Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1806 December 13


Ao. 1806 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 207.

Saturday, the 13th of December.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. Thomas Delisle, in fourteen days, from November 18.
Mr. H. Van Kerkwyk, in fourteen days, from November 25.
Mr. Josiah Knisey, in fourteen days, from November 25.
Mr. Henry T. Ffinigen in fourteen days, from November 30.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

Op bekome Authorisatie zal den Ondergeteekende in qualiteit als eerste Exploiteur deeser Colony na voor afgaande rechtspleeging, ten overstaan van Heeren Raaden Commissarissen en Secretaris, en Raadhuize op de Hoofdplaatse Stabroek, op Dingsdag, den 6de January 1807, publicq opveylen, en aan de meestbiedende verkoopen, 't volgende, te weeten:
1sten. Ten behoeve van Capt. John Tynes Triumphant van Sententie contra Wm. Clark geexecuteerde. Een halve Concessie Lands geleegen an de voorgrond van Plantagie Vlissingen tusschen de huisinge van de Heeren H. Fox en die van Laemmex & Co. met de daaropstaande Woonhuis staands op posten , een verdieping hoog groot circa 30 by 20 voeten gebouwd van Americaans hout; voorts een nieuw Zygebouw onbeplankt een dito die nende voor Combuys, en laatstelyk een Gemachuys.
2de. Ten behoeve van Labe & Co. contra Edward Latham, Een halve Concessie land geleegen op Plantagie Vlissingen tusschen de wooningen van de Heeren J. Lyon & Co. en die van S. Odwin, alsmeede 't Bantopstaande Woonhuis, lange na gissing 30 by 20 voeten, twee verdiepingen hoog twee Zygebouwen en een Gemachuyije
3de. Ten behoeve van I. L. Eils q.q. den Boedel E. H. Huss, contra I. Fletcher, een pont van inlands hout circa 18 voeten long en 10 breed.
4de. Ten behoeven van N. Volkerts contra B. W. Clark, een Sloep Boot met een klyne tent daarop[illegible] en beneevens, een neeger genaamt Charles.
5de. Ten behoeven van C. M. Overweg en Ch. Clifton contra I. T. Mathews, twee Neegers Spatilje en La Fleur.
6de. H. S. Jervis contra I. B. Sandiford, vier Neegers als Lydia en haar kind recouleerd, Minerva neegerin en Cuba cabuger.
Zoo iemand teegens deese Verkoopingen eenig Recht van oppositie zal willen sustineeren addresseere zig ingeschrifte ten Comptoire der Exploiteur, wanneer ik die geene welke in 't voorschreeve gading vinden moge kome ten dage en plaatse voornoemd, en deen hun profyt.
Rio Demerary, deezen 12 December 1806. Mart. Smit,
eerste Expl.

NOTICE. [heading]
By Virtue of a certain Sentence obtained from the Hon. Court of Justice of this river on the 7th of September 1802, in Behalf of T. Duim, Esq. against David Jardine, Esq. deceased, his Heirs, Executors, or Assigns, or the owner of Concession No. 45, by which Execution was ordered on the said Concession.
Notice is hereby given that, after the expiration of a year and six weeks from the date hereof, the First Exploiteur of this River will, on a day of which due notice will be given, expose to public Sale, by Edict the Plantation Union, or the said Concession No. 45 situated on the West Sea Coast of this River, between Lot 44, belonging to Wm. Brumel, Esq. and Lot 46, belonging to Vischer, Esq. with all the appurtenances, agreeably to the Regulations established by Proclamation of their High Mightinesses the 20th of May 1771; and three months after the day of such Sale taking place the said Hon. Court will dispose by prae et concurrentie of whatever overplus there may be.
Therefore I, the Undersigned, hereby SUMMON all known and unknown Creditors of the said Plantation, to appear either by themselves or their Attornies before the said Hon. Court of Justice, at the time of meeting aforesaid, to prefer their Pretensions; in default of which, such Proceedings will be instituted as the said Hon. Court shall direct.
The Inventory of the said Plantation may be seen at the Exploiteur's Office.
Rio Essequebo, Nov. 15, 1806. J. A. Meiler,

Notice Is Hereby Given, for the last time, to those who are indebted to the Subscribers for the last and former years, that all their Accounts which shall remain unsettled the 1st of next month, shall be put into a lawyer's hands, to be sued for without respect to persons.
Demerary, Dec. 10, 1806. James Lyons & Co.

