Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 November 21


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 256.

Saturday, the 21st of November.

Rio Demerary. [heading]
NOTICE. [heading]
The Undersigned beg leave to acquaint all whom it may concern, that, during the absence of the Partners (Messrs. Mackenzie and M'Leod), they are duly qualified to transact Business for the firm of Wm. Mackenzie & Co. of this Colony, and that the second Subscriber continues to attend for that purpose at their Counting House in Kingston.
The Debtors of said Firm are at the same time respectfully informed, that no further indulgence can be given to them, the credit of the House requiring the most speedy collection possible of these outstanding debts; to which effect, the Undersigned have ordered to use the most summary means.
The Houses and Lots in Cumingsburg and Kingston belonging to Messrs. Wm. Mackenzie and Co. are both offered for Sale or Hire. For particulars, apply as above. Colin Macrae.
Nov. 14, 1807. Donald Mackay.

FOR SALE, [heading]
The Stelling or Landing Wharf and Water Lot in Cumingsburg, generally known by the name of Telford & Naghten's Stelling. The convenient situation of this Stelling and Lot for the purposes of Trade, the Shipping of Produce and Landing of Merchandize, is well known. Terms will be made extremely easy to an approved Purchaser. For particulars, apply at the office of Mr. Hugo Cantzlaar or of Mr. C. Hofstede
Nov. 10, 1807.

Alle de geenen welke eenige pretensien mogte hebben, voor de jaare 1806 [illegible] de Plantage Hop, gelegen van de Oost Wal in de Kreeck van Mahaica [illegible] daar van opgeeven te doen [illegible] tyd van Zes Weeken, aan den Ondergeteekende [illegible - several words] gemelde Plantage.
Nov. 20, 1807. Hubert Desalve.

The Undersigned beg to give notice, that the Subscription Ball, to which they were appointed Stewards, is intended to be given on the Evening of Friday the 11th December next.
General card of Invitation will not be issued, as many mistakes are often found to occur, by their non-delivery. Every Subscriber is expected to introduce the Lady of his Family; and, should he wish to bring any visitors who may be with him, on application to the Stewards, a particular invitation will be immediately sent to them.
Joseph Bothamly,
Nov. 21, 1807. Colin Macrae,
C. I. O'Hara
J. Meertens,

Word hier meede aan de respective Loeden der Societyd de Harmonie bekend gemaakt, dat op den Vyfde December aanstaande, de vierde vergaardag der gemelde Societyd zal gevlerd werden, en ter dier gelegendhyd een dine zal werden gegeeven. F. Van Kinschot,
Demerary, 21 Nov. 1807. Secretaris.

Underwood, Johnson, & Co. [heading]
Have Just Imported [heading]
In the Brig Alert, from London, with last Convoy, [heading]
[first column]
Best Yorkshire hams
Tripe in kegs
Refined sugar and tea
Mustard and salad oil
Pickles and fish sauces
Hoffman's raspberry and cherry brandy
Bottled porter and table beer
Porter in casks
Port wine in cases
Candles and soap
Oats in puncheons
Paints and paint oil
Neats foot oil and spirits of turpentine
Gunpowder and shot
Building and temper lime
Sheet lead
Coffee minaries [sic]
Sugar strainers
Do. ladles and scummers
Coffee and cotton bagging
A general assortment of Negro clothing
Cordage and boat cables
Sail canvas
Sewing and seine twine
White nankeens
[second column]
Men's shoes and boots
Men's & Women's stockings
A general assortment of Stationary
Ready-made coats and coatees
A general assortment of sadlery and harnesses
Glass ware
Negro hats
Men's silk do.
Nails assorted, from 4d. to 30d.
Carpenters' & coopers' tools
Bolts and hinges
Locks of all kinds
Trenching shovels
Hoes and cutlasses
Frying pans
Iron boilers
Grating bars
Anchors for Colony boats
Fowling pieces
Carbines and hangers
Gigs, with harness complete
Irish linens and long lawns
Russia and Irish sheeting
French cambrics
Oznaburghs and checks
[end columns]
With a variety of other Articles.
London Particular Old Madeira, in pipes, hhds., & qr. casks.
Both Mess Beef and Pork, in whole and half barrels
New Irish Butter, in half firkins, and
a few Hhds. of Tobacco.
Demerary, Nov. 20, 1807

For Sale by the Subscriber at his Store on Robb's Stelling,
[first column]
Irish mess beef in barrels
Do. do. pork in do. & half do.
Do. butter in firkins
Do. linen
Cordage assorted, from 25 thread marline [?] to 6 & half inch hawser
Iron puncheon hoops and rivets
Nails assorted
[second column]
Bottled small beer in puncheons and per dozen
Boots and shoes
Patent and broad brimm'd Gentlemen's hats
Youths' and Childrens' do.
Negro do.
Paints and linseed oil
Twill'd Coffee Bagging
[end columns]
Madeira wine of a very superior quality, in pipes, hhds, and qr. Casks
And a few barrels of Superfine American Flour.
Nov. 20, 1807. David Waldrop.

