Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 November 07


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 254.

Saturday, the 7th of November.

Word mits desen bekend gemaakt, dat in Ondertrouw zyn opgenoomen,
Den Heer I. Smit, meerderjaarig jongman, gebooren Rio Demerary, de gereformeerd godsdienst toegedaan, bruidegom ter eenre, en
Mejufvrouw Sara Petronella Swartz, minderjarige jonge dochter, geboortig alhier en meede de gereformeerde godsdienst toegedaan, ten deesen consent [??]koomen hebbende van desselves Voogd, den Wel Edelen Heer Rd. Nugent, Bruid ter andere zyde.
Den Wel Edelen Heer A. H. van Beusekom, meerderjaarig jongman, geboortig van Cuylenburg, de gereformeerd godsdienst toegedaan, Bruidegom ter eenre, en
Mejufvrouw Barbara Elizabeth Cappelaar, Weduwe wylen den Heer I. P. Jansen, geboortig te Demerary, meede van de gereformeerde godsdienst Bruid ter andere zyde.
Imand hiertegens wettig oppositie sustineerende, addresseeren zig daar en zoo het behoord.
Essequebo, den 3 November, 1807.
I. I. L. Moliere, Eerste Klerk.

Words mits deesen van weegens het Secretary deser Rivier aan alle en een Ygelyk die [?]al mogte concerneeren, bekend gemaakt, dat vortaan geene Hypotheecquen, Transporten, ofte andere Scabinaale Actens, zullen worden gepasserd, ten zy deselve ten minsten Vier weeken te vooren aan het Secretary voornoemd worde opgegeeven. Moetende alverder de poincten ofte propositien van zoodaanig Hypotheecq ofte andere acte meede Veertien dagen voor de Sessie van Heeren Raaden Commissarissen ter Secretary worden ingeleeverd; kennende by faute van dien, het verlyden van zodaanige instrumenten of legaale actum geen plaats vinden.
Fort Zeelandia, den 4 November, 1807.
I. I. L. Moliere, Eerste Klerk.

Rio Demerary. [heading]
CASH WANTED [heading]
For Bills of Exchange drawn on the Paymasters General of His Majesty's Forces, to the Amount of Eleven Hundred Pounds.
No. 795 – 400
696 – 400
697 – 300
Sealed Tender for the same (marked "Tenders for Bills") will be received at this Office until Tuesday the 10th Instant, at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, when they will be opened in the presence of the Officer commanding His Majesty's Troops, and, if approved, accepted.
Commissary's Office. W. N. Firebrace,
Demerary, Nov. 6, 1807. Res Commissary.

Newfoundland Cod Fish [heading]
Just Imported in the Ship Garthland, and for Sale by the Subscriber, for immediate Payment in Cash, Coffee, or Cotton.
Also, on Hand,
A few barrels best superfine Baltimore Flour,
Irish Rose Butter in whole and half firkins, Bottled Porter and Pale Ale, Soap, Candles, Loaf Sugar, Negro Clothing, Irish Linen, Baby Flannel, Paints and Paint Oil, Nails assorted, Saddlery, Glass and Earthen Ware, &c. &c.
Nov. 6, 1807. F. C. Otto.

All those who have any Accounts or Pretensions against the deceased O. I. Laurin's Estate, and which have not been given in for examination as yet, are friendly requested to do so, before the first of December next, at the Counting House of Engels and Van Senden.
Nov. 7, 1807. G. H. Van Senden.

Absconded from the Subscriber, very early on Tuesday morning last, the Negro Girl Arabella, telling one of the house-boys, that the belly-ache made it necessary for her to go out.
She is about 12 years old, and pretty black. Whoever will bring back the said girl, will be rewarded.
Nov. 6, 1807. J. F. Obermuller.

Verlooren en Vrydag morgen, tuschen 12 en 1 uur, op 't Vendue Comptoir, Een Goed geschreeden deur Heer Buckoll, en geteekend deur W. C. Berteling, bedraagen de Zes en Zestig Guldens; bevengemelde Goed is van nul en geender waarde wyl 't is reeds betaald verzoekende daar om den geenen welken het heest gevonden om aan ondergeteekende te retoureeren voor een rewaard. W. V. D. Wagt.
Demerary, den 6 Nov. 1807.
N. B. Boven staande goed was geteekend
den 2 October 1807.

