Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 January 24


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 213.

Saturday, the 24th of January.

Barbados, January 2, 1807.
The Commissary General, as sole Agent appointed for the purchase of Provisions for His Majesty's Troops, having from the day of his arrival in this Island, and with considerable success opposed the combinations of Monopolists, who during several years past have accumulated fortunes at the public expence, by this Notice invites all Merchants and importers of Provisions and of Lumber in this and the several Colonies of Surinam, Demerary, Berbice, Trinidad, Grenada, Tobago, St. Vincent's, St. Lucia, Dominica, Antigua and St. Kitt's, to inform him with the price quality and quantity of the several Articles they may at any time wish to dispose of, their offers will then be laid before the Commander of the Forces, and answered fairly and impartially.
Government being disposed to grant every encouragement to importations of Provisions and Lumber from the British Colonies of Canada and Nov Scotia, the Subscriber will be ready to treat with the Proprietors or Agents of Cargoes arriving from thence.
(Signed) Samuel Chollet,
Commissary General.

Secretary's Office, This is to inform the Public that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. Robert McCulloch, in fourteen days, from January 7.
Mr. Rowland Hacket, in fourteen days from January 23.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

P. Reynard [heading]
Respectfully informs his Friends and the Public, that, having returned from Barbados, he is now able to pay attention himself to the Manufacture of Segars, &c. which he is conscious has not been properly attended to during his absence. Gentlemen may now depend on having them in any quantities of the first quality.
P. Reynard has now also various sorts of Perfumery, &c. for Sale, at his House opposite that of the Hon. the Fiscal.
Demerary, Jan. 24, 1807.

TE KOOP [heading]
Een Patent Paarde Moolen, gemaakt voor het nieuwsteen en beste plan, onlangs aangebragt met het schip Clio van Glasgow, en volgens berigt overtressende 't werk van Collins of London. Te zien en te bevragen op Plantagie Vive la Force.
Demerary, den 22 Jan. 1807.

Denzelven presenteerd te Koop een snell zeylend Schoener Jagt, van inlands hout gebouwd, door den Heer James Parss, met alle toebehooren, om immediaat te gebruiken, voor een zeer civiele prys; alsmeede een Huis en Erve, geleegen op Werk & Rust, tussen de Concessie van de Heer Heinecke en die van den Wel Edele Gest Heer I. I Kotwyk, thans bewoond door Mevrouw de Weduwe Iskenius, zynde een wel gebouwd Woonhuis en Zygebouwen, alles van inlands hout, en met inlanse planken omstagen, en voorzien van een goede steen reegenbak, en verdere ad en dependentien, teegens een zeer civiele prys.
Demerary, den 22 Jan. 1807. C. M. Overweg.

Absented himself from the Subscriber, the eldest of his Boat Negroes, named Jacob. He had obtained permission to remain in town for eight days; but proves himself unwilling to return by hiding away.
Master of vessels and all other persons are cautioned against hiring, detaining, or harbouring this Negro; as, in such case, the utmost vigour of the law will be enforced against them. And any person giving information which may lead to his detection, or lodging him in the Barracks, will receive Twenty-Five Guilders over and above the customary sum fixed by Law.
Demerary, Jan. 22, 1807. C. M. Overweg.

Run Away, eight days ago, a Negro Girl, named Mandalentje. Whoever will lodge her in the Barracks, or bring her to the Undersigned, shall receive One Joe Reward.
Demerary, Jan. 24, 1807. F. Horn.

