Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 October 03


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 249.

Saturday, the 3d of October.

Rio Essequebo. [heading]
Notice is hereby given to all concerned, that the Session of the Hon. Court of Justice of this Colony, which was fixed for the 6th of October next, will not take place; as several of the Members are still in a state of illness which prevents them from attending
Essequebo, 30th September, 1807.
By Order of the Hon. Commandeur P. C.
I. I. L. Moliere, First Clerk
By indisposition of the Secretary.

Rio Demerary. [heading]
PATRONIZED [heading]
By His Excellency Colonel and Governor [heading]
NICHOLSON, [heading]
On Tuesday the 13th of October inst. [heading]
THERE WILL BE [heading]
MR. GOEPEPL; [heading]
At which Mr. MARKORDT will attend. [heading]
Madam Tappray, having politely accepted the invitation to assist, will perform a Sonata on the Harp, composed by Krompfoltz, in which will be introduced the favourite air - "Hope told a flatt'ring Tale," accompanied by the violin and Violoncello.
It is presumed that the public invitation to all Amateurs, in the last week's paper, will be deemed sufficient, as it is impossible to pay them personal attention; and the present attempt being more for the general amusement of Lovers of Music than for any particular motives precludes the necessity of privately soliciting any further patronage than that already obtained.
Tickets, Two Joes, which will admit a Lady and Gentleman
Oct. 3, 1807.

Just Received, and for Sale by the Subscriber, an Assortment of Ironmongery, in which are
[first column]
Iron Boilers
Grating Bars
Mill Wedges
Steel Steps and Capooses [sic]
Pick and Felling Axes
Carpenters', Coopers', and Masons' Tools
Iron Pots
Dripping pans
Coffee Mills
[second column]
Cane Bills
Locks and Hinges
Gun Cranks
Bolts for Doors & Windows
Hooks, Staples, & Stay Bars for ditto
Caulking Irons
Surveyors Chains
Sets of Padlocks with Master Keys
Corn Mills, &c.
[end columns]
[first column]
Negro Hats, Blankets, & Caps
Paints and Paint Oil
Mountain Wine in Hhds.
Madeira Wine by the Doz.
Salt in Barrels
Glauber Salts
Irish Linen
India Dimity and nankeen
Table Cloths and Napkins
Ready made Clothes
Coat, Waistcoat, and Pantaloon Patterns
[second column]
Blue, Red, Yellow, & White Bunting
Hyson tea
Black Pepper
Essences for Soup
Glass, Tin & Crockery Ware
Blocks, Trucks, Wood Hanks
Deep Sea Lines
Paint, Tar, Tallow, and White wash Brushes
Brass Cocks
Mill Brasses
[end columns]
And a Variety of other Articles.
Oct. 2, 1807 Wm. Hallstead.

The Subscriber will give Seventeen Stuivers per lb. for Fifty Bales of Good Clean Cotton.
Oct. 19 [sic], 1807. C. D. Forrester

Den Ondergetekende, als aangestelde gesubstitueerde gemachtigde van den Heer H. Haazeman, Executeur Testamentair in den Boedel van wylen H. Mutz, versoekt de debiteuren van gemelde Boedel om hunne schulden te komen voldoen, ten huysen van den Heer H. A. Eberhardi, gesubstitueerde gemachtigde van den Heer H. A. Eberhardi, gesubstitueerde gemachtigde van den Heer. G. Henschelius, als gewest zynde Executeur in gemelde Boedel H. Mutz of ten huyse van den Ondergeschrevene; alzo het den intrest van de crediteuren die daar inne hetmeeste belang hebben zo wel als de van erfgenaame meede brengt, om den Boedel direct op temaaken, en tot liquidtyd te brengen.
Demerary, 3 October, 1807.
N. Rousselet, q.q.
H. Haazeman, in relatie a als bove gemeld.

De Ondergeteekende presenteerd te Koop, Een Pont van Best Inlands Hout, lang 36 voete en 12 voete breed, van binne bevloerd en onlangs nieuwt gemaakt, alles in de deste order met alle zyne toebehooren. Als nog een party groote vaaten kalk.
Werk & Rust, Oct. 1, 1807. L. Van Dalen.

