Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 May 02


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 227.

Saturday, the 2d of May.

Notice is hereby given, that the Office of the Acting President of the Court of Justice, V. A. Heyliger, LL.D. will be provisionally kept at the Government Secretary's Office, where he will attend every Day, from Nine till Two o'Clock (Sundays and Holydays excepted).
Demerary, may 2, 1807. L. van Rossum,
Secretary to the President.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. I. H. Wahlstab, in 4 weeks, from April 6.
Mr. I. Hunt, & Mr. R. I. Reed, in 14 days, from April 27.
Mr. Mathew Hay, with the first fleet.
Mr. John Smith, in 14 days, from April 30.
Miss Elizabeth Bridgewater.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk

A. Fleischman, with pleasure mixed with sentiments of gratitude, has the honour to inform the Public, that since the publication of his last Advertisement, he has received from the hands of the Hon. P. C. Ouckama his admission to practice at the Bar of the Hon. Court of Essequebo; he can now therefore undertake any kind of Law Business in both Colonies. While making this publickly known, soliciting encouragement, and pledging himself for the punctual fulfilment [sic] of the duties of his profession. he cannot refrain from also publickly expressing his high sense of the favour done him by the Hon. Commodore.
Mey [sic] 2, 1807.

P. Reynard has for sale the finest Liqueurs of Noyeau, at two round dollars per bottle, or four bottles for a joe; also some fine Stomachic Bitters and Orgeat. Likewise, Boxes of Segars, of the very best quality, of his own Manufacture. Those Gentlemen who prefer the large sort will please to express themselves accordingly; Reynard has always by him a sufficiency of both large and small, made under his own inspection, to supply his customers, and he will engage to sell 500 in each box for Ready Money, and 400 in each, on Credit.
N.B. None can be delivered to Negroes, without written orders, from their respective Masters, or Cash - May 2, 1807.

For Sale by the Subscribers ["ubscribers' in text], at their Store, on Robb's Stelling:
[first column]
Madeira Wines, consisting of London Particular and London Market, in pipes, hhds & quarter casks
Also, Malmsey, Sercial, and Tinta, of very superior qualities, in half quarter casks and per dozen
Brown Stout
London Porter in hhds, barrels, and bottles
Small Beer in bottles
Gloucester Cheese
Bristol Tripe in kegs
Tongues in firkins
Barley and split Peas in jugs
Refined Sugar
Kegs of Crackers
Sadlery, consisting of Gig, Harness, Saddles, double and snaffle bridles, whips, and portmanteaus
An assortment of Tin, Earthen, and Glass Ware
Nails assorted
Negro Jackets, Hats, and Blankets
[second column]
Seine and sewing twine
Gentlemen's patent silk and broad-rimm'd Hats
Children's do.
Fashionable reedy-made Clothes
Portable writing desks and dressing cases
White Lead
Paint Oil
Stationary, consisting of Post and Foolscap paper, blank books, memorandum do. quills, pen knives, wafers, sealing wax, paper folders, pencils, inkstands, &c.
Brown and Bleached Russia Sheeting
White Jean
Corded Dimities
Linen Checks
Coffee Bagging
[end columns]
And a Variety of Dry Goods.
David Wardrop & Co.
Demerary, May 2, 1807.

GIN [heading]
For Sale, by the Subscriber, in Pipes and Cases of a very superior quality, for immediate Payment in Cash only.
Robb's Town, May 2, 1807. W. Lucas.

On Saturday, the 9th instant, at the Government House, by order of James Ogle, Esq. q.q. Household Furniture, consisting of Chairs, Tables, Sofas, Sideboards, Glass and Earthenware, also Horses, Carriages, &c. &c.
May 1, 1807.
On Thursday, the 21st instant, at the House of Mr. Marx, by order of the Executor of the late Mr. Aut, Household Furniture, Slaves, and Cattle; also an excellent Saddle Horses, not 5 years old; a capital Forte piano, and sundry Dry Goods.
May 1, 1807.
On Monday, the 25th instant, at the Store of Philip Yates, in front of Plantation Vlissingen, a handsome assortment of Jewellery and Cut Glass, Silk and Beaver hats, Boys Hats and Caps, Servants glazed Ditto, Saddles, Bridles, Whips, Boots and Shoes, Stationary of all kinds, Gunpowder and Hyson tea, Gunpowder and Shot, sets of Ivory and black handled Knives and Forks, Nails assorted, Canvas, Coffee Bagging and Bags, Barley, Split Pease, Oatmeal and Grits, Paint and Lamp Oil, Vinegar, Mustard and Refined Sugar. Dry Goods, consisting of Muslins, dimities, Long Lawns, Diaper, Printed Callicoes, Cantonets, Cords, Marseilles, ladies and Gentlemen's fine Cotton Stockings, ditto Gloves, Shawls, Handkerchiefs, Coat and Waistcoat Patterns, Table Cloths of all sizes.
May 1, 1807.
On Tuesday the 26th instant, at the House of H. C. Evertsz, Esq. Household Furniture, Cows, Horses, Negroes, viz. Carpenters, House Servants, Grass Cutters; also the House, situated on Werk & Rust, at present occupied by H. Cantzlaar, Esq.
May 1, 1807.

The Subscriber requests all those who have any Demands against himself or Plantation Union, Essequebo, to render the same immediately for settlement; as any Claims omitted to be given in on or before the 31st of this month, [illegible] be attended to.
He also requests that those indebted will come forward with immediate payment.
Demerary, May 1, 1807. R. Patterson.