On Wednesday the 28th instant, by order of Messrs. Underwood, Johnson, & Co. at their Store in the New Town, a large assortment of Dry Goods, consisting of Irish Linen, Cotton Shirting, Platillas, Britannias, Russia Sheeting, German Linen, Marseillas, Jeans, Stockings, Pullicat Handkerchiefs, Muslins, Cambricks, and Gentlemen's Hats; also Irish Beef in tierces and barrels, Pork in ditto, Hams, Cheese, Porter, Ale, &c. &c.
Jan. 23, 1807.
On Thursday the 29th instant, at the Store of Mr. John Binning [sic - Benning?], a variety of Dry Goods, &c. consisting of Superfine, Blue, Bottle Green, and Corbeau Broad Cloths, Ready made Marseilla Waistcoats, Cotton Hose, Patent Silk and Felt Hats, Stationary, Tea, Refined Sugar, Bottled Porter, White Herrings in Barrels, Ling Fish in Boxes, Old Rum in Kegs, Glass Ware, &c. &c.
Jan. 23, 1807.
On Tuesday the 3d February, by order of Mr. William Madie, at the House late built by Messrs. Kent and Leslie, opposite the Store of Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach, and M'Bean, an elegant assortment of Household Furniture, consisting of Dining Tables, Sofa Tables, Card Tables, Sofas with Covers, one Sofa Bed with Curtains, two elegant Sideboards, Dressing and Toilet Tables, Bason Stands, Night Tables, Ladies' Work Tables with Silk Bags. Writing Desks, Matresses with Bolsters and Pillows, Knife Cases. Portmanteaus, Muslins, Pullicat Handkerchiefs, Checks, Platillas, Calicoes, Shawls, Stockings, Tin Ware, Tea Trays, Saddles, Bridles, Mirrors, Prints, Gilt Frames, Gold Rings, Broaches, Ear rings, Ling Fish in Boxes, Smoked and Pickled Herrings in half barrels, Gloucester Cheese, &c.
Jan. 23, 1807.
On Friday the 6th of February, by order of Colin Macrae, Esq. at the Vendue Office, a lately invented Steam Engine for drying Coffee by means of Copper plates heated by Steam. The whole Apparatus thereto belonging may be seen at the Store of Mr. John Madden.
Also, Dry Goods, Provisions, &c. &c.
Jan. 23, 1807.
On Monday the 9th February, at the Vendue Office, by order of Francis Meagher and Robert Stephenson, q.q. John Lanan, the Lot of Land No. 3, in the District of Bridgetown, and all the Buildings thereon, consisting of a Dwelling House three stories high, and several Side Buildings, two Negroes, and sundry articles.
Also, by order of Francis Meagher and Robert Stephenson, q.q. William Hogan deceased, and John French, the Water Lot No. 3, on the South Side of Robb's Stelling, consisting of 110 feet by 50 , English measure, a Platform 50 by 54, a Side Building, and a House Frame unraised.
Also by order of Mr. Alexander Gray, the Western Quarter of Lot no. 78, in Cumingsburg, next above the Dwelling House of the Hon. F. P. van Berckel, LL.D. together with all the Buildings erected thereon, consisting of a well built Dwelling House, Colony Frame, two stories and a half in height, 36 feet in length, and 19 feet in width, with different Side Buildings, 75 feet long and 15 feet wide, all of Colony Wood Frames; and also a Brick Kitchen and Oven; all in good repair, and nearly new. The Quarter Lot measures about 57 feet in front, and 80 in depth, railed round. Terms of Payment, one half in six months, and the remaining half in twelve months. [notes at time of transcription indicate the preceding paragraph is from a later issue]
Also, by order of Mr. Jabaz Lamb, the Quarter Lot of Land, No. 78, in Cumingsburg joining to that of Mr. Alex. Gray, with all the Buildings thereon, viz. a Dwelling House 28 by 25 feet, 2 stories and a half high, in good repair, and necessary Side Buildings. Terms of Payment, one half in six months, and the other half in two years, from the Day of Sale [this last item appears in the Jan. 31st issue, but with Jan. 23 date.]
Jan. 23, 1807.
On Tuesday the 10th February, at the Store of I. T. Barret [sic], his remaining Stock on Hand, viz. 100 Half Barrels Mess Beef, 4 Boxes Spermaceti Candles, 10 Boxes Mould Ditto, 40 Demijohns Lamp Oil, 30 Kegs Dutch Butter, 600 Pieces Nankin, 15 Barrels Mackarel, 2000 R. O. Staves, 8000 Clapboards, a few days earlier.
Jan. 23, 1807.

FOR SALE. [heading]
An Estate called the Hope, with the Buildings thereon situated on the East side of the Creek of Mahaica, between the Estates of L. Hoopstad, Esq. and the Widow Cuche, comprising One Hundred and Twenty-five Acres of Land, more or less, whereof One Hundred and Ten are planted in good Cotton Trees, and Fifteen in bearing Plantains. Will be sold very reasonably without Negroes: for Particulars apply to F. C. Otto, Esq. Stabroek.
Jan. 24, 1807.

