Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 July 18


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 238.

Saturday, the 18th of July.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
J. L. Forrester, with the first Convoy.
John Lowthian, in 14 days.
George White, idem.
Mrs. Weydendach, with July Fleet.
July 3, 1807.
Alexander Johnston, in 3 weeks.
George Bone, in 14 days.
July 10, 1807.
Alexander Johnston [sic - duplicate], in 3 weeks.
George Bone [sic - duplicate], in 14 days.
William Finlayson, in 2 or 3 weeks.
Francis Williams, in 1 month.
George Walrond, in 14 days.
July 17, 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

Wordt mits deezen bekend gemaakt, dat ter eerstkoomende Commissariaale Vergaadering, ope den 2 Augustus aanstaande, zal worden gepasseerd de navolgende Transporten en Hypotheecquen:
Door R. Harding, Transport van de Concessie No. 91, Cumingsburg, aan I. Wade.
Door James Pemberton, zyn onverdeelde helst in de Plantagie Ceres, geleegen in Mahaica Creecq, W.Z. aan I. D. Goddart.
Door John Ross, nom Ux. een Huis en Concessie op de voorgrond van de Plantagie Liberty in Mahaica, aan de Weduwe Adelung.
Door de Representanten van de Boedel Shetler, een halve Concessie en gebouwen geleegen aan de Middel dam in Stabroek, aan de Weduwe Cook.
Door Mej. Richard, de Q. Concessie circa met[?]d daar opstaande gebouwen aan de Zuid dam van Stabroek bekend onder No. 22.
Door Jonas Fileen en I. S. Masse, q.q. Tarrehus en Laurin, q.q de Plantagie Swanenschu[?]s aan Jonas Fileen, welke laastgem. ter gelykertyd zal passeeren Hypotheecq op dezelve Plantagie ten faveure van de Transportanten.
Door I. Ceurvorst en Jonathan Hicks zal worden getransporteerd ieder voor de halve Concessie en gebouwen op Cumingsburg bekend onder No. 72.
Door Thomas Cuming, de Concessie No. 129, Cumingsburg, aan William Chorley, en de Concessie No. 221, aan John M'Clure.
Door V. A. Heyliger, q.q. I. van de Paadevoort, Twee Looten Lands op de voorgrond van de Plantagie Eveleary, aan --- Strunkey.
Door de Heer Charles Vincent, q.q. de Plantagie Le Repentir, Twee Looten Lands op de voorgrond van gemelde Plantagie, bekend onder No. 17, aan Andreas Graff, en No. 27, aan de minderjaarige kinderen van I. W. Linkton.
Door A. Graff, de eene halft van bouwengemelde Concessie No. 17, aan Carolina Warneker, de andere helft aan H. Brorman, en de Concessie No. [blank] geleegen op Werk en Rust, aan I. L. Eils.
En laastelyk, door D. van Rossum, de halve Concessie No. 38, op Stabroek, op de Noord dam, aan H. C. Evertsz.
Demerary, 15 July 1807
J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clercq.

RIO ESSEQUEBO. [heading]
Notice is hereby given, that at the next Commissary Court, in the Month of August, the following Transports and Mortgages will be passed, viz.
Wm. Carbery, the half of Plantation Three Friends, favour of R. Hinkson
W. R. King, the half of Plantation Graaflykheid to H. P. King.
Wm. Robertson, the Plantation Liberty to Wm. M'Kenzie and Co.
Wm. Deeges, the Plantation Hoop and Vrees, with Title of Second Mortgage, to L. Hartensveld.
Hugh Fraser, q.q. the Plantation Union, to Kenneth M'Lay of Barbados.
Those who have legal opposition, must address themselves in time. I. I. L. Moliere,
July 6, 1807. First Clerk.