On Monday the 9th instant, at the Vendue Office, Irish sheetings, white Nankeens, saddlery, platillas, muslins, calicoes, India goods, provisions, &c.
Nov. 7, 1807
On Thursday the 12th instant, at the Vendue Office, Prime Irish beef and pork, Irish linens and sheetings, platillas, checks, muslins, calicoes, salempores, a few boxes soap, new Irish butter in half firkins, &c.
Nov. 7, 1807.
On Monday the 23d instant, by order of Messrs. Douglas, Reid, and Co. at their store in front of Plantation Vlissingen, Fine and coarse Irish linens and sheetings, cotton shirting, checks, Britannias, Bed tick, Platillas, Salempores, superfine Broad Cloth, Madras and Pullicat Hdkfs. Furniture Chintz, Callicoes, Stockings, Boots and Shoes, Gentlemen's and Ladies' Hats, Paint and Paint Oils, Soap, candles, Porter and Beer in bottles, Irish Butter, Beef, Pork, &c.
Nov. 6, 1807.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
George Greffil Schilder, in 14 days or 4 weeks.
H. Strucker, and Mrs. Mary Pinkett, in 3 weeks.
Oct. 24, 1807.
Wm. Codd and Lyman Barnes, in 14 days.
Oct. 30, 1807.
John French and John Farrington, in 12 days.
Nov. 7. 1807. J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves [not transcribed]

Mr. Bond, Editor of The Essequebo and Demerary Gazette. [heading]
Although I feel a repugnance, and deem it indelicate, to dwell upon any subject which concerns those at present resting in the silent grave, yet I consider myself imperatively called upon to notice, once for all, a paragraph which appeared in a publication [cross or dagger symbol] of last week, and, as the printer thereof may perhaps neglect to publish my letter, I request you to reprint in your next the anonymous article respecting the late Miss Nancy Rousman, which was in his last, and to place my letter immediately under it.
I am, &c. &c. R. B. Daly.
Vlissingen, Nov. 2, 1807.

"We insert the following article at the request of a Subscriber:
Departed this Life on the 26th Instant, the Free Coloured Woman Nancy Rousman, who it is Generally believed Left a large Property, chiefly Consisting in Cash, which she acquired by honest Industry, during a Long Residence in this Country. Her Remains have been deposited in the Family Vault on Plantation Vlissingen, the Property of her Nephew R. B. Daly, Esq.

To Mr. E. I. Henery, Printer in Demerary. [heading]
I should have been obliged to your Subscriber for publishing - and to you, Sir, for the conspicuous manner in which you placed - his Advertisement in your last paper of yesterday evening, Oct. 31, No. 96, respecting the death of the Free Coloured Woman Miss Nancy Rousman, who departed this life on the 26th October 1807, and whose long Residence in this Colony has really been characterised by honest industry (perhaps much more so than what your anonymous Subscriber can boast of), if due respect to Truth had been observed in every point. I am only sorry to find that every other iota of his Advertisement is utterly false; and further, I am all times ready, not to publish under the disguise of a Subscriber, out to prove openly, at my dwelling, that the Author of such Advertisement is a malignant, envious Liar, who deserves no further notice.
You need not be under any apprehension of my taking measures to stop your further publication of "paragraphs which may tend to injure the feelings of individuals!" - "Let the galled jade wince!" I am quite disregardful of insinuations equally false and malicious as unnecessary; but I wish you to insert this letter in your next paper, and shall give you or myself no further trouble.
Pl. Vlissingen, Nov. 1, 1807. R. B. Daly.

[Cross or dagger symbol] The paragraph alluded to was published in the Gazette which is said to be patronised by Mr. van Berckel, and printed by Mr. Henery, who, no doubt, "sensually" obliged his Subscriber by inserting it. - No Reflections! Editor.

