Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 June 20


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 234.

Saturday, the 20th of June.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Ralph Lacy, with the first Convoy.
Nicolaas Volkerts, with the July Convoy.
June 5, 1807.
George Wells and George Michel in 14 days.
June 8, 1807.
Robert Younghusband, in 14 days.
William Burges, in ditto, or with the first Convoy.
George Laing, in six weeks.
Edward Austin, in 14 days.
J. Runnels, in 14 days, or with the first Convoy.
Thomas Hoppen, in two months.
Adam Aulert, in 14 days.
June 16, 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk

On Wednesday the 24th instant, at Mahaica, by order of R. S. Turton, Esq. Household Furniture, consisting of Twelve elegant cane bottomed Chairs, with two arms ditto and Settee to suit; six mahogany hair bottomed chamber chairs, with two arm ones to suit; a mahogany square table and an oval ditto, the leaves to take off occasionally, and which, when both put together form one large oval table to dine 18 persons; a mahogany sideboard, with 5 drawers for plate, liquors, &c.; a mahogany sofa, stuffed with hair, and 3 drawers under it; card and tea tables, knife cases, spoon cases, &c.; a horse and chaise, six seasoned Negroes, a variety of Dry Goods, Provisions, Ironmongery, Powder and Shot, about 300 gallons Old Rum, &c. At the same time and place will be sold two Dwelling Houses near the Ferry. Terms of Payment, six months' credit for the Furniture, Negroes, &c. 6, 12, 18, and 24 months for the Houses, with interest after 6 months.
June 19, 1807.
Also, on Thursday the 25th inst. by order of Thos. C. Long, Esq. at Mahaica Ferry, Household Furniture, consisting of mahogany dining tables with circular ends, tea and breakfast tables, mahogany chairs with hair bottoms, and an elegant mahogany sofa to match the chairs, fancy and Windsor chairs, carpets, looking glasses, mahogany bureaus and book cases, mahogany knife cases with knives and forks and silver table and tea spoons, silver, plate, china, glass, and earthen ware, a vat for water, several cows and young cattle, sheep, &c. a horse and chaise, spare sets of harness, and some seasoned negroes.
June 19, 1807.
On Saturday the 17th instant, at the Vendue Office, a quantity of 30 inch Cotton Bagging, Provisions, &c.
June 19, 1807.
On Monday the 29th instant, at the house of the Eendragt Society, in front of Plantation Vlissingen, the whole of the Furniture belonging to the said Society, consisting of a large Billiard Table, with its appendages, Black Hair Sofas, Mahogany Dining and Card Tables, Chair, Linen, Pier Glasses, Cylinders, Glass and Earthen Ware, &c. &c.
At the same time and place will be sold, Twelve Milch Cows.
June 19, 1807.
Also on Tuesday, the 30th instant, by order of Mr. John Henderson, the Lot No. 4, with all the Buildings thereon, situated in front of Plantation Werk & Rust, next to the Premises of O. I. Laurin, deceased
June 20, 1807.
On Friday the 3d July, at the Vendue Office, by order of the Hon. Board of Orphan Chamber, a Negro Woman and a Boy, the effects of I. James, dec.
Also 14 head of Creole Cattle, Dry Goods, Provisions, &c.
Also by order of M. Smit, Esq. the lease of one-third of Two Lots of Land, with the Buildings thereon, Nos. 19 & 20 (the other two-thirds being the property of Mr. William Neill), situated in front of Plantation Vlissingen, opposite the Premises of Wm. Hallstead, Esq. The above Land is free from Ground-Rent, and the Buildings are now tenanted at Thirteen Joes per month. Terms of Sale, Six, Twelve, and Eighteen Months Credit.
June 19, 1807.

Girault Gresil, Portrait Painter, has the honour to inform the inhabitants of this Colony, that he has taken the house in Stabroek opposite Dr. Lloyd's and Messrs. Heywood and Taylor's, where he practises the above art, [illegible] has little doubt of giving satisfaction to the Ladies and Gentlemen who may favour him with their commands.
He makes whole and half length Portraits; also paints Coats of Arms, ornaments, &c. &c.; Carriages; and can design, as well as execute anything appertaining to the Painting Art in a manner in which he flatters himself will receive the approbation of all persons of taste.
He will give Lessons, at his own house, to any person desirous of learning, on reasonable terms.
At the same time Madame Gresil take the liberty of informing those Ladies who have any fine Lace with they may wish to have nicely cleaned or repaired, that she will undertake to do the same in the best manner.
June 20, 1807.