WANTS EMPLOY. [heading]
A Task gang of Forty Negroes,
Apply to Mr. R. Cozier.
Dem. Dec. 13, 1806.

NOTICE. [heading]
By Virtue of a Letter Requisitorial of the Hon. Court of Justice of Demerary, and under the Authority of the Hon. Court of Justice of this river, Execution is now granted in behalf of the Hon. P. C. Ouckama, in his quality as sole remaining Partner of the Firm of S. & P. C. Ouckama, plaintiff, against I. Parss, Esq. defendant.
Notice is therefore hereby given, that after the expiration of a year and six weeks from the date hereof, the first Exploiteur of this River will, on a day of which due notice will be given, expose to Public sale, by Execution, the Plantation La Resource, belonging to the said James Parss, and situated on the West Sea Coast of this river, between Lot No. 28, known by the name of Land of Promise to windward and Plantation (Ebergrun) Evergreen to leeward, with all the appurtenances, agreeable to the regulation by a Proclamation of their High Mightinesses the 20 May, 1777, relative to the Execution Sales established for this river; and three months after the day of such Sale taking place, the said Hon. Court will dispose by prae et concurentie, of whatever overplus there may be.
Therefore I, the Undersigned, hereby SUMMON all known and unknown Creditors of the said Plantation, to appear either by themselves or their Attornies before the said Hon. Court of Justice, at the time of meeting aforesaid to prefer their Pretensions, in default of which, such Proceedings will be instituted as the said Court shall direct.
The Inventory of the said Plantation may be seen at the Exploiter's Office.
Rio Essequebo, Nov. 15, 1806. I. A. Meiler,

Notice is hereby given, that a Meeting will be held at the Union Coffee House, on Monday the 22d inst. (the Chair to be taken precisely at Ten o'Clock in the Morning), to hear the Report from the Committee appointed at the last Meeting of Proprietors to inspect the old accounts.
It is earnestly requested that all Proprietors will make a point of attending on that day.
Exclusive of the Stellings, for which the sum of [here, to the right - f. 17,000] and upwards is to be paid, there is an old debt of [here to the right - 43,000] due from the Town to sundry persons, which debt has been contracted by some of the former Commissaries.
There is likewise a debt of [here to the right - 20,000] contracted by the present Commissaries for the repairs of the Sluices, making good the roads, and Drainage.
[total] f 80,000
In what manner these debts are best to be liquidated, will become a subject of discussion on that day; but the most important one will be "Whether Mr. Thos. Cuming shall be permitted to pay Taxes for the Lots he holds (One Hundred and Ten) in the Town, at the rate of f 250 per Lot, as he has hitherto done; or, whether he shall be obliged to pay Taxes for those Lots at the rates at which Lots of a similar class have been paid for by the rest of the Proprietors?"
Dec. 13, 1806.

The Undersigned received by the Ship Grace, which arrived this morning from New York, a great variety of Articles, consisting of choice Provisions for Christmas: Fish, Lumber, &c. &c.; a particular account of which will be published next week.
Demerary, Dec. 13, 1806. T. T. Thompson.

To Let, on very reasonable Terms, a House and Lot, situated on the front Lands of Werk & Rust formerly the property of Dr. Baum, and lately occupied by M. Downie, Esq. For further Particulars enquire of F. Horn.
Demerary, Dec. 13, 1806.

The Creditors of George Crafts, Esq. deceased, are requested to meet the Executors at the Union Coffee-House, on Thursday, the 8th of January next, when Proposals will be made for the liquidation of their demands.
November 6, 1806.

