Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 October 25


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 200.

Saturday, the 25th of October.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. Chas. Brough, in fourteen days from October 14.
Mr. Chas. Love, in fourteen days, from October 18.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

All those who have any Demands against the Plantation Jacoba Constantia, situated in the Canal No. 1, in this river, are requested to send in the same to
Demerary, Oct. 24, 1806. F. P. Van Berckel, q.q.

On Friday, the 7th Day of November next, will be exposed to Public Sale, on Plantation Belle Plaine, on Wakenam Island, in Essequebo, by order of William King and John Appleton, acting Executors to John Jackson, Esq. deceased, the following Articles, viz.
All the Household Furniture, consisting of Four Post and Tent Bedsteads with Musquito Nets, Mattresses, bolsters, Pillows, &c. complete; an elegant Sofa, with Cushions and rich covering, and Twelve Chairs to match; Cherry Tree and other common Chairs; Dining Tables, Card Tables; a Parcel of elegant Prints, with rich Gilt Frames,; Liquor cases, &c. Also a very valuable Collection of Books.
There will likewise be exposed to Sale Old Madeira Wine in Pipes and Bottles, Old Brandy and Rum, Ditto Arrack, Bottled Beer and Porter; a Chaise with Head to it and Harness complete; an English built Yacht, just imported, with a small boat attached to it; a parcel of excellent Milch Cows, Sheep, and other Stock, with such further Articles as may appear on the Day of Sale
Terms of Sale, Three Months' Credit, payable in Cash.
Essequebo, October 20, 1806. C. Remy,
Dep. Vendue Master.

The Undersigned hereby informs the Clients of N. Rousselet, Esq. Attorney at Law, that, having given the proper Securities, he has taken over all the Papers, &c. left with the said N. Rousselet, and that he will immediately proceed in the prosecution of the same.
Demerary, Oct. 25, 1806. C. Hofstede, LL.D.

The Partnership of C. F. Guintzel & Co. is dissolved. M. Doyle has taken over all the Stock in Trade, Books, &c. he becoming responsible for all demands against the said Concern, conformably to Contract.
Stabroek, C. F. Guintzel,
Oct. 22, 1806. M. Doyle.
N.B. All Persons having any Demands against the said firm, are requested to render them unto M. Doyle; and those indebted, are requested to come forward with payment.

All those indebted to the Estate of the deceased Thos. Milbourn, are requested to come forward and settle their respective Accounts with the Undersigned Executors; and those having demands against it, to render them in at the Store of Alex Reith, that as speedy an arrangement as possible may take place. P. Cambridge,
Dem. Oct. 25, 1806. Alexander Reith.

The Undersigned, Executor to the Boedel of the deceased W. Tarbet, requests a meeting of the Creditors, on the 29th instant, at Eleven o'Clock in the forenoon, at Mr. Bennie's Tavern, that a Statement of the said Boedel may be laid before them.
Dem. Oct. 25, 1806. Charles Love.

Den Ondergeteekenden voorneemens zynde binnen korten tyd van hier over Surinamen na Europa terug te reyzen, verzoekt die geene welke aan hem nog schuldig zyn, betaaling te koomen doen, ten huyze van den Wel Ed. Gest. Heer Prins in Stabroek.
Offureert verders te Koop desselfs halve Concessie No. 44. met die daaropstaande Gebouwen.
den 25ste October 1806. F. W. Overweg.

The Advertisement signed James Knight, inserted in this paper of last week, and in the Supplement of this week, was put in by mistake.
Demerary, October 25, 1806. James Knight.

The Undersigned hereby informs all those whom it may concern, that his Domicilium Citandi et Executandi is with Mr. N. M. Manget, on Plantation Ruimveld, and not with Mr. Coutelat, on Plantation Velserhoofd, as stated in a former Advertisement.
Demerary, October 23, 1806. N. Winandy.

The Subscriber offers for Sale a quantity of inch and a half and two inch Green-Heart Planks of the first quality. Any gentleman inclined to purchase, can have his orders executed on the shortest notice, and the Planks delivered at Robb's Stelling, Bridge Town.
He also offers for Sale a House Frame of the best Colony Wood, fifty feet long, two stories high, and twenty four feet wide, either to be raised and shingled, or otherwise, as a Purchaser may require, and deliverable in Stabroek. Payments for the above will be received in Notes or Obligations, payable in the month of April, 1807.
Demerary, Oct. 25, 1806. W. Niell.

On Thursday, the 30th instant, at the Vendue Office, Ten seasoned Negroes, Dry Goods, Provisions, Horses, Cows, &c. &c.
Oct. 25, 1806.

FOR SALE, [heading]
By the Subscriber, at the Store lately occupied by Amos Leeds, Esq. on reasonable Terms, for cash or Produce,
[first column]
Negro Clothing
White Nankeens
Gentlemen's Patent Silk Hats
Shot in Bags
[second column]
Lamp Oil
White Lead in Kegs
Spirits of Turpentine
[end columns]
And a general Assortment of Ironmongery. [centered]
Also, a Few Pipes of
Oct. 25, 1806. J. W. Jones.

Run Away from the Subscriber, some days ago, from Plantation Glasgow, a Negro Wench, named Patience. Whoever will give such information to the Subscriber as may lead to the apprehension of her, shall be handsomely rewarded.
Oct. 25, 1806. H. Mutz.

