Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 September 19


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 247.

Saturday, the 19th of September.

Notice is hereby given by the Secretary of this River, that at the next Commissary Court in the month of October, the following Mortgages and Obligation Bond [sic] will be passed, viz.
James Anstice, a Mortgage of his Plantation Saratoga and Concordia to and in behalf of Wm. Carbery.
I. E. Kesler, a bond to and in behalf of E. Bishop Jun. for Three Negro Slaves, named Providence, Harhoed, and Romeo; also, a Piece of Ground with the Buildings thereon, situated on Varken Island, opposite the Plantations Nieuw Vreedenburg and l'Heureuse Retraite.
John M'Garel, a Mortgage of a Third Share of the Plantation Banthall, and Fifty Slaves, to and in behalf of Wm. King, q.q.
Therefore, whoever has any thing to urge in opposition thereto, must address themselves accordingly.
September 7, 1807.
A. Van Ryck De Groot, Secretary.

Word mits deezen van elk en een ygelyk bekend gemaakt, dat in wettigen ondertrouw zyn opgenoomen
Den Wel Edelen Heer Willem Deeges, Weduwenaar van Vrouwe Levina Brunel, geboortig van Hessen Cassel, den Protestantschen Goddienst toegedaar,
Bruydegom te eenre,
En Mejuffrouw Elisabeth Thomas, Meenderjaarige Jonge dochter, geboortig uit het Eyland Saba, meede van de Protestantsche religie,
Bruyd te andere zyde
Imand vermeenende zig teegens het voltrekken van voorschr. Huwlyk te moeten verzetten, addresseere zig ter plaatse daar en zo het behoord.
Sept. 12, 1807.
A. Van Ryck De Groot, Secretaris

Word mits deezen van weegens het Secretary deezer Rivier bekend gemaakt dat den Heer L. H. Kurtius vorneemens is, binnen tyd van zes Weeken deeze Colonie te verlaaten, versoekende alle de geene die van hem iets te pretendeeren mogte hebben, ofte aan hem verschuldigd mogten zyn zulks in opgemelde tyd te koomen ontsangen, ofte voldoen, ter zyne Domicilium op het Varken Eyland ten Huyze von den Heer Koefoet.
28 Aug. A. Van Ryck De Groot

De Ondergeteekendens presenteeren by dezen te Koop, circa 6 a 700 Akers-ongecultiveert Land, zeer geschikt voor Coffy of Cattoen, gelegen [sic] ten Oosten op de beneden Punt van het Wacquename Eiland
Iemand nader informatie begerende gelieve zich te addresseren aan 't Domicilium van de Ondergeteekendens op de Plantage Zeelandia, Wacquename Eiland
Essequebo, 14 July, 1807.
P. Timmerman, q.q.
M. N. Mertens, q.q.
wylen A. G. van der Cruysse

TE KOOP, [heading]
Vyff [sic] Honderd Ackers Land geleegen in de Creecq Nickiery, Corentyn, in het op vaaren aan de li[?]ker hand bekend, in de origineele vergunning onder de letter H. H. en I. I. zeer geschikt voor kost grond voor de Plantagien aan de Oost en West zyde van de Rivier Corentyn. Adress [sic] by de Drukker.
Aug. 15, 1807.

Rio Demerary. [heading]
Wanted To Hire, till the End of the Year, from Twenty to Thirty Field Negroes, to pick Coffee. Punctual Payment may be depended on. Apply to the Printer.
Sept. 19, 1807.

The Undersigned has removed his Counting House to the Store of Mr. Samuel Mackay, and his Dwelling to the house of Mrs. Keir, the back street of Cumingsburgh.
He has remaining on Hand, some Rum Puncheons, Shooks and Heading, Tobacco in barrels and tierces, Oars, and Scantling.
Also just received from Madeira, per ship Speculator, Old Particular Madeira Wine in pipes and hogsheads, which will be sold for immediate Payment only C. Treadwell, Jun.
12th September, 1807

To sail early in the Month of November, the Armed Ship Jason, John Gemmell Master, in company with one or more armed vessels. For Freight or Passage, apply to the Captain on board, or to
Sept. 19, 1807. Thos. Mewburn.