On Wednesday the 17th inst. at the Vendue Office, an assortment of Dry Goods, Provisions, and Fresh Medicines, just imported from London in the ship Wilding. Also Hydrometers, Theodailites [sic], Circumfarenters, Silver Spoons, Playing Cards, Salt Fish in Hogsheads, &c.
Dec. 12, 1806.
On Friday the 19th inst. at the Store of Messrs. James Lyon and Co. Beef in Barrels and Half Barrels, Best Dutch Butter in Kegs, Tongues in Half Barrels, Hams and Pigs' Cheeks, Cheese, Whole and Split Peas, Loaf Sugar, Tea in Canisters, Black Pepper, Soap and Candles, Paints and Oil, Lamp Oil, Spermaceti ditto, Herrings in Barrels, Irish Linen, very fine Platillas and Britannias, Linen and Cotton Checks, Madras Handkerchiefs, Muslins and Calicoes, Muslin Handkerchiefs, Men's and Women's Stockings, Boots and Shoes, Coats, Coatees, Vests, and Kerseymere, Coloured Jeans and Cord, Men's hats, Lady's Ditto with feathers, Umbrellas, several articles of Hardware and tinware, a parcel fresh Garden Seeds. Also, a Negro Woman who is a good washer, sempstress, and house servant.
Dec. 12, 1806.
On Tuesday the 23d inst. at the Store of Amos Leeds, Esq. Beef in whole and half barrels, Shads in ditto, Mackarel, Kegs Butter, Boxes Soap, Ditto Candles, 4d. 8d. 10d. Nails, Men's Silk Hats, linens, Nankeens, Russia Sheeting, Paints and Oil, Crockery Ware, Cases Sweet Oil, Boxes Cider, Tierces Salmon, Cases Brandy, Sewing Twine, Spermaceti Candles, Coffee Bagging, Tobacco in barrels, Spirits Turpentine in bottles, Lamp and Spermaceti Oil in barrels and Hhds. Mutton and Pork Hams &c. &c.
Dec. 12, 1806.
On Monday the 29th, Tuesday the 30th, and Wednesday the 31st inst. at the Stores of H. H. Post, Esq. Werk en Rust (by order of C. G. Storm van s'Gravesande, Esq.) the Cargo of the Ship Minevra consisting of Coffee and Cotton Bagging, Linen and Cotton Checks, Britannias, Nails assorted, Bottled Porter in puncheons, Mould Candles, Soap, Terras, Building and Temper lime, Pantillas [sic], Negro Clothing, Gentlemen's ready made Clothes, Irish Potatoes, Ling Fish, Cheese, Crackers, Oysters, Split Peas and Pearl Barley, Whole Oil, White Wine Vinegar, Salt, Wood Hoops, &c. &c. - Terms of Sale, 3 and 6 Months' Credit.
Dec. 12, 1806.
On Monday the 5th Jan. 1807, at the Vendue Office by order of Messrs. Henry Tulloh and Co. q.q. the widow Sarah Bourne, a Dwelling House on Lot No. 248 Cuminsburg [sic], formerly the property of Mr. Scantlebury; also a House on leased Land in Front of the Town of Cuminsburg [sic], next to Mr. Brown, sail maker; and Three Negroes.
Also, by order of T. Mewburn, Esq. Tent and Mahogany Bedsteads, Mattresses, Corinces, Curtains, Musquito Netting, &c. Dining and Night Tables, Cupboards, Travelling Desks, Chairs, Sofas, Knife Cases, Bason Stands and Dressing Glasses, Earthenware in crates, an assortment of Carpenters' and Coopers' Tools, &c. just imported in the Ship Menje.
Dec. 12, 1806. [Note: the items added by Mewburn, only appear in the later issue of Dec. 20]

Run Away from Plantation St. Christopher, a Negro Man named October, a Creole of this Colony. He is short and red skinned, used to run away, and to pass by the name of Richard Prowell, as a free man. Any Person apprehending the said Negro, and lodging him in the Barracks will be handsomely rewarded, by applying to the Underwritten.
D. Hoola Van Nooten, J.Z. q.q.
Essepuebo [sic], Dec. 12, 1808.

