Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 February 21


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 217.

Saturday, the 21st of February.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
The free Negro Joseph Connier in six weeks, from Feb. 13.
Mr. Daniel Edwards, in fourteen days.
Mr. I. T. Barrett, in fourteen days, from Feb. 20.
Mr. George Watson, in fourteen days, from Feb. 20.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

Alzo de Heer Thomas Dowding, Weduwnaar, gebooren in Barbados, Bruidegom, ter eenre,
En Mejuffrouw Mary Ann Welch, bevoorens Weduwe van wylen J. Claxton, en laast Weduwe van Thomas Brooker, Bruid ter andere zyde.
Van voorneemens zyn met elkander een wetting huwelyk aantegaan, zoo als dezelve ook reeds op heeden in ondertrouw zyn ongenoomen,
Zoo word zulks mits deezen aan elk en een iegelyk geadverteerd, ten einde die geene welke vermeenen zich teegens dit voorgenoome Huwelyk te kunnen opponeeren zulks in tyds te doen ter plaatse waar zulks behoord.
Actum ter ecretary [sic] van Rio Demerary, deezen 21ste February 1807.
In kennisse van my,
J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clercq.

Any Person desirous of hiring an excellent Mason, of good Character can procure one by applying to
Plantation Hague, Feb. 21, 1807. A. Odde, q.q.

The Subscriber intends carrying on the Sail-making business (as formerly) by himself. Those wishing to favour him with their commands, may apply at Mr. James Knight's, Cumingsburg.
Demerary, Feb. 21, 1807. Alex. McDonald.

Berbice, Feb. 12, 1807.
A Communication twice a week has been established between the Colonies of Demerary and Berbice, and is in future to be arranged in the following manner:
The Military Messenger is to carry the Military and Post Office Bags, and will be dispatched every Wednesday Forenoon, commencing on Wednesday next the 18th instant.
The Post Office Messenger is to carry the Military and Post Office Bags, and will be dispatched every Saturday.
Tho. Fraser, Major of Brigade.

Whereas the Undersigned, appointed Commissaries of the New Town on the Forelands of Plantation Werk & Rust, called Freeburg, wish to engage for the making up of the Roads and digging the Trenches in the said Town, Notice is hereby given, that all those who are inclined to undertake the same, must give in their Estimates (sealed up) on or before Friday next, the 27th inst. to the said Commissaries, at the house of Mrs. Eyman, Stabroek; at Ten o'Clock in the Forenoon of which Day, they will be opened by the said Commissaries, in presence of the Proprietors of Lots in the said Town (who are hereby invited to attend for that purpose), when the different Proposals will be taken into consideration, and the lowest offer accepted.
Every particular respecting the mode of executing the Work, &c. may be known by applying to either of the Commissaries.
Werk & Rust, Feb. 21, 1807. I. I. Kotwyk.
H. A. Eberhardi.

H. A. KRUSE, M.D. [heading]
Respectfully informs the Public, that his Domicilium is on the Concession of the Hon. I. I. Kotwyk, on Werk & Rust.
Feb. 21, 1807.

Departed this Life, on Tuesday, the 17th instant, on his Plantation in Essequebo, in the 35th Year of his Age, the Hon. C. D. Mack, late Member of the Hon. Court of Policy of these Colonies. I. S. Masse,
Demerary, Feb. 21, 1807. Executor.

The Subscribers beg leave to inform the Public, that on Saturday the 28th inst. they mean to remove to the house adjoining that of Mr. Alexander Gray, Cumingsburg. The Terms for Teaching, per Month, are –
For English Reading – Four Dollars
For Ditto, with Writing - Six Dollar
For Ditto Ditto, with Arithmetic - Eight Dollars
To be paid Monthly.
The Entrance Money equal to the Fees per Month
Demerary, Feb. 21, 1806. James Wood.
John M'Robb.

