Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 September 12


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 244, 5, 6.

Saturday, the 12th of September.

[numbering "explains" absence of issues for earlier dates between Aug. 22 and Sept. 12; see entry below by T. Bond]

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Publick, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
John Bucket, in 14 days or 3 weeks from Sept. 4.
William Chorley, in 14 days or 4 weeks.
Sept. 11, 1807. J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk

NOTICE [heading]
A Young Man, named Markwyk, has lately left my Employ, without giving me any notice of his intention to do so, and without my having given him any cause to do so. The Public are therefore cautioned not to pay him any Money, nor to deliver him any Goods on my account. Any person interested, wishing to know the particular reason of this Advertisement, can be informed by applying to me.
Aug. 29, 1807. Wm. Hallstead

NOTICE. [heading]
All Persons having Claims against the Subscriber, are requested to render them in for Payment, and all those indebted to him to settle their Accounts or Notes of Hand without Delay; otherwise, he must have recourse to coercive measures.
Aug. 28, 1807. Ph. Yates
Who has for Sale,
A few pieces of Best Twilled Coffee Bagging and ready made Bags, which he will dispose of at 20 per cent below the present Prices, for immediate Payment in Coffee. He also offers the highest Cash Price for 40 to 50 Bales of Clean cotton, and for 8 to 10,000 weight of good Coffee.

FOR SALE, [heading]
At the Vendue Office, on Reasonable Terms,
Wines - Madeira in pipes, Port in hhds. and q. casks. Ditto (excellent quality) per dozen. Sherry in [illegible] and cases of 3 dozen each. Claret in cases of 6 and dozen each.
Pilchards in Hhds.
Beef and Pork in barrels
Sweet Currants and O[??] Flour
Oatmeal, Pease, Sea Biscuit, &c. &c. &c.
Aug. 29, 1807

Just Imported per The Wilding, and for sale by the Subscriber, for Cash,
Dutch Butter in firkins, and large and small Cheese
Pickled Herrings in kegs
Bottled Porter and Ale in tierces
Genuine Cogniac Brandy
London made Boots and Shoes of the first quality
A few pair cavalry Boots
Reedy-made Shirts and Neckcloths
Aug. 26, 1807. M. Downie

Imported in the ship Demerary, Peter Inglis Master, from Liverpool, and for Sale by the Subscribers:
New Irish Butter in firkins, Hams, Cheshire Cheese, Slender and Brown Beer in barrels, Cotton and Coffee Bagging
And, in the brig Montezuma, Capt. Smith, from Boston,
Scale Fish in casks, and English Herrings in barrels.
Demerary, Aug. 28, 1807
M'Inroy, Sandbach, & M'Bean.
The Demerary will sail for Liverpool in all the month of October. For Freight or Passage apply as above.

NOTICE [heading]
All Persons who from this date remain indebted, either on note of Hand or open Account, to the late Peter, or to the late Firm of Peter Nisbet & Co. will please pay the same unto Mr. Archibald Iver, as Attorney of Messrs. MacNeil, Stewart & Co. who is hereby authorised to grant acquittances and receipts. And those who have any demands against the late Peter Nisbet or the late Firm of Peter Nisbet & Co. will please have the same properly attested, and apply to Mr. Archibald Iver, q.q. for payment
Demerary, Aug. 29,1807. James Bruce,
As Attorney of Robert Auld, Trustee, &c.
N.B. Certain Notes of hand of P. Nisbet & Co's are charged to James Bruce in their Books, and will be collected by himself according.
James Bruce, q.q.
Robert Auld, q.q.