Benoodigt op de Plantagie Sophia, teegens een ordentelyk Salaris, een Thuin Baas van een goe[?]gedrag, min of meerder met de Coffy Planterey bekend. Adres aan gemelde Plantagie.
Demerary, den 13de Nov. 1806.

Yesterday, in the morning, absconded from the house of the Subscriber, a Negro Man named Tom. He is an excellent Cook, well known in the town of Stabroek, and the adjacencies thereof, particularly in the numerous Grog-shops; also a Negro Woman, named Mary, who is a Washer. Both are short, fat, and good-looking persons. During the last night they have found means to come into the negro house, whence they have carried off all their clothes, consisting of a blue and flannel jacket, striped cotton shirts, trowsers, and breeches; also a calico gown, white linen shifts, various petticoats, handkerchiefs, &c. They were yesterday seen at various places in the town; but their last night's enterprise seems to be a preparation to run away (perhaps towards the Bush Negroes), and not to return. A generous reward, besides the Catch-money, shall thankfully be paid to any body who lodges either or both of them in the Colony Gaol; and persons of all descriptions may be assured, that, for their lodging, aiding, and abetting, they will be prosecuted according to the laws of this country.
Wanted to hire, a good washer, by the month.
Dec. 6, 1806. J. Huiberts.

Imported in the Clio, Capt. Dow, and for Sale by the Subscriber at his Store on Werk & Rust, at reasonable Prices:
An elegant assortment of Muslins, consisting of: [heading]
[first column]
Circassian long Robes
Embroidered ditto
Figured Bali Robes
Ditto Pelisses
Shirts and jackets
Spanish Mantles
[second column]
Ladies' and Childrens' Caps
Mail and Cambrick Trimmings
Striped and Laced Piquet
Cotton Cambrick
Book Muslin Handkerchiefs
[end columns]
An assortment of Milinery consisting of: [heading]
[first column]
Hair Caps, two bands
Bugle Girdles, Band do. Silk do.
Spider Net Sleeves, tambour do.
Black Silk Girdles
Frogs, Hair Cord, Flower Nets
Bugle Silk Caps
Straw Flowers
Fine fashionable Straw Hats and Bonnets
Girls Straw Hats
Linen Tapes and Bobbin
Sewing Silk
Shirt Buttons
Silk and Cotton Ferrets
Agate Beads
Ladies Forehead and Braid Combs
Persians, Silk Velvet
Rich Silk Mode, Silk Florentine
Sarsnet, rich figured Silk Hdkfs.
Long black Silk Gloves
Black silk Crape
[second column]
Black Bombazeen and Bombazet
French Cambrick
White Cotton footing Lace
White Thread Lace
Rich Gold Epaulets
Gold Lace
Sword Knots
Field Officers' Gold Rosets [sic]
Silver Lace, Silver Fringe
Crimson Sashes
Silver Vellum Lace
Fine Drab Thickset
Constitution Cord
Fine and coarse Chintzes
Fine and coarse Irish Linen
Irish Sheeting, Russia ditto
Men's Buck and Doe Skin Gloves
Leather Caps
Ladies' and Girl' [sic] Shoes and Slippers
Men's Shoes
Hessian and long boots.
[end columns]
An assortment of Tin Ware Cutlery and Buck Goods.
Confectionary and Pickles, viz.
Preserved Oranges, Marmalade, Sugar Figures, Plain Confections, Citron Peel, Pickled Cabbage, Cucumbers, French Beans, Capers, Peppermint Drops, Parmasan [sic] Cheese, and a variety of other Articles.
Demerary, Dec. 13, 1806. Jos. Ward.