On Tuesday the 21st instant, at the Store of Messrs. Van [illegible]ant Bruyns and Co. in front of Pl. Werk & Rust, next Messrs. Engels and van Senden, Candles and soap, saddles, Fiddles, martingales, horsewhips, earthen ware, japanned ware, glass ware, plated goods, nails assorted 4d 6d 8d 10d and 20d, paint oil in jugs, sundry dry goods, po[??] beans, French beans, apples and pears, pickles assorted, stationary, silk hats, boots and shoes.
July 18, 1807.
On Thursday the 23d instant, at the Stores of Messrs. Alex. Fullerton & Co. Cumingsburg, Carpenters tools, hand bellows, 2 boxes, ladies' and men's hats, 1 trunk toys, 2 trunks stationary, 1 trunk saddlery [sic], 1 trunk cotton hosiery, 1 trunk shoes, 1 box bandanna and 1 box pullicat handkerchiefs, cotton and coffee bagging, Osnaburgs, Osnaburg thread, pennistone, 1 case britannias, 1 cask tin and 5 casks earthen ware, 2 medicine chests, pictures, telescopes, Sherry and Port wine, herrings in firkins, beef in barrels, firkins tongues, kegs barley, 8d. 10d. 20d. and 30d nails, a few coils of cordage, and the rigging of a schooner boat.
July 18, 1807.
On Monday the 27th instant, on the Premises, a House and Lot situated on the north side of Stabroek, between the premises of Messrs. Brummell and Heyliger and Mr. Jourdan's. The House is three stories, with a brick cellar, kitchen, &c.
July 18, 1807.
On Monday the 3d August, by order of John Harley, Alex. Reith, and Hugh Stephenson, Executors of Robert Stephenson, dc. the Lease of Lot No. [blank], with all the buildings thereon, situated in front of Plantation Vlissingen, opposite the Hon. the fiscal. Also Negroes, Household Furniture, &c. The sale will be held at the residence of the deceased, in the street leading to Robb's stelling.
July 18, 1807.
On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the 10th, 11th, and 12th August, by order of R. S. Turton, at his house a large assortment of Dry Goods, Ironmongery, Provisions, tobacco, soap, candles, cotton and coffee bagging, &c.
July 18, 1807.
On Tuesday the 1st September, by order of Messrs. Jas. Reid, D. M'Lachlan, and Frs. Wright, Plantation Melville situated on the West side of Mahaica Creek, known on the chart by one half of Lot. No. 20, containing 250 acres of land now in cultivation, 50 acres of canes and 60 acres plantains, a boiling house with one set of coppers complete, a cattle mill with spare rollers and gudgeon, master's house and sundry other building, as may be seen by the inventory at the Vendue Office. Also, 29 mules, 8 head of cattle, 60 head of sheep and goats, and 58 prime negroes, amongst whom are carpenters, coopers, masons; the whole of which will be sold separately to the highest bidder. The terms of payment will be made known on the day of sale.
July 18, 1807.

The Subscribers beg to inform their Friends, that, since their last Advertisement, thy have received by the schooners Burchall and Porcupine, from Barbados,
200 very prime young Gold and Windward Coast Slaves,
which will be ready for Delivery at their Store in Cumingsburg on Tuesday next the 21st instant, agreeably to the Licences under which they were imported. Naghten & Fitzgerald.
Demerary, July 18, 1807.

TE KOOP [heading]
Borner & Kasche presenteeren uit de hand te Koop hun Huis en Erve. geleegen aan 't Fort Zeelandia, in Rio Essequebo, voormals bewoond geweest door den W. Ed. Heer I. I. Deeges, thans in de best ordre; direct te kunnen aanvaarden, op favorable conditien.
Essequebo, den 10 July 1807.

LOST, [heading]
This Morning, between the Middle Dam, Stabroek, and the Water Side, the Key of a small Iron Chest. Whoever may have found the same and will bring it to this Office, shall be handsomely rewarded.
July 18, 1807.

TO BE LET, [heading)
Those spacious and commodious Premises lately occupied by the Eendragt Society on Werk & Rust.
The situation is in all respects eligible; there is every Convenience attached; and the Terms will be made reasonable to an approved Tenant. For further particulars, appy either to Hugo Cantzlaar, Esq. J.Z., C. Hofstede, Esq. LL.D or to N. Rousselet.
Stabroek, July 18, 1807.