FOR SALE, [heading]
The House and Premises belonging to the Subscriber, pleasantly situated in Front of the Brick Street in Cumingsburgh, and opposite the "Custom House" It is well adapted for a small family, and has a commodious house in the Yard, which may be Let occasionally. The Terms of Payment will be made easy to an approved Purchaser. For further particulars, inquire of
Sept. 15, 1807 A. G. Burmester

Inquire of the Manager.
Sept. 10, 1807.

The Subscribers take the liberty to request the Proprietors or Tenants of Concessions in Charles Town, to meet on Wednesday the 23d inst. at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, at the house of L. S. van s' Gravesande, Esq. in order to be present at the opening of Tenders rendered in for the undertaking of the two Bridges across the Trenches of Werk & Rust; and furthermore, to deliberate on such other things as tend to the amelioration of said Charles Town.
Charles Town, Sept. 18, 1807
L. St. van s' Gravesande,
Frs. Schovers,

The Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of the Undersigned is at the house of H. Cantzlaar, Esq. J.Z. Stabroek.
Sept. 18, 1807 G. Jones.

Absented Himself from the Subscriber, a Negro Man, named Rolla, formerly belonging to Mr. Bruninghaus. He was accustomed to go a fishing, on his own account, as far as Corobana, and to come to market in New Town to sell his sport. A Joe Reward will be given for the apprehension of the said offender
Sept. 18, 1807. F. C. Otto.

Strayed from the Subscriber, or rather from the house of Doctor Bosquet, where he had been placed to have a scald head cured, a New Negro Boy, of the Congo Nation, 12 or 13 years old, and about 4 feet 4 or 5 inches high. Any person delivering the said boy to the Subscriber, shall receive a Joe Reward. He had on a red cap and a shirt of the same colour.
Sept. 19, 1807. G. M. Forrester.

[Advertisement of I. C. H. Kuster - in Dutch for good arrived by the ship Enterprize from London]

On the 8th September 1807, was stolen out of the schooner De Goede Verwagting, off Plantation Werk and Rust, the following papers and effects, belonging unto Wm. Nelson, viz.
An acceptance of P. Middleburg of Essequebo f 894 14 8
A good of the same for f 45
An order in favour of Nelson f 692
A receipt for an acceptance for f 800
An order of I. Small on H. Jones in Essequebo favour Nelson f 250
A ditto of Issengard on ditto favour ditto f 101
A ditto of Siton on John Hubbard, favour Nelson f 200
A ditto of James Hinds on G. Read, fav. Nelson f 165
A receipt of Van der Haas and Co. favour Nelson f 652
A good of H. Thomas, ditto f 46
A Receipt of Rieck on Leguan for 20 pieces Checks fav. Nelson f 360
An order drawn by I. Small on Hasler fav. Nelson f 54
Two goods of Mr. Duim f 39
Different accounts to the amount of f 1036 10
[a total] f 5335 4 8
Stolen out of a Trunk
In cash, 10 Joes f 220
Small money f 13
[a total] f 223
And also, a parcel of linen clothes.
Any person who may find any part of the above, and will return the same to the proprietor Wm. Nelson, on Werk and Rust will be properly rewarded, and it is requested that no one will make payment of the whole, or any part of the above-mentioned papers.
Sept. 17, 1807.

On Thursday the 24th inst. at the Vendue Office, by order of Messrs. Boer and Breadt, 70 kegs Dutch butter, Poland oats in puncheons, Beans, terras and lime, wood hoops, &c.
Sept. 19, 1807.
On Tuesday the 29th inst. at the Vendue Office, a large assortment of India Goods, just landed by order of Messrs. Wm. King and Co. consisting of Blue basts of 18 yards, chelloes, Neganepauts prod, Bejutapauts blue, red romals 15 handkerchiefs, hair romals, chintz, blue romal 7 handkerchiefs, &c. &c.
Sept. 19, 1807.
On Wednesday the 30th inst. by order of W. N. Firebrace and S. Mourant, Esqrs. on the premises of Adam Smith Esq. Cumingsburg, Furniture, viz. 5 bedsteads, &c. 5 chests of drawers, a bookcase with books, 4 bason stands, 4 chamber tables, 4 looking glasses, 3 dining tables, 2 pair D end do. 1 pair card do. 2 pair tea do. 1 dozen cane-bottom chairs, 2 do, sofas, a sideboard, a liquor case, a medicine chest, 2 knife cases, silver soup and dessert spoons, ditto ladle and divider, 24 prints or engravings, &c. crockery, and glass ware. Also, 10 new hammocks, 39 dozen hoes, 2 doze. & half whip and cross cut saws, 2 anchors, 3 crane bars, 3 pieces canvas, pruning knives, paint brushes, &c. If not previously disposed of by private sale, will be also exposed at the same time, a Riding Horse with horse net, saddle, and bridle, a schooner boat with a set of sails, stanidng rigging, 2 anchors and cables, 2 carpenter negroes, a cook and house boy, and a washerwoman and child.
Sept. 19, 1807.