The Undersigned intending to quit the Colony in four weeks from the date hereof (in order to re-establish his health), requests all those who have any Demands against him to come and receive the same; and all those who are indebted to him to come and settle their Accounts, as otherwise they will be proceeded against according to Law.
Demerary, January 24, 1807. M. Hoppen.

Thomas Frier requests a Meeting of the Creditors of Frier & Ballard, on Monday the 16th of February next, at One o'Clock, at the Union Coffee House, to lay before them a Statement of the Books; so that the most speedy method may be taken to bring the accounts of that Firm to a close.
Demerary, Jan. 24, 1807.

His Excellency the Governor, having been pleased to grant us Permission to open A School in these Colonies, we beg leave to inform the Public, that we intend to do so on Monday the 2d of February, in the new house belonging to Mr. James Knight, opposite to Messrs. Robert Arnot and Co. Cumingsburg.
The Hours of and Terms for Teaching English Reading, Latin, Writing, Arithmetic, and Book-keeping, may be known by applying to us at the above place.
Every attention will be paid to those entrusted to our care.
James Wood.
Demerary, Jan. 24, 1807. John M'Robb.

Imported in the Ship Jane, Capt. Thompson, from Boston, and for Sale by the Subscribers, the following Articles, for immediate Payment, viz.
[first column]
Lumber, R. O. Shooks
Clapboards and Shingles
Fish in hhds. And boxes
[second column]
Mess Beef in whole & half barrels, Soap and Candles
[end columns]
They have also left on hand a few Pipes and Hhds of Particular Madeira Wine, Bottled Porter, and some Dry Goods.
Stabroek, Jan. 24, 1807. Heywood & Taylor.

Het Domicilum Citandi et Executandi van Benjamin Thomas & Co. is ten huise van den Heer D. P. Simon.
Demerary, Jan. 24, 1807.

PROPOSALS [heading]
An English Translation of "The Charter, or Conditions on which their High Mightinesses the States General have granted Permission to the Directors of Berbice, to open a free Trade and Navigation to the said Colony for all the inhabitants of the United Netherlands; as also to deliver, lands, already cultivated or not, one equitable terms. From the Dutch original, printed in Amsterdam by order of the Honourable Directors of the Chartered Colony of Berbice, at the Printing Office of Gerard and John de Bruin." To which is added a Translation of the "Regulations for the Board of Directors of the Colony of Berbice, and for all persons interested in it. Enacted by their High Mightinesses, Resolve of the 25th October 1780"
The price will be only f 3 to Subscribers, and the Work will be begun so soon as a sufficient number of copies are subscribed for, to cover the expence of printing.
Subscriptions are taken in at the Printing Office, and at Messrs. Krieger and Schlahorst's New Amsterdam, Berbice.

Two vessels, a lugger and a schooner, arrived on Wednesday from Barbados. In the former came N. Rousselet, Esq. and his newly-married Lady; also the Rev. Mr. M'Mahon, to escort his family away. There was no particular news in Barbados when these vessels sailed; the 1st Dec. packet had not arrived there; nor were there any late extraordinary arrivals from Surinam, that we have yet heard of. An expedition against some of the enemy's settlements, was said to be in contemplation by General Bowyer.

The Gentlemen whom we formerly stated to be appointed Secretary and Receiver of Berbice, it seems, have not entered upon the duties of those offices. The new Secretary there now is Van der Stoop, Esq. and the new Receiver is Hobson, Esq.

The Meeting of the Court of Policy, which was to have taken place on Monday, is deferred for a fortnight.

The Court of Justice is adjourned till the 9th of February.

A salute was fired from Fort William Frederick on Sunday last, in honour of her Majesty's Birth-day.

The Hon. Colonel Nicholson is gone to Barbados on particular business. He carries with him the good wishes of all ranks of society.

We are sorry to learn that there is some ground of apprehension for the safety of the London Fleet. They were expected here the beginning of this month; and, according to the report of an American, who came in last week, one of them, the Good Intent, bound for this port, was seen in the possession of a French corvette, to windward of Surinam. We hope, however, this will turn out to be a mistake.

The Non-Importation Act, passed in the last Session of the American Congress, was to take effect on the 15th November. There was not, we believe, any power given to the President of the United States to suspend the operations of the Act beyond the time fixed; consequently it must have commenced. But the general opinion in England is, that as the Act was, unfortunately, passed in a moment of irritation, it would be repealed as soon as the Congress met in December.