The Undersigned intending to quit the Colony in the course of Three Months, requests all Persons indebted to him in his prive[accent], or to the Firm of Bauch & Co. to call at his Domicilium in the House of Mrs. Hally, Brick Dam, and settle the same within Six weeks from the Date hereof. All those having Demands, must apply there for Payment.
Feb. 21, 1807. Joh. M. Bauch.

The Subscriber offers for Sale his House, and more than one third of a Lot of Land, No. 92, in Cumingsburgh. For particulars apply to the Subscriber in Kingston.
Feb. 21, 1807. P. Barchard, q.q.
W. Harris.

On Saturday the 28th instant, at the Stores of M'Inroy, Sandbach, and M'Bean, the following articles, without reserve, to close several consignments, viz. 200 kegs of Glauber Salts, each 112 lbs. 74 pieces Brown Holland, 24 pieces Cotton Strip, 14 Table Cloth of different sizes, 18 dozen Coloured Threads, 3 boxes of Adelphy Cotton Thread, Queen's Ware in assorted casks, 11,000 hoops of 11, 121, 13, and 14 feet, 40 tierces of Salt, with a number of other articles.
Feb. 20, 1807.
On Monday the 9th of March, by order of Francis Meagher, at his store on the American Stelling, Irish Linen, Patillas, long Lawns, Irish Dowlas, Printed Calicoes, Gentlemen's and Ladie's Stockings, Salempores, Sailors' and Negro Clothing, Stationary, Tea, Refined Sugar, Black Pepper, Paints and Paint Oil, Jars Oil, Spirit of Turpentine, Tin, Glass, and Crockery Ware, Carpenters' and Coopers' Tools assorted, Cutlery, Cordage and Blocks, Madeira, Port, and Claret Wine by the dozen, Grenada Rum in kegs of 10 gallons each, &c. &c. &c.
Feb. 20, 1807.
On Tuesday the 10th of March, at the Vendue Office, by order of the Rev. Mr. M'Mahon, Household Furniture, consisting of three large Bedsteads, with carved and turned Posts, Dining and Pembroke Tables, Sofas, Bookcases, 2 Floorcloths, a large and complete set of English China for Dinner, Lamps, Shades, Glass Ware, and many other Articles useful for Families. Also, a House situated in the front street leading to the Camp, known on the chart of Eve Leary Estate as No. 49, with the adjoining Lot. Payment for which will be taken in Coffee, Cotton, and Sugar, at the Colony price.
Feb. 20, 1807.
On Monday the 16th of March, by order of J. Beete, Esq. on Plantation Best, Household Furniture, consisting of Beds and Bedding, Patent Mahogany Dining, Pembroke, and other Tables, Pier Glasses, Chairs, Sofas, Sideboards, Vase Lamps, China, Glass, some Prints and Books, two Oxen, a Bull, and sundry other Articles.
Feb. 20, 1807.
On Friday the 20th of march, at the Vendue Office, by order of his Honor the Fiscaal, the following Arrested Slaves, now in the Colony Stocks, viz. A Negro, Atticka, belonging to the Estate of the Hon. F. Kroll, dec. confined by C. Macrae, Esq. 20th Nov. 1806.; a Negro Boy, Cuffy, belonging to Mr. Horn or Hind, confined by the Military 21st Nov. 1806; a Negro Woman, Louisa, belonging to Mr. Latham, confined by Mr. Williamson, 9th Oct. 1806; a Negro, Ben, belonging to Mr. Truelock, confined by Mr. Kenyon, 4th Nov. 1806; a Mulatto, James, belonging to Mr. Barker, confined by order of the Honourable Fiscaal, 10th March 1806.
Feb. 20, 1807.

