Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 October 18


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 199.

Saturday, the 18th of October.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. John Foal, in fourteen days, from October 7.
Mr. John Dickson, in two months, from October 8.
Mr. Robert Craig, in fourteen days, from October 8.
Mr. Loring Barker, in fourteen days, from October 8.
Mr. Nic. Rousselet, in fourteen days, from October 11.
Mr. Chas. Brough, in fourteen days, from October 14.
Mr. Chas. Love, in fourteen days, from October 18.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

Ingevolge 't Appointement veleend door Zyn Excellentie den Hoog Geboore Heere H. W. Bentinck, Lieut. Gouverneur, den 11de dezer maand October, zal op Dingsdag, den 4de November aanstaande, door den eerste Exploiteur deezer Colonie ten puye van 't Raadhuys alhier publicq by Parate Executie worden verkogt ten kosten, in pericule van John Lannan, en deszelfs Borgen, als in gebreeke bebleeven aan de voldoening der Conditien van Executoriaale Verkooping d. d. 3de Dec. a.p.
Een Waterlot en daaropstaande huysinge bekent geweest als 't Demerary Hotel, zoo groot en klein als 't zelve op de voorgrond van pl. Vlissingen geleegen is, voormaal behoorende aan John Robb.
Iemand daarin gading hebbende kome ten daage en plaatse voorsch aanhoore de Condititien, en doen zyn profyt. F. P. Francke,
Rio Demerary den 13de October 1806 Exploiteur.

Op Dingsdag, die weezen zal, den 4de November deezes jaars, zal op 't Raadhuys alhier door den Eerste Exploiteur publicq by Executie worden verkogt de navolgende Goederen, als:
In Causa Thomas Atkins Triumphant, contra A. W. Cozier secumbant,
Een derde gedeelte van 't Lot No. 15 [could be '25'] op de voorgrond van Pl. Vlissingen, of zoo groot en klein 't zelve aldaar geleegen is met alle Servituiten en Gerechtig heeden daartoe behooren [illegible] mitsgaders een woonhys lang 2[?] en breed 25 voeten voorzien met een Waschhuys, &c.
En ten behoeve van Edward Jones Triumphant, contra I. Thibou Mathews Gesecumbeerde.
Vier stuks Negers, met namen Spadilje, La Fleur, Hannah, and [sic] Sarah.
Iemand eenig recht of Eigendom daar op sustineerende, addresseere zich behoorlyk met deszelfs reedenen van oppositie als rechtens subpoene van verstek.
En zy die gading daarin hebben, koome op tyd en plaats voorsch aanhoore de Conditien, en doen hun profyt. F. P. Francke,
Rio Demerary, den 13 de October 1806. Exploiteur.

Vermoogens geobtineerede Appointement by zyn Excellentie den hoog Edele Geboore Heer H. W. Bentinck, Lieutenant Gouverneur over de Colonien Essequebo and [sic] Demerary, Praesident in alle Collegien &c. &c. &c. d.d. 3de October 1806,
Op de Requeste van Loving Barker, zo in prive als Generaale Gemachtigde van de Ersgenaamen abintestato wylen Macumber Barker.
Word door my ondergeschreeven Exploiteur van den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie deezer Colonie voor de eerste maale by Edicte GEDAGVAARD,
Alle bekende en onbekende Crediteuren van de Boedel voorm. om te Compareeren of Gemagtigdens te zenden ter ordinairis Sessie van Justitie op de Hoofdplaatze Stabroek, in Rio Demerary, den 17de November eerstkoomende, en volgende dagen.
Ten fine een iegelyk zyn pretentien te koomen op en aangeeven, en voorts daar by te dienen van hunnen sustinuen als na Raade, zullende na expiratie van deezen 1, 2, 3, en 4 laatsste exsuperabundantie Edicte geprocedeerd worden, tot het obtineeren van het euwig silentium zynde dit het eerste Edictaale Citatie gepubliceerd en geassigeerd daar en zoo het behoord
E. J. Bertho Loncke, Exploiteur.
Rio Demerary, den 16de October 1806.

The Inhabitants of Stabroek, and its Environs, who want to send their Horses to water to the Plantation, are requested to order their Servants to conduct them by the Bridles, as the only means to prevent them from galloping on the public road, as they are doing daily.
It is also required that the Servants are provided with a pail, that they may give the Horses Water at a distance from the Canal, to prevent injuring it.
None, after this date, will be permitted to give the Horses water, excepting those who will conform themselves to the above
restrictions. F. Martin.
Plantation Ruimveld, Oct. 18, 1806.

Old London Particular Madeira Wine [heading]
In Pipes, Hogsheads, and Quarter Casks, [heading]
Imported by the Ship George, Capt. James Pryce; [heading]
Also a few Pipe of Choice wine, formerly imported, to be sold by F. C. Otto
N.B. Any Gentleman inclined to purchase a quantity of the said Wine, will meet with it on reasonable Terms.
Demerary, Oct. 18, 1806.