The Undersigned hereby informs the Publick that Mr. James Wood, being engaged by him as Clerk, is from the date hereof duly empowered to receive all monies due to him, and to give Receipts for the same.
July 16, 1807 N. Morehouse.

FOR HIRE, [heading]
16 seasoned Field Negroes.
Inquire at the Store of
July 18, 1807 James Lyon & Co.

De Ondergeteekende door den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie, op den 21st May l.l. aangestelld als Curateuren in de insolventen Boedel van J. Lachtrop, versoeke dat alle debiteuren van gemelde Boedel sonder teidversuym gelieven op te koomen, om hunne verschuldigde te voldoen, alzo deselve in hunne boovengenoemde qualiteyt gelast zyn, om alle uytstaande pretentien met d[??] meeste spoed intevordere, zullen zy zig by fou[??] van dien, anders in de ongenaame noodzaaklyk heyd gemigt zien, om alle pretentien sonder onderscheyd in handen van een practisyn ter dag[?] vaarding overtegeeven als meede maaken zy hier meede bekend, dat aan den Heer F. A. Thiele, verscheyde pretentien van deesen Boedel, door hun, ter incasseering zyn ter hand gesteld, hebbende zy hem behoorlyk gequalificeerd, om b[?] de betaaling van dien, guitantie daar voor te kennen passeere.
Demerary, 18 July, 1807.
I. I. Kotwyk, q.q.
H. A. Eberhardi, q.q.

By the Brig Motpellier [sic], Capt. R. [?] Tibbits, from Portsmouth, N.H. has been just imported, and are now landing, the following Articles, which the Subscribers offer to sell at Moderate Prices, viz.
[first column]
R. and W.O. Shooks
Do. do. Staves
Hoops and Oars
[second column]
Fish in hhds. and boxes
Superfien Flour
A few Choice Horses
Miclch Cows, &c. &c.
[end columns]
Demerary, July 18, 1807.
Engels & Van Senden.

FOR SALE. [heading]
The Subscriber has for Sale on board the ship Fame, of London, the following Articles, which will be idposed of Cheap, for Payment in Cash, Coffee, or Cotton, to be ready by the September Fleet:
[first column]
Osnaburgs of a good quality
Ladies ' & Gentlemen,s Cotton Hoes
Ladies' Straw Bonnets
A few pieces of Irish linen
Paints and Oils
An assortment of Hardware
Some New and Second Hand
[second column]
Chaise and Gigs, with New Harness
Gentlemen's Silk and Beaver Hats
Porter in Draught and in Bottles
Chamber Chairs
Mahogany Furniture
A few gross Corks
A few dozen Port and Sherrey wine
[end columns]
A Trunk of Stationary,
And a New London built Boat, 20 fet. long by 6 ft. 3 in. bread, her fastenings below all Copper, with Oars, Masts, Sprits, &c. complete.
July 18, 1807. John Brand.

FOR LIVERPOOL, [heading]
The Ship Clio, Alex Dow Master, will positively sail about the 20th August, in company with the brig Margaret from here, and ship America from Berbice. For Freight, apply to
Douglas, Reid, & Co.
Who have just imported
In the ship George, Daniel M'Taggert Master
Newfoundland Cod fish,
which they will dispose of on very moderate terms.
Demerary, July 18, 1807.

FOR BOSTON [heading]
The ship Sir Edward Pellew, William Orr master, mounting 14 guns, and well manned, will sail the first Spring in September. For Freight or Passage, apply to
Alexander Fullerton & Co.
Cumingsburg, July 10, 1807.

TO BE LET, [heading]
An elegant, large, and commodious Dwelling House, with all the necessary Out Offices and Accommodations, such as garden, Pleasure Grounds, Fruit Walk, &c. They are situated in as pleasant, healthy, and airy a district as ony in the colony, being not more than an hours ride eastward from Town. The Premises are fit for the immediate reception of a large and Genteel Family, and will be rented (as may best suit the convenience of the Occupier) either furnished or unfurnished. For further particulars apply to the Printer of this Gazette.
July 18, 1807.

