Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 April 04


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 223.

Saturday, the 4th of April.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. Samuel B. King, in 14 days, from March 23.
Mr. C. F. A. Zier, in 14 days, from March 25.
Mr. Pierre Gastebois, in 4 or 5 weeks, from April 2.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

The Subscribers have for Sale, at their Store, on Werk & Rust,
[first column]
Boards, Plank, Scantling
R.O. Staves, Clapboards
Fish in hhds. and boxes
Mess and prime Beef in whole and half barrels
Pork in ditto ditto
Butter, Candles, Soap
Flour, Mackarel, Tripe
Real Dutch Gin in cases
Tar, Paint Oil
Tobacco, Segars
Refined Sugar
[second column]
Raisins in boxes
Checks, Nankeens
Writing Paper
Sour Crout
Pickled Beans
Barley, Pease
Temper Lime
And several other Articles
[end columns]
April 4, 1807. Engels & Van Senden.

FOR SALE, [heading]
A Boat Captain, who can be well recommended for Cleverness, Honesty, and Sobriety. He has had charge of a Boat for several years, and is sold for no fault whatever. An approved purchaser will meet with good terms by applying to the Printer.
Demerary, April 4, 1807.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Subscriber no longer acting for Engel Loncke, Esq. as Attorney-at-Law, therefore requests all those who he may have given His private Note of Hand to for Mr. L-, to call for settlement within three weeks from the date hereof. W. F. Dobbrauski
April 4, 1807.

Absented himself some time ago from the Subscriber, the eldest of his Boat Negroes, named Jacob. He had obtained permission to remain in town for eight days; but proves himself unwilling to return, by hiding away.
Masters of vessels, and all other persons, are cautioned against hiring, detaining, or harbouring this Negro; as, in such case, the utmost vigour of the Law will be enforced against them. And any person giving information which may lead to his detection, or lodging him in the Barracks, shall receive the above reward.
Dem. April 4, 1807. C. M. Overweg.

Run Away from the Subscriber, about Ten Days ago, a young Negro Woman, named Sophia, yellow complexion, about 4 feet 10 inches, or 5 feet high, of the Congo Nation is well known in Kingston. Whoever will apprehend the said Girl, and bring her to the Subscriber, or lodge her in the Barracks, shall receive Two Joes Reward. Johanna Hopkinson.
Demerary, April 2, 1807.

Whereas the free Mulatto woman, called Nancy Stanford, did some time ago hire a Negro Wench, called Jabba, of me, for the service of whom I have not been able to obtain Payment, nor can I get my slave returned; I do hereby, therefore, publickly call on the said Mulatto Woman, to restore me my slave, without delay, and caution all persons against harbouring her after this date. Further, whoever will give such information as may lead to her recovery, shall be handsomely rewarded by me.
Demerary, April 4, 1807. Martin Doyle.

FOR SALE, [heading]
And to be delivered on the Forelands of Plantation Werk & Rust, alongside of the Sluice Trench,
by the Cord. Apply to
April 4, 1807. H. A. Eberhardi,
on the said Estate.

FOR HIRE, [heading]
An excellent Man Cook.
Inquire at this Printing Office.
April 4, 1807.

Wordt mits deezen aan elk en een iegelyk geadverteerd, dat die geene welke iets mogte verschuldigd zyn, het zy voor vragt of anderzints, aan de Schooner Frederick Willhelm [sic], geen andere betaaling te doen dan aan de Ondergeteekende, als door aankoop eenige Eigenaer geworden zynde van de opgemelde Schooner.
Dem. den 28 Maart 1807. F. Horn.

The Undersigned intending to quit this Colony within fourteen days from the date hereof, requests all those who are indebted to him, immediately to settle their Accounts; and all those to whom he is indebted, to call and receive the Amount thereof.
April 4, 1807. P. Gastebois.

On Thursday, the 9th instant, by order of W. L. Cowan, Esq. on Plantation La Penitence, Milch Cows, Heifers, Calves, Sheep, three excellent Saddle Horses, a 4-oared Boat with Sails complete, &c.
April 3, 1807.
On Friday, the 10th instant, at his House in Cumingsburgh, by order of Charles Clifton, Esq. Household Furniture, consisting of Tables, Chairs, Bed and Bedsteads, Sideboard, Glass and Earthenware, &c.; also Milch Cows, Calves, Sheep, Horses, a Chaise, &c.
April 3, 1807.
On Thursday, the 23d instant, by order of D. MacLachlan, Esq. a Schooner Boat, about 36 feet keel, with her Rigging, &c. Also, on the same Day, Calicoes, Checks, Salempores, Linen, Porter, Beef and Pork in barrels, Horse, Negroes, &c.
April 3, 1807.