To the Printer of the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette. [heading]
Sir, Stabroek, Nov. 2, 1807
Justice to myself requires me to notice the very opprobrious attempt to calumniate my character in your last week's paper, signed W. H. Wells, which, he says, states
"Fact at once irrefragable and correct."
I should not have deemed it necessary to reply to a production so pregnant with virulent and scurrilous ribaldry, had he not, with the most audacious wickedness, accused me of downright dishonesty, in giving a Gentleman a Receipt for twenty odd "Coffee Bags," instead of Bags of Coffee. As this false, diabolical, and scandalous assertion originates only form the malicious rancour and vile depravity of his own vicious heart, I do hereby, in the most public manner, challenge, defy, and dare him to prove, or bring forth the least shadow of proof, in support of such nefarious defamation; and I do therefore hold him up to the view of the community at large as a self convicted, ignominious Liar and Villain.
Instead of endeavouring to screen his atrocities by impeaching my honour, is it not more incumbent upon him to exhibit one proof at least of his own honesty, by restoring to me my books and papers, which he fraudulently took away from my house, and unjustifiably withholds from me, with several other articles of my property? Yet he has the matchless effrontery to assert to the public, that "What goods were left in his charge in my store, he had given a proper account of"As to his pretended appeal to the Hon. court of Justice, he knows it is a step he dares not have recourse to. However, as he had declined it, I pledge myself, in the most solemn manner, that, in the event of his refusing to make me speedy restitution and ample public satisfaction for the wrongs he has done me, I will apply immediately for such redress as the laws of the country afford, and follow up my cause with unremitting perseverance until I obtain justice, and bring him to the punishment he so richly deserves.
One word more, and I have done. I again repeart what I formerl0y asserted in your paper, namely ,that as W. H. Wells did not possess any funds whatever in the Firm of Doyle and Wells, his signature to the settlement of any outstanding accounts of that firm cannot be, nor is it, in any ways necessary. Martin Doyle.

The Subscriber offers for Sale, in addition to his last Importation, a General Assortment of Perfumery, consisting of
[first column]
Lavender water
Essences assorted
Milk of roses
Honey water
Cream of Naples
Gowland's Lotion
Windsor soap
Palmerine ditto, and assorted Soaps
Wash Balls
Tooth Powder
[second column]
Tooth, Nail, and Buckle Brushes
Barbers combs
Small pocket tortoiseshell ditto with cases
Ivory-handled Razors
Razor Strops
Soap boxes
Blacking Cakes
Red and Black Sealing Wax
[end columns]
[first column]
Mess Beef in half barrels
Brown Soap in samll boxes
Pickled tongues in kegs
Bristol Tripe
[second column]
Jugs of Vinegar &. Real East India Indigo
Cannisters of Tea
Swedish Tar, &c.
[end columns]
Nov. 7, 1807. Henry Abraham.

Daar de ondergeteekende van voor neemens is omme by Expiratie van drie Weeken na dato deeses van hier na Elders te vertrekken; zo verzoekt by Erstelyk allae zyne Debitteuren en Creditteuren ten zyne Domicilium in Nieuw Roosendaal, optekoomen ten zy betaaling te doen of te koomen ontsangen.
6 Nov. 1807. I. T. Roosendaal.

The Subscriber cautions the Publick against paying any Money due to the firm of Fryer & Morgan, or to Thos. Fryer in his prive[accent], without his signature being annexed, as none others will be considered valid, he being the one duly authorised to act on the part of Thos. Fryer. Thos. Riding, q.q.
Nov. 6, 1807.

Ten Excellent Carpenter Negroes, [heading]
FOR SALE, OR HIRE. [heading]
Apply to Colin Macrae.
Nov. 7, 1807.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Nov. 4. Ship Garthland, J. Barkly, from Newfoundland.

Nov. 5. Brig Sally, Jos. Bingly, for New London.

The Surinam, from Surinam, one of the fleet which could not fetch that port in August last, came in from Berbice on Sunday evening last, to join her sisters in misfortune lyinging here. We understand that a petition has been presented to the Admiral for a convoy to take them up, and hopes are entertained that it will be granted.

The Surinam came from Berbice with the homeward bound vessels from Surinam, under convoy of the Blonde, which has been so successful lately against the enemy's privateers. Finding the fleet gone from this port, they immediately stood off.

The Garthland, Capt. Barkley, which arrived on Tuesday from Newfoundland, brought no news. Mr. Otto has purchased her cargo (see his Advert.)

Capt. Greenwich returned on Thursday evening from Essequebo. he will sail for Barbados the beginning of the week.

There have been no other arrivals this week; consequently we are without any fresh intelligence from other parts.

Two o'Clock, P. M. A schooner is now off the Bar, supposed to be from America.

