Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 October 04


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 197.

Saturday, the 4th of October.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. Joseph Clarke, in fourteen days. Sept. 27.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

By Virtue of a Decree of the Hon. Court of Justice of this Colony, dated the 19th instant, Notice is given to those concerned, that I. S. Masse & W. Mooy are acknowledged by the said Court as Trustees, appointed by the Hon. Court of Justice of Essequebo, to the Estate of G. H. Trotz, Esq. deceased, with regard to the Properties of the said Estate under their jurisdiction.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, Sept. 28, 1806. P. F. Tinne
Deputy Secretary.

Alzo de Heer John Austin, Med. Doct. gebooren te Barbados, Weduwnaar, ter eenre,
En Vrouwe Mary Reading, Weduwe van wylen de Wel Edele Gestrenge Heer William Parkinson, in leeven oud Raad ven Justitie deezer rivier, ter andere zyde,
Van voorneemens zyn met elkander een wettig Huwelyk aantegaan zoo als dezelve op den 2de dezer ten overstaan van Heeren Raaden Commissarissen uit den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie deezer Rivier in ondertrouw zyn opgenoomen,
Zoo word zulks mits deezen aan elk en een iegelyk geadverteerd ten einde die geene welke vermeenen zich teegens dit vorgenoome Huwelyk te kunnen opponeeren zulks in tyds te doen ter plaatse waar zulks behoord.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary dezen 3de October 1806.
In kennisse van my
J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clercq.

[Pieter Johan Loovan banns of matrimony]

Worden by deesen alle bekende en onbekende Crediteuren, dewelke sustineeren eenig recht of pretentie te hebben, op ende jeegens 't provenue der by Executie verkogte Plantagie Spaarendam, te behoord hebbend D. Breton, I.D.Z. by Edicte GEDAGVAARD,
Omme te Compareeren ofte Gemachtigde te zenden voor den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie Sessie houndende op de Hoofdplaats Stabroek, teegens den 17de November eerstkoomende, en volgende dagen.
Ten einde te aanhooren zodanige Eisch en Conclusie als in cas van prae en Concurrentie over dat provenue teegens hun zal willen doen en neemen, daar op te aantwoorden, en verders voort te procedeeren als na Rechten.
Rio Demerary, den 3de October 1806. H. C. Evertz, Exploiteur.

Gifford L. Davis & Co. have just received per the Howe, Capt. Lusk, a supply of fresh and genuine Medicines
which they will dispose of on their usual Terms.
Demerary, October 4, 1806.

The Harbour-Master's and Sexton's Offices are removed to the House formerly occupied by Dr. Wolff
Demerary, Oct. 4, 1806.

Den Ondergeteekenden maakt aan 't geerd publicq bekend, dat hy zfn Domicilium Citandi et Executandi gekoosen heest op de plantagie Blankenburg, aan de West Zeekust, en dat de geenen welke eenige zaaken met hem heeben, zig zullen gelieven te addresseeren by den Heer C. Muller, ten huyze van den Heer N. Cline, op Werk & Rust, welke tot waarneeming en verrigting zyner zaaken behoorlyk gequalificeerd is.
Demerary, den 4de October 1806. J. C. Wolff.

Drifted, a large Punt, from the Logie belonging to the Subscriber, on the night of the 26th of September, remarkable wide in the middle, with two large knees in the bow, and no beam in her. Whoever will give information where she may be found, shall be handsomely rewarded by applying to
Demerary, October 3, 1806. Hugh Holms.

The Undersigned hereby informs all those whom it may concern, that his Domicilium Citandi et Executandi is with Mr. Coutelat, on Plantation Velzenhoofd, on the East Side of this river.
Demerary, October 4, 1806. N. Winandy.

Allen de geenen die iets te pretendeeren hebben, ofte verschuldigd zyn, aan den boedel van wylen J. G. Schubert, gelieve daarvan ten spoedigsten opgaave en betaaling te doen aan den Ondergeteekende, in qualiteit als aangestelde Curateur van deeze boedel.
Berbice, October 4, 1806. George Pauels.