Run Away from the Subscriber a tall Boy of the name of Trim. He is a Creole of Essequebo, and was formerly the property of F. W. Overweg, Esq. Whoever will lodge the said Boy in the Barracks, or deliver him to the Subscriber, shall be handsomely rewarded.
Demerary, April 5 [sic], 1807. J. C. Muller, M.D.

Imported in the Ship Triton, Capt. Van Dyk, from London, and for Sale by the C[illegible] or Package, on very reasonable Terms, for Cash or approved Credit,
[first column]
Choice pieces smoked beef
Dried and pickled tongues
Red herrings
Pickled tripe
Westphalia hams
Pine and loaf cheese
Dutch and Irish butter
Kegs of sour crout
Dried beans, split pease
Barley, oatmeal
Boxes ling fish
Hyson tea, refined sugar
Vinegar, olives, capers
Celery seed, mustard
India soy, fish sauce
Raisins, currants, almonds in shells
Black pepper, mixed spices
Stoughton's elixir
Fine old red port, cyder
Beer, ale, porter
Seltzer water
Small boxes of Eau de Colog [sic].
Arquebusade, lavender, and rose water
Best and plain hogskin hunting saddles
Officers' military saddles
Ladies' saddles
Very handsome single horse chaise harnesses
Double and single bridles
Saddle cloths, girths
Jockey whips
Gentlemen's silk hats
[second column]
Black and blue superfine broad cloth coats
Riding coats
Dimity & cotton pantaloons
Fashionable waistcoats
Flannel and nankeen jackets and trowsers
Fine Welch flannel skin waistcoats with sleeves
Black silk waistcoats
Head and shoe brushes
Oriental and Naples soap
Violet powder
Pots and rolls pomatum
Tooth brushes and powder
Writing desks
Red morocco cases with 2 elegant white ivory handled razors, gold mounted, and straps in each
Shaving brushes
Gentlemen's dressing cases complete
Earthen and glass ware assorted
4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, & 30 Nails
Paint of all kinds, Paint Oil
Soap, starch, candles
Dutch pipes
Seines, seine and sewing twine
Cotton bagging
Irish linens, cotton checks
Ginghams, blue niccanies
Salempores, platillas
Wood hoops, &c.
[end columns]
Plantation Stores and Provisions, pre other late arrivals from England, are also for Sale on the best Terms, for Cash or approved Credit, by
New Town, April 4, 1807. James Robertson.

On Monday next there will be a meeting of the Courts of Rolls and Commissaries of Essequebo and Demerary.

The Princess Royal (Captain New) of London, a fine ship, of about 350 tons burthen, consigned to Messrs. William King and Co. which came in on Friday se'nnight [sic] from Essequebo, to complete her cargo for Europe, and which was moored for that purpose a little below Cumingsburg, unfortunately took fire on Sunday evening last, and in a few hours was burned to the water's edge.
There are various reports concerning the cause of this melancholy event; from all the particulars we have been able to collect, however, the following appears to be the most probable.
There were only four people on board, viz. one white man (we believe the mate), the cabin boy, and two negroes. At six o'clock, all was well, and about that time the cabin boy is said to have gone into the cabin, with a candle and lanthorn, to draw off a bottle of rum. by some accident, after he had filled the bottle, he upset it, and, in his eagerness and struggle to save the liquor, the candle fell out of the lanthorn and set fire to the rum, some of which, in its inflammatory state, fell between the boards of the cabin floor, and communicated the flame to some old sails, &c. lying beneath. The latter circumstance was not observed by the boy, who, having extinguished the fire on the cabin floor, went upon deck and thought no more of it till the whole cabin was in a blaze.
It was first seen by the inhabitants ashore about 7 o'clock. Some boats immediately put off to her assistance. Capt. Whiston (the pilot), with his assistant Mr. Knight, and a negro, were the first on board. They immediately went towards the cabin, but just as they approached it, the magazine blew up, and the cabin fell in. By the explosion Mr. Knight was driven one way, the negro another, and a piece of timber was forced with great violence against Capt. Whiston's breast. As soon as he had recovered the shock, and the smoke had a little dissipated, Capt. Whiston endeavoured to find his people. The negro came to him, not much hurt, but Knight was still missing. At length, after much hallooing, he feebly answered from below the main hatchway, and, with considerable difficulty, a rope was made fast to him, and he was hauled up nearly smothered. It was then absolutely necessary to return ashore with the poor man, who, by being bled &c. recovered. All this, however, took up time, meanwhile the destructive element was raging with redoubled force, so that when Capt. Whiston again got on board with Capt. New, no hope remained of saving the ship. About half past 8, the mizen mast went by the board, which was followed by the mainmast about 10. Between 11 and 12, the fore topmast came down, and shortly afterward the lamentable business of destruction was completed. the next morning the wreck was towed to the other side, opposite the estate of J. Fileen, Esq. where she still remains.
It may be considered a fortunate circumstance that the fire broke out in the cabin, instead of the forecastle. Had it taken place at the head, the cable would most likely have been burned; and, it not being quite flood, she must have driven among the other shipping, when the consequences might have been disastrous in the extreme; as it was, however, before she broke loose, the tide had turned, and of course she drifted the other way.
The Princess Royal had on board about 250 hogsheads of Sugar, besides Cotton and Coffee; out of these only two Bales of Cotton were saved, which, it will be seen, are advertised for public sale next Monday, together with the iron work, anchors, &c.
Captain New is supposed to have lost to the amount of 1000 l. sterling. He had upwards of 100 hard Joes on board. The remainder of the crew of course have lost their all; yet many of these worthy tars were heard to declare, that they did not care a d--n for their own loss, they were only sorry for their Captain, he was such a good fellow.
We regret to have to state, as a contrast with the conduct of these honest seamen, that two or three white men were observed to be plundering the wreck the following afternoon. They have been discovered.

