Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 August 15


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 242.

Saturday, the 15th of August.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Wm. Brown, in 14 days.
July 31, 1807.
John Craig, in 14 days.
John Gray, in 14 do. or 3 weeks.
Aug. 8, 1807. J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

All those who have any Demands against, or are indebted to, the late Hannah Fowke, Free coloured Woman are requested to apply within fourteen days from this Date to Mr. James Elder, as Substituted Executor to her last Will and Testament or to Mr. H. Cantzlaar, Jz. Attorney at law, in order to give in their Demands, or pay what they owe the Estate; as at the expiration of that time Mr. Elder will give up the Estate to the Heirs.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, Aug. 6, 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clercq

Agtervolgens Authorisatien vervat by de Apoinctementen van den Wel Edele Gestrenge Heer en Mr. V. A. Heyliger, fungeerend Praesident van den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie in Demerary, &c. &c. Zal door my ondergeschreeve Eerste Exploiteur, op den Zeven den September deezes Jaars publicq by Executie worden verkogt ten Puye van 't Raadhuys alhier de navolgende goederen als,
Ten behoeve van I. Scott, Execut. contra R. Forshaw, Twee Concessien geleegen op Cumingsburg makende een vier kant of square staande op een dien Concessien een Loge lang circa 50 voeten en breedt 3[?] ditto en op de andere eenige steene pylaaren, als meede, een fraam van inlandsch hout, aldaar geleegen lang 36 by 24 voeten een en een halve verdieping hoog [?]og niet opgezet
Voor F. Meagher, als met en beneeyens wylen Robert Stephenson Executeuren ten Boedel wylen Wm. Hogan, Exeuctans, contra A. Gray, geexecuteerde,
Een derde gedeelte der concessien Gebouwen op Cumingsburg, thans door den geexecuteerde bewoond
En ten behoeve van A. Fleischman, Executant, contra John Henderson, geexecuteerde, een Concessie en Gebouwen op de voorgrond van Werk & Rust, tusschen de concessien van de Heer I. P. Muncker, aan de eene en die geoccupeerd door de Heeren Engels en Van Senden, aan de andere zyde. Zynde dezelve concessie thans by den geexecuteerde bewoond.
Iemand recht van oppositie pretendeerende addresseere zich aan my Eerste Exploiteur als naar style, en gading vindende in dezelve goederen vorvoege zich ter plaatze voorf. en doe profyt.
Rio Demerary, den 13 Augustus, 1807.
Mart. Smit, eerste Exploiteur.

NOTICE. District of Bridge Town [heading]
Whereas a Parcel of Round Iron Bars were landed on the Stelling in this District in the month of December last, and left there an unreasonable time, in violation of a certain clause of the 3d Article of the Regulations of this District: This Advertisement is to inform persons concerned, that if the said Iron Bars, so found on this Stelling, be not claimed, and the Wharfage and Storage not paid in due time after this, they will be sold to defray the expences.
Aug. 15, 1807. Jno. Clapham,
Wm. Hallstead,
Wm. Lucas,

Demerary, Aug. 12, 1807.
The Subscriber takes the liberty to inform his friends and the Public in general, that he has taken over the remaining Lease of the Apartments lately occupied by the Eendragt Society; the centrical situation and spaciousness of which render them very eligible for Public Meetings of any magnitude. Having also a number of spacious and airy Bedrooms, Gentlemen from the country may meet with every accommodation.
Chocolate and Bouillon every Day at Eleven o'Clock, as usual Robert Marshall.
Front of Vlissigen Estate

TO BE SOLD, [heading]
The Plantation Bekentenisse, in Mahaica (belonging to Mr. Daniel Timmerman), containing One Hundred and Twenty Five Acres of Land, planted with Cotton Trees and Plantains. The above will be sold with or without Negroes.
Also, a Piece of Land (situated on Varken Eyland, Essequebo, adjoining the Estates of Messrs. Wm. Degers and Koefoed), containing about Two Hundred and Twenty Acres, more or less, planted with Plantains.
Particulars may be known, by application to the Hon. A. Meertens, Plantation Rome.
Demerary, Aug. 11, 1807.

