Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 September 27


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 196.

Saturday, the 27th of September.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: Mr. Arind Hendk. Walstab, in three weeks, Sept. 20.
Mr. Joseph Clarke, in fourteen days, Sept. 27.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

Word mits deezen aan elk en een ieglyk die het aangaat bekend gemaakt, dat de Heer James Parss voorneemens is binnen den tyd van agt dagen zig met [illegible] woon te begeeven op desselfs Plantagie La Resource op de West Zee Kust van Essequebo, alwaar hy zyn Domicilium Citandi et Executandi gekoozen heest
In kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clercq.
Rio Demerary, den 26 Sept. 1806

By Virtue of a Decree of the Hon. Court of Justice, dated the 17th of September, 1806,
Are hereby for the second time SUMMONED by Me in quality as Marshal, at the Suit of P. C. Mickerts, Executor to the Estate of the late W. Stoel,
All known and unknown Creditors of the late W. Stoel,
To appear before the Hon. The Commissaries of the said Court, at their fourteen days Sittings, which will be holden on the 6th of October next, in the Capital of Stabroek
In order to deliver in their Pretensions, and to declare their Suppositions, otherwise after the Four Edicts, the non appearers will be prosecuted according to Law, in order to obtain a perpetual silentium
Demerary, den 26 Sept 1806. H. C. Evertsz, Exploiteur

By Virtue of the Authorisation comprehended in the Appointment by the Honorable Court of Justice, granted on the Petition of P. A. Mo[umlaut]ller,
Are by the Undersigned first Marshal of said Court of Justice
All known and unknown Creditors of P. A. Mo[umlaut]ller,
To appear before the Honorable Court of Justice, at their Session to be holden on the 6th of October next, and following days there to hear, in Case of Induction (and, if possible), to agree to the Proposals, or such other arrangements as shall then be made; at which time, in case no arrangements can be made between the Parties, the said Court will, ex officio, dispose of the Business as to them shall seem meet. Meanwhile all further Proceedings against the said P. A. Mo[umlaut]ller are stopt, and remain in state of surchance, until the Disposition of the said Court shall be known.
Rio Essequebo, Sept. 17, 1806. F. W. Tuckermann,
First Marshal

Wanted Cash for Bills drawn by the Hon. Orphan Chamber on A. A. Verhamme, at Amsterdam, for Twelve Thousand Guilders. Any person inclining to purchase them, please to give in sealed tenders, including their offers, on or before the 7th of October, 1806, at the Orphan Office, as on the 8th these tenders will be opened at the Meeting of the Board, and the highest offer accepted.
By Order of the Board of the Orphan Chamber,
Demerary, Sept. 26, 1806. F. A. Vernede, prv Gref.

From the Wood Ground called Experience, situated in this river, on the 22d of this month, with a Coriaal, Six Carpenter Negroes, named Babb, Jazon, Hector, Klaus, Alexander, & Biram, belonging to the Undersigned. Whoever lodges the said Negroes in the Barracks shall be handsomely rewarded. Every person is warned, as well as Captains of Ships, not to harbour or detain the said Negroes, on pain of being prosecuted to the utmost rigour of the Law.
Demerary, Sept. 26, 1806. S. Jeems.

De Heer Gwin Jones heest zyn Domicilium Citandi ten huyze van den Soliciteur Huiberts,
Stabroek, den 27 Sept. 1806.

