Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 March 14


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 220.

Saturday, the 14th of March.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Messrs. Alex. Iver, I. W. Overweg, Bern. Buis, and P. B. Gloster, in 14 days, from Feb. 28.
Doctor Seysson, in 3 weeks, from the same time.
Messrs. Jas. Cardwell, Robert Jackson, and Francis Wright, in 14 days, from March 7.
The Rev. Francis M'Mahon, with his Family, and Mr. Thomas Conatt, in 14 days from March 11.
Mr. Levy Eliazer, in 3 or 4 weeks, from March 12.
Mr. H. B. Rees, in 3 weeks, from March 13.
Mr. Henry Sampson, with the first convoy.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

[skipped some official announcements - too illegible and not reproduced in later issues]

The Chamber of M. Lamaison, Counsellor at Law, duly admitted by the Honourable Courts of Justice in Essequebo and Demerary, are provisionally at the House of C. H. De Munnick, Esq. at Vlissingen, near Stabroek.
Demerary, March 11, 1807.

Pursuant to a Proclamation of the Hon. Court of Policy, and by permission of the Hon. F. P. van Berckel, Fiscal, at the expiration of fourteen days from the date hereof will be sold, at Public Vendue, a small Bay Stallion, with white hind legs and long tail, confined by the Manager of Plantation Bellair on the 4th inst. Meanwhile the Owner may have him restored on paying the expences to
Stabroek, March 14, 1807. J. Runnels, J.Z.

The Subscriber requests the favour of all those indebted to him to come forward immediately with payment; so as to enable him to liquidate all claims against him
Stabroek, March 13, 1807. J. Runnels, J.Z.

The Gentlemen of the Mahaica Volunteers, who last week offered their public testimony to the liberal conduct of - Brandes, Esq. wish also to express the same sentiments towards the Manager of Plantation Friendship, Mr. John Sobersmith [somewhat illegible]; the name of which Gentleman would have been mentioned in the last paper, had the communication been received in time for publication.
March 14, 1807.

TO BE LET, [heading]
And may be entered the 1st of June next, the House at present occupied by Mr. Brandt, on the Middle Dam of Stabroek, opposite the Government House, belonging to Mr. E. C. Eli.
Also for Sale or Hire, the Lot No. 239, situated in Cumingsburg, on the Road leading from the Block house, close to the Bridge which leads through Vlissingen Estate to Stabroek. For particulars, apply to
March 14, 1807. H. A. Eberhardi, q.q.

The Owners of Lots on the Forelands of Plantation Werk & Rust, called Freeburg, which are entitled to a transport, are requested to call for the same at the next Commissary meeting, when the Undersigned will attend for that purpose.
Plantation Werk & Rust, H. A. Eberhardi,
March 14, 1807. Propr. & q.q.

On Monday the 23d instant, at the Vendue Office, by order of Messrs. Eliazer and Castello, Best spiced beef, Irish ditto in half barrels, candles, printed calicoes, blue cloth and kerseymere, India dimity, ditto romal handkfs. pullicat do. chintz furniture, white jean cotton counterpanes, corduroy, salempores, check, India cotton long cloth, ladies' and gentlemen's hats, britannias, corded dimity, Russia sheeting, bed tick, bombazeen and bombazet, damask table cloths, diapers, nuns and other thread, Irish linen, tape, and bobbin, boots, linen pocket handkerchiefs, ladies' and gentlemen's stockings, ladies' gloves, paint and oil, brown Holland, muslin of every description, a general assortment of lace and edging, with silk trimmings and tassels for ladies' dresses, sole and upper leather, rose and lavender water, scented soap, with many other articles.
N.B. Should any inclination be shown, two houses will be also exposed, with three or four slaves, being young and healthy girls.
March 14, 1807.
On Tuesday the 24th instant, by order of Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach, & M'Bean, at their store in the front ground of Werk & Rust, Candles in whole and half boxes, Soap in boxes, Irish Butter in firkins, Pork in barrels; likewise sundry other articles. And at the same time, the Concession No. 129 in Cumingsburg, and the Half Lot No. 21, on the North side of Stabroek, with all the Buildings thereon, lately put into good repair. Terms of the Lots, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.
March 13, 1807.
On Tuesday the 31st instant, at the Vendue Office, by order of James Ogle, Esq. q.q. Thirty complete House and Ship Carpenters.
March 13, 1807.
On Tuesday the 7th April, at Fisher and Chorley's Store, formerly occupied by G. I. Goppy, Esq. New Town, a quantity of Dry Goods and Provisions, consisting of Tubs Beef, Hampers Potatoes, New Double Rose Butter, Blankets, Negro Clothing, Sail Canvas, Bunting, Dimities, Checks, Jeans, Britannias, Madras Handkerchiefs, laced and fancy Muslins, Chintzes, Tapes, Thread, Bobbin, and patent Braces, Printed Cambrics, Calicoes, and superfine fancy Furnitures, Cotton Stockings, Umbrellas, printed and plain white Counterpanes, Calicoe Check Shirts, Irish Linen, Huckaback striped Bed Tick
Cotton Towels and Diaper Table Cloth, Gentlemen's fine Beaver and Silk Hats, best Hogskin Saddles with plated furniture, Boots and Shoes, Leather Portmanteaus, Patent Steelyards, Carpenters' Tools, Bands and Gudgeons, Hinges and Hooks, Cast Iron Pots, a general assortment of Hardware, and a variety of other articles.
March 13, 1807.
On Monday the 13th April, by order of Joannes Runnels, [sic] JZ. Household Furniture, Slaves, Horses, Chaise, &c. Also the Quarter Lot No. 46, situated on the North Dam of Stabroek, at present occupied by Mr. Thomas Atkins.
March 13, 1807.

