Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 July 19


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 186.

Saturday, the 19th of July.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. W. P. Noyes in fourteen days.
Mr. I. C. H. Kuster, in fourteen days.
Mr. J. B. Sandiford, in fourteen days.
Mr. H. B. Ries, in one or two months.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

Uit kragte van zeeker appoinctement van den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie, verleend op de requeste van Wm. Brumell en Colin Macrae q.q. William Postelthwaite
Zo worden door my ondergeteekende Exploiteur van Welgemelde Hove by deeze GEDAGVAARD
Alle bekende en onbekende Crediteuren van William Postelthwaite.
Omme te Compareeren voor Heeren Raaden Commissarissen uit den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie, teegens den vyffden Augustus eerstkoomende en volgende dagen.
Ten fine aldaar in materie van inductie gehoord en (is t doenlyk) geaccordeerd te worden op zodaanige propositien als door de present geweest zynde Crediteuren reeds op den 28 Mey j. l. zyn aangenoomen en dan nog nader zullen worden gedaan, ten einde aan elk hunne der [?]e[?]ven agterweezen te kunnen betaalen; zullende teegens de non Comparanten in rechten worden geeyscht als bevonden zal worden te behooren.
Rio Demerary den 17 July 1806. B. Teyssen, Expl.

TO THE PUBLIC. [heading]
An Advertisement having been inserted in Mr. Henery's Paper, dated the 5th instant, by Alexander Reid, tending to prejudice the public mind against the Subscriber, he intended at first to treat it with the contempt it deserved (as the circumstance alluded to, was well known to most Gentlemen in Essequebo and Demerary); but as the said Alexander Reid, and his medical friend James Brown, have continued to trouble the public with false assertions, he finds himself obliged to vindicate his character, by stating the facts as they stand on record, viz. that he has had legal possession given him of the N.W. Half Lot no. 13, situate on the West Coast of Essequebo, by the sentence of the Honourable Court of Justice of that River, which sentence was founded on an award of an Arbitration Bond between them by Daniel Ford and - Cox, Esquires, Arbitrators for the full settlement of all Accounts relative to the said Half Lot; and, having deposited full and satisfactory Payment, as required by the decision of the Court of that river, in the Secretary's Office, for the Balance due to A. Reid, it then remains clear that he cannot be prevented from disposing of the property to the best advantage, for the Benefit of his Creditors and Family.
Cumingsburg, July 19, 1806. Adam Knight.

TO BE SOLD. [heading]
Two excellent Virginia Chaise Geldings, the colour a bright Bay. They are a good match go well in harness, and are therefore peculiarly adapted for a Curricle; but they will run either together or separate. Apply to the Undersigned, at the House of Dr. Van Dura, where the Horses may be seen. A trial will be granted.
Demerary, July 19, 1806. J. H. Reiss.

For Sale by the Undersigned, at a reasonable Price, Four Thousand Four Hundred Feet of an inch and a half Crabwood Planks.
Werk en Rust, July 19, 1806. F. Horn.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Subscriber begs leave to inform all those who are indebted to him in his prive[accent], as well as his q.q. to come forward and pay their Accounts and Obligations, as no further indulgence can be given. In case no Notice should be taken of this friendly Advertisement, he will be under the necessity of having recourse to the Laws.
Demerary, July 18, 1806. A. Cart.

De Ondergeteekende geeven hiermeede kennisse, dat tusschen hun zeederd primo dezer, een Huys van Negotie opgericht is geworden, onder de firma van Schovers & Philippart, welkers mutueele handteekeninge gedeponneert zyn ter Secretary van Demerary & Essequebo.
Demerary, den 17 July 1806.
Schovers & Philippart.

Just Imported, and for Sale by the Subscribers, the following Goods:
[first column]
Irish Mess Beef and Pork
Beef and Mutton Hams
White and Red Herrings
Pickled Salmon
Ling Fish
Port Wine
Bottled Porter and Small Beer
Split Pease and Barley
Vinegar in jugs
Candles and Soap
Cotton and Coffee Bagging
Negro Clothing
Negro Hats
Sein and Sewing Twine
Cotton gin Cranks
Pruning Knives
Trenching Shovels
Locks and Hinges
Brass Wine Cocks
Tea kettles
Felling Axes
Carpenters' & Coopers' Tools
White rope
Boat cables
Small and large Cordage
White and brown Canvas
[second column]
Irish Linen and Sheeting
Cotton Lining and Shirting
Diaper Towelling
Table Cloths
Cambrick Muslin
Pocket Handkerchiefs
Cotton Stockings
Marseilles Waistcoating
Flannel Jackets
Cloth Coatees
Scarlet Cloth
Gunpowder and Shot
Paints and Paint Oil
Sheet Lead
Vase and Barrel Lamps
Glass ware
Table Sets of China
Gigs and Harness
Portable Writing Desks
Wine Coolers
Night Chairs
Mahogany Letter Holes
Wheel and Hand Barrows
Straw-bottom Chairs
Oats in Puncheons
Terrace in small Casks
And sundry other Articles.
[end columns]
Underwood, Johnson, & Co.
Demerary, July 19, 1806.

