Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 July 25


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 239.

Saturday, the 25th of July.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony
Alexander Johnston, in 3 weeks.
George Bone, in 14 days.
July 10, 1807.
Alexander Johnston [sic], in 3 weeks.
George Bone [sic], in 14 days.
William Finlayson, in 2 or 3 weeks.
Francis Williams, in 1 month.
George Walrond, in 14 days.
July 17, 1807.
J. C. M'Leod and Wm. M'Kenzie in 14 days, from 18th July.
C. Marquis, in 14 days, from July 21.
July 25, 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

H. Fa[?]y, Esq. of the Demerary Ferry to Mrs. Wayston, Mother of the late Mrs. Bauch.

RUN AWAY, [heading]
From the Subscriber, a Negro Girl named Nelly about 20 or 25 years of age, tall and slender, and a Creole of Essequebo, where her mother and family are still living, on the Plantation Orangestein. Being well known in Barbados, it is supposed that she will attempt to go there, all masters of vessels are therefore hereby forbidden to take her out of the Colony, and all other persons to harbour her, as otherwise they will be prosecuted as the Law directs. Whoever will lodge her in the barracks, or deliver her to the Undersigned in Stabroek, shall receive a Joes above the customary Fees.
Stabroek July 23,1807. P. C. Mickerts

H. B. Gall, Practitioner of Physic, has removed from the house he formerly occupied to the Corner Lot of Plantation Vlissingen, opposite Mr. Marshall's Coffee Room; where he continues to exercise the duties of his profession, and has for Sale a fresh and general Assortment of Valuable Medicines, consisting of
[first column]
Sal Nitre
Blue Vitriol
Red and White Precipitate
Sugar of Lead
Worm seed
Tartar Emetic
Salt of Steel
Strained Opium
Cream of Tartan
Crude Antimony
Snake root
Aloes Socc. and Barbados
Lapis Calam
[second column]
Salt of Hartshorn
Vitriolic Aether
Luna Caustic
Gum Guaiacum
Gum Arabic
Balsam Capivi
Gentian root
Flor Zinc
Prepared Steel
a variety of Tinctures, Extracts, and Chemical Oils
Elastic Gum Bougies
Penis Syringes
Rose and Lavender Water
Huxham's Tincture of Bark
Antibilious Pills
Essence of Peppermint
Worm Bitters
Mixed Spices
Glauber Salts per lb. and in kegs of 112 lb. each
[end columns]
With a variety of other Articles.
N.B. Contract attendance at this Shop from Six in the Morning until Nine at Night.
Prescriptions put up with neatness, accuracy, and despatch.
July 25, 1807.

FOR SALE, [heading]
At Three Months' Credit, to an approved Purchaser or Purchasers, Three seasoned Horses, one a complete Draft and Saddle English Gelding, the other two American Horses. Also a stout Negro Man Creole of this colony, who understands pulling in a boat and attending a Gentleman, exclusive of being a very fine Field Negro. For particulars, apply to C. Smith, living up the Brick Dam, Stabroek.
Demerary, July 25, 1807.

FOR NEW YORK, [heading]
The ship Thomas, James Soutar Master, mounts 16 carriage guns, will sail about the first springs of September. For Freight or Passage, apply to the Master on bead, or to the subscribers. Colin Macrae,
July 24, 1807. H. I. Underwood.

CAUTION [heading]
To all Planters, Merchants, Captains, and others whom it may concern. That from this date the Subscriber requests that no goods, or any kind of merchandize, may be delivered to any person or persons whatever, on his account, unless an order be produced with his own signature. Also, no monies due on open accounts, or notes of hand, to the Firm of James Knight & Co. will be allowed, unless signed by him, from the year of 1804 to the present date. And all those who may chuse to act contrary to this my Advertisement, will not be allowed any thing in the credit of their accounts, I being the only one authorised to transact the business.
Demerary, July 24, 1807. James Knight.