Op verkreegen Authorisatie zal ik Ondergeteekende, in qualiteit als Eerste Exploiteur deezer Colonie, na voor afgaande rechtspleeging ten overstaan van Heeren Raaden Commissarissen en Secretaris op de Hoofdplaats, Stabroek, op Dingsdag, den Sezde October aanstaande, publicq opvylen en aan de meest biedende verkoopen 't volgende:
1sten Ten behoeve van Younghusband, Corbet, en Co. triumphanten van Executie contra Adam Knight geexecuteerde, een Timmerlogie en concessie, geleegen op de voorgrond van Plantage La Bourgade, en thans door den geexecuteerde geoccupeerd.
2den Ten behoeve van A. Coutelat, triumphant van Executie contra Thomas Morgan geexecuteerde, zekere Concessie No. 35, geleegen op de voorgrond van Plantage Vlissingen met het daarop staande woonhuys, lang circa 30 by 20 voeten; als meede, een Smits winkel en zyd gebouw lange circa 30 by 20 voeten (voor zoo verre T. Morgan daarin handeel heest.
3den Ten behoeve van S. Mourant, q.q. W. Richardson, triumphant van Executie contra P. Barchard q.q. A. Simpson, Twee Neegers genaamt Tom and Gelly.
4den. Ten behoeve van de Weduwe De Beet, triumphante en Executant contra G. Zeegers, zeekere halve Concessie laaas [sic] geleegen op Stabroek, tusschen de huyzingen aan koomende F. Horn en Dominica, met het daaropstaande zyd gebouw verdeelt in drie appartementen en een klyne combuys.
5den. Ten behoeve van John Tipper, triumphant en Executant contra John Henderson geexecuteerde, en Concessie lands geleegen op de voorgrond van Plantage Werk en Rust tusschen de concessien van den Boedel wylen Laurin en die van J. P. Muncker, met de daaropstaande gebouwen als een woonhuys van een inlandsch fraam met Americaansche planken omslaagen en Walaba shingels gedeckt lang circa 36 by 20 voeten, een timmer logie van Inlandsch hout met Americaansche planken omslaagen en circa 40 by 25 voeten.
6den. Ten behoeve van I. S. Masse en D. H. Van Nooten, Jr. Executeuren ten Boedel wylen C. D. Mack en Thomas Mackenzie en Co. triumphanten en Executanten contra Bruninghaus en Berg en Bruninghaus en Co. geexecurteerdens, een Concessie Lands bekend onder Lit. B No. 6 geleegen op de voorgrond van Plantage Werk en Rust, met een woonhuys daarop lang 50 by 24 voeten van inlandsch hout, een zyd gebouw circa 100 by 18 voeten van inlasch hout, met Wallaba shingels gedekt en met Americaansche planken omslaagen en geclapboord een dito lang circa 30 by 18 voeten compleet van inlandsch hout een parde [illegible] , een gemak huysge en een steene gemetzelde reegenbak.
7dens Ten behoeve van James Knight en Tho. Cuming triumphanten en Executanten contra Thos. Frier geexecuteerde zeker Concessie lands op de voorgrond van Plantage Vlissingen, met de daarop staande gebouwen tusschen de huyzingen van L. Barnes en Hacket, een nieuw woonhuys, lang 40 by 30 voeten op posten twee verdiepingen hoog nog onvoltoord; een dito van Americaansch hout 30 by 20 voeten min of meer stande opposten een zyd gebouw dienend voor packhuys, combuys, &c. een Smits winkel, en een gemak huysge.
8dens. Ten behoeve van T. Frankland en I. Hacket, triumphant en Executant contra W. Clarke geexecuteerd zeeker contract van koop en verkoop tusschen W. Clarke en Wm. King weegens een derde gedeelte in de Plantage Graafelykheid geleegen op het Trouly Eyland in Rio Essequebo groot in capitaal Dartig Duyzend Guldens
9dens. Ten behoeve van F. Meagher als met en behoevens wylen R. Stephenson en nu vermits 't over zyden van dezelve overgebleevene Executeur ten Boedel wylen W. Hogan triumphant van Executie contra W. White zeekere Concessie lands geleegen in Kingston met een woonhuys daarop 28 by 18 voeten twee verdieping [blank] hoog gedeeltelyk van inlandsch hout voorts twee zyd gebouwen en een gemak huyzge.
In cas iemand teegens deeze verkoopingen eenig recht van oppositie zal wille sustineeren addresseere zig in geschriften ten Comptoire der Exploiteurs wanneer ik die als opposant of opposanten dag van rechten beleggen zal en wyders die geene welke in 't voorschreeve gading vinde mooge, koome ten daage en plaatze voornoemd en doen hun profyt
Rio Demerary den 17 Sept. 1807.
Mart Smit, eerste Exploiteur.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
John Bucket, in 14 days or 3 weeks, from Sept. 4.
William Chorley in 14 days, or 4 weeks (Sept. 12.)
F. C. Long, in 4 weeks from Sept. 12.
Nathaniel Littlefield, in 14 days or 3 weeks.
Sept. 19, 1807. J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk

