Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 October 31


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 253.

Saturday, the 31st of October.

Rio Essequebo. [heading]
Word van wegens het Secretary deser Riviere bekend gemaakt, dat met aanstaande Commissary, in de maand November, het navolgend Transport zal worden gepasseerd; als,
R. Cozier, transporteerd een derde in het Lot No. 45, geleegen aan de West Zee Kust, deser Riviere, ann S. Odwin.
Imand regt van oppositie sustineerende addresseere zig dar en zoo het behoord.
den 5e October 1807.
A. Van Ryck De Groot, Secretaris.

The Undersigned intending to quit this Colony in the early part of next year, requests all those who have any Demands against him to call for payment at his Office in Stabroek, and those who are indebted to him to come forward with payment, by which they will save themselves unnecessary expences, and him professional trouble
Oct. 30, 1807. C. Hofstede.

The Proprietors of Lots and Buildings in the Town of Cumingsburg are earnestly requested to attend a Meeting to be held at the Union Coffee House on Saturday the Seventh of November, at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, to receive from the Commissaries the reports relative to several Petitions which have been preferred by them to his Excellency the Governor and the Hon. Court of Policy, with the answers thereto, and the Court's final determination with regard to the Resolutions of
the Proprietors at the Meeting held at the Union Coffee House on the 22d Dec. 1806.
As the business to be brought forward at this Meeting, concerns in a particular manner the interest of the Proprietors, but more especially those who possess Buildings, it is earnestly requested that those who cannot personally attend, will depute some person to vote for them
William King,
Thos. Fitzgerald,
Oct. 30, 1807. Robert Phipps,
Wm. Brereton,
Rober [sic] Bell

Den Ondergeteekende adverteert dat hy zyn Domicilium Citandi et Executandi gekoosen heest op de Plantagie Rome, ten huyze van den oud Gouverneur de Heer A. Meertens
Demerary, 24 Oct. 1807. D. Timmermans.

The Undersigned, intending to quit this colony in the space of Fourteen Days from the date hereof, requests that all persons indebted to him will make immediate payment, and that all who have any Claims against him will render them either to him or to Mr. F. Kent.
Bridge Town, Oct. 30, 1807. L. Barnes

On Thursday and Friday the 5th and 6th of November at the Vendue Office, dry goods, provisions, horses, negroes, &c. &c.
Oct. 30, 1807.
On Tuesday the 17th of November, at the house of C. D. Forrester, Esq. by order of G. M. Forrester, Esq. negro clothing, glass ware, cordage, canvas, patent silk hats, waistcoats, superfine broad cloth coats, boots and shoes, fine flannel waistcoats, old rum, a piano forte in good order, two punts one nearly new, 2 chaise horses, a few negroes, and several other articles.
Oct. 30, 1807.
On Wednesday the 18th of November, in the Great Logie between the two Coffee Houses, Vlissingen, (the front of which is at present occupied by P. Yates, Esq.) by order of R. B. Daly, Executor of the Estate of Miss Nancy Rousman, dec. a Dwelling House 24 feet long and 14 feet broad, of Colony and American frame, with Side Building for a Kitchen, 14 feet long and 11 feet broad and a Back Building for Negro Houses, 30 feet long and 14 feet broad, a Necessary 5 feet square; all situated on the Quarter Concession, No. 46 North Dam, Stabroek, and railed round with Wallaba, (may be daily viewed). Also Negroes, Martinique Water Jars, a Tent Corial, Household Furniture, Dry Goods, Jewellery, &c. &c.
Oct. 30, 1807.
On Thursday the 19th of November, at the Vendue Office, by order of the Executors of the deceased R. A. Watling, thirteen prime Negro men who have for several years formed part of a task gang, a boy and girl who are house servants, and a woman who is a good semstress, with her child, a boy of four years of age.
Oct 30, 1807.
On Friday the 27th of November, at the Vendue Office, by order of Wm. King, Esq. a negro man a good sugar boiler, a negro man a driver, one man and two women field people and house servants, sold for no fault. Also India goods, &c.
Oct. 30, 1807.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
George Greffil Schilder, in 14 days or 4 weeks.
H. Strucker and Mrs. Mary Pinkett, in 3 weeks.
Oct. 24, 1807.
Wm. Codd and Lyman Barnes, in 14 days.
Oct. 30, 1807. J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk

All those who have any Demands against, or are indebted to, the Estate of Miss Nancy Rousman, dec. )who formerly dwelt on her Concession No. 46, in Stabroek,) are requested to give in their accounts, and make their payments, with Six Weeks from the date hereof, at the Office of the Undersigned; in order that the said Estate may be brought to liquidation in the shortest time possible.
Pl. Vlissingen, Oct. 29, 1807. R. B. Daly, q.q.

