Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 August 01


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 240.

Saturday, the 1st of August.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Alexander Johnston, in 3 weeks.
George Bone, in 14 days.
William Finlayson, in 2 or 3 weeks.
Francis Williams, in 1 month.
July 17, 1807.
J. C. M'Leod and Wm. M'Kenzie, (for a short time) in [??] days, from 18th July.
C. Marquis, in 14 days, from July 21.
July 25, 1807.
Wm. Brown, in 14 days.
July 31, 1807. J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

All those who have any Claims against the Estate of E. I. Bertho Loncke, Esq. deceased, are hereby desired to render them in to the hon. F. C. Loncke, or to C. Hofstede, Esq. LL.D. Stabroek, within Three Weeks from this Date, in order that his affairs may be brought to a speedy conclusion.
Demerary, Aug. 1, 18[7. P. F. Tinne, Secretary.

J. Thibou Mathews, Esq. LL.D. to Miss Glaser.
Tempe[accent]te, Esq. to Mrs. Sabathier

A very excellent Six-oared New Yacht for Sale, and Ten Carpenter Negroes to be hired from New Hope Estate.
Apply to Colin Macrae
Aug. 1, 1807.

In addition to their former Assortment, the Subscribers have now landing from on board the Brig Kitty, Hugh Clarkson Master, from Portsmouth, North America, the following Articles, which they offer for sale at moderate Prices, at their Store on Werk & Rust, viz.
[first column]
Fish in hhds. and boxes
Plank, Boards and Scantling
Red and White Oak Staves
[second column]
Red and White oak Shooks
Clapboards and Shingles
Wood Hoops
Oars, &c. &c. &c.
[end columns]
Also, on Hand,
[first column]
Madeira Wine in Qr. Casks
Malaga ditto
Tobacco in hhds. and barrels
Crackers in barrels and kegs
Spermaceti Candles
Segars, Snuff, and Tea
Beef in whole & half barrels
[second column]
Irish Linens, Brittanias, and Checks
Nails, Soap, and Split Pease
Smoked Beef and Sausages
Essence of Spruce
Pork in barrels
Oysters, &c. &c.
[end columns]
Demerary, Aug. 1, 1807.
Engels & Van Senden.

Field Negroes for Hire,
Inquire of the Printer.
Aug. 1, 1807

The Subscriber hereby informs the Publick in general, that Thomas Morgan is no longer Attorney or q.q. for him; and that he will not be answerable for any Debts contracted by the said Thomas Morgan after this date.
Demerary, Aug. 1, 1807. His
Thos. X Frier

ON SALE, [heading]
Pipes, Hogsheads, and Quarter Casks, of
Imported in the Intrepid, Capt. Turnbull
Demerary, Aug. 1, 1807
Heywood & Taylor

By letters from Holland, of the 3d of May last, intelligence has been received of the Death of the Hon. William van Braam, on the 21st of February, in this year, at Loenen.
Demerary, Aug. 1, 1807.

A SMALL PUNT [heading]
Picked up a few days ago on Plantation Le Grange. The Owner may have her restored by applying as above, and defraying the expences.
Aug. 1, 1807.

LOST, [heading]
An Acceptance drawn by Mr. C. Marquis in favour of the Undersigned for the sum of One Hundred and Fifty-Eight Guilders, Ten Stuivers. Any person having found the same, will very much oblige both parties by returning it to Mr. Marquis.
July 28, 1807. C. Treadwell, Jr.

Absented Himself from the Subscriber, on Sunday morning the 26th inst., a Negro Carpenter, named La Fleur, of the Papa nation, about 5 feet 8 to 5 feet 9 inches high, very black, of an open countenance, and very plausible in his speech of both Dutch and English. He was seen and spoken with the same morning in Corobano, with a paper in this hand, and said he was going to Berbice. He had on when he went away a pair of white duck trowsers.
Whoever will bring him to the subscriber, or lodge him in the barracks, shall receive Two Joes Reward.
July 31, 1807. J. F. Meyer.

TO BE SOLD, [heading]
The Half Concession No. 19, eligibly situated on the Middle Dam, Stabroek with all the Buildings thereon, consisting of Two convenient Dwelling Houses, with Brick Store Rooms, Negro Houses, Stables, Water House, Two Kitchens &c. &c.
Apply to B. Teyssen, Jr.
Aug. 1, 1807.

As A Book-Keeper, a Young man who has been some years in the Employ of a respectable House in the Colony. For particulars, apply at the Office of Jas. Bruce, Esq.
July 30, 1807.