TAKE NOTICE. [heading]
Absented herself from the Subscriber on the 11th inst. a Negro Girl, named Betty, formerly the property of R. Clark, Esq. Any person who will deliver her to the Subscriber, or place her in the Barracks, will be rewarded. All persons are cautioned not to harbour her, as the Law will be enforced against such offenders.
Oct. 18, 1806. N. Hart.

The Undersigned hereby gives Notice to all whom it may concern, that he no longer acts as one of Mr. A. Knight's Attornies, having resigned that Situation.
Demerary, Oct. 16, 1806. James Knight.

On Tuesday, the 28th instant, at the Vendue Office, by order of F. Horn, Esq. q.q. the Estate of E. I. Bo[umlaut]hm, by Virtue and Authority of the Honorable Court of Justice of this Colony, dated the 20th of September last. The concession No. 9, situated on the front Lands of Plantation Werk & Rust, with all the Buildings, &c. &c.
Oct. 17, 1805.
On Monday the 3d, and Tuesday the 4th of Nov. at the House of Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach, and M'Bean, assorted Earthenware in casks, Half Firkins Butter, Kegs of Ox Tongues, Irish Beef in barrels, ditto Pork in half barrels, Herrings in barrels, Glauber Salts in kegs of 112 lbs, Printed Calicoes, Scotch Huckaback, Diaper, and Table Cloths of different sizes, Ham, Dowlas, Brown Holland, Platillas, Nun's Thread, Adelphi Cotton, &c. &c.
Oct. 17, 1806.
On Wednesday the 5th, and Thursday the 6th of Nov. at the House of Mr. C. D. Forrester (per order of James Elder & Co.) a large assortment of excellent Provisions, recently imported, consisting of Irish Butter, Irish Mess Beef and Pork in whole and half barrels, a few quarter barrels of Beef and Pork, put up expressly for private use and warranted unusually prime, Tripe in jars and kegs, hams, Oysters, Sea Biscuit, an assortment of Earthenware, Ironmongery, coarse Irish Linen, Silk Hats, Cherry Brandy, London Porter and Bristol Beer, boxes of Soap and Candles, Books, Shoes, Ready-made Clothes, &c. &c. and a small quantity of London Particular Madeira in pipes, hogsheads, and quarter casks.
Oct. 17, 1806.

The Subscribers have for Sale at their Store in Cumingsburgh, the Cargoes of the Brig Leopard and Schooner Success, from Kennebeck and Portsmouth, N. A. consisting of
[first column]
White Pine Boards and Planks
Red Oak Staves and Shooks
White Oak Shooks and Heading
Shingles and Oars
[second column]
Salt Fish in hhds. and boxes
Alewives in barrels
Superfine Flour in ditto
Lamp Oil &c. &c.
[end columns]
Dem. Oct. 18, 1806. Telford, Naghten, & Co.

For Sale by the Undersigned, a Logie Frame of inland Wood, two stories high, 55 feet long and 24 broad; also a six-oared Tent boat, 30 feet long, with a set of new sails, together with a large Plantation Punt, 36 feet long and 11 feet broad. Apply to I. P. Slengarde.
Zuzanna's Rust, Oct. 18, 1806.

A Coffee Estate, named the Catharina, situated on the West Bank of Demerary River, opposite the Land of Cannan Estate, Containing
660 Acres, more or less,
The Estate is well supplied with Plantains, and will be sold with One Hundred Negroes. Further Particulars may be known on application to F. C. Loncke, or C. D. Forrester.
Demerary, Oct. 18, 1806.

NOTICE. [heading]
Great Liberties having of late been taken with the Bee Hive Estate in this River, the Representatives are resolved to use every means for preventing in future such improper freedom, and give this Notice, that any Person found on the Estate, or within the limits thereof in Camoonie Creek, cutting or carrying away Timber, Troolies, Bricks, &c. will be dealt with according to Law; and that they have authorised Charles Edmonstone and George C. Wallace, Esqrs. to put the same in execution.
The Estate has lately been surveyed, and divided into Six Parts by a Sworn land Measurer. Any Person inclined to purchase one or more Parts thereof, will please apply to the said Charles Edmonstone, or G. C. Wallace, Esqrs. (who will point out the different Lots) or either of the Underwritten. Thomas Cuming,
Demerary, Oct. 15, 1806. Lachlan Cuming,
q.q. Pl. Bee Hive

Andrew Wise begs leave to inform the Gentlemen Planters and boat-Builders on this River, that he carries on Blacksmith's Work and mending Coppers at the mouth of Madwyne Creek. He hopes to give satisfaction to any Person that will favour him with their custom.
Demerary, Oct. 18, 1806.