Allen de geenen die iets te pretendeeren hebben, ofte verschuldigd zyn, aan den boedel van wylen L. H. Wythoff, en C. A. Bollaertz, gelieve daarvan ten spoedigsten opgaave en betaalinge te doen aan den Ondergeteekende, inn qualiteit als aangestelde Curateur in deeze boedel.
Berbice, October 4, 1806. W. Strik.

For Sale by the Undersigned, Manager of Ruimveld Estate, Country wood Planks of every dimension and description, at the shortest notice.
Demerary, Oct. 3, 1806. N. M. Manget.

FOR LIVERPOOL. [heading]
To Sail with the first Convoy, the Ship Admiral Nelson, James Barker, Master. For Freight or Passage apply to W. Heathcote.
Cumingsburg, Oct. 4, 1806.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Subscribers inform their Friends and the Public, that they carry on at present the Blacksmith, Horseshoeing, and Farrier's Business, on Lot No. 92, in Cumingsburg, opposite Messrs. King and Co. in which it will be their constant study to give satisfaction to those Gentlemen who may favour them with their custom. J. Ballard.
Oct. 3, 1806. F. Holladay.

On Tuesday, the 14th instant, by order of J. Tuite, Esq. q.q. Arthur Blair, Esq. at the House lately occupied by him on the Brick Dam, Stabroek, Household Furniture consisting of a Dining Table for 24 Persons, Tea and Card Table, Sofas, Mahogany Chairs, Beds and Bedding, Table and Bed Linen, an elegant Clock, Silver and gilt Forks and Spoons, Knives, and a variety of other Articles.
Oct. 4, 1806.
On Thursday the 16th, and Friday the 17th instant, at the Store of Mr. James Robertson, in the New Town, an elegant Assortment of Muslins, consisting of Plain, Laced, Black, and Book Muslins, Jeans and Nankeens, Calico Cambricks, Corded Dimities, Twilled Muslins, Checquered Mull and fine Cambrick Handkerchiefs, Tamboured ditto a variety of Silk and Muslin Shawls, very fine Jaconet Muslin, Hair Cords, Jean Cambricks, Checquered ditto, mixed and plain Chambray Muslins, White Calicoes, Black Cambricks and Chintz, Ribbons, Pullicat Handkerchiefs, Black Patent Lace, Ladies' habit Gloves, ditto Black,
Buff, and White ditto and Mitts, Silk and Cotton Hose, Baby Flannel, Pink, White, Green, Blue, and Black Persian &c. &c. &c.
Oct. 4, 1806.
On Monday, the 20th instant, at the Vendue Office, by order of Robert Phipps, Esq. Curator of the Boedel of Sarah Parfit, deceased, Six Negro Women - Two very good Sellers, the rest Washerwomen and House Servants.
On the same Day also will be sold, by order of J. Feuillet, Esq. a good Negro Captain, well acquainted with both Coasts, some Cows, a Bull and Oxen in excellent order, &c. &c. &c.
Oct. 4, 1806.
On Wednesday, the 22d instant, by order of Messrs. C. F. Guintzel & Co. at their Store on Robb's Stelling, a variety of Dry Goods, Provisions, a Schooner boat, quite new, 30 Feet, and 12 Feet Beam.
Oct. 4, 1806.
On Monday, the 27th instant, by order of John Benning, at his Store, the following Articles, Beef in half barrels, Oysters, Gin in cases, Old Rum and Brandy in kegs from 6 to 10 gallons, Soap, Cotton Stockings and Ancle Socks, Boots, fine India Dimity, fine ready-made Shirts, several Articles of Household Furniture, viz a set of Mahogany Dining Tables, Ten Mahogany Hair bottom Chairs, Two Arm ditto, an elegant Bookcase and Bureau, with a number of English Books, a pair of Pier Glasses, Two Knife Cases with ivory handled Knives and Fork, Silver table and Tea Spoons, ditto Forks, also a good House Negro Boy.
Oct. 4, 1806.

Den Ondergeteekende heest zyn Domicilium Citandi et Executandi verkoozen ten huize van de Heer H. D. Obermuller
Demerary, den 4 Oct. 1806. G. F. Perret.