The Members of the Eendragt Society are hereby informed, that on Wednesday, the 28th inst. a meeting will be held; and on Wednesday, the 4th of February, a Balloting will take place.
Demerary, Jan. 24, 1807. T. Duim, Secretary.

NOTICE. [heading]
Whereas the Second Volume of John Bell's Surgery, in quarto, has been found missing from Dr. Allanby's Library, the Subscribers request that any Gentleman who may have borrowed it, will have the goodness to return it to either of them.
Demerary, Jan. 24, 1807. M. Downie, q.q.
Jos. Tuite, q,q,

Notice is hereby given, that all the Accounts, Notes of Hand, &c.. relative to the late Firm of C. F. Guintzel & Co. with M. Doyle, are delivered into the hands of C. Hofstede, Esq. LL.D. who, after the expiration of fourteen days from the date hereof, will proceed against all those who shall neglect previously to settle them with him, without any respect to persons; as it is indispensably requisite that the Accounts of the said Firm should be speedily closed.
Demerary, Jan. 24, 1807. C. F. Guintzel & Co.

C. F. Guintzel hereby informs all those who are indebted to him in his prive[accent], that if they cannot make it convenient to call at his House, opposite to that of Mr. Hallstead, in the New Town, and settle their Accounts within four weeks from the date hereof, he will be under the disagreeable necessity of putting the different papers into the hands of a Lawyer.
Demerary, Jan. 24, 1807.

NOTICE. [heading]
All those indebted to the deceased Nathaniel Lougee, are requested to make Payment of their Accounts to the Subscriber F. Kent, who will grant Receipts for the same; and all Persons having any Claims against the deceased, are desired to lodge the same for examination with the said F. Kent, that the most speedy and effectual measures may be adopted for liquidating them. F. Kent,
Demerary, for Self and H. C. Schreyber,
January 23, 1807. Executors.

List of Goods for Sale by the Undersigned, at their Store, on the front of Plantation Le Repentir, at the water side.
[first column]
Fish in hogsheads and boxes
Ling Fish in boxes
Pickled Herrings
Rice in whole and half tierces, and in bags
Loaf Sugar
Barley and Split Pease in kegs
Brandy in kegs, demijohns, & cases
Gin in cases
Madeira Wine in whole, half, and quarter pipes, and in bottles per the dozen
Bottled Porter and Ale by the puncheon and dozen
Salad oil in bottles
Letter & Foolscap Paper & Quills
Lamp and Paint Oil in jugs
Prepared Paint, assorted
Nails assorted
Iron Pots
Falling axes
[second column]
Building Lime and Terras in Tierces
Chairs of Cherry tree wood
Coffee and Cotton Bagging, Checks
Salempores and Canvas assorted
Sewing and Seine Twine
White Linens, assorted
Men's and Women's Stockings, assorted
Cambrick and Laced muslins
French Cambrick
White Linen Pocket Handkerchiefs
Nankins, Corded Dimity
White and Blue Earthenware
Planters' Shoes and Buckles
Hessian Boots
Spermaceti and mould Tallow Candles
English Soap in boxes
Shot assorted
Silk Hats
And a complete assortment of New Imported Medicines
Dem. Jan. 24, 1807. Schovers & Philippart.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Jan. 20. Brig Valerius, Freeman Gross, from Bath, with Boards, Clapboards, Shingles, Shooks, &c.

Jan. 20. Ship Perseverance, I. G. Lowton, for St. Thomas.
Jan. 21. Ship Minerva, James Stawell, for Liverpool.
Jan. 22. Ship Mary, W. Miller, [blank]
Jan. 22. Ship Minerva, I. Smith, for London.
Jan. 22. Ship Wilding, J. Marman, [blank]
Jan. 22. Brig Dian, I. Morss, for Portsmouth.
Jan. 23. Ship Clio, A. Dow, for Glasgow.
Jan. 24. Ship Barton, John Ford, for Liverpool.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, on this 24th day of January, 1807,

in the Stocks of Demerary.



By whom brought.





Rieth (in Berbice)



Trulock, do.

J. Kenyon.


Brittlebank, do.

I. Turner.


Doctor Munro.

Plant. Letter T. in Abary.






R. Murray.


Doctor Season.








James (Mulat.)

Barker in Esseq.



Boedel Bynoe.

Postlethwaite's Negroes.



Pl. Columbian.





Pl. Groot Diamond.