WERK & RUST. [heading]
To Let, for a Term not less than Six Months, the House formerly the Property of Dr. Baum, on the same Concession as the Premises occupied by the Subscriber and Mr. Ne[illegible], consisting of two sleeping rooms, two good [illegible]ing rooms, and two closets with spacious [illegible] warehouses; also part of a Water Lot near to the same. Further particulars will be given on application to
May 2, 1807. Jas. Greenwood.

TO BE SOLD CHEAP, [heading]
A Colony Sloop, newly repaired by Mr. Brorman, Plantation Velserhoofd, whereon she now lies. Apply to
May 2, 1807 Jas. Greenwood.

The Subscriber offers for Sale or Hire a House and Half Lot of Land in Cumingsburg, situated between the Premises of Mr. John Hillman and the Widow Robb, well known for the convenience of all kinds of Business. For particulars please to apply to Mr. Collitt Smith, residing on Lot No. 83, Brick Dam, Stabroek.
May 2, 1807. [Subscriber not given - given as Sarah Bourne in issue of May 9.]

The Gentlemen who think we have been too hasty in delivering our Bills, are requested to recollect the regulation announced by us on commencing business, viz. "that the Subscription Money must be paid in advance, and that all Advertisements must be paid for before insertion, except for those Gentlemen whose accounts are regularly settled every three months."

The Subscribers to the Berbice Gazette are respectfully informed, that they can have their papers of the preceding Saturday at this Office eevery Tuesday: but they must not expect them to be sent round, as we have lately found it utterly impossible to afferd that accommodation even with respect to our own paer.

Although the second March mail has not yet arrived here, by the means of Mr. Cuming's bag which was brought by a small lugger on Wednesday evening, we were put in possession of our papers, which were received in Barbados by the Francis Freeling packet on the 21st ult. in 29 days from Falmouth.

His Majesty's cutters Barbara, Lieut. Edw. Augustus D'Arcy, and Laura, Lieut. Robert Webb, both of 10 guns, arrived here yesterday morning in 31 days from Cork, with the Rosetta, from Bristol, for this port, and a vessel for Surinam. They bring no news. The cutters will proceed to Barbados on Monday or Tuesday next.

His Excellency General and Governor Montgomerie arrived here about six o'clock on Saturady evening, and the next morning had an interview witt his Excellency Lieut. Governor Bentinck. On Tuesday morning he reviewed the troops.

This morning his Excellency the General took over the Government, and about three o'clock, his Excellency Lieutenant Governor Bentinck embarked on board the Gingle Danish schooner to St. Thomas's, on his way to Europe for the re-establishment of his health. Mr. Secretary Brown accompanies his Excellency.

The Hon. Victor Heyliger was sworn in as Acting President of the Court of Justice on Thursday (see Advert. from the Sec.)

Several more Bush Negroes came in yesterday, it is said, from an Ebo camp.

We have heard that it is in contemplation to present every officer who distinguished himself in the late Bush Expeditions with a Gold Medal, value 20 guineas, on which is to be recorded the different services they have rendered the country.

Mr. S. G. Martens is appointed by the Hon. Court of Policy to succeed Mr. John Runnels, who, it will be seen by his Advertisement, intends to quit the Colony.

We understanad that some wholesome regulations are in agitation respecting the slaughtering of Cattle, the conduct of the Market, &c. which, if properly carried into effect, promise to become of much public benefit and general utility. In all well regulated towns in Europe, we believe there is a person appointed, under the denomination of "Clerk of the Market, " or some similar title, to superintend and inspect these concerns, and surely it is more requisite in this climate, where every thing has so much greater a tendency to corruption.

On Monday night last, the store of P. Reynard, segar-maker, &c. was broken open, and several valuable articles of dry goods stolen therefrom, to the amount of about 1500 guilders. We are sorry to say that several instances of similar depredations have lately occurred.

Died. On his Estate on Wakenam island, Essequebo (and not at his house in Cumingsburg), on Saturday afternoon last (and not before), Chas. Clifton, Esq. of his Majesty's Customs.

Mr. Pittman, is, we understand, to be the new Searcher, in the room of Mr. Clifton.

From the Berbice Gazette of last Saturday, April 25. [heading]
"This morning his Excellency the Governor left this Colony for Demerary, as the indisposition of his Excellency Governor Bentinck renders it probable that he will be obliged to change his climate. Should, however, circumstances put both colonies under Brig. Gen. Montgomerie's civil administration, we understand it is the earnest wish of this community that this colony should be the place of his general residence, where he enjoys the esteem and confidence of the whole colony"

The Subscriber being determined to quit the Colony in the Month of July for Europe, requests those he may be indebted to, to call for Payment; and those indebted to him, to pay strict attention to the Advertisement in the last week's paper, in default of which they must abide by the consequences. He will dispose of some Negroes, Household Furniture, &c.
Demerary, May 2, 1807. J. Runnels, J.Z.

FOR LONDON, [heading]
The fast sailing, copper-bottomed Ship Pelican, Alex. Bowles, Master, will positively sail with the first Convoy, full or not.
For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on Board, to C. H. De Munnick, Esq. Vlissingen, or to E. G. Storm van s' Gravesande.
May 2, 1807.

The Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of the Undersigned is at the house of W. F. Dobbrauski, Kingston.
May 2, 1807. P. Barchard.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

April 27. Schooner Ant, B. Bowen, from Barbados.
May 1. Brig Lord Duncan, W. Greenidge, from [illegible]

May 2. Ship Belleisle, W. Gemmell, for Berbice.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in the Colony Stocks of

Demerary, on this 2d day of May, 1807.



By whom brought.















De Rooy



Pl. Rebecca's Rust





I. P. Bischop






Pl. Free & Easy

Camonie Creek








De Ruyter



Present Jones










W. G. Stragh

And 2 New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
J. Runnels, Drossaart.

Published by Bond and Aulert, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.




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