FOR LONDON, [heading]
The fast sailing copper bottomed Ship Elliot, Charles London Master; mounts Sixteen guns, 12-pounders, and men answerable; will sail as a running Ship the second springs in August. For Freight or Passage, apply to the Captain on board; William M'Bean Stabroek; or to
John Jones,
Plantation Vridestein, June 17, 1807.
Captain London has for Sale,
[first column]
Salted Ox Tongues
Bar Iron
Paints and Paint Oil
[second column]
Ladies' Hats and
A Case of Millinery.

FOR BRISTOL, [heading]
The Armed Ship Active (stands A 1 at Lloyds) positively to depart hence with the July Convoy; three-fourths of her Cargo being already engaged. James L. Forrester.
June 20, 1807.

Mr. I. L. Forrester will positively quit this Colony for Europe early in the month ensuing. All persons to whom he may stand indebted are required to take Note accordingly and "vice versa."
Demerary, June 20, 1807.

Captain R. Rogers, of the American [illegible] Hannibal, has a small quantity of excellent White Pine ranging Timber lying at Messrs. Engels & Van Senden's Wharf, which he offers to sell very cheap for immediate Payment, either in Cash or Rum and Melasses [sic].
June 19, 1807.

Absented himself, a Negro Man named Dunnoh; a Carpenter belonging to Mr. Wm. John King, formerly of this Colony. He is well known in this and the Colony of Essequebo, having been employed with his Master in both Colonies; is a native of Barbados, and about forty years of age. Any person who will deliver him to the Subscriber, or lodge him in the Barracks, will be rewarded by application to
Demerary, June 19, 1807. M. Campbell, q.q.

JUST IMPORTED, [heading]
And For Sale by the Subscribers, at their Store on Robb's Stelling:
[first column]
Brown stout in hhds. barrels, and bottles
Barley and split pease in jugs
Refined sugar
Tea in lb. cannisters
An elegant assortment of Sadlery, consisting of fine and common saddles, bridles, Hessian do. whips, plated spurs, stall collars, girths, chaise harnesses, portmanteaus, &c.
Glass Ware consisting of Indian shades, vase and barrel lamps mounted, cruet stands with castors, pint rummers and covers, pint & half pint tumblers, when glasses, &c.
Queen's Ware, put up in complete sets of table service, of a fine quality
Hardware, viz. Carpenters' and coopers' tools, table knives and forks with carvers, razors, penknives, horse scissors, marking irons in cases, sod irons, hook & eye hinges, nails assorted from 4 d. a 4 inch spikes
Tobacco in barrels
Negro hats
Check shirts
Osnaburg trowsers
Seine and sewing twine
Coffee bagging
[second column]
Fishing and log lines
Soap and candles
Portable writing desks
Sofas & bedsteads complete
Gunpowder and shot
White lead
Green, yellow, and black paints
Spanish brown do.
Black lead in firkins
Paint and lamp oil in jugs
Spirits of turpentine
Paint brushes
Vinegar in 2 gallon jugs
Stationary, viz. Post and foolscap paper, blotting paper, sealing wax, blank books, &c.
Bleached and brown Russia sheeting
An assortment of Irish linens
linen pocket handkerchiefs
Pullicat do.
Patent silk and broad rimmed hats
Gloves and braces
Tan leather gaiters
Ready made clothes
Boots and shoes
Stockings and ancle socks
White India jeans
Corded dimities
Linen checks
Thread, tape
Musquito netting
Muslins, and a great variety of Dry Goods.
[end columns]
Also, on hand, a few Hhds. and Quarter Casks of London Particular Madeira wine.
June 20, 1807. David Wardrop & Co.