The Subscriber will open School on his own account on Monday the 31st of August, in the house lately occupied by Mr. Devlin, Tailor, dec. on the south side of the street leading to Robb's Stelling. The terms are, Four Dollars for English reading and Writing; Six Dollars for do. with Arithmetic, per Month. As the Fees are reduced, Payment at the end of each Month will be expected.
Cumingsburg, Aug. 14, 1807. John M'Robb

On Thursday the 20th instant, at the Vendue Office, Dry Goods, Provisions, Horses, Negroes, &c.
Aug. 15, 1807.
On Tuesday the 25th inst. on the Premises lately occupied by Lady Beaujon, in Cumingsburg, a variety of Furniture, and other Articles of a superior quality, viz. A bedstead complete, a toilet complete, a night chair, a few bedchamber chairs, some defective, two toilet tables of white wood, two common tables of Colony wood, 18 arm chairs with bamboo seats, a dining table for 12 persons, 2 drawers for clothes, a sideboard, a pembroke table, 2 card tables, 4 globe lanthorns, a service for 30 persons white with brown edges, a mahogany case, 2 pipes of Old London Particular Madeira Wine, upwards of 5 years in the colony, a few dozen different Wines, two horses, viz 1 for the saddle, and 1 for the chaise; also a few capital House Servants
Aug. 15, 1807.
On Wednesday the 26th instant, by order Richard Wells and C. D. Forrester, Esqrs. q.q. Mrs. Helen Lacey, Twelve seasoned Negroes.
Also, on the same day, by order of C. D. Forrester, Esq. Twenty to Thirty seasoned Negroes, Dry Goods, &c.
Aug. 15, 1807.
On Friday the 28th instant [illegible - 4 to 5 words] by order of H. H. Schaapers en [sic] M. F. Schmo[?], Executors of I. H. C. Bakker, dec. a sloop boat complete, a negro man, furniture, &c. &c.
Also, Ten Pipes of Madeira Wine, just imported in the ship Juno, several seasoned horses, &c. &.c
Aug. 15, 1807.

FOR SALE, [heading]
Seven Negro women, who have been long accustomed to Needlework and House Servants, and a Cooper Boy. Good terms will be given to an approved purchaser. For particulars, apply to Francis Meagher.
Aug. 15, 1807.

Lost, or mislaid, a Letter addressed to Peter Barchard. Whoever may have found the same, by bringing it to this Printing Office will receive Four dollars Reward.
Aug. 15, 1807.

TO BE LET, [heading]
And may be entered upon immediately, [heading]
A Dwelling House, with the requisite Side Buildings, belonging to the Hon. P. C. Ouckama, on Werk & Rust, opposite the Hon. C. Vincent. Inquire at the Domicilium of Jacob Lachtrop.
Demerary, Aug. 15, 1807.

The Underwritten for the second time requests all those who are indebted to him to call to make Payment, as he intends to leave this Colony in a few Months from the date hereof; and if the request be not complied with, their accounts will be put into the hands of his Lawyer.
Werk & Rust, opposite the Hon. M. Marx
C. Vincent, Aug. 13, 1807.

Demerary, August 13th, 1807
All Persons having wines or other Goods aboard the ship Intrepid, are requested to send for them, or to let the Master know where they are to be landed.
W. Turnbull.

Picked Up, last Week, a Good for Five Hundred Guilders, signed Edw. L[??]ming, Jr. Whoever has lost the same may have it restore, on paying the expences of this Advertisement, and rewarding the Negro who found it. Apply to the Printer.
Aug. 15, 1807.

Whereas Twenty Hhds. of Sugar were lodged in the store belonging to the Subscriber about the middle of August, 1806, at the request of Anthony Littledale, Esqr. on account of H. M. Bunbury, Esqr.: Notice is given that unless the same are taken away before the Fourth of September next, they will then be sold at Public Vendue to pay Store rent.
Aug. 14, 1807. R. Forshaw.

The Underwritten, having seen Execut[??] stuck up against him by N. Rousselet, which he thinks is a very illegal one, as he has paid [illegible] and Notes of Hand to Amount of the Debt [illegible] upwards, according to his Receipts, intend[???] next week's paper, to state Mr. Rousselet's [illegible] lawful proceedings.
Aug. 14, 1807. R. Forshaw.

The Subscriber, as Executrix to the Will of her deceased Husband Edward Jones requests all Persons who have any Demands against the same, to render them in to her for Examination before the 15th of next Month.
Stabroek, Aug. 14, 1807.
Rebecca Ann Jones.