TEN JOES REWARD. [heading]
The Boy advertised in this Gazette of the 19th ult. not having yet appeared, strong apprehensions are entertained, that he has been decoyed with a view not the most honourable!
As, however, he is well known to several persons, he will no doubt, at some future time, be recognized; and should the offender or offenders be discovered, he or they will have the full force of the Law instituted against them. Meanwhile, should the said boy be returned, the above Reward will be given by
Oct. 3, 1807. G. M. Forrester.
Who has Twenty fine seasoned Negroes for Sale.

NEW NEGROES [heading]
The Subscribers beg leave to inform such of their Friends as commissioned them to import Negroes, that they have just received
Ninety Prime Young Gold Coast Slaves,
being part of the cargo of the ship Admiral Colpoys, from Cape Coast, last from Barbados, which will be ready for Delivery on Saturday the 10th instant, at the Store of John Madden, Esq.
Oct. 1, 1807. Colin Macrae, and
Underwood, Johnson, & Co.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Undersigned informs his Friends and the Publick, that he has removed to the house of Messrs. St. Mourant & Co. in Front of Plantation Vlissingen. He intends continuing Business in the same line, and under the same Firm, as hitherto, and begs a continuance of their favours.
Demerary, Oct. 1, 1807. F. C. Otto.

Hearing that one of my Negroes, named Isak, marked on both his breasts I v S, who some time ago absented himself from my Estate, is lurking about the camp, and has been some times seen at the house of one of his countrywomen called Present, formerly the property of the deceased P. LaFont, and by him made free; I do hereby promise a Reward of Twenty Five Guilders, over and above the Ordinary Fees, to any person who will apprehend and lodge him in the Barracks.
The said negro is a Carpenter by trade, yellow skinned, tall, and well made; his teeth are filed, and he has on his forehead a cicatrice of an old cut. I. F. H. Van Schuler.
Mahaica, Sept. 25, 1807.

WEGGELOOPEN, [heading]
Van den Ondergeteekende, zyn neeger jonge Primo, een schoenmaaker, voor deesen in eiigendom behoord hebbende aan de schoenmaakers baas Toussyn, en zyne geloof waardig vermoeden dat de zelven neeger zig is op houdende op plantage Groot Saffon alwaar de neeger Primo een wyff of beyslaap beest, een iegelyk die genoemd schoenmaake neeger Primo in de baracken ofte wel ten huysen van de ondergeteekende leevert zal genereuselyk beloond worden ressens 't publik als ook word Capityns ofte Schippers van scheepen ofte vaartuygen gewaar schouwd om gemelde neeger niet opte houden ofte van hier na elders te vervoeren supposie van ten strengste in regten vervolgt te worden
3 Oct. 1807 I. De Rooy.

All Persons having any Demands against David Shepherd, of Waratilla Creek, are requested to meet at the house of the Subscriber on Monday the 16th of November next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, when Proposals will be laid before them to satisfy all his Creditors. the reason of D. Shepherd not summoning his Creditors by Edict, is, because they are few in number, and he himself not possessing the means to enable him to go through the regular course required by law.
Oct. 3, 1807. John Ashley.

On Wednesday the 7th instant, at the Store of M'Donald, Halket, and Co. New Town, soap and candles, pants, paint and neats foot oil, cordage, nails 4d to 30d, bolts, locks, hinges, iron hoops, corn mills, saddlery, Irish linens and sheeting, Russia sheeting, dowlas, plattilas, Britannias, printed calicoes, cambrics, diaper, cotton sheeting, Gentlemen's ready made clothes, hats, boots and shoes, &c. &c.
Oct. 2, 1807
On Thursday the 8th instant, at the Vendue Office, Bread, Flour, Port Wine, India goods, two new and 1 second hand chaises, tin ware, cane bottom chairs, hats, boots and shoes, paints, straw bonnets, &c.
Oct. 2, 1807
On Friday the 9th instant, on Plantation Great Diamond, Household Furniture, consisting of 4-post mahogany bedsteads and bedding, chairs, sofas, mahogany dining and other tables, mirrors, sideboard, &c. Also, several head of Cattle.
Oct. 2, 1807.
On Thursday the 15th instant, will be exposed for Sale by order of Obadiah Whiston, Esq. On the Premises, the Lot of Land with the buildings thereon situated in Kingston, and at present occupied by himself, a schooner boat copper bottomed, in good order, household furniture, consisting of mahogany tables with D ends, sophas, chairs, bedsteads, &c. also several valuable boat carpenters and house negroes.
Oct. 2, 1807.