Just Imported, and for sale by the Subscriber, at his Store on the American Stelling:
[first column]
Tea and Refined Sugar
Ling Fish
Flour in barrels
Tobacco in barrels
Irish Linen, Sheeting
Long Lawns, Platillas, Brittanias
Calicoes, Salempores, Checks
Welsh Flannel
Ladies' and gentlemen's fine Cotton Stockings
Ready-made Waistcoats
Nankeens, &c.
Madeira, Port, and Claret Wine by the dozen
Beer and Porter in casks, or by the dozen
Cogniac Brandy
Vinegar in jugs
Sailors' Clothing
Negro ditto
Fine and coarse Hats
Japanned ditto for Gentlemen
Servants' fine and coarse Shoes
[second column]
Boat Cloaks
Scrubbing Brushes
Ship's Ensigns
Cordage assorted, from half an inch to 4 and a half inches
Deep sea hand Lead and Log Lines
Sein [sic], Sewing, and Mullet Twine
Nails in Kegs from 4d to 20d.
Hook and Eye H.T. and But Hinges
Stay Bars and Staples
Coffee Mills
Patent wine Cocks
Curry Combs and Brushes
Copper and Scupper nails
Paint and Paint Oil
Neat's Foot and lamp ditto
A large assortment of the most fashionable Sets of Table Knives and Forks
Desert ditto
Carpenters' and Coopers' Sets f Tools complete
Hoes, Trenching Shovels, Pruning Knives, Cutlasses, &c.
[end columns]
Demerary, October 24, 1806. F. Meagher.

Just Imported, and for Sale by the Subscriber, in Front of Werk & Rust,
[first column]
Sour Crout in large and small kegs
Pickled Beans in ditto
[second column]
Dried Vegetables
Seltzer Water
Wax Candles
and a variety of Dry Goods.
[end columns]
Also a few Pipes of choice Madeira Wine.
October 24, 1806. C. H. De Munnick.

A FEW SETS OF [heading]
TABLE KNIVES [heading]
Will be sold very cheap for Cash, by
New Town, Oct. 22, 1806. James Robertson.

TO BE LET OR SOLD, [heading]
A Dwelling House, now occupied by T. Duim, Esq. Attorney at Law, situated on the front of Werk & Rust, the South side of J. Ceurvorst, Esq.
Also to be sold, several Concessions on the public road of Werk & Rust, without any Buildings.
Also the Cotton Plantation called La Retraite, on the East side of Mahaica, No. 23. There is a good Dwelling House and other Buildings; about One Hundred Acres in full cultivation, with a good many promising Cotton Trees; also Provisions Grounds, about Thirteen Acres of High Land ready prepared for planting Cotton, and Eighteen Negroes, at the Purchaser's option.
Also an exceeding good Saddle Horse, for Cash.
For further Particulars apply to I. Van Der Haas, Esq. or to Plantation Le Resouvenier, Corobana, H. H. Post.
October 25, 1806.

Absented herself from the Subscribers, a Yellow Skin Negro Woman, of the Ebo Nation, with her country Marks on her face, and about six months with child. Whoever will apprehend and lodge her in the Barracks, or deliver her to the Subscribers, shall receive One Joe reward.
Dem. Oct. 25, 1806. Frier & Morgan.

A Punt and Tent Boat for sale. The Punt is twelve Months old, and newly planked with Silver Bolly; and the Tent Boat quite new, and made of the same material. They can be seen at the American Stelling. For further Particulars and Terms enquire of the Printer of the Paper.
Demerary, Oct. 23, 1806.

FOR SALE, [heading]
By the Subscriber, Best Virginia Tobacco, in Hogsheads or Barrels, to suit the convenience of the Purchaser, at a moderate Price, for Cash Payment.
Oct. 25, 1806. I. M. Spooner,
No. 23, Brick Dam, Stabroek,
next to the Printing-Office.

This intelligence [European news - British victory at Calabria] was brought here by the Fame, which arrived on Monday from Barbados. In her came passenger C. D. Forrester, Esq. to whom we have to acknowledge our obligations for some papers.

The guns at the Fort were fired in honour of the victory on Tuesday, and early on Wednesday morning we published the Extraordinary Gazette. The discharge of the Park and Tower Guns announced it to the public in London on the 4th Sept.

Horse Race. - Cotton against Coffee. - A bet, which excited some interest among the Sporting Gentlemen of this Colony, was determined last Wednesday morning. The match was, an English Mare, backed by 10 bags of Cotton, against a Virginia horse, backed by 25 bags of Coffee; the distance, from the Block house to the Kitty; and the horses to be rode by their respective owners. The mare had by far the greatest weight to carry; notwithstanding which, however, it was, the language of the Turf, a hollow match. Whether it was owing to the Johnny Gilpin style in which the opponent's rider figured away, or to the superiority of British blood we cannot say, but Cotton came in at least 50 roods before Coffee. Some people observed that Cotton always would be superior to Coffee on the Coast. A number of Gentlemen were present, and there were of course several bye-bets; but the principal amusement arose from the new style of jockeyship displayed and the whimsicality of some nick-names which were given to the rival horses.

The Court of Policy will meet on Monday.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Schooner Fame, Jas. Lawson, from Barbados, with Salt fish, Ironmongery, Bottled Liquors, Paints, Dry Goods, &c.
Oct. 24. Schooner Grizzle, Th. Marsden, from St. Thomas, with Tobacco and Bread.
Oct. 24. Brig Neptune, Chas. Shepherd, from New London, with R. O. Staves, Hoops, Boards, Bricks, Salt Fish, Potatoes, Onions, Water Casks, Spermaceti Oil, Whale Ditto, Horses, Sheep, Geese, and Turkeys.

Oct. 20. Schooner Mohawk, J. Stacey, for Boston, and Ship Harriet, J. Clark, for New London.
Oct. 21. Brig Queen, R. Pearson, for London.
Oct. 22. Brig Polly, J. Manson, for Portsmouth.
Oct. 23. Montpelier, R. S. Tibbets, [blank]

List of Runway and Arrested Slaves. [not transcribed]

Printed by T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.

Supplement to the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette.


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