LOST, [heading]
In the month of February 1806 (last Year), an Obligation of P. S. Massayes, in favour of Frederick Jonas, to the amount of f 520 H. C. Whoever has found the same, and will restore it to the subscriber at Abary Ferry, shall receive a Handsome Reward. It is of no use to any but the owner, as payment is stopped.
Abary Ferry, Berbice, March 9, 1807. F. Jonas.

The Creditors of the late John Campbell, dec. are requested to meet at the Union Coffee House on Friday next the 20th instant, at Twelve o'Clock.
Demerary, March 13, 1807.

FOR SALE, [heading]
On Board the ship Alexander, Robert Scott Master,
Potatoes in Hampers
Scotch Herrings in Firkins
Building Lime in Hogsheads and Tierces
And Four small boats, adapted for Colony Craft, which will be sold very reasonably, for immediate Payment in Cash, Cotton, or Coffee.
Demerary, March 13, 1807.

The Undersigned requests those Gentlemen who have Goods on board the Planet to send for them with all dispatch, in order to enable him to take on board his homeward-bound Freight in time to sail with the convoy in April. If this request be not attended to immediately, he will land them at the store of J. F. Meyer, Werk & Rust, at the expence of those who neglect to fetch them. He will be very thankful to the Gentlemen who have engaged Freight in the Plant, to send their Produce on board as speedily as possible.
Demerary, March 13, 1807. Wm. Langley.

The Undersigned have For Sale, at their Store on Werk & Rust, the following Articles, the Cargo of the Brig Emeline, Capt. Hubberts, from Boston:
Lumber, Fish in Hhds and Boxes, Clapboards
Also the have for Sale,
Spice Cheese, Sweet Milk ditto, Dutch, Irish, and American Butter, Candles, Soap, Nails assorted, Temper goods, &c.
March 14, 18[7. I. van der Haas & Co.

Notice is hereby given for the present, than since the 2d of February last, Mr. James Bruce is superseded in the power of acting for the late firms of Peter Nisbet & Co. and Steel, Nisbet, & Co. and that the Subscriber is appointed in his stead, as may be seen by reference to the Secretary's Office of this Colony, and of Essequebo.
Demerary, March 7, 1807. Arch. Iver, q.q.

NOTICE. [heading]
In consequence of an Advertisement of Mr. Archibald Iver, q.q. in the Gazette of the 7th instant, the Subscriber thinks it his duty to inform all concerned, That when the conditions which he is instructed to have fulfilled by Mr. Archibald Iver, q.q. Messrs. M'Neill, Stewart, and Co. are complied with on his part, the books and papers of every kind relating to the affairs of Peter Nisbet, and Peter Nisbet and Co's late Firm, shall be delivered over to the said Mr. Archibald Iver, q.q. with authority and power from Me, q.q. substituting him in my capacity to collect and settle the said affairs of Peter Nisbet and of Peter Nisbet & Co. in future; only reserving, at my own disposal, as many of the Notes of Hand as will settle the arrears of salary which are due to myself. James Bruce, q.q.
Peter Nisbet & Co's Late Firm
P.S. Due Notice shall be given by Me, in this gazette, of my delivering over the said affairs.
Demerary, March 13, 1807. J. Bruce, q.q.