Uit krachte van zeeker Edict Notul van den Hove van Justitie, d.d. 28 Augustus l.l.
Zo word door my ondergeschreeve Eerste Exploiteur van welgemelde Hove namens de Vrye Mulattinne Nany Orr, by Edicte ad valvas Curiae GEDAGVAARD.
Alle geintevesseerdens in den Boedel wylen F. Kroll en die andere welke mogten wermeenen haar recht en titul tot 't stuk land genaamd Grenada, geleegen in 't Canaal No. 3, te kennen tegen spreeken.
Om te compareeren voor den Edele Achtbaare Hove van Justitie Sessie houdende op de Hoofdplaatse Stabroek, den Setiende November eerstkoomende en volgende dagen.
Ten einde, haar Nany Orr te zien verklaaren gerechtigd tot 't ontvangen van transport, en overdragt, uit hunden van voorschr. Executeuren van den Boedel wylen F. Kroll, van 't stuk land voormeld of in cas van oppositie van hunne sustinuen te dienen en daarop voort te procedeeren als naar style.
Actum Demerary, den 19 Sept. 1807.
Mart. Smit, Eerste Exploiteur.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
H. Tempest and Family, in 14 days, from 21 Sept.
Thomas Frankland, in 14 days, from 25th ditto.
Sept. 25, 1807.
Patrick Field Bycraft, and Doctor Joseph Davis, in 14 days.
Charles Eboral, with the first convoy.
Oct. 2, 1807. J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

Wordt mits deezen geadverteerd, dat naa de Expiratie van Drie Weeken, zal worden gepasseerd –
Door de respective Wees en Onbeheerde Boedel Kamer van Demerary, op authorisatie van den hove van Justitie alhier, Transport van zeekere Halve concessie en Gebouwen, geleegen aan de Noord Dam van de Hoofdplaatse Stabroek, bekend onder No. 58, bevoorens de eigendom van wylen Nancy Elliot en vervolgens van I. Blaauw en R. Tourtell, aan M. Marx en vervolgen op [?]. T. Toussin, an van laastgemelde op Mejuffrouwe Sejourne
Door Adam Knight, Hypotheecq op zyn Concessie, met de daaropstaande Scheeps Timmermans Logie, ten faveure van Abm. Brouwer.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary deezen 2 October in kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman, eerste Clerk.

TO BE LET, [heading]
The House, together with a Large Yard, situated on the Main Street of Werk & Rust, belonging to Doctor Wolff, lately occupied by Van Braam, Esq. for particulars, inquire of the Undersigned, at the house of N. Cline, Esq. on Werk & Rust, or, if convenient, to the Proprietor himself, at Blankenburg Estate, on the West Sea Coast.
Demerary, Oct. 1, 1807. C. Muller, q.q.

LOST, [heading]
On Tuesday last, between the Plantation Ruymveldt and Sage Pont, a Cloth Case of Surgical Instruments. Whoever may have found the same, and will restore it to the Undersigned at Plantation Ruymveldt, will be handsomely rewarded. H. A. Kruse, M.D.
Oct. 3, 1807.

Drifted on Plantation La Penitence, on the 29th ult. a large Punt. The owner may have it restored on paying the expences
Oct. 2, 1807. Jabez Lamb.

The Subscriber has remaining on Plantation L'Esperance a Few Thousand Tiles, which he will dispose of very cheap for Cash. Apply to the Subscriber on said Estate.
Oct. 2, 1807. E. A. Christiani

This is to give Notice, that the Half Lot, No. 29 in Kingston, can not have Transport granted, as the Purchase Money is not paid, and the Contract not fulfilled by Mr. Hart and Messrs. Lyon & Co.
Oct. 1, 1807. James Hunder, q.q
A. Maria Keir.

Rum, Sugar, and Molasses, [heading]
For Sale, for cash, on the Delivery. Inquire of N. Rousselet q.q or H. A. Eberhardi, q.q.
Oct. 3, 1807 the Estate of Hk. Mutz dec.