The Undersigned, being desirous of Chartering a Vesel of 200 Ton burthen, to North America, will treat with any person so inclined at his house on the Middle Dam, Stabroek, formerly occupied by P. Jourdan, Esq.
Demerary, July 18, 1807. I. C. H. Kuster

Notice is hereby given, that Mr. Wm. Lyng is from this Date no more in the employ of C. H. De Munnick.
Demerary, July 11, 1807.

Demerary, 17th July, 1807.
I Do hereby certify that Mr. Wm. Lyng has been in my Employ during Fifteen Months, and in that time has conducted himself as an honest and sober young Gentleman.
(Signed) C. H. De Munnick.

Mr. Printer,
Please to publish the enclosed Copy of a Letter written to his Excellency Governor Bentinck some time previous to his departure from the Colony.
Stabroek, Appril 9, 1807.
His Excellency Governor Bentinck,
Sir -- In consequence of the conversation which I had with your Excellency yesterday, I am induced to state in writing what I then explained.
I first heard from Mr. Armstrong, that you had issued a Proclamation, dismissing four of the Members of the College of Kiezers and myself. He informed me at the same time, that he had declared to your Excellency (prior to the Proclamation) that I had not signed, nor had any knowledge of the Letter addressed to you. This was literally the fact; for Mr. Armstrong and myself left the fort immediately after giving our votes.
Mr. Nugent has also since given you his testimony, but no blame could attach to me in this point. I was entirely ignorant of you having adderssed a letter to the college, in answer thereto, until I came to town; but as I was not present at the first meeting, I cannot be imlicated in any of the proceedings of that meeting.
I declare solemnly, that since I have had the honour of making one of that College, I have executed my duty conscientiously, and, in every instance where I have given a vote, i have considered the duty a most sacred one, and have religiously justified the tenor of my Oath.
Had these circumstances been known and duly considered, I have a confidence in saying, that you would not have included me in such a Proclamation; and I am now candid in declaring that I expect that justice from your Excellency, which the nature of the case requires.
I have the honour to be your Excellency's obedient, humble servant, (Signed) John Hubbard.

WANTED, [heading]
For a Cotton and Coffee Estate, an experienced Manager. Any one who can produce good Recommendations, may hear further particulars by applying to the Printer.
July 18, 1807

The George, Capt. D. M'Taggert, came in this morning from Newfoundland, laden with Fish, to the House of Douglas, Reid, & Co. (See Adv.)

Two schooners with slaves arrived on Saturday from Barbados, at the same time with the Demerara, which brought the mail. (Vide Advert. of Messrs. Naghten & Fitzgerald.)

The depredations almost nightly committed in this town and its vicinity,. for want of a well-regulated police, call aloud for some means of prevention. One of our most respectable subcribers, who has himelf been a severe sufferer lately by the evil complained of, suggests the propriety of establishing a Town Guard, which, under proper regulations, he is of opinion, would be attended with the most beneficial effects.

Some misreprentations having gone abroad respecting the late intelligence brought from Monte Video by the Juno, we give the following extract from the original letter to Messrs. Heywood and Taylor on the subject: [letter notes that a cargo of spirits would be very profitable]

We have it from good authority, that His Excellency General and Governor Montgomerie has offered to grant any assistance in his power towards the furtherance of a commercial intercourse of the above nature.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

July 13. Brig Rebecca, Joseph Harrold, from Portsmouth.
July 13. Schooner Porcupine, Benj. Stamers from Barbados.
July 13. Brig Montpelier, R. S. Tibbits, from Portsmouth.
July 15. Ship Sir Edward Pellew, W. Orr, from Berbice.

July 13. Brig Hannibal, R. Rogers, for Portsmouth.
July 16. Ship Harmony, W. Wilson, for London.
July 16. Schooner Porcupine, B. Stamers, for Barbados.
July 16. Schooner Burchall, I. Fri[??] for Barbados.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in the Colony Stocks of

Demerary, on this 17th day of July, 1807.



By whom brought.






I. H. King


Boedel Laurin

R. B. Daly's Negroes














Smith & Bell




N. M[?????]




S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.


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