Imported in the ship William Phillips, Capt. Pullen, from London, and for Sale by the Subscriber, on Reasonable Terms, for immediate Payment,
[first column]
Rounds of beef
Pickled tongues and tripe
Salted and spiced salmon
Pine and double Gloucester cheese
Salad oil
Fish and other sauces
Small cases of pickles
Raspberry & cherry brandy
Port wine
Split peas
Pearl and Scotch barley
Poland oats
Refined sugar
Soap and candles
Handsome cut and plain glass ware
Table Sets of Glass Ware comprising, Foubest [a style? or 'Four best?] quart and 4 pint decanters, 2 water crafts, 8 dozen wine glasses assorted, 12 three set fli[?] rummers, 24 tumblers, 1[?] blue finger cups, 12 wine coolers, 3 large and 3 essrummers, and covers mutter stands, a set liquor decanters, a set cut glass cruets, and 4 square [???]glas salts
Best painted breakfast cup and saucers
White and green ivory and black horn handled knives and forks with dessert and carvers, India shades
Wire meat safes, dish covers and rat traps
Cherry tree and Windsor chairs
Mahogany Chairs
[?]bow drawing room chairs with Turkish sofa in suit
Mahogany dining tables for 18 and 24 persons
Ladies' and Gentlemen's solid mahogany dressing stands with conveniences
[second column]
Dressing glasses with and without drawers
Four and five feet French elliptic bedsteads, mahogany feet, posts, and fine chintz furniture, mattresses, bolsters, and pillows
Honey and lavender water
Tooth powder and brushes
Men's and youths' silk and beaver hats
Jockey and Hessian boots
Ladies' and Gentlemen's half dress shoes
Irish linen
Printed calicoes
Imperial and dark blue, cor[?]bea, brown, black, and olive broad cloths
Chaise harness with plated furniture
Best hogskin saddles
Bridles, martingales, and neck straps
Chaise whips and thongs
Gunpowder and shot No. 3, and 4
[illegible] canvas
Inverness cotton and coffee bagging
Seine and sewing twine, cordage, from 9 thread rat line to 2 and a half inch rope
4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20, and 30d. nails
Paint oil and brushes
Iron pots assorted
Worsted caps, Negro hats, and lined & unlined jackets
[??]u[?]k and check shirts
Large and small brass locks
[???] cocks
Chamber door & stock locks
Shutter and door bolts and hinges
Hoes, shovels, cutlasses
Iron hoops, &c.
[end columns]
And a complete assortment of tools most generally used by carpenters, coopers, and masons.
New Town, Sept. 12, 1807
James Robertson

FOR SALE, [heading]
The Cargo of the Brig Richmond, S. Gilman, Master, from Portsmouth, viz.
[first column]
Fish in Hhds.
R. O. Shooks
[second column]
W. O. Shooks
[end columns]
Also, on Hand,
[first column]
Prime Beef in whole and half barrels
Smoked Beef
Loaf Sugar
Best Cogniac Brandy and Dutch Gin
Porter and Beer
[second column]
Madeira Wine
Soap and Candles
Carpenters' and Coopers' Tools
Hoes, Shovels, and Cutlasses
Pitch and Tar
Sail Cloth
Nails of different sizes
[end columns]
And a Variety of Dry Goods
Aug. 22, 1807 I. Van Der Haas & Co.

ON SALE, [heading]
For Cash only, Choice Old Madeira Wine, at f 33 per Dozen; the Quality warranted S. O. Nurse
Who will give 25 stuivers per dozen for One or Two Hundred Dozen of Empty Bottles, to be delivered at his house.
Sept. 8, 1807.

Op Plantagie Klyn Pouderoyen, a[grave] f 16.10 cassa per 1000 spieren, en a[grave] f 15 idem by 10,000 spieren, of daar booven.
Aug. 29, 1807.

Imported in the ship Wilding, from London, and for Sale by the Subscribers, at their Store on Robb's Stelling:
[first column]
Pine cheese
Loaf do.
Double Gloucester do.
Loaf sugar
Barley in jugs
Split pease
Writing desks
Gentlemen's dressing cases
An assortment of carpenters' and coopers' tools
Sets of dining and breakfast knives
Complete sets of table services of different patterns
An assortment of glass ware consisting of vase and barrel lamps, mounted, India shades, rummers, goblets, tumblers, wine glasses, &c.
An assortment of saddlery
[second column]
Fishing lines
Sewing twine
Coffee bagging
White lead
Black, yellow, brown, and green paints
Paint oil
Vinegar in 2 gallon jugs
Gent's ready made clothes
Boots and shoes
Ankle socks
Patent silk hats
Gold rimmed white hats
Linen pocket handkerchiefs
Musquito netting
And a variety of Dry Goods
[end columns]
Also, Madeira Onions, and on Hand,
A Few Hogsheads and Quarter Casks of Madeira Wine, of a very superior quality.
Demerary, Sept. 8, 1807. D. Wardrop & Co.