CAUTION. [heading]
The Public of both Colonies, as well Masters of Vessels as Planters and Others, are strictly cautioned against harbouring or employing a Negro Woman named Rachel, formerly the property of Mrs. Campbell, dec. and bought by me at the Vendue Office the 6th day of January 1807. She has a squint in one eye, and has been kept by Mr. Frier the Blacksmith; it is supposed that she means to go to Essequebo. Any person taking her up, and delivering her to the subscriber, or lodging her in the barracks, will be handsomely rewarded.
July 24, 1807. James Knight.

Two very Capital Boat Captains for Sale, and an excellent House Servant, as well as Sempstress. Also, horses for Hire. Inquire of the Printer.
July 25, 1807.

On Tuesday the 28th instant, at the Store of William King and Co. Cumingsburg, Fine Irish linen, Osnaburgs, Coffee and Cotton Bagging, Tobacco in barrels, superfine Flour just landing, a few fine Milch Cows, and a Calf, and sundry other articles.
July 25, 1807.
On Wednesday the 29th instant, at the Store of Mr. T. T. Thomson, Tar, [?]roun, soap, spurmaceti [sic] candles, half barrels of beef, barrels and tierces of tobacco, boots, shoes, paint oil in jugs, lamp oil in barrels, tea, rice in half tierces, salt, claret, wine in boxes, a schooner boat, a Bay mare, and sundry other articles as will appear on the day of sale.
July 25, 1807.
[further entries illegible]

TO HIRE, [heading]
A Carpenter negro of good Character.
Inquire of A. Odde.
Plantation Hague, July 25, 1807.

The Subscribers beg leave to inform their Friends and the Public, that they have removed to the Premises in New Town, formerly belonging to G. I. Goppy, Esq. and since occupied by Mr. Marsh and Messrs. Fisher & Chorley, where they offer for sale, on low terms, a general Assortment of Newly-imported Goods (see Advert. in last page,) and respectfully solicit a continuance of former favours.
July 23, 1807. Thomas Shute & Co.

Alle de geene welke aan G. I. Goppy schuldig zyn worden zeer vriendlyk verzogt om ten eersten haare Reekeningen en acceptaties te koomen voldoen of by zal genoodzaakt zyn hun in rechten te vervolgen.
Demerary 25 July,1807. P. Verbeke, q.q.

Alle de geene welke aan Capt. Wilson van het schip Harmony, voor zyn vertreck van hier hunne acceptaties hebben gegeeven worden, versogt de zelve ten eersten aan den Ondergeteekenden te koomen voldoen anders zal zy hun moeten in rechten vervolgen
Capt. Wilson heest by den Ondergeteekenden gelaaten een kleyn Boot toebehoorende aan een Colony schoener welke den eygenaar kan te rug krygen mits betaalende de onkosten van deeze advertentie.
Demerary, 25 July, 1807. P. Verbeke, q.q.

As Book-Keeper, either in Town or Country, a Young man who has been long accustomed to the climate and can be well recommended. A line addressed [illegible] S. and left at the Printing Office, will be duly attended to.
July 24, 1807

Girault Gresil, Portrait Painter, has the honour to inform the ladies and Gentlemen of this colony, that he has removed to the House in Vlissingen, next to that of S. Mourant, Esq. where he hopes to experience the further encouragement of a generous Publick.
A report having been circulated, that the materials used by Mons. Gresil were not adapted for this climate, he begs leave to state, in opposition to such malevolent rumour, that he has finished many hundreds in this part of the World and West Indies, and never yet had one complaint, though some have been executed upward of 30 years. Those who prefer it, however, can have their portraits made in oil, equally correct in point of likeness.
July 25, 1807

Mr. Printer,
You will, I imagine, have no objection to inserting the following, as it is signed with my name. However severe it may appear, I assure you it is [illegible] just, and indeed to what hereafter may come; as I have a pretty good Book of [illegible] Negroes, bottles of Rum, &c. &c. to bring up the rear, if necessary. Yours, &c. D. P. Simon
Demerary, July 18, 1807.
Mr. T. Lawrence,
Sir - I think it my duty to let you know that the base manner in which you [illegible - four or five words] I am perfectly sensible to. You told me yesterday, that you had made an arrangement with Mrs. [? - H?]arriet [illegible] to be [illegible - five words]; that you would pay Catharine [?]rovallo in Barbados what you justly owe to her; [illegible] you had provided for the [illegible] of Sally Lawrence her character; but how surprised was I to be convinced that the greatest part, if not the whole, [illegible - 4-5 words] of which I have indisputable proof, and more than that, which will do you much dishonour. I have [illegible - 3-4 words] you, that, [illegible] I have resigned the Executorship of Sally Lawrence's Will, I am first Guardian of her Children. You have acted as Executor, and I have deigned to call you to account, agreeably to that will [becomes increasingly illegible] . . . I am, Sir, Yours,
D. P. Simon.
Guardian to Sally Lawrence's Children
P.S. Mr. van Berckel, [illegible]