J. Binning begs leave to inform his Friends and the Publick, that he has taken into Copartnership Mr. S. C. M'Farlane, and begun business again under the Firm of John Binning & Co. for whom he solicits a renewal of their former favours. They have just opened, and have for sale, at the Store lately occupied by P. Yates, Esq. in Front of Plantation Vlissingen, the following Goods, viz.
[first column]
Yorkshire hams
Scotch herrings in kegs
Potatoes in hampers
London bottled porter and small beer
Madeira, Port wine, and Claret
Best cogniac brandy
Fine cheeses
Loaf sugar and hyson tea
Muscatel raisins in boxes
Almonds in bottles
Split pease & barley in kegs
Durham mustard
English pickles
Table Salt in baskets
Gentlemen's patent silk hats
Children's and Negro do.
[second column]
Black & white silk stockings
Cotton and thread ditto
Pantaloon stockings
Fine Indian dimity
Brown Holland and linen checks
Table cloths and fine flannel
Calicoes, &c.
Also, an assortment of Stationary, Writing Desks, &c.
Sets of dish covers and dressing pans
Boots and Shoes
Shoe buckles
Curry combs and brushes
Gig and jockey whips
Military Feathers and Buttons assorted, &c.
[end columns]
Demerary, June 19, 1807.

The Subscriber informs his Friends and former punctual Customers, that he has erected Shop on the Water Lot behind the Buildings of Alex. Reith, Esq. and adjoining the Stores of Wm. Hallstead, Esq. where he intends carrying on the Blacksmith, Coopersmith, and Plumber's business. Any Gentlemen who may be pleased to honour him with their orders, will have them completed with accuracy and despatch.
Demerary, June 19, 1807. G. Craig.

A CAUTION. [heading]
The Publick are hereby cautioned not to employ a White Man, by name Hendrick Strang; he being under Contract to serve the Subscriber for Three Years. Any person found employing him, after this public notice, will be dealt with according to law.
The Subscriber, being wishful of settling all demands against him, earnestly solicits all those who stand indebted to him to come forward and settle the same on or before the 1st of July, as, after that date, no longer indulgence can or will be given.
Stabroek, June 20, 1807. Thos. Riding.

Found, on the public road of Plantation Annandale, a Part of a Gold watch Chain, with a Gold Seal, and Two Watch Keys attached to it. whoever can give sufficient proof of the same being their property, may have them restored, by applying to the Subscriber on said plantation, and paying the expence of advertising. Demerary, June 20, 1807. John Grant.

The Subscriber has received by the last London Ships a complete Assortment of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes, of the first quality. Also Children's Shoes, from the smallest to the largest size.
June 19, 1807. M. Downie.

The anonymous article respecting the Ball and Supper of last Monday, we are sorry to say, is such a nature as to render it inadmissible. The columns of this paper will always be open for any observations, either satirical or argumentative, which may tend to the public good, or to curb the ambition and lower the pride of any individual who, from mere local fortuitous circumstances, consummate duplicity, and low cunning may fancy himself able to obtain an improper ascendancy in the colony; but we cannot consent to the insertion of any remarks in our paper, which are made in such a general way as to involve the innocent with the guilty, and which might so easily be construed as casting reflections where we are confident they are not in the slightest degree merited.

Two more vessels have arrived from England since our last, viz. the brig Clarence, Capt. Grieve, from Liverpool, and the ship Active (letter of marque) Capt. Chissel, from Bristol to J. L. Forrester, Esq.

The Hon. Court of Justice adjourned on Friday last to Wednesday next the 24th inst.

The Hon. Kiezers of this Colony met on Thursday for the purpose of nominating Gentlemen to be Members of the Court of Justice. We have heard that there was a little more difficulty on this than on former occasions. At length, Dirk Hola van Nooten, and Jonas Fileen, Esqrs. were chosen. The former will, we believe, stand. The latter's determination is not yet known.

The next Convoy is is [sic] said to be appointed for the 6th of July instant; but it is not yet officially made known.

Died. On Saturday night last, in Stabroek, Miss Runnels. She was buried the next evening on Plantation Vauxhall and Westminster.