TO BE SOLD, [heading]
An excellent Creole negro Man Cook, a good Sawyer Negro (without Faults), and a Mulatto House Boy, also the House and Full Lot, No. 233, situated in Cumingsburg, on the main Road from the Block House, now occupied by Mrs. Thornton; an elegant Phaeton, with Harness complete, newly arrived from London; and a remarkably strong built Punt, of 30 feet keel. Apply to
Kingston, Oct. 4, 1806. Wm. Latham.

We are happy to state that the apprehensions entertained for the safety of the mail, were ill founded. It at length reached this port in the Reasonable, Capt. Carter, late on Thursday evening, after a most unreasonable passage of 17 days, part of which she was becalmed off Oronoko. The Post Office was crowded at an early hour the next morning; every person being of course extremely solicitous for his papers. The calm which Captain Carter experienced, however, very much ruffled the countenances of many, particularly those who (from having betted a trifle, perhaps,) and from the long delay, concluded that both the August mails must have come, and therefore expected to receive the terms of Peace, already cut and dried to their hands. In short, the letters and papers are of no later date than we were before in possession of from the kindness of friends; but, having now received them regular, we have been enabled to select many things which we could not before notice. Mr. Williams, naturally imagining the inhabitants of Berbice would be equally anxious, dispatched a messenger with the letters there the same day.

His Majesty's Brig Demerara, Capt. Patterson, put into Berbice on Sunday evening last, after a cruise to windward, whence she again sailed on Tuesday, and arrived here on Thursday morning. Capt. Patterson brings advice of a most gallant action having been fought, a few days ago, to windward of Surinam, between his Majesty's gun-brig the Swinger, of 14 eighteen-pounders, and a French frigate of 36 guns. The very superior force of the enemy was not discovered till there was not alternative but to fight or run ashore; on which the captain consulted his officers, when every man nobly determined to fight. The action accordingly soon commenced with great spirit on both sides; and, in the end, the tight little true heart of oak completely bear the Frenchman off. The gun brig, as may be expected, is very much cut up in her rigging, &c. and has some men killed and wounded; but we are not yet in possession of minute particulars.

The Howe brig, Capt. Lusk, one of the London Fleet, laden principally with Government stores, arrived on Wednesday evening. She parted from the fleet 10 days before, in the latitude of Barbados. There were three more for this port, viz. the Hawkesbury, Paxton, and Jane, and there are three vessels now off the Bar, supposed to be them.
The Harriet guineaman came in last night.

The Court of Rolls and Commissary Court of Essequebo and Demerary will meet on Monday; and on Wednesday there will be a meeting of the Board of the Orphan Chamber.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Sept. 29. Brig Phoebe, J. Bouton, from New York, with Pork, Beef, Tongues, Butter, Salt, Axes, Bars Iron, Cod fish, Tea, Flour, Capers, Segars, Pickled Oysters, Medicine, Spermaceti, and Mould Candles, Smoked Herrings and Salmon, Pickled ditto, Gin, Brandy, Lamp Oil, Tar, Pitch, Rosin, Tobacco, Soap, Butter [sic - a repeat], Salt [sic - a repeat], Vinegar, Onions, Lumber.
Oct. 1. Brig Fanny, I. De Wolff, from Wilmington, with Lumber, R. O. Hhd. Shooks, Cypress Shingles, Potatoes, Ship Bread, Sheep, flour, Garden Seed, Onions.
Oct. 1. Schooner Camilia, J. Vaughan, from St. Bartholomew's, with 200 Barrels of Salt.
Oct. 3. Brig Howe, J. Lusk, from London, with sundry merchandize.
Oct. 4. Schooner Ariel, G. Kimball, from New London, with horses, Oxen, Cows, Mules, Sheep, Beef, Pork, Ship and Pilot Bread, Crackers, Tar, Oil, Water Hhds, Oars, Wood Hoops, Oats, Staves, Dead Eyes, Mast Hoops, hanks, Shooks, Onions, Garden Seed, Soap, Candles, Potatoes, Pickled Fish.

Oct. 3. Schooner Richard, G. W. Halsey, for New London.
Oct. 3. Brig Paulina, J. Murch, for Boston.
Oct. 4. Schooner Mary, J. Callahan, from [sic] New York.

List of Runway and Arrested Slaves. [not transcribed]

Printed by T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.


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