On Monday the 14th instant, at the Vendue Office, by order of Mr. George Craig, a Negro man named Jack Tom.
Also, by order of Francis Meagher and James Hollin, Executors of James Ronayne, dec. Wearing Apparel, Household furniture, &c.
Also, by order of James Hollin, Executor of Michael Devilin deceased, a Negro boy, Wearing Apparel, Household furniture, &c.
Also, a Quantity of Choice Bourdeau Wine in Hhds
Aug. 29, 1807.
On Tuesday the 15th instant, by order of I. S. Masse[accent] and F. I. Huesteeg, Esqrs. q.q. the Estate of G. Campar, dec. Three Lots of Woodland, two of which are situated in the River Demerary, and the other in Arawaroeny Creek. An inventory may be seen at the Vendue Office, and at the house of I. L. Eils, Esq. Also Twenty one prime Negroes.
Aug. 29, 1807.
On Wednesday the 16th instant, by order of Mr. John Henderson, the lot No. 4, with the Buildings thereon situated in front of Plantation Werk & Rust, next to the premises of O. I. Laurin, Esq. dec.
Sept. 12, 1807.
On Thursday the 17th instant, at the Store of Mr. Amos Leeds, by order of Mr. I. T. Barrett, 20 Hhds. New Fish just landed, 20 cases Dutch Cheese, and an assortment of Provisions.
Sept. 12, 1807.
On Friday the 18th instant, on the Front of Plantation Herstelling, by order of A. V. Beckerts and G. H. van Senden, Executors to the deceased Doctor J. G. Sommer, his Dwelling House, with a Side Building, Negroes, Chaise and Horse, Harness and Saddles, House Furniture, &c. Also, a valuable assortment of Medicines and Chirurgical Instruments (the Sale having been put off on Saturday, on account of the rain.
Sept. 12, 1807
On Tuesday the 22d instant, at the House of I. L. Eils, Esq. by order of G. Mahlsted, Esq. an assortment of Gold, Silver, and Plate Ware, consisting of ladies' gold chains, bracelets, breast pins, smelling bottles, rings, silver spoons and forks, mahogany cases with silver spoons, knives, forks, &c. complete, liquor stands, vinegar and oil ditto, plated candlesticks, mahogany cases containing every requisite for cleaning guns, &c. and a quantity of wine, port, liqueurs, &c.
Sept. 5, 1807.
On Friday the 25th instant, at the Vendue Office, by order of Mr. Richard Forshaw, Twenty Hogsheads of Sugar.
Also, a fast sailing Colony schooner, 36 feet keel, with all her materials in complete order; Dry Goods, Provisions, &c. &c.
Sept. 5, 1807.
On Monday the 28th instant, at the House lately occupied by Mr. Donovan in Charles Town, by order of Mr. H. Tempest, Household Furniture (formerly the property of F. Sabbathier, dec.) consisting of Two mahogany sideboards, bedsteads with bedding, hair bottomed sofas, chairs, an elegant assortment of silver and plated ware, three horses, 2 chaises, several head of cattle, &c.
Sept. 12, 1807.

Te Huur, en met Primo October aanstaande te aanvaarden, de Halve Concessie No. 11, geleegen aan de Middeldam van Stabroek, thans bewoond door den Wel Edele Heer F. C. Otto verden te bevraagen by F. I Huesteeg, ten huyse van I. L. Eils. [no date; no subscriber]

FOR SALE, [heading]
Madeira Wine, in Quarter Casks and by the Dozen. London Wired Porter and Pale Ale, per ditto. Gin, and Brandy.
Kingston, Aug. 22, 1807 R. Ramsay.

E. S. SORET & CO. [heading]
WATCH-MAKERS, [heading]
Beg leave to inform the Public, that they undertake, for Ready Money, to repair all kinds of Watches, Repeaters, Clocks, Pendulums; likewise, all sorts of Mechanical Instruments and Jewellery, Organs, Spy Glasses, Telescopes. He has also for sale, at the House next the Post Office, in Front of Plantation Vlissingen, Watches and Spectacle Glasses.
Aug. 29, 1807

Wants a situation, as Book Keeper, a Young man, of respectable connections, who can be well recommended. The country would be preferred. Apply or address to the Printer of this paper.
Sept. 12, 1807

TO BE LET, [heading]
A Very Spacious and Commodious Ware House, suitable for storing of every kind of Goods, and particularly for Madeira Wine. Inquire of L. A. I. Philippart, on Werk & Rust.
Sept. 12, 1807

Picked Up on the 4th instant, between Mahaiconi and Mahaica, a large New Punt. The owner my have it restored on paying the expences, by applying to
Sept. 12, 1807. W. D. Timmerman.