Alle die geene welke Schoenders of Boote ter repareere gegeeve hebben by den Ondergeteekenden, en reeds klaar zyn, worden verzogt dezelve binnen 4 weeken na dato teegens betaaling dezelve te koomen afhalen, zullen dezelve anders na expiratie van gemelde 4 weeken op publicque Vendu [sic] verkogt worden. H. Brorman,
Rio Demerary, den 14 Maart 1807. Pl. Velzenhoofd.

Just as our paper was going to press last Saturday, the signal for an alarm was hoisted at the block house, and the drum beat to arms. The summons was quickly obeyed and, in a short time, a very respectable number of the Militia were assembled before the Court house in complete readiness for marching wherever their services might be required. Towards evening His Excellency the Governor reviewed them, and expressed his satisfaction at their appearance. A nightly guard was then told off, and the other dismissed, with orders to hold themselves in perfect readiness during the night. At five o'clock in the morning, they were again on the ground, joined by several who were not able to turn out the preceding night; when, after remaining under arms for some time, and being again inspected by His Excellency, the whole were dismissed, and about 11 o'clock, the signal was hauled down from the Block-house.
We believe the following to have been the principal cause of this alarm:
On the 5th inst. while the people belonging to J. C. M'Leod, Esq. were busily employed in loading his schooner just off the Plantation, and while the punt was on its way to her, a small topsail vessel suddenly hove in sight, which immediately sent an armed boat to the schooner, took possession of her, together with the punt, negroes, and all, and carried them a considerable way out to sea. The next day, however, the negroes, save one, returned with the punt, bringing a letter from the French Captain to their Master, an exact copy of which is below, and reporting that they were taken out of two very large vessels which appeared full of men - at least, 400 or 500 in each. They were told that the cotton would be put on board the ships, and that the schooner would be made a privateer of; also that the ship were coming to visit Berbice and Demerary Rivers as soon as the spring tides commenced.

TRANSLATION. [heading]
Messrs. M'Leod and Co. March 6, 1807.
Sirs - I send you Eight Negroes, whose names are noted underneath, which I have taken to day on board your schooner the Immortality, with the privateer La Pense[accent], of Martinique, under my command. I should have been happy to have returned you the Captain, were it in my power; but am obliged to detain him to give in his declaration.
I salute you affectionately,
Names of the Negroes [omitted - illegible] Francois Maurissau.

It is singularly unfortunate circumstance for the owner, that this makes the third time the same boat has been captured within these eighteen months - the first time, in nearly the same situation, she was a-ground and only pillaged; the second time, she was at sea, and released after having the wine taken out (as stated in a former paper); - and it makes in the whole the seventh capital loss the same Gentleman has sustained by the captures of the enemy, all within the four last years.
Besides the above, we understand that two or three more boats were captured, one belonging to Mr. Heathcote; and the vessel which was bringing the 2d January mail, was chased by three privateers off Mahaica when the Captain run her on shore at Belmont, and conveyed the bags safely on shore through the surf, whence they reached the Post Office on Sunday; though the vessel is, we believe, still in the mud.
The dexterity with which these privateers avoid our vessels of war is astonishing. As soon as they were discovered to be off the coast, the Skipjack and Rosario stood out after them, but they returned on Sunday morning, after a fruitless cruise; and on Monday evening his Majesty's brig Heureux arrived; she made the land above Surinam, but met with nothing in her passage down.
The Heureux and Rosario sailed again on Wednesday on a cruise.
The Skipjack is going to Barbados to be repaired. When she returns the Affiance will go.

The 8th of next month is the time appointed for the sailing of the first convoy.

Died - On Saturday last, at Berbice, the Hon. I. A. Paradys, LL.D., late Fiscal of Berbice and formerly celebrated for his eminent professional abilities in this Colony.

List of Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last [this heading DOES NOT APPEAR]

March 9, Brig Emmeline, [?] Allen, from Boston.

March 7. Antelope, J. Meteen, and Windham, I. M'Gowty.
March 9. Maxwell, John Edwards; America, R. M'Ewan.
March 10. Antelope, J. Roberts.
March 13. Valeruous, F. Gross.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, on this 14th day of March, 1807,

in the Stocks of Demerary.



By whom brought.





Brittlebank. (Berbice)

I. Turner.


Trulock in do.

R. Murray.






Pl. Columbian.











M. Doyle.










B. Kemp.





C. Simon.

A. Reith.


R. Forshaw.

W. Jellis.


B. Lewis.



Pl. Helena.

Negroes of Pennistone.







And 2 New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
J. Runnels, Drossaart.

Published by Bond and Aulert, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.



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