Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 May 09


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 228.

Saturday, the 9th of May.

Notice is hereby given that the Office of the Acting President of the Court of Justice, V. A. Heyliger, LL.D. will be provisionally kept at the Government Secretary's Office, where he will attend every Day, from Nine till Two o'Clock (Sundays and Holydays excepted).
Demerary, May 2, 1807. L. van Rossum,
Secretary to the President.

The next Ordinary Session of the Hon. Court of Justice of this river, which, in the usual course, was to take place on the third Monday in the present Month, being the 18th, is, on account of that day being Whit Monday, only to commence on Tuesday, the 19th instant, all Citations issued for the 18th and 19th, are nevertheless to be considered as duly made.
By order of the Acting President by
Non-Session of the Court.
Court House, Stabroek, May 7, 1807. P. F. Tinne,
Dep. Sec.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mr. I. H. Wahlstab, in 4 weeks, from April 6.
Mr. I. Hunt & Mr. R. I. Reed, in 14 days, from April 27.
Mr. Mathew Hay, with the first fleet.
Mr. John Smith, in 14 days, from April 30.
Miss Elizabeth Bridgewater, in ditto, from ditto.
Joseph Beete, Junior, Esq., Mrs. Beete, and Miss Ferrier, with the first Convoy.
Mr. J. Schneido, with ditto.
Mr. J. Bowman with ditto.
and the free Mulatto Alexander Cassie, with ditto.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

The Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of the Undersigned will be at the house of the Hon. P. C. Ouckama, in Essequebo, from the Date hereof. P. Jourdan.
May 9, 1807.

The Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of the Subscriber is at No. 46, North Dam, Stabroek.
May 7, 1807. J. Runnels, J.Z.

The Subscriber having revoked in the Secretary's Office the Power granted by him to Peter Barchard, any transaction he may do from this date will not be considered as valid
May 8, 1807. William Harris.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Subscriber being under the necessity of leaving the Colony for Europe in the Month of July next, will be thankful to such Persons as are indebted to him to come forward and settle their Accounts immediately. All Accounts that remain unsettled at that time, will prohibitively be put into the hands of his Lawyer to be sued for.
Dem. May 9, 1807. John William Jones.
N.B. His remaining Stock on hand, consisting chiefly of Ironmongery, will be sold on the lowest terms possible for Cash.

FOR SALE. [heading]
For cash, a Negro Girl named Fanny, an excellent Huckster and Sempstress; of undeniably good character, and on whom dependence may be placed.
Also a Negro Girl named Sophia, with her child, about 3 years of age, a good Cook and Washerwoman.
The Undersigned offers the above Negroes for sale for no fault whatever.
Demerary, Plantation Sapgepont, Canal No. 3 May 8, 1807.
N. Winandy.

On Saturday the 16th instant, at the Store of Messrs. Thomas Mackenzie and Co. 264 dozen long cork Claret, 208 dozen Port wine, Sadlery, Negro Clothing, Herrings in barrels, Flour, &c.
May 8, 1807.
On Wednesday the 20th inst, at the Store of Messrs. Fisher & Chorley, New Town, their remaining Stock of New Goods, consisting of Superfine Blue Broad Cloth, Cassimere, Checks, Britannias, Jeans, Madras and malabar Handkerchiefs, Tapes, Thread, Calicoes, Muslins, Boots, Shoes, Cotton Towels, Stockings, gin Cranks, Sail Canvas, Blocks [sic] in hogsheads, and a variety of other articles.
May 9, 1807.
On Friday the 22d inst. at the store of Thomas Finlayson, Esq. Robb's Town, by order of Capt. William Wilson, a large assortment of Dry Goods, Provisions, &c. &c. just imported.
May 8, 1807.
On Wednesday the 27th instant, at the store of Amos Leeds, Esq. Brown and Castile Soap, Spermaceti and Tallow Candles, Brandy in pipes and demijohns, Superfine Flour, Tobacco in barrels, Salmon in kegs, Mackarel, Shads, Raisins in boxes, Tar, Beef, Park, Paint Oil in jugs, Dutch Cheese, Cider, Tea in canisters, rice in whole and half tierces, Platillas, Check Shirts, Umbrellas, Madras Handkerchiefs, Dutch Linen, Ditto Check, Blue and Yellow Nankeens, Muslin, Twine, Ravensduck, Coffee Bagging, &c. &c.
May 8, 1807.
On Monday the 1st of June, at the store of Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach and M'Bean, by order of the Executors of the last Will of the late John Clarke, carpenter, of this colony, all his Estates real and personal, consisting of the following, viz. Three Lots of Woodland situated in Colosoraba Creek, on which there are 32 acres in Plantains, well trenched and drained, and a variety of Fruit Trees. An excellent New Logie, hard wood frame, covered with trulies, 100 feet long by 30 feet wide, in one end of which is a very good Hall and two Bedrooms. Has also a saw pit, work bench, and grindstone, all in good order; a store house, kitchen, negro houses, &c. The said Lots being most desirably situated for timber cutting and framing or making wallaba shingles. A considerable quantity of Wallaba shingles, hard wood Plank and Boards. Crabwood Logs, Punts, Boats, and Carpenter's Tools, and 17 prime Negroes, including Eleven Carpenters. Six Months' credit will be given. The Land, Buildings, &c. may be viewed any time before the day of sale, by application to Mr. Charles Clark, residing on the same premises; or further particulars may be known by applying to Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach, and M'Bean.
Also, by order of Messrs. Wm. M'Bean and A. B. Leslie, Executors of the deceased Mr. Francis Cromby, a considerable quantity of Wearing Apparel, New and Fashionable Waistcoat Patterns, Coloured Thread, Gilt and Plain Buttons, a Sword, one Single and one Double Barrelled Gun, a new Rifle Piece with cartouch box and powder horn; also about 70 vols. of Books neatly bound and in good order, and sundry other articles.
March [sic] 6, 1807.

