Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 August 09


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 189.

Saturday, the 9th of August.

His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor, thinking it absolutely necessary to bring the Militia upon as respectable footing as possible, orders the different Battalions to meet every Wednesday and Saturday morning, and expects that every individual will provide himself immediately with proper arms, and that none will absent themselves without unavoidable necessity.
By Command, John Brown.
King's House, Stabroek, Aug. 2, 1806. Aid du [sic] Camp.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. J. C. Daxon, in fourteen days.
Mr. Theodore Barrell, in fourteen days.
R. P. Tubbs, (Free Man) in fourteen days.
Mr. Levy Eliazer, in fourteen days.
Mr. Levy Cohen, in fourteen days.
Mr. Hutchinson Bridges, in fourteen days.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

By Virtue of a Decree of the Hon. Court of Criminal and Civil Justice of Demerary, bearing the date of the 23d of July last
You ARTHUR BLAIR at the Instance of F. P. van Berckel, LL.D. Fiscaal (R. O.) are SUMMONED for the second time by Edictaale Citation
To appear before the Commissary of the Honorable Court aforesaid, at the Court of Rolls to be holden at the Courthouse in the Town of Stabroek, on the eighteenth of August next ensuing and following days.
There to do away the first Default obtained against you, and further to see the Proceeding in this Case carried on according to Law cum expensis.
Demerary, the 6th of August 1806.
(Signed) F. P. Francke, Exploiteur.
A true Translation from the Dutch
(W.G. ) D. P. Simon, Sworn Translator.
Accordeerd met zyn origineel
F. P. Francke, Exploiteur.

Hier meede word voor de laatste maal bekend gemaakt, dat de Plantagie SPAARENDAM, in Courabane geleegen, met alle de gebouwen bepootingen en beplantingen slaaven &c. niets daarvan uitgesondert op den 6 September aanstannde, publicq aan de meestbiedende zal worden verkogt, alles ingevolge invent ris dagelyks ten Exploiteurs Comptoire te zien.
Iemand geneegen zynde oms voornoemde Plantagie SPAARENDAM, cum annexis, op Conditien als daartoe van ouds door de souverein bepaald, in te koopen, kame ten dage en plaatse op Plantagie voornoemd, en doen zyn profyt.
Rio Demerary den 8 Augustus 1806. M. Smit,
eerste Exploiteur.

Krachtens bekoome appointement van Zyn Excellentie den Hoog Gebooren Heer Gouverneur, &c. &c. &c.
Zo word [?]nitsdien bekend gemaakt, dat den Ondergeteekende ten overstaan van Heeren Raaden Commissarissen en Secretaris ten Raadhuise op de Hoofdplaatse Stabroek den tweede September aanstaande zal opveylen en verkepen, ten behoeve van Ths. Dunbrack het quart Erve no. 43, met alle de gebouwen daaropstaande geleegen Noorddam op Stabroek, eertyds toegehoord hebbende aan Mejuffrouw de Weduwe Conner.
Iemand die gading heest in voorschreeve erve en huisingen, kome ten dage en plaatse en doen hun profyt.
Rio Demerary, den 8 Augustus 1806. M. Smit,
eerste Exploiteur.

The Members of the Eendragt Society are hereby informed, that on Thursday, the 14th, and Thursday the 21st inst. the Balloting will take place for the proposed members to the said Society.
Demerary, Aug. 9, 1806. T. Duim, Secretary.

NOTICE. [heading]
Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned Commissaries, appointed for Charles Town, situate on the front of the plantation Le Repentir, are ready to receive proposals for building a Stelling in the front of that town; the dimensions of which, with the list of timber that will be required for the same, may be known by application to them.
Sealed Proposals are to be given in on or before the 18th instant, and the lowest offer accepted.
Demerary, Aug. 9, 1806. L. S. van s' Gravesande.
I. M. Spooner.

P. Reynard respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that he continues to manufacture Segars, Snuff, &c. as heretofore, at his residence opposite that of the Hon. the Fiscal.
Segars may be had in any quantities; Boxes of one Joe each are ready made up for the convenience of persons living at a distance, and small bundles may be had at any time for ready money.
Some excellent Creme d'Anis also for sale, as above,
Demerary, August 9, 1806.

