Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 August 08


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 241.

Saturday, the 8th of August.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony.
J. C. M'Leod and Wm. M'Kenzie, (for a short time) in [??] days, from 18th July.
C. Marquis, in 14 days, from July 21.
July 25, 1807.
Wm. Brown, in 14 days.
July 31, 1807.
John Craig, in 14 days.
John Gray, in 14 do. or 3 weeks.
Aug. 8, 1807. J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

All those who have any Claims against the Estate of E. I. Bertho Loncke, Esq. deceased, are hereby desired to tender them in to the Hon. F. C. Loncke, or to C. Hofstede, Esq. LL.D. Stabroek, within Three Weeks from this Date in order that his affairs may be brought to a speedy conclusion.
Demerary Aug. [?], 1807. P. F. Tinne, Secretary.

Alle de geenen die iets te pretndeeren hebben of verschuldigd zyn aan wylen den Heer I. P. Smit, worden versogt daar van opgaave en betaaling te doen aan der Heer I. P. Mickerts, M.D. in qualiteit als Executeur on voormelde Boedel binnen den teid van Ses Weeken van dato deeser ten einde gemelde Boedel op het spoedigte ter liquiditeit te brengen
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary, den 7de Augustus 1807.
In Kennisse van my, F. Horn gesw. Clercq.

De Ondergeteekendens, als Commissarissen benoemd zynde, door de Concessinairer van Charles Town, geleegen op de voor lande van de Plantage Le Repentir, geeven by deeze publiclyk kennis, dat zy gechargeert zyn tot 't aenbesteeden, aan den minst aenneemende, twee Bruggen, de eene te leegen over de Loftrens van Plantage Le Repentir en de tweede over de schrytrens van voornoemde Plantage, met die van Werk en Rust: het plan beneevens de bereekening van 't hout, en de conditien van betaaling, legt ter visie van de geene die in deeze aenneeming gading hebben, ten huyze van F. Schovers alle morgen van 9 to 2 uuren, alwaar de aenneeminge by geslootene bille[??]en zal ontlangen worden tot op den 31 Augustus 1807.
Demerara, 7 Aug. 1807.
L. St. van S' Gravesande,
F. Schovers.

NOTICE [heading]
All those who have Demands against Plantation Melville, situated on the West Side of Mahaica Creek, known on the Chart by No. 20 are requested to render in their accounts on or before the 29th instant, to either of the Subscribers, as a sale of that Property will take place on the 1st September next at Public Vendue D. M'Lachlan,
Aug. 7, 1807. Francis Wright,
Jas. Reid

Lost, on the Road between Ruimveldt and Stabroek, a Brown Horse, with Saddle and Bridle. Whoever can give information concerning the same, is requested to do so to Mr. Obermuller, Stabroek.
Aug. 8, 1807.

Wanted, A Clerk of good Character, who can keep Books correctly, and write a fair hand. Apply to the Printer.
Aug. 8, 1807

The Subscribers have received by the ship Intrepid, and will dispose of reasonably, for immediate Payment, a few Pipes and Hhds. of best London Particular Madeira Wine.
They are also landing, and have for Sale, the Cargo of the sloop Perseverance, consisting of Boards, Plank, Scantling, Shook, Staves, Clapboards, and Shingles; Salt Fish in Hhds. Beef in whole and half Barrels, and Tar.
Aug. 8, 1807. Naghten & Fitzgerald.

CASH WANTED, [heading]
For His Majesty's Service, for Bills of Exchange drawn on the Paymaster General of His Majesty's Forces, to the Amount of
Eleven-Hundred Pounds Sterling.
Sealed Tenders for the same (marked "Tenders for Bills") will be received until the 1[?]th Instant, at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, when they will be opened in the presence of Brigadier General Montgomerie, and, if approved, accepted.
Commissary's Office, Will. N. Firebrace,
Aug. 4, 1807. Res. Commissary

FOR SALE, [heading]
By the Subscriber, at a moderate Price, a Few Kegs of Temper Lime
Aug. 8, 1807. H. D. Obermuller.

FOR SALE, [heading]
Madeira Wine of the first Quality, in Pipes, Hhds. and Quarter Casks
Claret Wine in Hhds. and per Dozen
Gin and Brady per Gallon
Mustard and Vinegar
Vegetable Essence for Soups
Tea in cannisters, and Refined Sugar
Tobacco in Hhds. and Barrels
Hessian and Back strapp'd Boots
Gentlemen's White and Black Beaver Hats
Sugar in Barrels
Tempered Lime
Pint and Lamp Oil
Nowfoundland [sic] Fish in Six and Eight Quintal Casks
Lumber, Staves, &c. &c.
Aug. 8, 1807 Rt. Younghusband.

FORE SALE, [heading]
A Copper bottomed Schooner boat, about 30 feet keel, well found and in good order. Also Two Yawls, one 13, the other 14 feet keel, likewise in good order. Inquire of the Printer of this paper.
Aug. 8, 1807

The Subscriber has received by the ship Intrepid, Capt. Turnbull, from Madeira, a Consignment of Gordon, Duff, and Co's. Choice Old Wine, which he will sell reasonable for prompt payment.
Aug. 8, 1807. S. O. Nurse.

Imported in the Brig Hero, Capt. Trefethen, from Portsmouth, and for Sale by the Subscribers, on moderate Terms, for immediate Payment,
Lumber, Fish, Red Oak Staves, White Oak Shooks, Wood Hoops, Clapboards, and Oars.
Aug. 8, 1807. Henry Tulloh & Co.