Just Imported, and For Sale by the Subscriber:
Ladies fashionable split straw Bonnets and Hats
Head Ornaments and Flowers
An assortment of elegant Foreign Edgings and Laces
Ditto British Ditto
Ladies', Men's, and Children's Shoes
Fashionable Ribbons
Black Picket Muslin
Ditto Mull Mull Ditto
Black Cambrick
Black Cotton
British and India Muslins, &c. &c.
May 7, 1807. Christian Clifton.

A Choice Variety of Goods now landed out of the ship Rosetta, just arrived from Bristol, will be Sold at very Reduced Prices for immediate Payment only, at the Store of Messrs. Fisher and Chorley, New Town, principally consisting of the following Articles, viz.
BRISTOL BEER and PORTER [centered]
[begin first column]
Building Lime
Tripe, Oysters
Silk and Beaver Hats
Negro do.
Boots and Shoes
Negro Pipes
Nails assorted
Tin ware do.
Earthen ware do.
Green Windsor Chairs
Do. do. Stools
Vinegar in jugs
Best French Brandy in do.
[second column]
Irish red Potatoes
Hyson Tea
Ready made Clothes
An assortment of Carpenters' Tools
Do. Coopers' do.
Two light Gigs with harnesses complete
Superfine Blue and other Coat Patterns
Temper Lime, &c.
A few strong 2 and 4 oared Ship Boats
[end columns]
And a Variety of other Articles.
May 9, 1807. I. L. Forrester.

BY PERMISSION [headings - until end of headings]
His Excellency Lieut. Gov. H. W. Bentinck,
most respectfully submitted to the Inspection and hoped-for Encouragement of the Public,
[par] by
[end headings]
This Raffle is to consist of Thirty-four Tickets, at Two-Hundred-and-Fifty Guilders each, and to contain Eight capital Prizes, as follow:
1. A Negro Woman, a good sempstress and House servant, and who knows something of cookery, valued at f 1500
2. A set of Mahogany Dining Tables with D ends, and 2 Mahogany Side Tables with drawers, valued at 1000
3. An elegant Sideboard, 2 Branches for light, a pair of Lamps, a pair of elegant Servers of cut glass, valued at 1000
4. A pair of Sofas, 6 Pictures, and an elegant Neck Chain, valued at 1000
5. A large Waggon Bedstead, with castors, curtains, mattresses and bolsters complete; 3 Carpets, and a large new Table Cloth of superb damask, valued at 1000
6. A pair of plated Candlesticks with glass shades to them complete, and 3 large Looking Glasses - 2 oval and 1 square valued at 1000
7. A Trunk of Turbans and Straw Bonnets, and a Trunk containing a variety of beautiful Tunbridge Boxes, a Gentleman's Dressing Case (elegant) &c. 1000
8. Fourteen Trunks with Morocco covers, 6 pair of Silk Stockings, 2 Ladies' Gowns elegantly inlaid with Lace, 8 Children's Chairs, an elegant pair of Earrings with Neck Chain, 3 Damask Dining Table Cloths, and 3 Ladies' Silk Hats, valued at 1000
Amount of the Prizes f 8500
34 Tickets a f 250 each is f 8500
Demerary, March 5, 1807.
We, the Undersigned, being called upon for that purpose, do hereby certify and declare, that the Articles mentioned and specified in the plan of the foregoing Raffle are truly, and bona fide, to the best of our knowledge and belief, of the value and worth therein specified.
Given under our Hands this 5th March 1807.
R. B. Knight.
P. Barchard.

TO BE LET, [heading]
The Lower Part of a House situated on the Brick Dam, Stabroek, well adapted for a Store. Inquire of Miss Frances Giles, opposite the house of I. L. Eils, Esq.
May 9, 1807.

Alle de geene die iets te Pretendeeren hebben van wyle M. Aut, gelieve zulks optegeeven binnen de tyd van zes weeken aan den Ondergeteekende; als ook die aan gemelde Boedel verschuldigd zyn, betaaling te doen.
Dem. 8 Mey, 1807. Cornelis Smit, J.Z.
als Delibereerend Executeur.

