Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 October 10


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 250.

Saturday, the 10th of October.

Rio Demerary. [heading]
The Acting Lieutenant Governor thinks it his duty thus publickly to return thanks to the Captains and other Burgher Officers, and also to the Proprietors, Attornies, and managers of Estates between Stabroek and Mahaica, for their prompt and ready Compliance with his orders to furnish Negroes for the Removal of a [illegible]n from the Post at Mahaica to Fort William Frederick.
King's House, Stabroek, Demerary,
the 8th October, 1807.
By His Excellency's Command,
Geo. Eddington,
Government Secretary.

TO BE SOLD, [heading]
And may be entered on immediately, [heading]
The Half Concession, with the Buildings thereon, situated on Werk & Rust, formerly occupied by the late E. I. Bertho Loncke, Esq. For particulars, inquire of the Hon. F. C. Loncke, Plantation Strik en Heuvel, or of C. Hofstede, Esq. Stabroek.
Oct. 8, 1807.

Picked Up, on Plantation Providence, a Ship's Boat, 16 feet long and 6 broad, painted black and yellow. On paying the Expences and a reward for the Negroes, the Owner may have the same on application at the above Estate.
Oct. 8, 1807.

All those who have any Demands against, or are indebted to, the Estate of C. Baake, dec. are requested to make Payment within Six Weeks from the Date hereof, at the house of the Undersigned, to put them in the way of bringing said Estate to a speedy liquidation.
Oct. 8, 1807. H. H. Schaers, q.q.
M. F. Schmoor, q.q.

FOR SALE CHEAP, [heading]
A Four-Wheeled Chaise, with a Cap and Harnesses; second-hand, but never used in this country; also a fine young Draft Horse, [??] hands high, warranted to have no fault. Inquire at this Office.
Oct. 9, 1807.

Absented himself from the Subscriber, a Negro Boy named Tom, formerly the Property of Mr. Buckoll. He is about 19 years old, has a mark like a cross on his forehead, and a small hole in his left cheek. One Joe Reward will be given to whoever will bring him to
Cumingsburg, Oct. 10, 1807. N. Morehouse.
Who offers to let
The House in the New Town, next to that of Mr. Henniken. For particulars, apply to either Mr. Henniken, or to the above signed.

Departed this life on the 1st of January 1807, my Brother Cornelis Gerardus Evertsz, Captain in the Dutch Navy, commanding the Keno Hasselaar frigate, and likewise the Harbor or Road of Curacoa.
A cannon ball struck him in the head, while, abandoned by the Fort, he, like a man of honour and a brave soldier, defended the post entrusted to him on his honour and oath.
This blow deeply affects the heart of our aged Father, our family, and myself, to whom he was not alone united by the ties of nature, but by the most affectionate friendship.
It is, however, a great consolation to our grief, to be convinced that he is regretted by all who were acquainted with his amiable and open character; and to know, that he, worthy of his ancestors, has sacrificed his valuable existence to his country, on the bed of honour; in the fulfilling of whose sacred duties, he was found faithful until his last breath.
Oct. 9, 1807. H. C. Evertsz.

Alle de geenen die iets te pretendeeren hebben ofte verschuldigd zyn aan de Boedel wylen I. Van Millingen, worde verzogt hunne reekeninge in te leeveren in betaaling te doen aan den ondergeteekende.
Demerary, 9th October, 1807.
F. I. Huesteeg, q.q.
als door den Wel Edele Heer I. S. Masse[accent],

Just Imported, and for Sale by the Subscribers, at their house, opposite that of I. R. Brandt, Esq. at very low Prices, for Cash, Cotton, or Coffee, the following articles:
[single column, centered]
Different assortments of Dry Goods
Jewellery assorted
Mahogany writing desks, shaving boxes, and tool chests
Copper coffee kettles and mills
Iron kettles and pots
Japanned tea waiters
Elegant ladies' lace veils
Negro clothing
Spermaceti and tallow candles
Apples and pears in canisters
Best Durham mustard
Oil colours assorted
Boxes of Pickles, do.
Soy, catsup, &c.
Madeira and Medoc Wines in pipes and in bottles, and a variety of other articles
[end column]
Stabroek, Oct. 7, 1807. De Boer & Breedt.