Pl. Georgia.


B. Hall.







Mr. Daly's Baas.






J. James.






Jeffery, Mahaconi.






M. Daxon.


Jenny Maculloch.


With 6 Negroes of Plantation Bushy Park, in Mahaiconi.
And 3 New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
J. Runnels, Drossaart.

Published by Bond and Aulert, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.

[The following appears on an untitled sheet, i.e. the title of the newspaper does not occur, and the text appears across the width of the sheet]

PLAN OF A LOTTERY, [heading]
The following LOTTERY is announced with Permission of His Excellency H. W. Bentinck, Lieutenant-Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, &c. &c. &c. [heading]
PRIZE THE FIRST, [heading]
The Premises, at present occupied by R. B. Daly, Esq. containing a Lot of Land, 138 feet in length, nearly East and West, and 117 feet in breadth, nearly from North to South, completely railed in with wallaba posts and staves, having a large Gate in front, and a small one at the back.
A Logie, 71 feet in length and 28 feet in breadth, two and a half stories high. The first story 10 feet 6 inches; the second 10 feet 8 inches; the upper story, from the top of the roof down to the upper story, 10 feet 6 inches; the under story divided into a spacious Packhouse, and the remaining part into a Mors-Logie, which may easily be converted into a second large Packhouse, &c.
The second story contains two Dining Rooms, two Chambers, a Counting-house, and a Pantry.
The third story is divided into two Bed-chambers, with glass windows, and a large loft, which can easily be converted into very spacious Bed-rooms, or to any other purpose. Joining this building there is a Shed, which adds to the second story a Parlour 19 feet long and 28 feet broad, with sash windows; having; having underneath a large Carriage-house and two Bed chambers floored for servants.
2. [there is no number "1."] A Side-Building, of green heart, 30 feet long and 10 feet broad, divided into a Kitchen, with a Brick Hearth, Chimney, and Oven; the remaining part into a Horse Stable. Joining this building, there is a Stock House.
3. A Necessary, with a Pidgeon house on the top of it.
4. An excellent Cistern, built of the very best Dutch materials.
The Ground is appraised at f. 5000
The Buildings, Frames, &c. 25017:4
The Cistern 14,000
The remaining Mason's Work 6000
Total Value of the First Prize f 50017:4
The Logie lately occupied by Mr. R. S. Turton, consisting of a Lot of Land, 138 feet in length, from East to West, and 117 feet broad, nearly from North to South; on which there is erected a very strong and handsome Logie of green heart, almost new, 101 feet long and 30 feet board, two stories high, on a brick foundation.
The Ground is appraised at f 5000
The Buildings and Frames 27001: 14
The Mason's Work 5000
Total Value of the Second Prize f 37001: 14
Being the Concession on which C. I. Rapin, Esq. for a considerable time kept the Post Office, consists,
1st, Of a Lot of Land, 117 feet long and 120 broad, railed in, with a double Gate and a Bridge in front.
2. A Dwelling House, 45 feet long and 22 feet board, one story and a half high, having, on the first floor, a Dining Room, two Chambers, and a Passage; and, up stairs, two convenient Bed-rooms and a Passage.
3. A Side Building, 60 feet long and 20 feet broad, divided into a Store House, Servants' Rooms, Wash House, and a Kitchen, paved with Tiles, roomy Brick Hearth, Chimney, and Oven.
4. A Side Building, 27 feet long and 15 feet broad; divided into a Horse Stable and Chaise House, a Grass Loft, 1 Room for a Hostler; and a Stock-house adjoining, 10 feet board, and 15 feet long; further, a Necessary, 7 by 6 feet; all of best Colony Frames, and covered with Wallaba shingles. Also a small garden.
The Ground is appraised at f4400
The Buildings are 18047: 8
The Mason's Work 1500
Total Value of the Third Prize 23947: 8
N.B. The Drawer of this Third Prize may, if he chooses, receive the amount of the Appraisement from R. B. Daly, Esq. the same being added to this Lottery, only to enlarge the chances for a high prize.
1. A Dwelling House at present occupied by --- Crossman, Esq. 43 feet long and 24 feet wide, one story and a half high; having, on the first floor, two Halls and a Pantry, and, up-stairs, 3 Bed-rooms.