This is to give Notice, that I. F. Mosset, Carpenter, intends to remove his Domicilium from this colony
Demerary, Oct. 3, 1807

Ten Joes Reward. [heading]
Last Night, about Eight o'clock, a Seaman belonging to the ship Admiral Colpoys was stopped on the stelling near Messrs. Naghten & Fitzgerald's, by Four Negro Men; and a Pocket Book, containing two joes, three dollars, two English shillings, and two gold ear rings (one of which was broken), was forcibly taken from him. The above Reward will be given to any person who will bring forward such proof as will convict the offenders by Wm. King.
Cumingsburg, Oct. 3, 1807

FOR SALE, [heading]
A Colony Built Schooner, about 36 feet keel, and 14 feet beam, built of the best Materials, and in complete repair, well-furnished in Ground and Running Tackling. For particulars, apply to Thos. Marsh
Oct. 3, 1807

FOR SALE, [heading]
A Parcel of Sheet Copper & Sheathing Nails. Apply to Messrs. S. Mourant and Co.
Cumingsburg, Oct. 1, 1807.

Miss Maria Kendrick respectfully informs the Publick, that her Lottery will be drawn on Saturday next the 10th instant, at Mr. Marshall's Tavern. There are a Few Tickets still to be disposed of.
Oct. 3, 1807.

J. M. Two Half Barrels gunpowder, and a little Bale, m. O. have been shipped on board the William Phillips, Capt. J. Pullen. The owner may receive them by paying the expences.
Oct. 3, 1807. J. Pullen.

Absented himself from the Subscribers, about six months ago, a Negro Man, Carpenter, formerly belonging to Mr. Jas. Freeland and Mr. K. Franken, of Berbice; supposed to be harboured about Mahaica, and no doubt attempts to pass for a free man. Whoever will apprehend or deliver him to the Undersigned, or to Stephen Mourant, Esq. Cumingsburg, will be handsomely rewarded.
Berbice, Sept. 25, 1807. Rader & Ziegler

To the Editor of the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette. [heading]
A Gentleman who signs himself F. [Latin poetry - add initial F to this] in your last paper tells us to repart with a Latin poem –
"Ossa quitea precor! Tuta requiescant in urna!"
I wish you could inform us who that Latin poet was. If Mr. F. should say that Virgil had risen from the tomb, I would much sooner believe him than that ever a latin poet concluded an hexameter verse with quiescant in urna. let the Gentleman examine every Latin poetic production from the rise of Latin poetry to the fall of the Roman Empire; and, if he can produce one Hexameter ending in Requiescant in Urna, I will make ample apology for my criticism.
Sept. 28, 1807. A Subscriber.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves [not transcribed]

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Sept. 30. Ship Admiral Colpoys, Rich. Coley, from Barbados, with 293 Slaves, &c.

Sept. 28. Schooner Ocean, Wm. Appleton, for St. Thomas.
Oct. 1. Brig Elizabeth, Chs. Shepard, for do.

The Printer requests that those Gentlemen who have not yet found an opportunity of paying their Subscription Money, will endeavour to do so without delay. It is matter of great consequence to him, and from the smallness of the sum, cannot possibly be of any material import to them.

The Master of the American brig Venus who arrived at Barbados the 16th ult. reported, that on the Saturday preceding, viz. the 12th, he fell to with two French privateers Jeune Adelle and Fripon, 250 miles to windward of Barbados, cruising in consort; that they boarded him and informed him, they had on the 2d ult. after a sharp contest of four hours, captured a British brig packet from Falmouth, and sent her to Cayenne.

Hopes are still indulged by some, that this account may not be true; for the packet, at the stated time of her capture, could only have been 22 days out, and, being then within 2 days sail of Barbados, must have had an unusually quick passage at this season of the year. We are afraid, however, it will prove to true.

The public expectation was kept on the tip toe for some time yesterday by the appearance of three vessels, two of which were at first sight pronounced to be from England. They turned out, however, to be his Majesty's brig Netley, Capt. Burnham, with the Transport No. 238, from Antigua, and the American brig Sally, from New London, after 50 days passage. In lat. 9, the latter was boarded by a French vessel of 18 guns, from Cayenne; but, after having her papers overhauled, she was permitted to proceed.