TE KOOP, [heading]
De Plantagie genaamd Tyd en Vlyt, in 't Canaal No. 3, groot 500 Akkers Land, met alle de noodige Gebouwen daaropstaande; voorts een nieuwe fluis kooker, 30 voeten lang, 7 by 7, en brug, alles gemaakt van best sipirie hout, geleegen tusschen de Plantagien Perseverance en 't Haagsche Bosch; thans in cultivatie 45 akkers, met jonge en draagbaare Banannen; als meede 3000 jonge Coffy Boomen (meer of min), en een groote aantal alle soorten vrugtboomen regulier geplant.
De Kooper zoude 12 tot 24 stuks Negers by de Plantagie kunnen by bekomen, indien by zulks verkoos.
De Conditie van verkoop zal den Ondergeteekende zeer favorabel inrigten, ingeval de jaarlykse betalingen maar prompt en secuur kunnen gepresteert worden, hier over nader te bevragen by den Ondergeschreevene, woonagtig in Stabroek.
Rio Demerary, den 20ste Feb. 1807. Mart. Smit.

NOW LANDING, [all centered text]
White Pine Boards, Plank, and Scantling
Shingles, Staves, and Clapboards
White and Red Oak Shooks, with Heading
Hickory Hoops, Ash Oars, Fish in Boxes
Also on hand,
Russia and Patent Canvas, Cotton Bagging, Osnaburgs, Paints
and Oil, Newfoundland Cod Fish, &c. &c.
Demerary, Feb. 21, 1807. John Madden.

Positively Stolen, a few Nights ago, a Four oared American Yawl, from the Stelling behind Mr. Bruninghaus's Concession. The Chain by which she was fastened is broken asunder, and there appears to have been a fruitless attempt made first to pick the Lock, which is spoiled.
Anyone who can give information against the perpetrator or perpetrators of this act of felony, so as to convict the same, shall be rewarded with Four Joes by the Harbour Master - Demerary, Feb. 21, 1807.

The Running Ship Speculator, Captain N. Lasueur, Burthen 280 to 300 Tons, will positively sail on or before the first Springs in April, without Convoy, or in company with any other armed ships. She has excellent accommodations for Passengers. For Freight or Passage, apply to
Colin Macrae, or to
S. Mourant & Co.
N.B. Eighty to One Hundred Tons of good Stone Ballast will be disposed of, to be delivered alongside the said ship.
Demerary, Feb. 21, 1807.

A Store belonging to the Subscribers, in the house formerly occupied by Thos. Barker, Esq. in Cumingsburg, having been broke into on the night of Friday the 13th curt. [sic] and robbed of a considerable number of Cases of Gin, a Reward of Twenty Joes will be paid by the Subscribers to any person who will give such information as may lead to the discovery of the person or persons guilty of this Robbery; and the informer's name will, if desired, be concealed.
Cumingsburg, Feb. 21, 1807. A. & A. Smith.

The Planet, Capt. Langley, another of the London Fleet, arrived on Thursday. She sailed with upwards of 200 sail from Portsmouth on the 4th January, and reached Madeira the 18th. The remainder of the fleet did not put into Madeira, but proceeded on their voyage. It is confidently stated that they are now (two o'clock) off the Bar.
John Daly, Esq. a considerable Planter of this Colony, and formerly a Member of the Hon. Court of Justice, with his daughter-in-law Miss St. Felix, came passengers in the Planet. Mr. T. Engels and Mr. G. Luders were also passengers.

It is said, that two vessels were cut out from the fleet when off Dungeness by a privateer; their names are not known. We understand that Mr. and Mrs. James Fraser, a son of the Rev. G. Ryk, and a son of Van Braam, Esq. are on board the Triton, Capt. Van Dyk.

There will be a Court of Criminal Justice on Wednesday the 4th of March.

The Commander of the Forces has appointed the Rev. Mr. Strachan to be Brigade Chaplain at Demerary, vice the Rev. Mr. M'Mahon, who resigns.

Another race (if such it can be called) took place on Saturday, for 25 Joes. There appears to have been more money sported than skill on the occasion, particularly by one of the parties; for we are told that the winner, after figuring away for some time in the cotton piece, at last came in with his head nearly where his heels should be.
We are happy to inform the lover this sport, that the sister of Broken Jaw arrived here a few days ago in high health and spirits. She is said to resemble her brother very much in figure and action, though of a different colour; of course, much amusement is expected.