On Monday, the 25th instant, by order of Edward M. Swint, Esq. at his Store on Robb's Stelling, Hams, Cheese, Porter, a quantity of old Rum, Cogniac Brandy, Madeira wine in bottles and casks, a great quantity of Dry Goods, &c.; likewise House Negroes, Household Furniture, viz. best Mahogany Dining Tables, Breakfast Tables, an elegant Sideboard, Chairs, Sofas, &c.
August 9, 1806.
On Tuesday the 26th inst. on the Premises (by Order of Messrs. Kent & Leslie), that large and well situated Lot of Ground, No. 1, Werk & Rust, bounded on the North by the Canal at the back of the Secretary's Office, and on the West by the property of Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach, and M'Bean. On this property there is a Logie of hard wood, covered with Wallaba shingles, 60 feet long by 30 feet wide. The Dwelling House is new and commodious, 45 feet long by 26 feet wide, two stories high and Garrets. The First Floor is divided into a Store the whole length of the house, and 18 feet wide, with a Counting Room and other conveniencies. The Second Floor contains a large Dining Room, two good Bed Chambers, a Closet, and two Sleeping Rooms above, The frame is strong, and of best Colony wood and Wallaba shingles; the yard is quite convenient for landing goods, being close alongside the trench, which will float the largest punt when loaded.
This Lot is not on Lease. The property is perpetual, and pays no Ground Rent. The House will be sold with or without the Logie as purchasers may incline. Terms made known on the day of the Sale.
On Wednesday the 27th instant, at the Store of John Benning, Esq. front of Plantation Vlissingen, a large assortment of Goods, received per the Ariadne and other late arrivals, viz Irish Butter, barrels of Pork, kegs of Crackers, Bristol Oysters, Madeira and Port Wine, loaf Sugar, white and brown Soap, Spermaceti and Mould Candles, Gentlemen's Silk Hats, Planter's Beaver ditto, Ladies' Patent and Beaver ditto, Boots and dress Shoes, fine Irish Linen, Table Cloths, Napkins, Linen and Cotton Handkerchiefs, ready made Jean Waistcoats, Kerseymere Pantaloons, Check Shirts, Negro Clothing and Blankets, old St. Vincent's Rum by the puncheon, Mahogany Dining Tables and hair-bottom Chairs, cane bottom ditto, Cases of white ivory handled Knives and Forks, Silver Spoons, and a variety of Plate,; also two or three good House Servants.
August 9, 1806. Robert Kingston.

To Be Sold at the Vendue Office reasonable, for immediate Payment,
Madeira Wine in pipes
Claret, Hock, and Port Wines in cases of 3 dozen each.
Demerary, August 9, 1806.

The Subscriber offers for Sale all his Carpenter Negroes to an approved Purchaser; or he will hire them out to any person who can give good security for the payment of their Hire.
Aug. 9, 1806. (Signed) Thos. Riding.

W. A. Leeseman has for Sale a large quantity of Fire Wood; any Person taking 50 Cords, may have them at f 7 per Cord, on fetching them from Plantation Herstelling.
Demerary, August 9, 1806.

Wanted to hire A House Boy. For further information, enquire of the Printer of this Paper.
Stabroek, August 9, 1806.

A House and Concession to Sell, well situated for Mercantile Business, the front being on the Canal, opposite the Colonial Magazine, and the back to the street which leads to the American Stelling, and which has a right to the said Stelling. For further information enquire of
Demerary, August 9, 1806. A. Cart.

In addition to the Articles named by the Subscribers in their other Advertisement, they have for Sale the following, viz Patent Silk Hats, Gentlemen's superfine Black Cloth Coats, Hoffman's Raspberry and Cherry Brandy, Hyson Tea, Golding's Lavender and Rose Water Essences, Glass, Tin, and Earthen-ware, Ladies' Straw Bonnets, Nails assorted, Kegs of white biscuits, Negro Jackets and Hats, and a great variety of Dry Goods.
Demerary, Aug. 9, 1806. G. M. Forrester.
James Elder.