De Ondergeteekendens [??]neemen [?] vryheyd zich aan 't geEerd public te recommandeeren weegens waarneemen van Commissien Sluyte van reekeningen opmaaken van verantwordingen het houden van Boeken Copieren en Incasseeren, &c. zullende met alle moogelyke flyt exactitude en discretie die geenen welken de ondergeteekendens zullen moogen favoriseeren bediend worden deselven zullen ten allen tyden gereed zyn omme orders van hunnen prinsipaalen, te ontsangen ten huysen van de Heer Schiffert, op Werk en Rust. Teffens presenteeren de ondergeteekendens te koop een quantiteit Walaba Singles, a f 30 per mille contant
Stabroek de 7de Aug. 1807.
D. W. F. Steffan & D. Willebers.

Absented herself from the Undersigned, a Mulatto Girl named Charlotte Bakker, whom he had hired to sell out dry goods; she has with her a trunk with the above articles, and has gone to Essequebo, as is reported. Those who can give information to the Undersigned so that he may retrieve his goods, shall receive a suitable Reward.
Demerary, Aug. 8, 1807. B. Dykhuysen.

Lost, some time last week, an Order of Adam Smith, Esq. for Six Pounds of Beef. As payment of the enormous amount thereof is refused, unless the Order be produced, whoever may have found the same is earnestly requested to forward it to the Undersigned, when the above Reward will be given.
Aug. 8, 1807. John Thorp.

Demerary, August 8, 1807.
The Undersigned requests that those indebted to the Vendue Office will be pleased to make immediate Payment, as he shall otherwise be obliged to enforce payment by Summary Execution, without respect to persons.
Robert Kingston, Dep. V.M.

On Wednesday the 19th instant, at the Store of Messr. Thomas Shute & Co. (late Messrs. Fisher and Chorley's) Mess beef, mackarel, tongues, tripe, herrings, mould candles, white and yellow soap, canisters of tea, barrels tobacco, tar, temper lime, brandy, porter, ale and beer per dozen, white lead, paint oil, and furniture. Also a stout negro.
Aug. 8, 1807.
On Friday and Saturday the 21st and 22d instant, by order of Hk. Haseman and H. A. Eberhardi, Executors of H. Mutz, deceased, Two thirds of Lot No. 12, with the Houses thereon, situated on the lands of Plantation Werk and Rust formerly occupied by Mr. Mutz. The other one third part of the same Lot No. 12, with all the Buildings thereon, at present occupied by Mr. I. I. Berteling. The half Lot No. 18, situated on the Middle Dam of Stabroek, between the Lots of Dr. Lloyd and Mr. B. Teyssen, at present occupied by Miss Luder, Fifteen Negroes, viz. sailors, house boys, grasscutters, hucksters and house girls; a chaise and saddle horse, with chaise, harness, and saddle, several cows and calves, house furniture, waterstands, men's and women's clothes, &c. &c.
Aug. 8, 1807.
On Monday the 24th instant, by order of P. C. Mickerts, Executor in the Boedel of I. P. Smit on the Premises No. 45, Brick Dam, Stabroek, Household Furniture, consisting of tables, chairs, sofas, bedsteads, with mattresses and pillows, a cabinet and bureau, pictures, looking glasses, some earthen and glass ware, plated candlesticks, silver spoons and forks, a billiard table complete, also Ten Negroes belonging to said Boedel.
Aug. 8, 1807.
On Thursday the 27th instant, at the Store of Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach, and M'Bean, soap, candles, pitch, tar, ladies shoes, Madeira wine, Queen's ware in crates, a variety of dry goods, &c. &c.
Aug. 8, 1807.

Run Away, from Plantation Golden Grove, No. 26, West coast of Berbice, two Mulatto Men, Carpenters, one by name William Leach, of a fair complection; he can read and write, and most likely will endeavour to pass as a Free Man. The other is named Thomas. A reward of Fifty Five Guilders each will be given to any person who will deliver them at the said Plantation, or to the store of R. S. Turton
Stabroek, Aug. 8, 1807

NOTICE. [heading]
All Persons having Demands against George Brumell, deceased, or against the Plantations Reynestein and The Cottage, are requested to send them to the store of Robert Younghusband, Esq. addressed to Wm. Brumell, q.q.
Jos. Walcott, q.q.
Demerary, Aug. 7, 1807.

CASH WANTED [heading]
To the Amount of L 1700 Sterling, for Bills at 60 Days Sight on Messrs. John and Robert Gladstone, Liverpool. Inquire of
Aug. 8, 1807. John Madden

Mr. D. P. Simon's Letter came too late for insertion this week. it shall appear in our next.

Died. On Monday morning, Mr. G. Barrett, formerly an eminent Engraver in London.
On Tuesday morning, at Pyreka, Dr. Whimper

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

August 3. Schooner Hope, O[?]s. Stillman, from Hartford.
August 3. Brig Hero, Wm. Trefethen, from Portsmouth.
August 3. Ship Intrepid, Wm. Turnbull, from Liverpool & Madeira.
August 3. Sloop Perseverance, A. Harms, from Saco.
August 4. Brig Richmond, Stephen Gilman, from Portsmouth.
August 8. Brig Valerius, F. Gross, from Bath.

August 1. Ship Otter, T. Boardman, for Barbados.
August 6. Schooner Nautilus, M. H. Smelk, for Barbados.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in the Colony Stocks of

Demerary, on this 7th day of August, 1807.



By whom brought.






I. H. King


Boedel Laurin

R. B. Daly's Negroes




Hercules, Plato

Pl. Hoebo (Esseq.)

Alex. M'Nabb






Pl. Belair


Pl. Orange Nassau





S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.



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