PATRONIZED [single column centered]
By His Excellency Colonel and governor
On Tuesday the 13th of October inst.
When Mr. Markordt, Madame Tapray, and
many Gentlemen Amateurs will assist
Grand Overture – Gyrewetz
Sonata, Piano Forte, Mr. Markordt – Steibelt
Quartetto, Two violins, Alto, and Violoncello, German Hymn – Pleyel
DUETTO, Violin and Violoncello, Messrs. Goepel and Markordt – Fiorillo
Grand Sinfonia, The Surprise – Haydn
Overture to Henry the Fourth,
Favourite Concertante for the Lyre and Spanish Guitar, with violin and Violoncello, Obligato, to be performed by two Gentlemen Amateurs, lately from Europe, composed by Bernard
Military Concertante by the Full Band of the Royals – Pleyel
Sonata on the Pedal harp, Madam Tapray – Krumpholtz
Finale, Overture, Lodoiska – Kreuser
The Concert to begin at half past 6 in the Evening.
N. B. Refreshments will be served.
[end centered column]
Tickets, Two Joes, which will admit a lady and Gentleman; and those who propose to honour the Concert by their attendance, will please to apply for their Tickets at the Union Coffee House on Monday next, as no Money can on any account be taken at the door the evening of the Concert.
It is particularly pleasing as well as gratifying, that the Gentlemen Amateurs have so politely come forward, to render this Concert brilliant, by their support, and it will ever be remembered with sentiments of the greatest respect by Mr. Goepel. - Oct. 9, 1807.

Sugar in Hogsheads; [heading]
For which he will pay a Premium of Nine Guilders, if they are shipped on board the Entirprize [sic] on or before the 15th instant.
Oct. 10, 1807. C. H. De Munnick.

Run Away from the Subscriber, an Old Barbadian Negro Woman, named Madam, formerly the property of Miss Martha Ann Telfor. She is well known in Stabroek, and was lately seen about Plantation Neibachles. Whoever will lodge the said Negro woman in the Barracks, or deliver her to the Subscriber, shall receive a Joe Reward.
Oct. 10, 1807. Robert Craig.

Pileus Dominum iaveniet. [heading]
Mr. Printer,
I think it my duty, through the medium of your paper, to caution all who may be in the habit of receiving orders for produce for payment, to make immediate use of them, for fear of accidents, we shall suppose. The following instance I experienced a few days ago.
A person, whose Knighthood forms one of his most striking characteristics, gave me an order for some Rum (at that time deposited in the store of a respectable Merchant in town). For or five days elapsed before I could get the Rum disposed of. At length, having met with a purchaser, I went to deliver the Rum - Judge my surprise, on being informed, that it had been taken away, in the interim, by the very person who gave me the order for it! But, according to a late injunction, the feelings of individuals are not to be hurt.
Oct. 9, 1807. Yours, &c. R. R.

On Tuesday the 13th instant, at Mr. Park Benjamin's Store, New Town, the whole in-board Cargo of the brig Sally, just arrived from New London, comprising Best Mess Beef in barrels and half barrels, ditto Pork in ditto, Prime Pork in ditto, Superfine Pilot Bread in barrels, White Beans in barrels, Butter in kegs, Tar, Red Oak Shooks, &c. &c.
Oct. 9, 1807.
On Wednesday the 14th instant, at the Vendue Office, a large assortment of Fresh Medicine, India Goods, Provisions, Chaise, Negroes, &c.
Oct. 9, 1807.
On Tuesday the 20th instant, by order of F. I. Huesteeg, acting for I. S. Masse[accent], Esq. Executor of I. van Millingen. dec. at his late Residence, merchandise, Household Furniture, Wearing Apparel, House Negroes, &c. &c.
Oct. 9, 1807.
On Wednesday the 21st instant, by order of the Hon. Victor A. Heyliger, on Plantation Great Diamond, mahogany pembroke and tea tables, card do, chairs, cabinets, cases with knives and forks, silver tea and table spoons, silver ladle and forks, liquor stand, oil and vinegar cruet stands, elegant cut glass, earthen and glass ware, guns, pistols, sword mounted with silver, a large assortment books, &c.
Oct. 9, 1807.
On the 21st December next, by order of Messrs. I. I. Kotwyk and Lt. Senn van Basel, q.q. O. I. Laurin, dec. the Lot of Land known by No. 3, on Plantation Werk & Rust, with the Dwelling House, Warehouses, &c. 13 or 14 negroes, coopers, carpenters, and boatmen, a schooner, Furniture, &c. all belonging to said Estate.
Oct. 9, 1807.