The Subscriber, having removed from Stabroek to Plantation Marys, informs those who may have any concerns with him, that his Domicilium is at the logie where he formerly carried on business. Likewise, that he has a new Schooner boat for Sale, 40 feet keel by 16 feet beam, built of the best Mora timber, yellow Silverbolly planks, with rudder, rudder iron and chain, plates, bowsprit, &c. complete. Price f 6000, (one half down, and six months for the remainder). She may be seen at the Logie in Cumingsburg.
Aug. 1, 1807. Hugh Holms

On Wednesday, the 5th instant, at the Vendue Office, a quantity of Beef, Pork, Linen, Checks, Paints and Paint Oil, and a variety of other Articles.
Aug. 1, 1807.
On Monday, the 17th instant, at the Vendue Office, by order of Messrs. Frier and Morgan, the Buildings on Lot No. 35, situated in Bridge Town, consisting of a new Dwelling House 30 feet long and 18 feet wide, kitchen, &c. Terms of Sale, 3, 6, and 9 months' credit.
Also, by order of Mr. H. H. Schaapers and D. W. F. Steffan, q.q. a Half Lot of Land No. [blank], with a Dwelling House, Kitchen, and Necessary thereon, situated in front of Plantation Werk and Rust, and now occupied by Mr. P. van Straaten.
Aug. 1, 1807.
On Wednesday the 19th instant in the forenoon, at Plantation Bel Air, some very handsome Furniture, consisting of mahogany dining tables, ditto chairs and sofas, a very elegant mahogany clothes press, a ditto bedstead, looking glasses, card tables, plate and glass ware, beds and mattresses, milch cows, and sundry other articles.
Aug. 1, 1807.

Word hiermede bekend gemaakt, dat op den 25 July 1807, in de Colonie Berbice, door Heeren Raaden van Huwlyks zaaken aldaar in Ondertrouw zyn opgeneemen
John Artson Thomas, Jongman, geboortig van Demerary ter eenre en
Ann Josephine Brown, Jongedochter, med. geboortig van Demerary ter andere zyde.
Ten einde die geenen welke vermeenen zich teegens het solem [?]iseeren van 't voorgem. huwlyk te moeten opposeeren zulk. In tyde zouden kunnen doen Haar en zoo 't behoord.
Actum Secretary van Rio Demerary den 1 Augustus 1807.
C. T. Tinne, [illegible]

Alle de geenen die iets te pre[illegible], plus a few more words] ofte verschuldigd zyn, aan wylen den Heer Thomas Mapp, overleeden te Barbados worden verzogt daar van opgaave en betaaling te doen aan den Heer Thomas Atkins of Mejufvrouw Elizabeth Mapp als Executeur en Executrisse hier te lanae in voormelde Boedel; binnen den teid van ses weeke van dato deeser ten einde gemelde Boedel op het spoedigste ter liquiditeit te brengen
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary, den 1 Augustus 1807. In Kennisse van my
F. Horn, geswooren Clercq

De Slagtery gecanteerd hebbende onder de naam van L. Egner zal voor een tyd op houden om redene, dat de boeken daar van zullen geflooten worden en word mids dien het geEerde [sic] publice versogt alle by vertooning hunner verschuldigde reekening zulks te sluyten het zy in contante ofte wel met een goed van zodanige zomma.
Stabroek, 1 Augustus 1807.

