Kirton, Linen Drapery, Hosiery, Dry Goods, Provisions, &c.
On Friday, the 30th, at the Vendue Office, Claret of the first quality, Provisions, Dry goods, &c.
On Monday, June 2, at the Store of M'Inroy, Sandbach, & M'Bean, Dry goods, &c.
On Tuesday, the 3d of June, at Messrs. Lion & Co. New Town, Provisions, Dry Goods, Ironmongery, &c.
On Monday, the 9th of June, at the Vendue Office, by order of Messrs. M. Buchanan and G. Robertson, qualified Administrators to the Estate of Mr. W. Hall, deceased, several Carpenter Negroes, two Washerwomen, and three Children.
On Monday, the 14th of July, the Plantation Flensburg. See Advert.

An improvement in the manufacturing of fire-arms has lately been tried with success in London, which promises to prove of great utility. It is said to have been suggested by the Hero of Acre, the gallant Sir Sidney Smith. The novelty consists chiefly in the piece being loaded at the breech, instead of the muzzle, by which means, we are told, it can be fired four times as fast as the common way. An elegant Rifle, on this new and ingenious construction, has already found its way to this country, and may be seen among the very large and valuable assortment of Military Accoutrements, &c. &c. now on Sale at Mr. T. Marsh's Store; as we learn from his Advertisement in the preceding part of this day's paper.

The remains of the late Hon. Ferdinand Kroll (whose death is regretted by no one more than by the Proprietor of this Paper), were privately interred, on Wednesday morning, on his own Plantation Sophia; S. Cramer, Esq. officiating at the ceremony for F. Martin, Esq. Executor, who was prevented, by severe indisposition, from performing the last painful duties to a deceased Friend.

For the Rest of the Advertisements See Supplement.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

May 19. Schooner Gipsey, David Stage, from Baltimore, with 600 barrels of Flour.
May 20. Schooner Orono, [?]. Conant, from Portland, with Lumber, Shooks, Beef, Shingles, Fish, Rice, and Tobacco.
May 21. Schooner Fame, J. Lawson, from Barbados, with Fish, Hams, Butter, Candles, Soap, Oil, paint, Cheese, Blankets, Tongues, Nails, Porter, Cotton Bagging, Dry Goods, Wood Hoops, Canvas, Cocoa Nuts, and Horses.
May 23. Brig Neptune, John Clapp, from New London, with Horses, Mules, Beef, Flour, Salt, Pork, Corn, Oats, Fish, Corn Meal, Tongues, Salmon, Shads, Candles, Soap, Butter, Lard, Hams, Cheese, &c.
May 24. Brig Claude Scott, W. Crost, from Liverpool and Madeira, with Madeira Wine, Plantation Stores, and Dry Goods.
May 24. Ship Minerva, J. Boswell, from Africa, with 116 Slaves.

May 17. Ship Neptune, D. Wilkie, for Liverpool.
May 19. Ship Admiral Colpoys, J. Morrison, for London.

N. Volkerts, Printer, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.

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