The frequency with which we are called upon to correct the mistakes and refute the bold assertions of our Gazette Opponent, would be amended with considerable inconvenience, if the task were not rendered so extremely easy by the imbecility of his productions, and the strange fatality which seems to attend his efforts, whereby he constantly defeats his intended purpose, and only exposes what every prudent man would wish to conceal, namely, his own weakness.
A striking illustration of this unfortunate propensity appears in his last week's paper. Mr. Henery there charges us with undervaluing his typographical abilities, and calls upon a "diserning" Public to appreciate a conduct so "derogatary" to honour as our's has been, in accepting PROFFERED PAYMENT for the insertion in this Gazette of what we before put in for nothing. How far it is possible to undervalue Mr. Henery's abilities in the profession which he, without any right [strange reverse S symbol here], presumes to exercise, may be clearly "diserned" by the correctness (particularly in regard to spelling) with which all his works are printed; and as to the remaining part of the Charge, we flatter ourselves that the following cause of the now official appearance of the Vendue Advertisements in our paper, will prove rather more satisfactory than the "cause of their omission" in his.
It has been long since demonstrated, that when Mr. Henery first started his paper (seven months ago), he, by misrepresentation and other means, obtained the temporary countenance and support of many of the old Essequebo and Demerary Gazette's advertising friends. This loss, however lamented, could not immediately be repaired; the only mode of proceeding was to prevent it from operating to our disadvantage in more ways than one; or, in other words, to give a summary, in the way of News, of such useful information as those Advertisements contained which we were not favoured with; in order that our Subscribers might not lose in point of intelligence, however we might in point of l'argent. The Vendue Advertisements were peculiarly subject to this determination. They contain, perhaps to the majority of the readers her, the most valuable information that can be given; and therefore, with regard to public accommodation which shall ever distinguish this paper while those at present connected with it have any share in the management, that information was inserted (both in English and Dutch), without a single stuiver emolument, till the 5th of July last, when, in consequence of a proposal from the Vendue Master (not suggested by us, as Mr. H. has made a trifling mistake in asserting, we did agree to act so derogatory to honour as to receive payment. To prove the truth of this statement beyond a possibility of quibble, Mr. Kingston has obligingly granted us permission to print the following copy of his original letter to Mr. Volkerts, the then Printer of this paper:
"Mr. N. Volkerts, "Demerary, June 30, 1806.
"I should wish to know if it is agreeable to you to print the Vendue Advertisements in future in full in your paper; and, as I will receive no other advantage than having the Vendues more generally known, I presume you will have no objection to receive half what I pay Mr. Henery, which I imagine he will readily agree to relinquish at my request. Your answer by the Bearer will oblige, Sir,
Your obedient Servant, Rob. Kingston.
That Mr. Kingston's idea of making the Vendues more generally known, by inserting them fully in our paper, was just, a reference to our Subscription Book will undeniably prove; that both Sellers and Buyers will thank him for thus preferring their interests to their interests to those of a would-be-Printer, we apprehend no one will deny; and that we feel grateful to him for the justice done us, we will evince by continuing to print them, in his way, for the price he has offered; at the same time promising the Public, that, should we, from any unforeseen circumstances, be unfortunate enough ever to lose his sanction, we will then recur to our old plan, for their benefit.
Now, gentle Reader, permit us for a moment to contrast this conduct with that of our honourable accuser. Not seeming to feel the least gratitude for the seven months's [sic] exclusive emoluments that he has received from the Vendue Advertisements, to which he could have no claim but as it was the pleasure of Mr. Kingston (whose right to give them to whom he pleases is indisputable); because he cannot now exactly reap the same harvest, he rejects the price which we obtain, with complaints and disdain, and most honourably refuses to let his Subscribers know any thing respecting what so intimately concerns them, because he, forsooth, cannot think of doing that for half price, which we have so long done for nothing. We heartily wish Mr. Henery would push this chivalrous spirit a little further, and refuse to insert any thin at the price which we take. we do not pretend to deny that it is cheaper to advertise in our paper than in his; for, although we have often been found fault with for charging higher than Mr. Henery for Advertisements, we have always hitherto succeeded in convincing Gentlemen, that it was more to their advantage to pay six guilders to a paper which has so extensive a circulation as we can prove our's to have, than three guilders to one of so confined a nature as Mr. Henery's; and we thank Mr. H. for giving us room to enlarge on this subject in future, by his conduct with respect to the Vendues. [footnote? Perhaps related to strange symbol noted above, follows]According to the English Law, no man may exercise the Printing Business, unless he has served a regular Apprenticeship to it of seven years. Mr. Henery therefore [illegible] prints by sufferance.
We will now give Mr. H. a piece of information, which may perhaps prevent him from again making a rod to tickle his own back. The Newspaper which has the greatest circulation, will always [illegible] Advertisements wherever the least Liberty of the Press prevails, and the way to obtain a large circulation is to make the paper generally useful and entertaining - not, for selfish, paltry considerations, to withhold the only interesting article it contained. In vain, therefore, may he attempt to explain his cause - in vain may he endeavour to throw the blame upon us - let him Marshal all his forces to the attack; until he can bring the understandings of me down to his own level, he will never make them believe, that the best way to make any thing publickly known is to put it in a paper which nobody thinks worth looking at; or, that the most probable method of gaining readers for his paper, is to discontinue publishing that information which most people are particularly anxious to learn.

The last June packet arrived here on Tuesday evening.

There will be a Meeting of the Board of the Orphan Chamber on Wednesday next; and on Monday the 18th, the Court of Rolls will assemble:
The General Militia Orders, inserted in our First Page, were read on parade this morning; after which the Battalion was informed by the Commander, Major Macrae, that on the Wednesday morning, each company would be exercised by its commanding officer, whereever [sic] he should think proper, after first mustering on the ground before the Secretary's Office; and that every Saturday morning there would be a general parade.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

August 9. Brig Harriot, F. Smith, from New London, with Horses, Cows, Mules, Oxen, Beef, Pork, Bread, Fish, Butter, Tar, Wood and Iron Hops, Water Hhds., Staves, Candles, and Oysters.

August 7. Brig John & Ann, Thomas Percival, from [sic] Barbados.

Printed by T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.

Supplement to the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette.

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