One Hundred and Fifty New Rum Puncheons and Melasses [sic] Casks for sale at Mr. Madden's.
Aug. 19, 1807

[first four or five words illegible] wonder werken d[?]s al moogen die welke geest van verwondering niet zoud verbaast zyn myne dierbaare Engel te zien versaamden inde schoot den aande en met aschegedekt te worden Essequebo zal geen traanen genoeg hebben om uw te konnen verwelkomen en dat uw vrienden aldaar uw met viengde verwag rende tot om helssingen, of uw besielt aanguane ik schne[?] over uw myn Heer, inwendig en uytwendig, en voor 't algemeen O Heer Engel Loncke!
Wa[??] uw is my weldoenen, uwe lieflykk woor den hebbe my ligt gegeven uwe onderwysinge was my aangenaam daaro[?]n bewaare ik [illegible] in myne ziele, en om uwe naame alleen hebbe ik plaats in myn hert gegeven.
Ik danke uw veelmaels en als nog my waarde Heer !
En dat uw de hem[?]fe vrengae met de Engelen den aller Hoogsten eeuwiglyk zal genieten.
Ik gedenke aan 't woorden waar mee uw my neenig werf voor gesteld hebbe tot myne leer inge dit is nu alleen overige tot myne troost in myne vervolging welke my leevendig maakt in myne d[?]o[?]sen[?] en rampen en onderdrickkingen [illegible] tegen spoed
Demerary, Aug. 20, 1807. I. F. A. K.

NOTICE. [heading]
The First Quarterly Subscription Ball at Marshall's Hotel will be given on Wednesday the 16th of September.
V. A. Heyliger.
T. Fitzgerald.
Rob. Kingston.
Aug. 28, 1807. Stewards.

Just Imported in the ship Enterprize, Capt. Anderson, and for Sale by the Subscriber,
[first column]
Smoked tongues
Pine and Gloucester Cheese
Pickled sausages in kegs
Pale ale
Brown stout
Hyson tea
French plumbs
Fruits in brandy
[second column]
Salad oil
Table salt
[illegible] in puncheons
[illegible] in tierces
White lead in kegs
Paint oil
Drag nets of different [illegible] Seine and sewing twine
A small assortment of linen drapery
Gentlemen's coats & coatees
[end columns]
With a variety of other Articles for Plantation Use.
Aug. 29, 1807. C. H. De Munnick.

Het Cargo der Americaansche Brik Polly, schipper Jos. Mansen, word door de Ondergeteekendens tot zeer billyke pryzen teegens daardelyke betaaling in Rum, Melasses, Conant, Coffy, of Catoen, ter Koop aangebooden bestaande Hoofdzaakelyk in
Een en twee duyms Am. Planken
Roode en witte Eike schooven beneevens bodem stukken
Dito dito duygen
Witte Eike schooven en oodem stukken tot water vaaten,
van 3 a 400 gallons
Cod Visch in vaaten en kisten
Suprafyn tarwe bloem, kaas &c.
Tevens nog op handen,
Am. cingels, virekant, en tiemen; mess beef, boter, zeep, smeer en sperm. kaarssen, tee, tabac, brandewyn, een party witte nankin, en eerste qualityt Madeira wyn in hees, halve, en quart pypen.
Sept. 12, 1807. Engels & Van Senden.
Dewelke teevens te koop presenteeren op hun stelling leggende, een nieuwe groot Rum Still compleet, en waar voor de helst der bet aling well in rum of melasses zoude worde aangenoomen.

It was the intention of the Printer to have fully acquainted the Public with the cause of his Paper not being published the two last weeks, but the same appears to be sufficiently explained by the following "Apology for his late Indiscretion," which he is bound by the Government to publish, as the condition on which atone he could be permitted to proceed, and which he accordingly printed verbatim, as he received the manuscript from the Government Secretary.

"Being perfectly sensible of having justly merited the censure of His Excellency Brigadier General Montgomerie, Acting Governor, by publishing in the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette paragraphs which tended to injure the feelings of individuals in the community, contrary to his wish and strict injunctions and feeling the highest sense of gratitude for his Excellency's goodness in pardoning my indiscretions - I hereby solemnly pledge myself not to print or publish any paragraph
in future which can give his Excellency, or I hope any other person in the community, offence.
Signed T. Bond"

The Printer begs, of himself, to offer his warmest and most heartfelt acknowledgments to those numerous Gentlemen who tendered him their assistance in the hour of need. It will ever afford him consolation, and be his pride and satisfaction, to reflect on their friendly conduct, and he hopes they will do him the justice to believe, that he is equally impressed with a sense of their intended kindness, as if he had been compelled to profit by its application.