The following has been sent us for insertion:
A New Mode of making New Debts. - A few days ago, a person who had the appearance of a Gentleman went into the store of a Merchant, and offered to sell two bales of cotton. After some conversation between the parties respecting the quality, weight, &c. the price was agreed on, in the presence of two witnesses, and a bargain finally concluded. The Cottonseller then took up a few articles from the store on account of his cotton, which he agreed should be immediately rolled down there by two of his negroes. Some time having elapsed, however, and no cotton making its appearance, the Merchant went to the house of the Cottonseller, to make inquiry concerning it, but was told he was not within. Not satisfied with this intelligence, as he had some reason to suspect it was given for the purpose of evasion, he insisted on seeing either him or his housekeeper, when lo! who should pop from behind a door but the Cottonseller himself! Questions were of course immediately asked concerning the cotton, when he said that he had sold it again directly on leaving the store? Payment being then required for the goods he had taken away on account, he began to dispute about the price. At length, however, finding the Merchant peremptory in his demand of having the articles back, or value for them, he paid him for a part, and permitted him to take back the remainder, which the Merchant did himself, thinking it more prudent to do so, after what had passed, than to trust to a promise of their being sent after him. The Merchant has some reason to suppose that this cotton was engaged previous to its being offered to him. At any rate, it appears that the method was adopted merely to procure the goods in question, the seller being aware, from his known punctuality, that he could not so easily have obtained them otherwise.

His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor has judged proper to appoint Doctor Jas. Dunkin to act as Officer of Health within this Government, with authority to visit the Shipping. This appointment, however, it is declared, is not to interfere with that of the Surgeon of the Colonial Hospital for the inspection of all New Negroes.

Birth. On Monday last, at King's town, the wife of P. F. Tinne, Esq. of a son.

Death. On Tuesday, the Hon. C. D. Mack (See Advert.)

We are happy to state that there is every appearance of an abundant Coffee Crop throughout the country.

A New Cistern is about to be built, and some repair made, at the Military Hospital. All persons inclined to contract for the same, must deliver in sealed proposals, with proper security, at the Government Secretary's Office on or before Sunday next. Particulars may be known by applying to Doctor Dunkin.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Feb. 16, Brig Ulysses, S. Hutchings, from Portsmouth; Feb. 17, Schooner Gingle, H. C. Darrell, from Barbados; Feb. 17. Brig Lady Cathcart, W. Osborn, from London; Feb. 17, Schooner Milly, J. Donald, from Charlestown; Feb 18, Schooner Joann, B. Hopkins, from Portland; Feb. 20, Ship Hero, J. Carnochan, from Glasgow; Feb. 22, Ship Planet, W. Langley, from London.

Feb. 16, Brig Betsy, I. Stoodly, for Savannah; Feb. 16. Ship Alexander, R. Pince, for Liverpool; Feb. 18, Ship Ariadne, G. Johnston, from [sic] Greenock; Feb. 18, Brig Fidelity, G. Dame, for Portsmouth; Feb. 19, Ship Intrepid, W. Furn[illegible], for Liverpool; Feb. 20, Brig Mercury, I. Bogg, for Liverpool; Feb. 21, Schooner Milly, James Donald, for St. Thomas; Feb. 21, Schooner Brutus, W. Darnell, for Trinidad; Feb. 21, Ship Benlommond, W. Young, for London.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, on this 21st day of February, 1807,

in the Stocks of Demerary.



By whom brought.





Brittlebank, do. [sic]

I. Turner.



R. Murray.



Pl. Petite Fortuyn.




James (Mulat.)

Barker in Esseq.




Pl. Columbian.





Pl. Groot Diamond.




Pl. Georgia.


B. Hall.



Boedel Kroll.

C. Macrae, q.q.






Jaffrey, Mahaconi.











Tom Eyland.


And 3 New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
J. Runnels, Drossaart.

Published by Bond and Aulert, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.


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