Mr. Cumins's bag arrived here this morning from Barbados, with island papers to the 14th July inclusive, and our London papers to the 7th June. The first June mail was detained for want of a boat to bring it here.

His Excellency General and Governor Montgomerie arrived at Government House on Thursday last.

The Hon. Court of Justice adjourned this day to the 24th of August.

About a fortnight ago, fifteen negroes arrived at Pomeroon, who had made their escape from Angesturas. We are informed that there of these belong to the House of M'Bean and Co., five to Mrs. Dowgin, of Stabroek, and one to Dr. Cox; the owners of the remainder are not yet known.

We are sorry to find that Mr. Campbell, formerly a Clerk in the above mentioned Mercantile House, is still suffering all the hardships of imprisonment, and its attendant horrors, in Oronoque. He had twice attempted to make his escape from Angesturas; but being each time intercepted by the Spaniards, is at present confined in irons, together with those faithful negroes who chose to share his fate.

The negroes [sic] who have at various times deserted from these colonies are treated very ill there; and it is firmly believed, so painful is their situation, that if they could [illegible] assured of no punishment being [illegible] their return, they would attempt every means to endeavour to effect it. There are said to be [illegible] nearly 50 at Angesturas belonging only to one Gentleman of Essequebo.

Every account from this quarter corroborates the opinion long since entertained, that nothing would be more easy than for a British force to obtain possession of it. Angesturas is beyond a doubt destitute of all regular means of defence, it would therefore only be a coup de main even for a British privateer to sail up the Oronoque, and five them some natural impress ion of the force of the British flag.

Besides the undeniably great saving which the Merchant and Planters of these Colonies would experience from such a conquest, we submit that the simply proving to the black population of the country, what a ridiculous speculation it is to leave their good homes in search of better among the Spaniards, would be attended with the most beneficial effects.

Died - Last week, in Berbice, Mr. Gi[?]zenhuyzen, formerly of this town.
On Monday, Mr. Michael Develin, sailor.
On Wednesday, on his Estate up the East Coast. Geo. Brumell, Esq.
On Thursday evening, at his house in Werk & Rust, H. Mutz, Esq. of Plantation G[???]go.
This day, in Stabroek, Mrs. Oninck.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

July 20. Schooner Granger, I. March, from Saco.
July 20. Brig Emeline, H. Hubbard, from Boston.
July 20. Ship George, D. M'Taggart, from Newfoundland.
Brig Planter, E. Rose, from Portsmouth.

July 18. Brig Clarence, I. Grieve, for Liverpool.
July 18. Brig Triffle, W. Main, for Falmouth.
Ship Guyana, A. Clough, for Liverpool.
Schooner Active, I. Ba[?]ss, for New York.
July 18. Ship Orion, R. Ross, for London.
July 20. ? S[??]l, J. Jeffry, for London.
July 20. ? Rut[??], N. Warde[?], for Clyde.
July 20. ? Rosset[??], [?]. Marshall, for Bristol.
July 20. ? Active, [?]. Chessell, for Bristol.
July 20. ? Dalrymple, D. Graham, for London.
Schooner Industry, R. Crichton, for Boston.
July 20. Brig Nancy, P. Lamont, for London.
July 23. ? Lord Duncan, R. Goodwin, for Barbados.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in the Colony Stocks of

Demerary, on this 24th day of July, 1807.



By whom brought.






I. H. King


Boedel Laurin

R. B. Daly's Negroes










Hercules Plata

Pl. Hoebo (Esseq.)

Alex. M'Nabb

S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.


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