In Essequebo, [heading]
On Monday the 2d of November next, by order of Mr. I. I. Deeges, q.q. the Boedel of Engel Loncke, Esq. dec, his dwelling house and Outbuildings, situated in Fort Zelandia. Also a New Schooner Boat, 28 feet keel, 12 feet broad, with sails and rigging in good order, Household Furniture, &c.
Oct. 9, 1807.
ON Tuesday the 3d of November, at the Vendue Office, by order of his Honour the Fiscal, the following arrested slaves, now in the Colony stocks, viz, a negro woman Kitty, confined by the Dienders July 7, 1806; a negro man Sambo, confined by Mr. Peterson July 26, 1806, belonging to Mr. Cox; a negro woman Lucretia, confined Aug. 28, 1806; two negro men, Angooy and Koffy, confined by Mr. Cuttercamp, Sept. 9, 1806; and a negro man Caesar, confined by Mr. Brunel Feb. 28, 1807.
Oct. 6, 1807. B. Hebbelinck,
Acting Deputy Vendue Master

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
H. Tempest and Family, in 14 days, from 21 Sept.
Thomas Frankland, in 14 days, from 25th ditto.
Sept. 25, 1807.
Patrick Field Bycraft, and Doctor Joseph Davis, in 14 days.
Charles Eboral, with the first convoy.
Oct. 2, 1807.
Samuel Harrison, with the First Fleet.
Mrs. Hart, in 14 days.
Oct. 10, 1807. J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

Wanted by the Subscriber; for which he is ready to give Bills on London immediately on Delivery, with Bills of Lading annexed.
Oct. 10, 1807. C. H. De Munnick.

There Wisdom, often with a critic wig,
The face demure, knit brows, and forehead scowling,
I've seen o'er pamphlets, with importance big,
Mousing for faults, or, if you have it, owling.
- Peter Pindar's Epistle to those literary Colossusses the Reviews 28th stanza.
Happy - thrice happy, this Colony! possessing such able Critics, who, watchful as the Geese on the capitol, don't let escape the smallest offence against the language of Virgil and Cicero!
Happy art thou, learned Aristarch, who could discover in a trifle inspired by feeling, that the syllable cant was long, and ought to have been short, in the quotation of the a Latin verse of Ovidius!
But I am unhappy! Deprived of the perusal of the works of that poet (as classical authors are rather more scarce here than classical censors); totally unable to engage in a war of pedantry; I have no opportunity to discover who is in the wrong, Ovid, his Printer, or my Memory; and must therefore remain silent. But, wishing that the uncommon talents of this erudite Gentleman may be still more useful to society, I shall request him to become the Weekly Critical Reviewer of all kinds of Advertisements in the Newspapers of this Colony. I offer myself to be the first subscriber to this work, the utility and satisfaction which it will afford not being doubtful.
Oct. 7, 1807. F.

Mr. Goepel's Concert, [heading]
Advertised in our first Page, is postponed in consequence of several Gentlemen from Essequebo being prevented from attending by the privateers on the Coast.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves [not transcribed]

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Oct. 3. Brig Sally, Jos. Bingley, from New London.
Oct. 5. Ship St. Andrew, Th. Ritchie, from Greenock.
Oct. 7. Schooner Parkinson, John English, from Berbice.

Oct. 5. Schooner Diana, S. Fernald, for St. Thomas.
Oct. 7. Schooner Parkinson, John English, for Barbados.
Oct. 8. Brig Richmond, Stephen Gilman, for Portsmouth.
Oct. 9. Ship George, James Greenough, for do.

We are obliged to defer several articles already prepared, on account of the length of the Prussian Treaty.

We hear, by the way of Curacoa, that the late Dutch Governor Changuion had been arrested at New York, at the instance of the Dutch Consul, on account of the late capture of that island by the British.

The Spaniards have been very busy lately off our coast. Four or five Colony Boats are said to have been taken within the last fortnight; one belonging to Messrs. Verwayen and Horn was captured yesterday week in the night by a canoe full, but all the negroes, save one, escaped. Messrs. Hatfield and Murrow were not so lucky; besides taking their boat, the Spaniards are said to have landed on their Plantation, and carried off nine negroes.
It was this morning reported in town, that Messrs. Roberts, Hubbard, and another Gentleman who had gone off in a boat, with about 20 negroes, to endeavour to seize one of these canoes, had also been taken. We hope, at any rate, this is not true.

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.




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