Notice is hereby given, that the Copartnership heretofore subsisting between the Undersigned, is dissolved from this date, and that the business of the Tavern called New Roosendaal will in future be carried on by I. G. Dreyszig alone.
All pretensions against the former Firm, from the 24th of August last, will be settled by the said I. G. Dreyszig, to whom alone all debts must be paid I. T. Roosendaal,
Stabroek, Oct. 29, 1807. I. G. Dreyszig.

Mr. Printer,
Having observed in pour paper of last Saturday a scurrilous production signed Martin Doyle, I beg leave, through the same medium, to state, in opposition to such malevolent and fabulous insinuations, facts are once irrefragable and correct.
He has the effrontery to assert he raised me from "extremest indigence;" how false this assertion is, I leave to the observation of the world, long before I ever saw so equivocal and illiberal a character - at any rate, if he raised me from even the most extreme indigence, in return I saved him from animating the Barracks more than once. To his illiberal charge of my ingratitude, I hereby declare, that he never was of any use to me whatever as a friend; I often told him, he could not think I could connect myself with a man of his angry and irrational character any otherwise than as a man of the world. It has always been a maxim with me to make no friendships but with virtuous, mild, and prudent characters, they only have the will and the power to be friends. There were some agreements existing between us, but it was only when we were subservient each to the other's purpose. Had I known his character, I take Heaven to witness I would not have connected myself with him on any consideration whatever. he states his having sustained a heavy loss in property by connecting himself with me. I do not believe him; at any rate, if he has, it was owing to his own conduct, as I am credibly informed he was often seen drunk in Essequebo on the beach, while the boat was full of goods belonging to the concern. What goods were left to my charge in the store in this town, the Books will shew I have given a proper account of. In fine, I do not hesitate in declaring, I am convinced he has endeavoured all he could to bring me in for some of his grand and fertile speculations; and, had I not been so sharp with him, I am sure he would have effected my ruin.
By what authority I published that no payments should be made without my signature, I leave to the Hon. Court of Justice to determine; therefore I hereby declare my Advertisement to be done in wisdom, and consider it still valid.
That receipt he gave a Gentleman for twenty odd Coffee Bags, instead of Bags of Coffee, I have on my records, and intend it, if necessary, to bring up the rear. W. H. Wells.
P.S. I desire to have no more paper war with the fellow, as he is so well known. I shall leave him to Justice, which I hope will sufficiently reward him.
Oct. 26, 1807.

Er zal op de drie eerstvolgende Zonddagen by de nedersuitsche gemeente, in de kerk te Stabroek niet gepredikt worden, alzo de ondergetekende ten dienste der gemeente van Essequebo in di colonie zich gedurende dien tyd zal ophouden
Demerary, 31 Oct. 1807. G. Ryk, Predik.

In consequence of unavoidable circumstances having prevented the Monthly Parade of the Town Companies of Militia this morning, the same will take place next Monday morning, at the usual hour and place. Colin Macrae,
Oct. 31, 1807. Major Comm. 1st Bat. D. M.

Any person having a quantity of Paper by him sufficiently large to print this Newspaper on, is requested to give immediate information thereof to the Printer, who will purchase it, let the price be what it may. He will be thankful even for one ream; as the non-arrival of what has been long expected from England, has nearly reduced him to his last sheet. The attention of his Friends in Barbados is also requested to this.
It is of no consequence to the Printer, how much larger the paper may be; but he wishes to avoid pasting and patching, if possible.
Oct. 31, 1807.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves [not transcribed]

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.


Oct. 26. Brig Polly, Jos. Manson, for Portsmouth.

Another large privateer (making the seventh within as many weeks) is said to have been going into Barbados when the mail boat came out, prize to the Blonde. It was believed to be the same which took the Highlander.

The falling in with these privateers prevented the Blonde from going to Surinam, to convoy the trade.