On Tuesday the 30th instant, at the house of C. Smit, Esq. J.Z. Werk & Rust, a large assortment of Dry Goods, Plated ware, and a variety of other Articles.
Sept. 26, 1806.
On Thursday, the 2d October, by order of Mr. N. Winandy, at his house on Werk & Rust, nearly opposite that of the Hon. C. Vincent, a large assortment of excellent Liquors, Dry Goods, Household Furniture, consisting of a large and small Wardrobe, secretary, dining, and card Tables, Sofas, Chairs, Looking Glasses, Pictures, Hall Lamps, Cylinders, water Buts, &c. Also House Negroes, a Copying Machine, two English Globes, Maps, Glass Cases, a tin Shower bath, a small Distilling Kettle complete, French Books, &c. &c.
Sept. 27, 1806.
On Tuesday the 7th October, by order of P. Cambridge and Alex. Reith, Esqrs. Executors of Thomas Milbourne, deceased, at his late residence, Three Dwelling Houses situated in Robb's Town, several Carpenter and House Negroes, Furniture, Wearing Apparel, &c. &c.
Sept. 26, 1806.
On Monday the 13th October, by order of O. I. Laurin, at his Store on Werk & Rust, the following Provisions, viz. Fish in Hogsheads and Boxes, Mess Beef in whole and half Barrels, Cargo No. 1 in ditto ditto, Pork, Mackarel, Tongues in ditto, Shad in ditto, Butter in Firkins and Kegs, Hams, Candles, Soap, Vinegar, Lamp Oil in Barrels, Tobacco in ditto and Hogsheads, Rice, Port Wine, &c.
On the same day and place will also be offered for sale, if not previously disposed of by private contract. Two Concessions with the Buildings thereon, a well-rigged Colony Schooner, with or without Boat Negroes, House Furniture, Glass and Earthen ware, Linens, Nankeen, Gin, Brandy, Rope, Nails, and what further may be brought forward on the day of sale.
Sept 27, 1806.
On Wednesday the 15th October, by order of Jas. Parss, Esq. the House and Lot, with a Stelling and a House thereon, lately occupied by Messrs. Remy & Boter in Werk & Rust. At the same time, a Schooner Boat about 18 months ld, 34 feet long by 13 feet beam, with her Sails, Rigging, &c. all nearly new.
Sept. 27, 1806.

The Underwritten hereby gives Notice to all whom it may concern, that he no longer acts as one of Mr. Wm. Postlethwaite's Attornies, having resigned that Situation by a formal act at the Secretary's Office.
Sept 26, 1806. Colin Macrae.

Persons having demands of any nature or kind soever, against Hannah Fowke, deceased, are required to send them in to the Subscriber, within six weeks from this date.
Demerary, Sept 24, 1806. G. M. Forrester,

On Wednesday next, the 1st of October, will be exposed for sale, at the Subscriber's Store in Cumingsburg, (under the Formalities prescribed by a Proclamation of his Excellency James Montgomerie, Brig. Gen. and Governor, dated 30th November, 1805.)
220 young Windward Coast Negroes
Imported in the Ship Admiral Nelson
Sept. 25, 1806. W. Heathcote.

FOR SALE, [heading]
That Half Lot of Land, lying on the West side of Demerary River, being the lower fifty Roods of Plantation Strick & Heuvel, the Property of the Hon. F. C. Loncke. There is a Pottery established on the place, with a Kiln for burning the Ware, and every necessary Apparatus, so that the Business could be carried on to any extent, as well as Brick and Tile making. Two experienced Potter negroes will be sold along with the Estate if wanted. The Land is empoldered to the depth of Two Hundred and Fifty Roods, and there are about Fifteen Acres of Plantains. There are Two comfortable and roomy Dwelling Houses on the Estate, besides Negro and Stock Houses. Terms will be made reasonable to an approved Purchaser.
Further Particulars may be known by application to William Allanby, M.D.; the Proprietor; or to Mr. Downie.
Demerary, Sept. 27, 1806.

Benoodigt een tuin baas van een goed gedrag. Verder informatie adres by den drukker deezes.
den 27 Sept 1806

Heden voor de middag een half ellf uuren, overleed naa een ziekte van maar tien uuren, in den ouderdom van veertien maanden minder vyf dagen, myn eenigste dogteirje Charlotte Phillippine Wilhelmine Luise; zy is thans gelukkig: - maar helaas! ouders, die gy zeeker met ons voeld voor haar overgebreeven troostlooze Vader en Moeder is geen vrengde meerBloed vrienden! Vrienden! en alle zoo haar gekent hebben, betreurd stilschwygend met ons haar verlies.
I. F. H. Von Schuler.
Mahaica den 23 Sept. 1806.