The Ball and Supper on Monday last, in honour of his Majesty's Birth Day, was [illegible] with much propriety, kept up with great Spirit, and, notwithstanding the unfavourable state of the weather, &c. very numerously [illegible]. The company began to assemble at the Union Coffee House, about eight o'clock. At [illegible] the [illegible] Colonel Nicholson entered the Ball Room; the full band of his regiment (the [illegible]) striking up "God save the King" The dancing soon afterwards commenced, by the Colonel and the Lady of F. Martin, Esq. leading off to the old but lively tune of "Sir David Hunter Blair" and [illegible] with much glee till about one, when upwards of 100 persons sat down to as elegant a supper as perhaps was ever witnessed in Demerary. (Some wag or other observed, that they only wanted J B's Ode to be performed, to make the [??]eat [treat?] complete.) Be that as it might, there appeared to be nothing wanting to aid the conviviality, [????], after the jovial circling glass had briskly gone round, accompanied with some excellent songs, the dancing was renewed and continued till daylight.
Not the least disagreeable circumstance [illegible]ed during the evening; every one was [illegible] cheerful; and we have only to expect our [illegible] and regret, that such meetings [illegible - several words] occur; especially, as the peculiar [illegible] of the rooms for this species of entertainment are so [illegible] invites to a repetition all those who have once experienced their singular convenience.
The following Toasts, we believe, are given as they were drunk:
The King.
The Queen and Royal Family.
The Army and Navy of Great Britain.
The Commanders on the Station.
The Governor and Colonies.
Colonel Nicholson and the Garrisons of Demerary and Essequebo.
The Ladies who have honoured us with their company to night [sic].
Mr. Thomas Cuming, and a speedy recovery of his health.
All well wishers to the object of our present Meeting, and a speedy removal of its known [illegible] from the places they at present hold in this Colony.
To the unspeakable regret, [illegible - two words], of the above numerous and polite assemblage, neither His Excellency the Acting Governor in the absence of General Montgomerie at Berbice, nor His Honour the Fiscal - nor F. P. van Berckel, Esq. LL.D. was present.

Whereas His Honour the Fiscal had been graciously pleased to grant his permission for the Time of the Sale of the New Negro Woman marked T IIII to be altered to One Month from May [illegible] instead of a Fortnight, and for Six Weeks [illegible] be given: This is to inform all our fellow [illegible] subjects thereof, in order that they may govern themselves accordingly.

Broken Jaw. - A circumstance rather extraordinary, and which we hope will always be singular, has occasioned this celebrated animal to go rather further than was intended - [illegible] that his master was at all in the Johnny Gilpin way, [illegible] that he himself made any thing like a [illegible - 2 words] from the neglect, obstinacy [sic], and unfair conduct (to use the mildest terms) of the [illegible - 2 words] who commanded the vessel in which he was embarked. This man (we will not disgrace the character of a seaman by calling one) instead of going to Barbados, to which place had had engaged to take several Gentlemen and some Ladies from this Colony, and who had paid their passage [illegible] before hand, having dropped to leeward, proceeded off St. Lucie, where he went ashore, and soon after returned with some boats, telling the passengers they must all land there, for that he could take no where else, and demanding from each a further sum, which he said he had paid for obtaining permission for them to do so in vain
the Gentlemen remonstrated on the unfairness of such conduct; in vain they endeavoured to bring him to reason, he peremptorily insisted on their immediately taking to the boats, threatening to use force in case of refusal, and, there appearing to be no alternative, they [illegible - 2 words] went ashore, whence they afterwards took [illegible] passage and arrived safe at their destined port. As soon as they were clear of his vessel, this honest Captain stood off, and by the time the boats reached the land, his ship, with Broken Jaw on board, was nearly out of sight. It is supposed he is gone to St. Thomas's.
This business is the more to be regretted, as we understand several horses were in [illegible] waiting for him at Barbados, and much sport was expected. As Mr. Foote's partner, however, remained with the horse on board, who of course would take every care of him, we [illegible - 2-3 words] hope to hear of his arrival in Little [illegible].
There was a quantity of Corn on board, belonging to an inhabitant of this colony, [illegible] which was of course obliged to be left also.