All the Creditors of V. Heins, Esq. late of this colony, but now of Surinam, are hereby requested to meet at the House of the Undersigned, on Saturday, the 1st of November next, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in order, if possible, to make an amicable arrangement of his Affairs.
Stabroek, Oct. 18, 1806. F. Van Kinschot, q.q.

The Members of the Eendragt Society are hereby informed, that on Wednesday, the 29th inst. there will be a General Meeting, when a Balloting will take place.
Demerary, Oct. 18, 1806. T. Duim, Secretary.

The Person who picked my Pocket at Mr. Blair's Vendue of a Pair of Plated Snuffers, is requested either to return the same, or to send for the Snuff Dish also, as the one without the other is rather useless.
October 15, 1806. J. Huiberts.

POST OFFICE. [heading]
The Postmaster - finding that, notwithstanding the cautionary Advertisement inserted in this paper the 21st of June last (relative to Masters of Vessels delivering their Letters at the Post Office, as is by Law directed), the practice of giving them to others still continues - hereby again informs the Publick, that no person whatever has a right to demand or receive Letters of any master, but the Postmaster or his agent Mr. Perry. The Act of Parliament particularly specifies, that all Letters are to be delivered through the medium of the Post Office, and its provisions must be complied with. Owners of vessels may rest assured that their Letters will be sent to them immediately, free of postage; but the Masters must first deliver them at the Post-Office, or the Law will be enforced against them.
It being extremely inconvenient and laborious to the Postmaster to keep open Accounts, Gentlemen are requested to come to a settlement immediately after the dispatch of each Mail. - Demerary, Oct. 18, 1806.

Just Imported, by the Undersigned, in the Bellisle, Capt. Gemmill, and for sale at his Store, at moderate Prices, for immediate Payment in Cash, Cotton or Coffee, at Colony Price, the following Articles:
[first column]
Prime Irish Beef and Pork
Spiced Salmon
Whole and Half Firkins of Irish Butter
Barley and Split Pease
Refined Sugar
Hyson Tea
Florence Oil
Black Pepper
Bristol Beer
London Brown Stout
Soap and Candles
Paints and Paint Oil
Nails, Hinges, Bolts, and Locks assorted
Knives and Forks
Plated Candlesticks
Frying Pans, Gridirons
Coffee and Pepper Mills
Fish Hooks
Saddles and Bridles
Curry-combs and Brushes
Halters, Whips
Hussar boots
Gentlemen's Shoes
Children's Ditto
Ladies' Slippers
[second column]
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Parasols
Sail Cloth and Cordage
Hammock and Fishing Lines
Cloth and Shoe Brushes
Common Writing and Post Paper
Quills, Wafers, and ink Powder
Glass and Tin Ware
Gunpowder and Shot
Dripping Pans
Tamboured Muslin
Ladies' Dresses
Ditto Head Ditto and Bonnets
Black and White Cambricks
Bombazeens, Chintzes
Fine and Coarse Irish Linens
Russia Sheeting
Brown and White Platillas
Checks, Dowlas
White Calicoes
Jeans, Nankeens, Ginghams
Ladies' Silk Stockings
Superfine Cotton Ditto
Gentlemen's Ditto
Gentlemen's Silk and Beaver Hats
Children's Ditto
Servants' Ditto
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Gloves
Black, Blue, Green, and Scarlet Cloths
And a Variety of other Articles
[end columns]
Oct. 18, 1806. J. F. Meyer.

The Court of Rolls will meet on Monday next, and the Court of Policy on Monday the 27th.

No Petitions to Government on judicial matters are in future to be received, unless signed by a regularly-admitted Attorney-at-Law.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Oct. 12. Brig Leopard, W. Rogers, from Bath, with Lumber, R. O. Staves, Shingles, Fish, Oars, Spars, Candles, Soap.
Oct. 13. Schooner Success, J. Harrold, from Portsmouth, with W. and R. O. Shooks, Fish, Beef, Salmon, Tobacco, Small Boats, Ship Bread.
Oct. 13. Ship Minerva, Storrell, from Africa, with 198 Slaves.
Oct. 16. Brig Edward and Charles, E. Pettengill, from Bath, with Lumber, R. O. Shooks, Clapboards, Alewives, Boxes, Fish, Shingles.

Oct. 13. Schooner Ocean, J. Anderson, for Boston.
Oct. 13. Ship Active, J. Chissel, for Bristol.
Oct. 13. Brig Ulysses, I. Ingersoll, for New York.
Oct. 16. Ship Europa, W. Orr, for Dublin.
Oct. 17. Schooner Saba, A. Anderson, for Boston.

List of Runway and Arrested Slaves. [not transcribed]

Printed by T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.

Supplement to the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette.


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