Wordt mits deezen bekend gemaakt, det ter eerst kommende Commissariaale Vergaadering, in de maand October aanstaande, zal worden gepasseerd de volgende Transporten en Hypotheecquen:
Door Henry Marsh, Transport van een concessie en gebouwen, geleegen op Kingston, bekend onder No. 91, aan Roderick M'Leod.
Door William Good, Transport van de halve concessie No. 2, op de voorgrond van de Plantage Repentir, aan de kinderen van J. Ariaans.
Door Wm. Harris, Hypotheecq ten faveure van Docter Wm. Bostock, op vier slaaven met naame William, Peter, Boson, en Betty.
En laastelyk,
Door de gemagtigde van de Wed. Heintzen, Transport van de concessie en gebouwen aan de noord zyde van Stabroek, bekend onder No. 57, aan John Scott, on van den selve op Bell.
Actum ter Secretary Rio Demerary deezen 19 September,
in kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clerk.

Alle de geenen welke verschuldigd zyn aan de Boedel en Nalaatenschap van wylen Macumber Barker, worden verzogt daar van betaaling te doen, uiterlyk binnen den tyd van vier weeken aan de Heeren Robert Younghusband, A. Cart, en William Good, in qualiteit als aangestelde Curators in gemelde Boedel; zullende na expiratie van dien tyd, alle onbetaalde pretensien ter in handen van hun procureur worden gesteld.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary, deezer 19 September 1807, in kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman,
eerste Clerk.

NOTICE. [heading]
All persons indebted to the Estate of the late Macumber Barker, are requested to make payment utterly in the space of four weeks from this date to Messrs. Robert Younghusband, A. Cart, and Wm. Good, as Curators appointed for said Estate; after expiration of which time, all unsettled claims will be put in the hands of their attorney at law.
Secretary's Office of Rio Demerary, Sept. 19, 1807
(Signed) J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk
Faithfully translated from the Dutch by F. A. Vernede, sworn translator.

The Subscriber sent, some days past, two Negro Men to cut Wood, named Tom and Cantzlaar (the latter formerly the property of C. D. Forrester, Esq.). Honest Tom returned with his Wood; but the other has not yet made his appearance. One Joe will be given to whoever will apprehend him and deliver him to
Sept. 17, 1807 J. Runnels, JZ.