Just Imported in the ship Demerary, and for Sale by the Subscriber, at the House of F. Horn, Esq. in Front of Werk & Rust, the following Articles, viz.
[first column]
Best Lancashire [sic] Hams
Tongues in kegs
Tripe in ditto
Double Rose Irish Butter
Double Gloucester Cheese
Pure Ditto
Red and White Herrings in kegs
Ling Fish in boxes
Dried Round of Beef
[second column]
London Bottled Brown Stout in puncheons
Slender Ale in Ditto
Back Strapped and Hessian Boots
Patent Silk Hats
Tin Ware assorted in casks, each containing a set of Table Covers
Potatoes in excellent condition
With a vast Variety of Dry Goods
[end columns]
All for immediate Payment in Cash or Produce,
Demerary, July 19, 1806. M. Downie.

By Robert Kingston, Vendue Master.
On Friday, the 25th inst on the Premises of the late James Cooper, Esq. dec. by order of P. Cambridge, Esq. his Executor, a Lot of Land situate in Cumingsburg, with all the Buildings thereon of Colony Wood, and in good repair, in one or separate parcels, to suit the Purchaser. Also a Negro Man named Billy, House Furniture, a large assortment of Books, neatly bound, &c. &c.
On Wednesday, the 30th inst. By order of P. Reynard, Esq. opposite the Hon. the Fiscal, Dry Goods, House Furniture, Port Wine in Casks and Bottles, Snuff, Tobacco, excellent Segars, a few House Negroes, &c. &c.
On Thursday, the 31st inst. at the Store of James Lyon & Co. Beef, Pork, Pickled Salmon in kegs, Flour, Mackarel, Tongues, Tobacco, Tea, Soap, Candles, Vinegar, Lamp Oil, Nails, Loaf Sugar, Platillas, Britannias, Checks, Linen, Handkerchiefs, Stockings, Ready-made Clothes, Flannel, and a variety of other Articles.

The homeward-bound Fleet are all over the Bar, waiting the arrival of the Cygnet with the vessels from Surinam.

To the Editor of the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette.
Your notification to the Publick on the 5th inst. breathes a spirit of liberality, consonant, I trust, to the feelings of your numerous readers. Give me leave to state, for the gratification of the admirers of exalted humanity, the following Anecdote, equally creditable to the immortal Nelson and his Opponent.
At an entertainment given to Admiral Villeneuve, in Reading, previous to his departure on his parole to France, one of the company requested the Admiral to favour him with his opinion of Lord Nelson, adding, that he thought him a GREAT MAN. "Sir," answered our gallant adversary, "the energy of British Sailors is irresistible; but, in the Battle of Trafalgar, EVERY MAN was a Nelson!"
I am, Sir, your constant Reader,
July 17, 1806. B. D'Urban. [note "B" and "D'" written in in pen and ink]

The Court of Rolls and Court of Justice of this Colony will meet on Monday next, and the Court of Policy on the Monday Following.
A new Regulation has been made at the Post Office respecting the conveyance of letters, &c. to and from Berbice. The post will in future depart every Sunday and Thursday morning, and return every Tuesday and Saturday evening.
The ship George, of 500 tons, Williams, taken on her passage hence for Liverpool, and carried into Martinique, (as stated in a former paper) has been sold there for 9,500 dollars.
The Danish schooner Fly, is condemned at Angustura as a prize. So ends the Berbice passage boat. She and her Negroes cost about 400 L. and performed two voyages to Barbados in twelve months.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

July 14. Ship Ariadne, Thomas Watts, from Greenock, with Dry Goods, Provisions, etc.
July 14. Schooner Hope, W. White, from Surinam, with Cases of Gin, Tobacco, Dry Goods, &c.
July 14. Ship Kelton, G. Hewison, from Liverpool, with Provisions, Dry Goods, Plantation Stores, &c.
July 18. Ship Demerary, P. Inglis, from Liverpool, with Lime, Bricks, Tiles , Wood Hoops, Iron ditto, Tierces of Salt, Coffee Casks, Coffee Casks, Merchandise, &c.
July 19. Schooner Wealthy, George Gilbert, from New London, with Mules, Horses, Provisions, &c.

July 14. Ship Highlander, A. Stevenson, for Liverpool.
July 14. Ship Grenada, J. Duke, for London.
July 14. Ship Adventure, I. M'Kendrick, for London.
July 14. Schooner Fame, J. Lawson, for Barbados.
July 14. Brig Neptune, John Clapp, for ? [not listed]
July 14. Sloop Blackbird, P. Tynes, for Ditto.
July 15. Brig David, Kennish M'Askilly, for London.
July 15. Ship Orion, R. Ross, for London.
July 15. Ship Fame, J. Brand, for London.
July 15. Brig Industry, I. Duncan, for London.
July 16. Schooner Frankland, N. Hulbert, for New London.
July 16. Ship Ann, I. Grossaad [sic], for Greenock.
Ship Princess Royal, T. New, for Greenock.
July 16. Ship Minerva, J. Boswell, for London.
July 16. Ship Sibella, E. B[?]urton, for London.

List of Runway and Arrested Slaves. [not transcribed]

Printed by T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.


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