Mr. Printer,
The long rhodomontade, signed Thos. Lawrence, in your last paper is no defence whatever to his conduct. He wanders entirely from the question, thinking, by that method to mislead and deceive the public, as usual. I shall keep to the point. The only reason which induced me to publish my former letter, was an earnest desire to see justice done to poor, innocent, [sic] children, deserted and left totally unprovided for, by their [illegible] parent! The same motive actuates me now.
The children of Sarah Lawrence calling him [illegible] Father, it was the cause of my not bringing him to account for their Mother's property sooner; as I thought it impossible that he could be so entirely devoid of feeling which all the Brute Creation possess in a more or less degree.
Whether he has abridged the Estate of Sarah Lawrence, or not, is nothing to the purpose; he has attempted to depart the Colony without giving a proper account thereof, and without making that provision which he solemnly declared he had done. - This can and will be proved in regular time. Beside, Miss Harriet is now here, who is not at all scrupulous in averring that she could make no arrangement with him on any terms. Her brother Tom, and people of great respectability, can verify the same, and also that he even added insult to injury, by asking her, when she discoursed with him about her Mother's property, whether she was a free person?
As to this any-thing-but Gentleman's attempt at wit upon me, it only has the effect of setting the risible muscles even of my "gloomy phiz" in motion. It certainly never was my disposition to accumulate riches in his way. That I have no Estate at present is very true; that my Estate was sold at Marshall's sale is equally so, and no secret, nor do I wish it to be none, for it is no dishonour. He stood by when my property was sold, and knows that I became from that moment the loser of upwards of f 20,000. But poverty is no sin. The honest mind is not all degraded by misfortune; and whatever waste there was in my estate, he knows more of those who had a share in it than I do. After my experience, however, he certainly ought to excuse my not wishing him to become my Guardian.
But all this is nothing at all to the question: it is not worth taking up your time nor my own to relate. Let Mr. Lawrence do justice to the children - I forgive his treatment and slander of me: and if he will not, I have done what I considered to be my duty; I have upheld his conduct and character to public view, and have no doubt that he will meet with the deserved contempt and reprobation of every one whose opinion is in the least worth regarding.
Demerary, Aug. 8, 1807. D. P. Simon.

The Subscribers to the Quarterly Balls at Robert Marshall's Hotel, are respectfully informed, that a Meeting will be held on Friday next, the 21st inst. at One o'Clock, at the House of the Subscriber, for the purpose of appointing a Committee, fixing the Periods for the Nights of Entertainments, &c. &c. when the gentlemen Subscribers are requested to attend.
Robert Marshall.
Front of Vlissingen Estate, Demerary, Aug. 15, 1807.

The Subscriber has just received, and has for Sale, at his store, the following articles, viz. Beef, in half barrels, of the first quality. Do, Prime No. 1 and 2, and cargo, in barrels, Excellent Rounds of Beef, in tubs, Ship Bread, Corn Meal, White Beans, Corn, and Oats
On Hand,
Spermaceti Candles, Soap, Flour, New York R. O. Staves, Lamp and Paint Oil, Salt, Tar, Roun [sic], Pitch, and sundry other Articles.
Demerary, Aug. 15, 1807. T. T. Thomson.

We regret to have to state the capture of the English brig William, from Boston to Berbice. On Monday last, while off the mouth of that river, a schooner privateer was observed to bear down upon her, for about 3 quarters of an hour. The privateer then ran close alongside, perhaps with an intent to board, but was received with such a well directed volley of musketry, that she was compelled to sheer off. It is supposed, however, that being joined by another, a fresh and joint attack was made on the brig during the night, which unfortunately proved successful.
A ship was seen coming down afterwards, supposed to be taken also. It is feared that this may be the Wilding, which was expected.

Wednesday being the anniversary of the Birth of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, a salute was fired from the fort, and the troops were drawn out and fired a feu de joye. His Excellency the General and Governor gave a dinner on the occasion at Government House.

There has not yet been a full Meeting of the Hon. Court of Policy, we believe, on account of the indisposition of one or two of the Members. A full Court will be held on the 31st instant.

James Johnstone, Esq. of Plantation Edinburgh, is chosen Member of the above Hon. Court, in the room of Alex. Macrae, Esq.

We understand that the College of Kiezers of Essequebo is at length complete. D. Armstrong, Esq. having gone home in the Ariadne, they are now all new members, viz. Wm. Brumell, Robt. Gordon, C. Roberts, T. Higgins, Hugh Fraser, Jno. M'Pherson, and - Llanfferman, Esquires. They have not yet, we believe, returned a Member, nor chosen a President, owing to some mistake as to the day of meeting.