It is with feelings of the greatest pleasure, considerably heightened by the knowledge that the communication will be equally grateful to the Public at large, that we inform our readers - the Hon. Col. Nicholson is appointed Acting Governor of these Colonies, and will commence the duties of that high office on Monday next.

Not being certain that we should be allowed again to issue our paper till yesterday, it has not been in our power to give such a paper as we could have wished this day.

The 2nd July packet arrived here yesterday; she brought no later news than the above. ['the above' not transcribed - European news]

The James mail-boat, Capt. Hunter, which was conveying the 1st July mail here from Barbados, was taken on the 24th ult. off this coast, by the Jeune Adelle privateer, of 12 guns and 118 men. Capt. Hunter had the precaution to throw the mails over, and, passing himself for a passenger, was, with several on board, sent in an American ship, which the privateer spoke, to Surinam, whence he has since arrived at Barbados.

The schooner Birchall, Tynes, Master, from Barbados to Surinam, was also taken by the same privateer, and another in company, on the 10th ult. off the Corentyn, and sent into Martinique.

The Danish schooner Betsey, from Barbados to Berbice, has been detained and sent into Guadaloupe. The passengers were permitted to go to Surinam.

The Hon. Court of Policy will meet again on Monday.

Essequebo Sportsman. - A Gentleman who, though generally known in these colonies, is perhaps better so by his quickness of fingering than of sight, a few days since went to amuse himself with the joys of the chase, and, anticipating much sport, chose Tyger Island for the display of his prowess in the execution of this art. He had not advanced many roods, when dame Fortune popped a tempting shot in his way - a fine flock of Ducks! No sooner had the negro who accompanied him made gestures indicative of approaching game, than up soared the feather brood - bang went the gun - and down dropped a suppliant Duck; but - oh, most glorious shot" - it was a tame one.

Died - On the 1st ult. at Antigua, his Excellency Lord Lavington, K. B. Governor of that island and dependencies.
On the 19th ultimo, at Strik en Heuvel (the estate of his brother the Hon. F. C. Loncke), Engel Loncke, Esq. Attorney at law of the Courts of Essequebo and Demerary. His remains were sent to Essequebo to be interred.
The 20th ult. on his Estate up the East Coast, called the Vigilance, Wm. Ord, Esq. M.D.
The 27th ultimo, in Stabroek, John Lescure, son-in-law of Louis Desaulles, Esq.
The 31st ult. at Berbice, aged 25, the Hon. Nicholas Westrick, member of the Hon. Court of Justice there.
The 2d instant, at the early age of 16 years, Gabriel Ryk, son of the Rev. G. Ryk. A very pathetic oration was pronounced over him by his father at his funeral.
The 4th instant, much lamented, Mrs. Whiston, wife of Capt. Whiston.
On Thursday morning last, at Plantation Haslinton much regretted Mrs. Burrows, wife of [?. - I. or T.] Burrows, of Plantation Ruby.

Vessels Entered And Cleared Since Our Last.

[no date] Wilding, from London, Demerary, Liverpool; Speedwel, Baltimore; Montezuma, Boston; Elizabeth, Wm. Philips, Enterprize, Speculator, Trefalgar, London; Nautilus, Barbados; Neptune, N[ew?] London; Ocean, Boston.
Sept. 11, Brig Polly, Joseph Marson, from Portsmouth.

[no date] Rebecca, for Portsmouth; Granger, Boston, Planter, St. Thomas; Fame, Barbados, Clio, Liverpool, Margaret, Greenock.
Sept. 8. Brig Hero, Wm. Treferhen, for Portsmouth.
Sept. 9. Schooner Hope, Otis S[?]l[?]man, for Middletown.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in the Colony Stocks of

Demerary, on this 12th day of Sept, 1807.



By whom brought.






I. H. King


Boedel Laurin

R. B. Daly's Negroes


Pl. Orange Nassau







J. Verwayen






Pl. La Grange





Latham [?]




T. Kewley




S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.




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