2. An old Kitchen, 32 feet by 15 feet, and an old Stock house 12 feet by 10 feet, which, though not comprehended in this appraisement, may yet be of some use.
3. A Necessary.
The Ground, 135 by 150 feet, is f 4400
The Dwelling House 8722
The Mason's Work 300
Total f 13422
We the Undersigned, at the request of R. B. Daly, Esq. having examined and appraised the following Lots of Land in Front of Plantation Vlissingen, for and during the Term of Twenty one Years after possession is given, clear of Ground Rent, and according to the best of our judgment and belief, consider them to be worth the following sums, viz.
No. 1. Where the Dwelling House at present occupied by R. B. Daly, Esq. stands, measuring 138 feet by 117 feet, the sum of f 5000
2. The Land where the large Logie formerly occupied by Mr. Turton stands, measuring 138 feet by 115 feet 5000
3. The Land whereon the House lately occupied by Mr. Rapin stands, measuring 117 by 120 feet 4400
4. The Land whereon the House formerly occupied by Mr. Turton as a Dwelling House stands, measuring 150 by 135 feet 4400
f 18800
Say the Sum of Eighteen Thousand Eight Hundred Guilders, Holl. Cur.
Demerary, August 27, 1806.
(W. S.) Robert Stephenson,
(W. S. ) Wm Hallstead,
Commissaries for Bridge Town, and
Appraisers of the Land.
We the Undersigned, at the request of R. B. Daly, Esq. having examined and appraised the following buildings in Front of Plantation Vlissingen, according to the best of our judgment and belief, conceive them to be worth the following sums, viz.
No. 1, or the First Prize f 25017: 4
No. 2, or the Second Prize 27001: 14
No. 3, or the Third Prize 18047: 8
4. or the Fourth Prize 8722
Demerary, August 27, 1806.
(W.S.) Cornelius Hendrichs,
(W.S.) N. Morehouse,
Master Carpenters and Appraiser of the Buildings.
I the Underwritten having, at the request of R. B. Daly, Esq. examined all the Mason's Work of the Buildings in Front of Plantation Vlissingen, which the said R. B. Daly, Esq. proposes to dispose of by way of a Lottery, consider the same to be worth as follows:
No. 1, or First Prize f 6000
The Cistern on the same 14000
2, or Second Prize 5000
3, or Third Prize 1590
4, or Fourth Prize 300
Demerary, Aug. 27, 1806.
(W.S.) L. Van Dalen,
Master Mason and Appraiser of Mason's Work
Value of the First Prize f 50017: 4
which gives an annual rent of f 7500.
Ditto of the Second Prize 37001: 14
which gives an annual rent of upwards of f 4000, and will bring more than as much again when Guineamen are allowed to arrive in the River, as formerly.
Ditto of the Third Prize 23947: 8
which gives an annual rent of f 3000.
Ditto of the Fourth Prize 13422
which gives an annual rent of f 1800 and upwards.
Total Value of this Lottery f 124388: 6
exclusive of Sixteen Premiums, which
are as follows.
This Lottery is to contain 353 Tickets, at f 352, or 16 Joes each, amount to f 124256
Amongst which the above-mentioned Four CAPITAL PRIZES, and the Sixteen PREMIUMS are comprehended
N. B. These Premium are NOT charged to the Drawer of a Prize.
A Premium of a LOT of Land for the First Drawn Ticket.
A Do. of Do. for the Last
A Do. of Do. for the First before the 1st Prize
A Do. of Do. for the Next after the 1st Prize
A Do. of Do. for the First before the 2d Prize
A Do. of Do. for the Next after the 2d Prize
A Do. of Do. for the First before the 3d Prize
A Do. of Do. for the Next after the 3d Prize
A Do. of Do. for the First before the 4th Prize
A Do. of Do. for the Next after the 4th Prize
A Do. of Do. for the Drawer of No. 50.
A Do. of Do. for the Drawer of No. 100.
A Do. of Do. for the Drawer of No. 150.
A Do. of Do. for the Drawer of No. 200.
A Do. of Do. for the Drawer of No. 250.
A Do. of Do. for the Drawer of No. 300.
No person has a claim to one or more of these Premiums, until, by the Drawing of the Lottery, his Blank Ticket is proved.
These Lots are all of the same dimensions, about 84 or 90 feet board, and 120 feet long. Similar Lots are leased out for 20 years, at f 600 annually, or for f 4000 at once for the same term of years.
It shall be free to every person, drawing one or more of these Premiums, to choose alternately out of these 31 Lots such as he pleases, viz. No. 65, 57, 49, 41, 74, 66, 58, 50, 42, 67, 59, 51, 43, 68, 60, 52, 44, 69, 61, 53, 45, 70, 62, 54, 46, 71, 63, 55, 47, 76, 78. These Lots are situate in the front part between Mary and Kitty streets.
The Mary street commences aback of the Government House.