It is with great pleasure we state that Mr. Hubbard returned here on Thursday, having succeeded in retaking the boat; but, we regret to say, with the loss of Mr. Lynch. After being taken by the Spaniards, Messrs. Hubbard, Gordon, Lynch, and Mr. H.'s Manager, were, together with the negroes, all chained below, and five men were put on board to carry them to the Oronoque, where the Captain said he would have them tried as pirates. After the privateer was out of sight, however, and when they were off the mouth of that river, understanding that the negroes below could slip their chains when they pleased, and were inclined to assist them, they determined to make an attempt to retake the vessel. Accordingly, having succeeded in persuading the prize master to let them go upon deck for air, they seized a favourable moment, gave the signal to the negroes below, who rushed upon deck, and the business was over in a crack; unfortunately, however, in the scuffle and confusion, Mr. Lynch fell or was knocked overboard, and it was impossible to render him any assistance. Having very little water on board, and being fearful of again falling in with the privateer, if they attempted to make Trinidad, they then bore up for Tobago, which they had the good fortune to reach in safety. Mr. Gordon remained at Tobago, with the intention, we believe of going thence to Barbados.The fate of Mr. Lynch is much to be regretted. He seemed to have a presentiment of what would befal [sic] him at the first stating; declaring, as he stepped into the boat, his conviction that he should never return. Yet no man could behave with more bravery than he did in the action.

I. Ceurvorst and G. C. Schott, Esqrs. are appointed by the Hon. P. C. Ouckama and J. Johnstone (Commissaries from the Hon. Court of Policy for the Orphan Chamber of this Colony) to examine and bring to liquidation all those Boedels of the said Chamber to the Year 1801.

Died. On Thursday, Mr. D. Treadwell.

Proc[??]nbit hunni los. [heading]
TO THE EDITOR. [heading]
I observe that my mandate has forced Mr. F. to descend into the shop, and hammer his bad verse over again. His remarks on pedantic trash are very just. It is no hard task for the public to observe, how applicable they are to his own composition, especially that part –
"Ossa quieta precor tuta requiescant in urna,"
corrected by him in last week's paper –
"---- ---- ---- ---- requiescere in urna."
Mr. F's mode of defence reminds me of Don Quixote's answer to Sancho, in the adventure of the Falling Mills.
Sanch was in such a fright, that he had not power to stir one foot from the spot on which he stood. He was hard pressed, and was forced to do that which nobody could do for him. - The fumes became insupportable. - Now Don Quixote, happening to be under Sancho's lee, clapp'd his finger and thumb to his nose, and said, "Sancho, thou seemest to be in a great fright!" - 'I am so,' answered Sancho. - "Retire then, my friend, a few paces," resumed the Knight, still holding his nose. - 'I'll lay a wager,' cried Sancho, 'your honour thinks I have been doing something I ought not to have don' - "the more, " replied Don Quixote, "you stir it, Sancho, the worse it stinks"
Now, had Mr. F. kept silence, or, with a good grace, owned his bad verse indefensible, the fumes would have been over long ago; but
his stirring it so much, has only made it more offensive, and at last obliged him publickly to wipe it up, or, in other words, to correct it.
Oct. 25, 1807. A Subscriber.

CASTIGATOR [heading]
"Quid sentis, inquis, de nostris, Mrace, libellis?
"Admiror, stupeo; nihil est perfectius illis"
- Martialis ad Ponticum Scriptorem ineptor,
So Gents, you have, you think, caught the poor, frightened, trembling, flying Castigator in your cahes? - Oh, what a sumptuous - what a gorgeous feast!
Hungry to detect,
As keen to dissect! –
But let me be brief - if W. T. R. T. N.'s Poem equals your criticism, it must stand confess'd as unique, a chef d'ouuvre! And how much must I not regret, that I cannot call it mine? But thus, alas, it is!
I incline however to suspect, my guardian friends, that you have in your troop some arch and treacherous wag - may be your scout, for aught I know - who has started you a goat, instead of a stag; and, having given the view hollo! is now smirking in his sleeve!
Did I not hint to you - "Ne sutor ultra?" I will even yet counsel you. Look before you leap - "Consillis, no curribus, utere nostris"
The Public is much, very much indebted to you. What an admirable corps of Bow street runners you would make! Aye, but we will keep you as Stabroek runners! It will, however, be well, when you drag the thief from his lurking den to public view, that you possess yourselves of some little trifle of proof, for his conviction!
Be assured, the goods you last exhibited, are none of my property; and that the carcase you have ript asunder, is not the carcase of
Oct. 27, 1807. Castigator.

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.



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