POETRY. [heading]
IMPROMPTU. [heading]
On "The King" being given for a Toast, after dinner, in a large party, and refused by one of the company, on the supposition that the King was dead; on which the Master of the House threw his Glass out of the window, and it was returned again not broken.
The fumes of potent wine mount high in every head,
And some would wish to think that George the Third is dead;
A bumper to his health went round and not a drop was lost,
But one who judg'd the King was dead refus'd to drink the toast;
His glass being o'er the window thrown, and did the fall survive,
Loudly announces that King George the Third is still alive. J. B.
On seeing the above Poetry while under the Printer's hands.
The fumes of Bacchus rose in ev'ry head
So high; Bob fancied good King George was dead;
And, rous'd to Hear a bumper to him giv'n
Threw down his glass, and, squinting up to Heav'n,
Exclaim'd - "Oh, Good God, his hour then has run""
"You l--e," cries Jack! "Hark! th' Artillery Gun*
"Resounds to Honour, Fame, and ancient Glory,
"While Nicholson "The King" now toasts before me."
No J. B.
* Alluding to the royal Salute fired by the Royal Artillery on his Majesty's Health being given by the Hon. Col. Nicholson.

TO THE EDITOR. [heading]
Being heartily tired of my Three-Monthly Visits, where my reception is too often "Come again!" I a few days ago popp'd into the house of Mons. Gresil, Portrait Painter, lately from Surinam. Entering the door, I started at a coarse red looking Portrait in front of me, and asked Madame Gresil, who that was meant for? The good old Lady answered - "It is an animal, Sir, who wanted to settle as a Physician in Paramaribo; but, being brought before the Collegium Medicum, was found to be only a silversmith's journeyman, and is perhaps at this moment occupied in repairing a pair of old buckles, instead of making experiments on the human body!"
Lord! though I, if the Courts of Policy of every Colony would establish such a salutary and necessary institution, in imitation of even the smaller towns in Holland, who knows how many animals (to use Madame Gresil's expression), such as Bucklemakers, weaver, Plumbers, Tailors, &c. would be found out, and much better employed than they are now?
I am, Sir, &c. A Real Doctor's Friend.

Mr. Printer,
If a tall, lean, yellow-skinn'd, long nos'd, pettifogging Attorney-at-law thinks proper, in certain public incoherent speeches, to abuse respectable Gentlemen, it is clear that a superabundance of black bile has found away to his brains, and taken possession of them
Quaere - What is the most effectual cure for the son of dullness and chicane?
An application of a sufficient dose of Manual Physic for Lunatics! Or,
To mix thirty grains of hellebore with as many seraps of his pleadings, and make of them a powder, strong and nauseous enough to carry off all the base stuff of which he is composed!
A Subscriber.

To the Editor of the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette. [heading]
I beg leave, through the medium of your interesting vehicle, to inform the Publick of the perilous situation of the Bridge over the Creek Hobaboe, on the West Bank of this River; the miserable state of mutilation in which it has continued for the last two months rendering it imminently dangerous for those whose avocations require them to pass either over or under it. Of the latter description there are a considerable number who resort thither in boats to procure water for the shipping; and of the former, I am one of the many who has occasion to ride or walk over it. I am not aware whether the redress of this grievous nuisance belongs to any of the Public Functionaries, or not, nor is it my exclusive province to inquire; the only object I have in view is to prevent the calamitous consequences which must ensue to passengers, if it remain much longer in its present state of dilapidation.
I am, Mr. Editor, your humble servant,
An Observer.
N.B. Those who travel on horseback or in a chaise, should be particularly cautious when they arrive at Hobaboe Bridge. They should dismount, and have the horse carefully led over.

The well-known Alex. Davison, Esq. of St. James's square [sic], London, has opened a House expressly for the South American Trade, and offers to accept Bills of Exchange for one third of the value of any consignment that may be made to him, on receiving bills of lading and orders for insurance; likewise, if, on the arrival of the goods, the circumstance of the market should admit of his so doing with prudence, to grant such further accommodation as may be reasonably expected. He will allow one half of the value of the Cottons which may be consigned, to be drawn for, on bills of lading and orders for insurance being at the same time transmitted, and one third of other articles.
His address is, "Alex Davison, Esq. S.M.T. London."