We are sorry to find that the hopes indulged of the Spaniards having left our coast, from the return of the armed boats without seeing anything of them, have not been realized. On Tuesday week, a sloop belonging to Messrs. Holms and Wishart, with 3 bales of cotton, 2 oxen, a considerable quantity of small stock, and 3 negroes, returning from Essequebo, was overtaken by a very large canoe with a swivel in the bow, and about 20 men with small arms, off the Plantation of John Henley, Esq. and captured.
On board the sloop were passengers Dr. Perkins, with his wife, her sister, two children, and four negroes (his only property), Mr. Guthrie and Mr. Young. We lament to state, that in the alarm occasioned by the chasing of the canoe, Dr. Perkins fell overboard and was drowned. The Spaniards gave the remainder of the white persons the launch with liberty to go ashore, and they accordingly landed at Mr. Henley's. Mr. Guthrie and Mr. Young reached town on Tuesday. These Spaniards very gallantly gave the ladies back their trunks, without opening them.
The canoe glided through the water with amazing rapidity; she belonged to a large schooner privateer, which lay a good way out at sea, and appeared to be a very fine vessel.
Serious apprehensions are also entertained for the safety of a fine entirely new schooner belonging to - Wells, Esq. of Pyreka, which sailed thence on Monday, with 16 hhds. of sugar and 8 negroes on board, and has not since been heard of. Mr. Wells's clerk, a mulatto woman, and her three children, were also on board this schooner.

A man of the name of White was on Wednesday sentenced by the Hon. Court of Justice to pay a fine of One Thousand Guilders to the Hon. the Fiscal, and to be banished the Colony for Twenty Years, for selling Rum, contrary to Law; a crime which, from its pernicious consequences to society here, cannot be too severely punished.

Monday last being the anniversary of the Birth of his Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, was observed at camp with every mark of respect by his Regiment (the Royals), &c. His Excellency Colonel and Governor Nicholson dined at the Mess with the Officers of the Garrison, as did also his Excellency Brigadier General and Governor Montgomerie. The Band of course attended, and played some of the New Music lately sent out to them by his Royal Highness, and other favourite airs, until a late hour.

The Hon. P. Eggers has been appointed "as Acting Fiscal and to have charge of the Civil Administration" of Berbice, by his Excellency Brigadier Gen. James Montgomerie, during his Excellency's absence on military duties.

Died. - On Thursday morning, in Cumingsburg, Mr. Leven Deweever.

TO THE EDITOR. [heading]
I am one of those Ladies who perhaps have been more frequent in my visits at Church since the Musicianers have attended than I was before, and I am not ashamed to own it, Sir, because Religion, as well as Virtue, cannot, in my opinion, be the less pleasing to rational beings, or more unacceptable to the Deity, for being practised in a pleasing form; but I have been much disappointed at finding, in this age of Novelty, the Old Version of Psalms used instead of the New one, by which I and several other Ladies, who have only New Books, are deprived of the pleasure of raising our voices to sing to the praise and glory of the Most High, and, in lieu thereof, are compelled to hear the praises of Old Sternhold and Hopkins chaunted forth by one or two (according to my unscientific ears) very base voices. Not that I mean the least disrespect to the one or two Gentlemen who thus do duty for the whole Congregation; I, in common with the majority of my sex, am a great admirer of the Red Coats, but it is surely no disparagement of their manly abilities, to believe their voices not so well calculated for imitating the soft strains of Cherubims and Seraphims, as those of females, whom they themselves are so apt, at peculiar times, to style Angles, and every this else that is divine.
Do me the favour, therefore, Mr. Editor, to insert this, by way of a hint to our gentlemanly Pastor. I wish also to let him know that I am not singular in my opinion; that the little female society, of which I am now the Organ, think him, in the language of some of the religious sects in England, to be a "Charming Man;" and that we in confidence hope, he will shortly contrive to let us join in with the Band of our much respected Colonel and Governor, to whom we, as well as the Church, are so considerably indebted.
I am, Sir, &c. &c. &c.
Nov. 3, 1807. A Female Castigator.

To THE SUBSCRIBER, alias THE SCOUT. [heading]
"Odi profanum vulgus, et arcco." Hoe.
So Mulciber, you're to't again,
And still keep hamm'ring at the stain;
Some surmise, your temper's hasty;
I'm convinc'd, you're very nasty:
Or term you it, benevolence?
To trust us with - Sir Reverence?
When on you, Pedagogue, I think,
I smell, I'm sure I smell a stink!
And cannot help exclaiming, Pox!
Then squat me down, just like you Ox.
- "Sus, Bosque, Canisque"

Quoth F. to Friend Sub, I'm dying I think!
Then why imbitter my death with your stink?
'S blood, quoth Sub, be quiet, thou Ninny Ferret!
'Tis none of my stink - I do nought but stir it.
Male Olens.

You say, good F. your lot is devilish hard;
How can it else - pursued by a Stinkard!
Ne Quid Nemis.
Nov. 2, 1807. Valese!

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.



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