FOR HIRE. [heading]
A Very Convenient House, situate on Werk & Rust in complete repair, with a new Horse Stable, Kitchen, Oven, and other necessary Buildings; inquire at the Office of
Sept. 26, 1806. I. T. Mathews, Adv.

Although the Duke of Kent packet, with the first August [illegible] reached Barbados the 11th inst. no mail-boat has yet reached here; there is therefore much reason to fear that she is taken.

A schooner privateer is off this harbour on Sunday evening, it was hardy enough to come close in, and make a signal for a pilot, when a boat with three negroes was sent on board; the enemy, however, did not detain them. On the mistake being discovered, the Skipjack and Affiance stood out for her, but without success.

His Majesty's brig Demerara, Capt. Patterson, which arrived here on Tuesday, fell in with a privateer, supposed to be the above; but she could do nothing with her, owing to her great superiority in sailing. The Demerara again went out on Wednesday evening.

The Court of Rolls and Commissary Court of Essequebo and Demerary will meet on Monday the 6th of October; and on Wednesday the 8th of October there will be a meeting of the Board of the Orphan Chamber.

The sailing of the homeward merchant fleet is, we understand, postponed for a month, in consequence of the intelligence brought by Capt. Patterson.

The following Promotions and Appointments have taken place this week in the 1st Battalion of the Demerary Militia.
Lieut. I. T. Mathews to be Captain, vice Vernede, resigned.
Lieut. James Robertson to be Captain, vice M'Leod, resigned.
John Johnson, Gent. to be Lieutenant, vice De Veer, promoted.
Robert Bell, Gent. to be Lieutenant, vice Naghton, promoted.
Jos. Bergh, Gent. to be Lieutenant, vice Donavan.

We understand that a Building of triple utility is about to be erected where the old Government House formerly stood. The centre is to be a tower, whereon will be placed a clock, and on one side will be a guard-house, on the other an armoury. We are not in possession of the plan, and therefore cannot state it correctly; but the above, we believe, are the purposes the intended building is meant to answer.

On Sunday last died Thos. Milbourn, Esq. one of the oldest inhabitants in Town. He was buried with military honours the next morning in Werk & Rust; the Light Company of the Militia (to which the deceased belonged), and about 40 other respectable Gentlemen, attending.

Suicide - Yesterday morning a Negro was discovered hanging on a tree in the Middle Walk of Plantation Vlissingen. He was a yellow skinned young negro, apparently a house-boy, about 5 feet 3 inches in height, slim made, and, from the marks on his temples, presumed to be of the Ebo nation. The poor devil had rigged himself out for his exit, in, no doubt, his best clothes; having on a new white shirt, new red and black striped woollen [sic] pantaloons, patent spring slings (braces, suspenders, or gallowses), a purple and white checked cotton waistcoat, and a Madras red silk handkerchief, with white spots, round his neck. The owner of this infatuated wretch is at present unknown; but any person missing a negro of the above description, may see the clothes by applying at the before-mentioned estate.

We have heard that it is customary in some Colonies to cut off the head of any negro making away with himself, and fix it on a post, as an example to others; and this mode appears to us very eligible; for, however they may wish to revive in their native country (a mistaken notion of the possibility of which is supposed to influence them), we apprehend the idea of returning without a head would greatly check, if not completely dissipate, this foolish delusion.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Sept. 24. Schooner Tom, Th. Fannch, from St. Vincent, in ballast.

Sept. 23. Ship Duke of Kent, J. Dougall, for Liverpool.
Sept. 24. Schooner ['Shooner' in text] Isabella, W. Marshall, for Boston.

List of Runway and Arrested Slaves. [not transcribed]

Printed by T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.

Supplement to the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette.


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