Broken Jaw's Sister. - A match between a mare which goes by this name, the property of Captain Hill, and one belonging to a Gentleman of the West coast, was run Thursday morning, on the Middle Walk of the Goed Verwachting Estate; a ground well adapted for the purpose. The distance was a mile, and the bet, we believe, for 20 joes; the sister of Broken Jaw, however, did no credit to her brother, she was distanced. Mr. Foote and several amateurs were present. Some idea may be formed of the speed of these horses, when it is said that Mr. Breton's stallion could beat them both.

The lovesick Gentleman, whom we characterised some weeks ago under the appellation of the sighing, dying Swain, gave a grand dinner the other day to a large party of Colonists of distinction. - O tempora! O mores!

A Proclamation was issued after our paper went to press last Saturday, dismissing from the College of Kiezers of Essequebo, five of the seven Members, viz. Messr. R. Nugent, Wm. Deeges, F. Alfrein, L. Siffing [or Sissing?], and J. Hubbard, and superseding the three last in their situations of Financial Representatives of that river. The cause assigned is, that they had set up "an extraordinary and unconstitutional claim of a discretionary power to supersede the Members of the Court of Policy for supposed misconduct;" and, in consequence thereof, and contrary to the opinion of the other two members, Messrs. C. Clifton, and D. Armstrong, had nominated Messrs. John Hubbard and H. H. Touson as candidates, in the room of Mr. C. D. Mack; which nomination the Court had rejected. And His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor, by virtue of instructions transmitted from the Rt. Hon. Lord Hobart, in Jan. 1804, relative to such affairs, had therefore thought proper to take the above steps, and to call on all inhabitants entitled thereto to give in their vote for five other Gentlemen to supply their pl[illegible]

Died - On Monday fe'nnight [sic - s vs. f?] Mr. Watteling, of Essequebo. He was upset in a boat off Pireka the preceding night, together with a Mr. Gun and a negro boy, [illegible] after holding on the keel till the next day, without [illegible]ing in with any vessel whatever, endeavoured to [illegible] ashore, but failed in the attempt. The others kept [illegible] perilous situation till the next morning, when they [illegible] fortunately picked up, though almost exhausted.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our last.

March 28. Brig William, D. M'Arthur, from Glasgow.
March 28. George Washington, R. Blunt, from Portsmouth.
April 1. Sloop Director, F. Tarlington, from Norfolk.
April 2. Schooner Eliza, A. Denison, from Wiscasset.

March 28. Brig Nautilus, W. Baker, for Portland.
March 28. Brig Ulysses, J. Hutchins, for Portsmouth.
March 28. Schooner Joann, B. Hopkins, for Penobscot.
March 30. Ship Fame, W. Williams, for Liverpool.
March 31. Schooner Mary, M. Pool, for Boston.
March 31. Ship Demerary, P. Inglis, for Liverpool.
April 3. Ship Barbados, O. Lewis, for Liverpool.
Ship Jane, J. Thompson, for Liverpool.
Brig Alexnader, S. Bugbee, for Penobscot.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in the Colony Stocks of

Demerary, on this 4th day of April, 1807.



By whom brought.





Brittlebank (Berbice)

I. Turner.


Mackintosh (Do.)

R. Murray.






Plant. La Penitence.



B. Kemp.





C. Simons.

A. Reith.




Old Jack.

James Ogle.














And 3 New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
J. Runnels, Drossaart.

Published by Bond and Aulert, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.



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