Absconded from the Subscriber a yellow-skinned Negro-Woman, by name Mary, about 19 years of age, is a narrative of the Island of Barbados, speaks good English, and is hard of hearing. She is of a slender make, and has a small scar under one of her eyes; has for some time past been accustomed to going about this town as a seller of Dry Goods, and is very generally known. Whoever will apprehend the said woman, and lodge her in the Barracks, shall receive FIVE JOES REWARD; and all Persons are hereby cautioned against employing or harbouring the said Woman, as they will positively be prosecuted according to Law.
Demerary, May 9, 1807. William Harris.

The Mare which was detained from Robert Tapers last week by Mr. T. Duim, in Stabroek, on presumption of its being the Mare which was missed out of his stable some months since, having been proved the contrary by a number of affidavits which soon convinced the said Gentleman of his error, and caused the Mare to be immediately returned; her owner, R. Tapers, now thinks it his duty to acquaint the Public thereof (finding the circumstance has been much talked of), and to advise all sellers and buyers of Horses, who must now plainly see that such gross mistakes may sometimes happen, to be particular in observing every remarkable mark on a horse so purchased or sold, which was fortunately the case with the above mentioned Mare. -- May 9, 1807.

TO THE PRINTER. [heading]
With much satisfaction I perceive by your last intelligent Gazette, that it is in contemplation to present those Officers who distinguished themselves in the late Bush Expedition with a Medal, value Twenty Guineas; a gratuity which for their excessive fatigues and dangers, they justly merit.
It is to be hoped, Mr. Printer, a different appropriation of the Colony Gratuity may take place in this instance, to that on a former occasion; for I can assure you, His Excellency the Governor and Honourable Court of Policy, on the 11th January 1803, voted a Sword, value One Hundred Ducats to C.E. and an Honourable Member, now residing in Canal No. 3 and an Honourable Member, now residing in Canal No. 2, was requested by the Court to procure the same from Europe, so that it might be presented to him; but which, to my certain knowledge, has never yet been complied with, nor is there the least appearance it ever will, unless enforced. A Correspondent.
N.B. I am well assured the Governor and Honourable Court of Policy could never have been acquainted with this circumstance.
May 9, 1807.

The next Meeting of the Hon. Court of Justice will be on Monday the eleventh instant, and not on Monday the thirteenth, which cannot happen till the year 1811. For the regulation respecting the next Ordinary Session, see Official Advert. in our 1st page.

Fashionable Sport. - We have to inform the amateurs of sporting, that the late noble amusement of picking up limes (for want of stone), which succeeded the ignoble diversion of horse-racing in this colony, has, in its turn, given way to the polite pastime of Chalking, and the still more elegant recreation of Duck-hunting. The present rage for the latter, indeed, seems to exceed that shewn for either of the former; so superior have its attractions proved during the last week, that even the old-established delicate game of Quoits has been abandoned for this truly genteel and innocent sport. If the public taste should thus continue to improve, who knows but we may soon see the billiard table give way to bumble [sic] puppy; chess and backgammon to shove halfpenny; and "My little yellow cock up a halfpenny a throw," on the corner of every dam?
At the first exhibition of the above-mentioned stylish amusement, which was on Tuesday evening, near the spot where the limes were so handsomely handled about a fortnight ago, a very singular dog was present. He was to all appearance a proper water dog, of the Newfoundland breed (nay, it was even said that if his master were only to whisper in his ear, he would remain in the water for four and twenty hours at a stretch), ye, this dog, under the existing circumstance, absolutely refused to take the water at all. The cause of this strange conduct was not known for some time; but at length it was discovered that the dog being but a puppy, had so much natural bashfulness about him, that he could not bear the idea of displaying his abilities before so many people as were then assembled; more especially as an odd printer or two were seen in the crowd, and he was terribly afraid of being put in the papers.
The next evening, by way of giving a zest to this rational entertainment, a parrot was fixed to the back of the duck, whose half-drowned chatterings, it was hoped, would greatly enliven the scene. Poll, however, greatly disappointed the anxious spectators; for, scorning to be the sport of the giddy multitude, after grasping the hand of one who was assisting to fix her, and conjuring him to repent and do justice to her memory, she noble gave up the ghost at the first plunge.

Died. On Wednesday, on the Estate of the late Hon. C. D. Mack, Mr. Ringeling.
On Thursday, in Stabroek, much regretted, Edward Jones, Esq.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

May 5. Ship Rosetta, W. Marshall, from Bristol.
May 5. Brig Nanny, P. Lamont, [from not given]
May 7. Brig Mary Jane, P. McCobb, from Bath.
May 8. Ship Choice, P. Slope, from Lisbon.

May 5. Schooner Ant, B. Bowen, for Barbados.
May 7. Ship Hope, R. McGeorge, for Greenock.
May 7. Schooner Eliza, A. Dennison, for New London.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in the Colony Stocks of

Demerary, on this 8th day of May, 1807.



By whom brought.

















Pl. Free & Easy

Camonie Creek





Present Jones






Tuckerman (Esseq.)

Plantation Lancaster




And 3 New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

Published by Bond and Aulert, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.




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