The Kitty street nearly faces the house of Edw. Jones, Esq. and was formerly inhabited by J. T. Mathews, Esq. LL.D. between the second and third canal of La Bourgade or Cumingsburg.
1. In lawful claims against Vlissingen or Niewe Aeni[?] Estates.
2. In Government or any other Bills of Exchange approved of by R. B. Daly, Esq.
3. In Cash.
4. In Coffee or Cotton, at the current price, delivered free from expence at the house of R. B. Daly, Esq.
THIS LOTTERY shall be drawn, as soon as a sufficient quantity of Tickets shall be sold, in the presence of two sworn persons, by two children, as young as possible, and in presence of those interested only.
Whereas it is as well for the benefit of those that are interested, as of R. B. Daly, Esq. that the necessary repairs, [illegible - gutter of page] required, should not be deferred, to the detriment of [illegible - gutter of page] Buildings, Mr. Daly retains the liberty to keep the same [illegible – gutter of page] proper repair during the intermediate time, on account of [illegible - gutter of page] drawer of either of them, without incurring unnecessary expences, and binds himself to render the receipts for repairs so done to the drawer, on his taking over the prize.
The Buildings are all of the best Colony Wood, mostly Green-heart. Those inhabited by Mr. Daly may be seen every day; and there is no doubt but information with respect to the others will be given by the Gentlemen occupying the same.
To person not acquainted with the advantageous situation of the premises, it will be necessary to state, that these Prizes and Premiums are situate in the centre of La Bourgade, Stabroek and adjacencies of that town, and, without contradiction, in the very centre of Commerce and Navigation, and therefore where the greatest population is to be found.
The two First Prizes can not alone be used for spacious Dwelling Houses, but, at the same time, for Magazines, &c. and many Gentlemen Planters may think it advisable to [illegible - gutter of page] jointly each one Lot, upon conditions not alone to indemnify one another, but with a special contract, that should one of them draw one of the Logies, the same shall be kept for their joint and general Store, for their produce, in proportion to their sending the same to the town, for exportation or for or other uses. Further, one of them might be converted into an elegant Church, or any other public Buildings. The on[illegible] are habitations which will never want good occupiers, should the drawers not wish to inhabit them themselves, as it is [illegible] that many Country Gentlemen would chuse them for [illegible] town residences.
Every Prize or Premium is given in possession of the Drawer the instant it is drawn for Twenty-one years, counting from the day of the drawing, without any further expence as for [illegible] the Premium, or for Ground Rent, &c. only for what his [illegible] amount to. During which term the possessor or drawer of such Building or Buildings shall be obliged to keep the same in good repair. And, in default thereof, the same shall be done by Plantation Flushing for his account.
The Gentlemen who at present rent house of Mr. Daly are entitled to occupy the same until the end of their contract; the drawer being afterwards at liberty either to continue the lease or not; and the monies arising from the house rent are to be in favour of the drawer from the day of drawing.
The Drawer submit themselves or their assigns to all the Regulations already made, or in future to be made, by the Commissaries of the Town, chosen by a majority of the [illegible] inhabitants.
TICKETS may be had of the Hon. H. W. Knolman, Wakanaam Island; of Lt. Senn Van Basel, Esq. Leguan Island; of the Hon. I. S. Masse, Plantation Nismes; of the Hon. F. C. Loncke, Plantation Strik en Heuvel; of I. P. Muncker, Esq. Plantation Uitvlugt; of H. Koppiers, Esq. Plantation Providence; of L. Labbe, Esq. Plantation Calladonia; of S. Cramer, Esq. Plantation Ruimveld; of Mr. Campbell, the New Union Coffee House; of Mr. Marshal, the Eendraght Society; of Mr. Cart, the Society L'Harmonie; at the Printing Office of Bond and Aulert, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek; and of R. B. Daly, Esq. Plantation Vlissingen.
Tickets may also be had of the Hon. J. van den Broek, in Berbice.




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