Several Gentlemen resident on the East coast having expressed a wish to have their papers sent to the Gentlemen we formerly mentioned at Mahaica and Mahaiconi, and declared their willingness to pay Two Joes, instead of Thirty-three Guilders, if they could be so accommodated, we have determined, from and after the 31st of December next to send an express off every Saturday for that purpose, as far as Mahaiconi.The boy will start at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, and will stop, in the first place, at the Beter Verwachting Estate, Corobana (where Mr. Mansell has offered to assist us by taking in Subscriptions, &c.) He will reach Mr. s' Gravesande's, at Mahaica, about 8 o'clock on Sunday morning, and Mr. Jeffery's, at Mahaiconi about 12, the same day; and we request the above Gentlemen to allow this to be a sufficient notice of the new arrangement; to take in Subscriptions accordingly, at Two Joes per annum, payable in advance, from all those who approve of the scheme; and to furnish us with a list of such names by the commencement of the year, in order that the papers may be duly forwarded.
We shall endeavour, as soon as possible to hit upon some plan for the more speedy conveyance of our papers to Berbice. All communications on that head will be readily attended to.

An Order in Council was issued the 17th Sept. for permitting the importation in neutral vessels, into all the British West India Colonies, for one year, of lumber, staves, and all kinds of provision, except beef, pork, and butter, and allowing the exportation of rum, melasses [sic], and all other commodities, except sugar, indigo, cotton, coffee and cocoa; and another order was issued the 1st of October, adding horses, mules, asses, neat cattle, sheep, hogs, poultry, and every other species of live stock, to the articles above allowed to be imported.

The Court of Rolls of Demerary will meet on Monday next.

The Ariadne, in which Th. Williams, Esq. went passenger safely reached her destination the 23d of September. She was chased two days before her arrival by a French frigate and a corvette, but without effect.

The neighbourhood of the American Stelling was greatly disturbed between nine and ten o'clock on Monday evening last by an alarm of fire. The flame proceeded from the kitchen of a free Negro woman living next to the stelling, who was from home at the time, and it would most likely have been attended with disastrous consequences, had it not been for the prompt exertions of the neighbouring Gentlemen. By their orders, the railings were quickly broken down, and the fire soon smothered by mud, dirt, &c. It appeared that whoever had been left in charge of the kitchen, had placed a buck mat over the fire to dry, and, instead of watching it, fallen asleep, when the mat of course caught light, and occasioned the flame to ascend as before-mentioned. The negroes of Louis D'Hilliand, Esq. were particularly active on the occasion, and great praise is due to that Gentleman as well as others of respectability who attended. Not so, however, thought the owner of the house. When she came home, we understand, she found herself so offended by the means which had been taken to extinguish the fire, that she complained, in terms not the most gentle, how ill she had been used during her absence; she declared that the house was her own; she could shew her transport for it; and she would rather it had been burnt to the Ground than treated so shamefully. In this strange humour, she continued lamenting the preservation of her house the whole night.

In the confusion which the above alarm caused, some whimsical circumstances occurred. Among the rest, one Gentleman, who was loudly vociferating for his trowsers, had his shirt brought him instead, in which, with his legs through the arm-holes, he sallied forth to do his part in the extinguishing business.

We are informed, that it is mentioned in some letters which have been received here by the Mary, that Lambert Blair, Esq. is coming out as Governor of Berbice.

The Hon. W. Katz is appointed one of His Majesty's Council of the Colony of Beribce. - Barbados Mercury.

The 21 Negroes belonging to the Plantation Grove in Abary mentioned in the List of Runway Slaves, were not, as many people supposed, Bush Negroes. Imagining they had just cause of complaint against the Manager, we understand, they went on Thursday last to the Hon. the Fiscal to represent the same, who ordered them to the Barracks till an inquest could be instituted. The owner of the Estate, we believe is in Barbados.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Dec. 11. Schooner Betsey, W. Parker, from Barbados, in ballast.

Dec. [but reads "Oct."] 10. Brig Dart, J. Denniston, for Glasgow, and Ship Harriot, P. Stewart, for Liverpool. 12. Sloop Wasp, N. Donnell, for New York; Schooner Sally, S. Silvester, for Baltimore; Brig Tropic, N. Archer, from Portland; and Schooner Betsey, W. Parker, for Barbados.

Printed by T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.

Supplement to the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette.


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