Mr. Printer,
The scurrilous attack made upon me in the public prints of the day, signed D. P. Simon, behoves [sic] me to answer it in my defence, that impartial minds, unprejudiced in the cause, may judge of, and do me justice when the case is weighed on both sides, for which reason I request you will have the goodness to continue his flourishing epistle of the 18th instant*, addressed to me, and to insert this under it in your next number.
If I am guilty of any criminal act, why not have me tried, and then publish the sentence? Is the Gentleman who writes a Judge, or a President of the Court of Justice, or a Sworn Translator (as he styles himself), so who is he? If he is a no better Translator than he is an Historian, his employers might expect a false interpretation, as ungrammatical as he writes. Nine years and upwards have passed away since the death of Sarah Lawrence, a free woman, who had confidence in the Gentleman by appointing him a joint Executor and Guardian with myself to her children, and he has been silent all that time; till just upon the point of my leaving the colony for Great Britain, he trumps up his inquiries, and puts every difficulty in my way, to worm out a commission from her estate. Why did he not cause me to do justice to the children, if he found me in any wise wanting to them during nine years, if he could blush, you cannot see it from the gloom to his phiz. did he publish all my transactions during life, his mal assertions will not affect me; for he ought to remember himself, and to examine his conscience. I have not abridged the estate of Sarah Lawrence one farthing more or less; for all her children who are now minors and incapable of acting for themselves, and a part from that estate respectable witness can vouch, that in my own will all her children have been liberally provided for. What would the Gentleman wish to publish? His implacable malice and malevolence fill him with so much gall as to cause him to lose sight of the main point it might be his duty to seek into. It would have been a fortunate case for the Gentleman, had he asked me to have been his guardian; for his estate is neither here nor there, it was disposed of by the Marshal of the Courts, but the estate of Sarah Lawrence is a property to be seen, and to be accounted for by myself, and no other person. His estate he has wasted, and there is no oil in the lamp; and as it has pleased God to grant me, in his supreme excellence, the goods of this world, it is my duty as a trusty steward to preserve them for the good of posterity, and to keep such effects from the hands of invaders. Had I been his guardian, his creditors would have been very much obliged to me, and his debts paid, but he fear of -- what? Departing one's own Executor, is a disappointment may happen to the injury of others. "The arrangement with Miss Harriet entirely to her satisfaction" is a case I can clear up by the respectable authority of Mr. War[??]cker, who knows that I observed to him it was better she should have a house provided through her own means, than any suitor invite her to his, and when she was found capable to take the guidance of a family, her brothers would be placed under her care; in the mean time, she could enjoy the services of the negroes till her brothers and herself were of proper ages to act for themselves, when a dividend would take place. This is a point I did not inform Harriot, and she may have imagined, when we set out together from Mahaica to the metropolis, I did not mean to give here satisfaction. I did it to try what her conduct would be toward me, and it could be no wise unpleasant, had she not some ill advisers. She shall have her proportion; but she cannot expect the whole of her mother's estate. Knowing what I had said to Mr. Warricker one of my attornies, I could venture to tell the Gentleman I had arranged with Miss Harriet to her satisfaction. She could expect no more, and such is and was my intention. After my pass, &c. were legally obtained, and I was on board the Dalrymple, I came on shore again principally to clear up and settle the business relative to the estate of Sarah Lawrence, and to convince my readers the Gentleman had erred and injured me. If the will is a forged one, it is neither his fault nor mine as Executors; but it is the error of the witnesses who can be called on to testify the correctness of it. Was Sarah Lawrence alive, and in her senses, when she signed her will, as the point in question? If the Gentleman is in doubt, let him legally inquire. Why disturb the public? Why expose his ignorance? As to the characteristic of the Gentleman, let him please himself in his fancy. He may see himself in the Fashionable Advertiser called The World, and I advise him to read more and to write less; then he might be less erroneous. In the bringing up of his rear, let him let him not forget the Ass and his achievements. He would be a reformer, but he is completely unreformed in himself. I am, Mr. Printer, yours, &c.
Essequebo, July 20, 1807 Tho. Lawrence.

The Meeting of the Hon. Court of Policy was adjourned on Monday to the 10th inst.

A Proclamation was issued on Saturday by His Excellency General and Governor Montgomerie, allowing the sale of Salt Provisions imported in Neutral Vessels, on satisfactory proof being given that the supply from British ports is not sufficient, until the 10th of January 1808. Also permitting the importation of Pitch and tar, on similar proofs being made.

Some more Negroes have arrived this week, who made their escape from Angesturas.

Died. On Wednesday, in Stabroek, I. P. Smit, Esq. one of the oldest inhabitants of the Colony.
On Thursday night, in Werk & Rust, E. I. Bertho Loncke, Esq. of the Exploiteur's Office, son of the Hon. F. C. Loncke. late President of the Court of Justice. The amiable manners and quiet inoffensive demeanor of this young Gentleman had caused him to be so well and generally esteemed, that the loss must be doubly distressing to his much respected parent.
Lately, in Essequebo, Mrs. Miller, wife of Dr. Miller, not long from England.

The Undersigned hereby informs all those whom it may concern, that she is about to quit this Colony for Berbice.
Demerary, Aug. 1, 1807 Eliza Barzun.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

July 24. Sloop Two Friends, P. Hazel, from St. Vincent.
July 25. Schooner Ann, B. Bowen, from Barbados.
July 27. Schooner Gingle, H. C. Darrel, from Barbados.
July 29. Brig Kitty, H. Clarkson, from Portsmouth.

Aug. 1. Ship Ariadne, G. Jonathan, for Greencok.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in the Colony Stocks of

Demerary, on this 1st day of August, 1807.



By whom brought.






I. H. King


Boedel Laurin

R. B. Daly's Negroes




Hercules Plata

Pl. Hoebo (Esseq.)

Alex. M'Nabb


Van den Heuvel

I. Kent


Bison [or Lison]

R. B. Daly's Negroes






Pl. Belair




S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.



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