We have heard that it is in contemplation to enact a Law to prevent any person from moving his Domicilium from one Colony to another, unless he publish a fortnight's notice of such intention in the Gazette, and give security, if required.

Mr. H. Marsh is appointed Armourer to this Colony. Part of that newly erected unique and elegant Building, which graces the corner of Stabroek, on which the truly magnificent Town Clock has been lately elevated at so trifling an expence, is to be appropriated to his use.

It is reported that some measures are about to be taken to procure a proper place for the different Courts to assemble in, the Secretary's Office, &c. and that Mr. Campbell's house (lately advertised for sale) has been thought on for the purpose. The expediency of a removal from the decayed Building at present used is undeniable; for there is scarcely a day that the whole Boedel [sic] is not in danger of coming down with a run; and if the considerations of health and convenience are allowed to have any weight, perhaps it would be difficult to point out a situation better suited than Mr. Campbells.

Finding that we have offended some, and disappointed the majority, of our readers, by not giving any account of the Trotting Match last week, we take the first opportunity of remedying the supposed neglect.
The Match was for Fifty Joes, between one of the ugliest ponies, perhaps, that any of Nature's journeymen ever created, belonging, we believe, to a Mr. Ambledon and a Mr. Cross, and the famous Trotting Horse which Mr. Foote (of Broken Jaw memory) sold to Mr. Underwood, and which afterwards won a match when rode by his former owner. The distance, from the foot of the bridge by Mrs. Ward's on Werk & Rust, to Rome (the horse to give 200 feet). Makers of the Bet (at least the ostensible persons), Mr. Thos. Marsh and Capt. Brand; the former on the Go along Poney," the latter on Mr. U's horse. Riders, Mr. Cross the poney; Mr. Fish his opponent. A little altercation took place at starting, as to whether the distance given should be at first or at last. This was at length determined by a toss-up, which terminated in favour of Ugly Mug; they of course started equal, and the poney won with the greatest ease, to the infinite and vociferous joy of the Gentleman who backed him. The giving the odds at last instead of at starting was certainly against the horse; but in our opinion, the poney is more able to give distance than the horse. Both animals were well rode; nor was there any Gentleman present (as it was observed on the ground), who would say that either of them once broke.
It is an old saying, "Handsome is that handsome does;" and, in short, this ugly little poney performed his part so handsomely, that the Gentleman who laid upon him swore he was a true-born Irishman, and was extremely anxious to sport his figure on him back to town.
On Wednesday last there was to have been a famous race, between a donkey which was bought for 15 stuivers at Vendue, and a horse which cost we understand, about as many Joes; but we believe the owner of the latter paid forfeit.

FAMILY TEA TALK. [heading]
Mr. Editor,
One Sunday morning lately, at breakfast, my wife, who, to do her justice, is a good-natured well comported sort of a body, after pouring out the tea, while I was mixing my egg, took up your paper; being, I suppose, not hungry herself, and wishing to amuse her Deary.
She began with the Advertisement (which, by the bye, I have observed the sex generally do), and went on very glibly till she got to one, which seemed to bring her to a pause - My spouse laid down your miscellany, and, in a mixed manner, half exclaimed - "La, my dear! how can any man desire folks to come to pay their debts in his privy?" I was good deal disconcerted, and the more so, as a friend happened to breakfast with us; but he soon relieved me. - I suspect he has a smack in him of what the world calls a wag - be that as it may, he replied - "Why, Madam, we call such debts - debts under the rose." The explanation satisfied her; she pursued her readings, and I finished my egg. But, Sir, although relieved, I was not quite so easily convinced as my innocent, and must therefore beg you to inform me, if such can be the real meaning of the expression; it being so opposite to our English comprehension of it.
Roses in a privy!
Aug. 5, 1807. Simon.
(The Editor requests his poetical Friends to answer this Correspondent, as so sweet and delicate a subject is surely entitled to verse.)

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.


Aug. 10. Brig Dean, I. Morss, for Portsmouth.
Aug. 13. Brig Emeline, H. Hubbard, for Boston.
Aug. 13. Brig Monteplier [sic], R. S. Tibbitts, for Portsmouth.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in the Colony Stocks of

Demerary, on this 15th day of August, 1807.



By whom brought.






I. H. King


Boedel Laurin

R. B. Daly's Negroes





Pl. Hoebo (Esseq.)

Alex. M'Nabb



Pl. Belair


Pl. Orange Nassau




Pl. Union



R. B. Daly's Negroes



D. Timmerman







S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.



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