Opgevischt voor Plantage Twee Gebroeders, een groote Pont. De Eigenaar daarvan, [?]an die teegens behoorlyke kosten, koomen af [?]aalen. I. L. Biegmaan.
Sept. 17, 1807

Notice is hereby given, that the Firm of Doyle and Wells is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Those indebted to the concern will please to make immediate Payment, and those to whom the Firm is indebted are required to come forward and receive payment from the Undersigned. Martin Doyle.
Sept. 19, 1807 W. H. Wells.

T. A. ROCHE, [heading]
Appointed Sworn Translator in the Dutch, French, and English Languages recommends himself to the encouragement of the Publick. His Domicilium is at Mrs. Culvers's.
Sept. 19, 1807

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves, in the Colony Stocks of

Demerary, on this 19th day of Sept, 1807.



By whom brought.






I. H. King


Boedel Laurin

R. B. Daly's Negroes


Pl. Orange Nassau







J. Verwayen




Kees n. Demerary


Pl. La Grange





Latham [?]




T. Kewley






Js. Ogle






Pl. Thomas


Pl. Glasgow

P. Smit


Pl. Golding

Order Fiscaal



H. Douglas

Bab en Harry

A. H. Williams

Wm. Williams

And a New Negro Woman, her Name and Owner unknown.
S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.


Sept. 14. Brig Valerius, F. Gross, for Boston.
Sept. 14. Schooner Speedwell, W. N. Williams, for Baltimore.
Sept. 14. Brig Neptune, N. Hurlbutt [sic], for St. Thomas.
Sept. 15. Brig Kitty, Clarkson, for Portsmouth.
Sept. 19. Schooner Eliza, Th. Ewing, for Tobago.

The Printer has received various congratulatory Letters this week on the re-appearance, or (as some wicked persons say) on the resurrection of his paper, which do credit as well to the heads as the hearts of the writers, and richly merit publication. Taking into consideration all circumstances, however, he deems it prudent to reserve them; assuring those who have thus honoured him, that their kindness and good intentions in making such communications, will never be effaced from his memory.

The Hon. Col. Nicholson was sworn in as Acting Governor of these Colonies on Monday. We understand that His Excellency has only half the emoluments of the situation, the other half going to Governor Bentinck in England.

His Excellency Governor Nicholson gave dinner to the Hon. Members of the Court of Policy, &c. on Tuesday, on which day the Court broke up. The 26th of October will be the next time of meeting.

The Hon. P. C. Ouckama, Commandeur of Essequebo, issued a Proclamation on the 12th inst. inviting all inhabitants of that Colony who possess 25 or more slaves, to send in their votes, in writing, for the election of two Kiezers and three Financial Representatives; the two vacant places of the former situation are occasioned by the resignation of Wm. Brumell, Esq. and by the departure for Europe of D. Armstrong, Esq.; the votes to be sent to the Commandeur's Secretary's Office, every day, from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening (Sundays only excepted), and the box to be opened on the 15th of October next. As soon as these elections are made, we shall be able to give a correct list of the Board of Kiezers or Electors of that Colony.

The Hon. H. W. Knolman has, to the peculiar satisfaction of the inhabitants of Essequebo, accepted of his re-election as a member of the Hon. Court of Police for that Colony, and the Hon. James Grant has also accepted of his election as Member of the aforesaid Court of Police.

The Hon. Gt. Timmerman and A. F. Hopken have been re-elected as Members of the Hon. Court of Justice of Essequebo, and it is generally hoped that those Gentlemen will accept of the situation. The Session of that Hon. Court will take place on Tuesday the 6th of October; the indisposition of several Members having prevented their ordinary meeting on the 8th inst.

F. W. Tuckerman, Esq. (the First Exploiteur) has become a member of the Orphan Chamber in Essequebo, vice the Hon. D. Hoola van Nooten, Jun.

The Emma transport arrived yesterday, with some foreigners in British pay to be attached to the Royals, and five additional Musicians for the Band. More troops are shortly expected.

The next Convoy is appointed to sail hence the 19th of October.

The First Quarterly Subscription Ball at Mr. Marshall's Hotel took place, we believe, last Wednesday evening; it was, however, of too select a nature for any account of it to be given in our publick paper.

Died. - On Thursday night last, Mr. Aulay M'Aulay, Blacksmith, a complete master of his business.



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