The two American vessels lately seized here by Capt. Malbon, who proceeded with their papers to Barbados, will, it is said, wait to be condemned by a Court of Admiralty which the Government has determined to have held in this Colony; the Members of which are supposed to have been in the first August packet, believed to be taken.

Thos. Withered, Esq. has been appointed Commissary General pro tempore, in consequence of the indisposition of S. Chollet, Esq.

In the last list of Army Promotions are the following:
Major Henry B. Dolphin, from 4th W.I. Reg. to be Lieutenant Colonel of the 6th W.I. Reg. vice Carter, dec.
Capt. F. S. Tidy, from the Royals, to be Major of the 8th W.I. Reg. vice Baillie, dec.
Lieut. J. Rowan, from 64th Foot, to be Captain in the Royals, vice Tidey promoted.

TO THE EDITOR, [heading]
Sir, Demerary, Oct. 1, 1807.
Having had the opportunity to read the Funeral Oration of the Rev. G. Ryk, D.D. on the Decease of his Son, I found it to bear so many marks of sensibility in the author as a Man, Divine, and Father, that I thought it might possibly be agreeable to the British Inhabitants of these Colonies to present them with a Translation. I have therefore endeavoured, with my feeble talents, to come as near to the Eloquent Orator as possible; but am apprehensive I may have been too confident. If you should, notwithstanding, think it merits a place in your paper, you will oblige, by inserting it,
Your humble servant, F.
Almighty God! fortify the broken-hearted Father in this awful moment!
I offer thee here, with a deep, feeling, but to they Will respectfully-resigned, heart, the beloved victim which thou, O impenetrable, dost require.
I thank thee! - in this child thou didst give me a child of joy! Never he afflicted me - never was he disobedient - but always, with a calm and lenient soul, faithful to his duties.
Thine were those innumerable pleasures, which, from his first innocent, guiltless smile in his cradle till his last sorrowful illness, I did enjoy in and by him! Seventeen years of happiness for a few bitter, painful days! - No I will not murmur.
May the tears of an afflicted Father not offend thy wisdom - they goodness! Thou, Omniscient, didst perhaps, before the days of misfortune, call him to everlasting rest - to Thee - where he will be happy and blessed.
Thou didst declare, Father of Truth, "Honour thy Father and thy Mother! that thy days may be long in the land, which the Lord thy God giveth thee." He was obedient, Most Righteous Judge of the World! Once before thy throne, I repeat, O Lord God! - Ever has my child honoured his Father - His Mother.
The happy consequences of thy promise he did not enjoy! His life was cut off, even as the early opening flower is prematurely destroyed by the blasts of the storm!
May that abode where thy Word never can fail, be more better, more durable, more happy for him! This I do hope; in this I confide. Thus let me in silence respect and adore thy will, sincerely convinced of the truth of thy promises.
My Son! my dearly beloved Son! Thou never wilt return to me! but at one time I shall come to thee! In the regions of eternity - the abode of quiet and happiness - we shall met again. Thou are safe; no sorrows, no sufferings embitter thy destiny there. Thou hast risen infinitely above all pains. No parental malediction, no curse of any wantonly offended being, will lie heavy on they soul! How consoling to me is this idea!
Let those who were acquainted with thee pour blessings on thy memory! At one time I and every one of us must follow thee. An irresistible power each day compels us to approach nearer and nearer to Death, and, sooner or later, we must fall his victims. Oh! may no one, at that period, suffer the torments which thou, now more happy youth, hast supported and conquered!
Sympathising Friends! and, more so, you who are Parents! do not condemn my weakness in this instance! I solemnly declare, in the deepness of my grief, at the grave of my beloved Son, that the comforts of our Holy Religion can, even in the most painful situations, relieve us, though they cannot annihilate the feelings of nature!
The Good, the Almighty God! grant us a conviction of these truths at the hour of death! O Lord of Heaven and Earth, vouchsafe unto us, that when the nightly shade of Death shall cover us, we may, with the confident expectations of true Christians, behold, through the darkness, the soul-reviving beams of daybreak of the glorious morning of Eternity! Then, O God of Mercy, shall thy unbounded love unite us to the dear objects, of whom they impenetrable wisdom hath deprived our hearts in this abode of probation! - Amen!

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.




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