A Proclamation was on Saturday last published by the Hon. P. C. Ouckama, Commandeur of Essquebo, stating, that notwithstanding his Proclamation to the inhabitants of that Colony )issued on the 11th of April last, agreeable to directions from his Excellency Governor Bentinck), requiring those who were entitled to send in their Votes for the Election of Five Kiezers and Three Financial Representatives previous to the 1st of June, not one had been found on opening the box, by which means no election could take place; and inviting the said inhabitants to send their votes for the election of the aforesaid five Kiezers and three financial Representatives, at the same time that they do those for one in the room of Chas. Clifton, Esq. dec. the time for which is limited to the 27th of this month.

Run Away, from Plantation Orangestein, on Sunday night the 31st of last month, in a small boat a Negro Man named Rolland, much marked in the face with his Country Marks. The Subscriber will pay a reward for the apprehending and sending him either to the Barracks or to the Estate. Henry Frost.
Orangestein, June 16, 1807.

FOR SALE, [heading]
A few excellent Milch Cows, AND SOME THORE CATTLE.
For particulars, apply to the Printer.

FOR SALE, [heading]
At Mrs. N. Hart's House, New Town,
Late Invented and Elegant Violins. Also First Quality Strings to suit, and spare bows with Ivory Nuts.
June 20, 1807.

Whereas a Quantity of Damaged Cotton remains in Fisher & Chorley's Store, unclaimed; This is to give Notice, that unless the Owner or Owners take it away on or before the 28th instant, and pay the storage and cost of advertising, it will be sold at Vendue to defray the expences.
Demerary, June 20, 1807.

A Few Pipes and Hogsheads of Choice London Particular, of the first Quality, to be sold. Apply to I. R. Brandt, residing on the North side of the Brick Dam. - June 20, 1807.

The Subscribers respectfully inform the Public, that they have taken over the Logies and Negroes belonging to Hugh Holms, Esq. which they intend to carry on the Ship Carpenter's Business in all its Branches, and will be thankful to the Planters and Merchants of these Colonies who will favour them with their commands, and executing which, having both been regular [illegible] to that line, they flatter themselves they can [illegible] every satisfaction.
June 20, 1807. Bridge & Harrower.

Hugh Holms hereby makes known he has given over the Business, &c. as [illegible] specified to the said H. Bridge and A. F. Harrower, whom he begs leave to recommend to the patronage and encouragement of his Friends and the Publick. - June 20, 1807.

TO LET, [heading]
A Capital New Built House, with every Accommodation, situated on Werk & Rust, opposite Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach & M'Bean's. For conditions, apply to F. Martin, Esq. Plantation Ruimveldt.
Some Apartments in the house formerly belonging to the Hon. P. Ouckama, on Werk & Rust. Further information may be had of L. A. I. Philippart, at the same Plantation.
June 20, 1807.

The Undersigned requests that no Merchant or other person will give credit to any one applying in her name, unless he or she may produce an order under her own hand.
June 20, 1807. H. H. Luder,
Divorced Wife of
J. C. Van Eeten.

Lost, between the 16th and 19th of June, an Obligation drawn by N. Rousselet, Esq. in the Subscriber's favour, for Four Hundred and Forty One Guilders, Four Stuivers Six Pennings. As the said Note is paid by the Drawer, all persons are here by forbidden to negotiate the same in payment. M. Doyle.
Demerary, June 19, 1807.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

June 15. Schooner Porcupine, B. Stamers, from Barbados.
June 16. Schooner Ant, B. Bowen, from Barbados.
June 16. Snow Clarence, Jas. Grieve, from Liverpool.
June 17. Ship Active, Jas. Chissel, from Bristol.
June 17. Ship Dalrymple, D. Graham, from London and [illegible].
June 18. Ship Elliot, Chas. London, from Mounte Video.

June 16. Brig Mary Jane, P. M'Cobb, for Boston.
June 18. Sloop Fancy, R. Stickland, for Barbados.
June 19. Schooner Ant, B. Bowen, for Barbados.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in the Colony Stocks of

Demerary, on this 20th day of June, 1807.



By whom brought.






I. H. King


Edward Cooke



Boedel Laurin

R. B. Daly's Negroes


William King



Miss Wayzer

Manjet [cf. Manget]


Heemers [or Hecmers]




Pl. Thomas



I. Grant

And one Negro woman, the name of the Owner unknown.
S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.



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