TO HIRE, [heading]
Two Extensive Stores on a Good Landing. Inquire of the Printer.
Nov. 20, 1807.

Het Domicilium Citandi et Executandi van den Ondergeteekende is op Plantage Claxton [text becomes highly illegible - very dark background] [illegible] tegen over de Tweed Eyland, op de Oost Waal. H. Van Lange.
Demerary, Nov. 18, 1807

Absconded, a few days ago, from the Subscriber, a Negro named Joseph, formerly the property of I. L. Eils, Esq. He is [illegible] years old, and walks a little stiff. Whoever will secure and return him to the Undersigned or [illegible] him to the Barracks shall receive One Joe Reward.
Nov. 2[?], 1807. J. Verwayen.

On Monday the 30th inst. and Tuesday the 1st of December, by order of C. H. De Munnick, Esq. at his house, front of Plantation Vlissingen, Irish linens, calicoes, dimity, check, stripe, Madras & romal handkfs., table cloths, brown Holland, salempores, muslins, shoes, ready made clothes, coffee bagging, negro clothing, bunting, provisions, mixt spices, medicine, paint and paint oil, spirits turpentine, nails assorted, carpenters' and cooper's [sic] tools, iron and tin ware, soap and candles, perfumery, cutlery, jewellery, hot baths, life preservers, &c.
Nov. 21, 1807.
On Monday the 7th December, by order of H. Desalve, Esq. at the house formerly occupied by Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach, & Co. on the North Dam, Stabroek, ten pipes and twenty hhds. Old London Particular Madeira Wine imported into the country about 18 months.
Nov. 21, 1807.

Ingevolge Authorisatie vervat by Appoinctement van den Wel Edele Gestrenge Heer en Mr. V. A. Heyliger, fungeerend President van den Edele Achtbaaren Hove van Justitie alhier, zal door den Eerste Exploiteur publicq by Executie worden opgeveild en ver[??]gt de navolgende goederen, als
Ten behoeven van Culpeper & Troughton, contra I. Arians, een derde gedeelte van de concessie No. 2, op de voorgrond van Plantage Repentir, inet een timmerloge en een kleyn woonhuys, naast de concessie te vooren bewond door J. Parss.
Voor F. C. Otto, overgebleevene Compagnon van de Firma van Pasquier en Otto, contra John Jones, de halve concessie, no. 1, geleegen aan de noord dam in Stabroek, met het daarop staande woonhuys circa 50 voeten lang, en omtrent 1[?] breed, staande op een steene mieur en hebbende een gaandery voorts neger huis, combuys, en gemakhuisje
Voor M'Inroy, Sandbach en co. als grauthorfeerd zyn [illegible] welgemelde tot incasseering der preten[?]de van de Firma van I. Stephenson & Co. contra W. Niel en Co., een concessie lands geleegen op de voorgrond van Plantage Vlissingen, met de daarop staande gebouwen, bekend by naam van 't Demerary Hotel, mets gaders de daar by behoorende zy gebouwen.
Voor W. Hamilton en H. Marsh, contra I. Thibou Mathew, zeekere concessie No. 31, gelegen op de voorgrond van Plantage Vlissingen, met twee fraame van inlands hout op de zelve bereeds op gezet en geangeld.
Iemand vermeenende te hebben recht van oppositie addresse zich als naar styleen zodaanige in den verkoop hun gaading vinden, koome ten puye van 't Raadhuis op de Hoofdplaats, Stabroek, den Achte December aanstaande, aan hooren de conditien en doen hun profyt.
Rio Demerary, den 20 November, 1807.
B. Teyssen, Jr. Exploiteur.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Ann Wollard, in 10 days, from Nov. 20.
James Brown, in 14 days, from Nov. 21.
Nov. 21, 1807 J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk

The Subscriber has just imported the following goods per the Alert, from London, which he has on Sale at his Store in the New Town, viz.
[first column]
New Irish butter in firkins and half firkins
Spiced Salmon
Pine cheese
Salad oil
Currants in jars and in flasks
Raisins in boxes
Pearl barley in kegs & in jugs
Split peas in do.
Best mustard in half-pound bottles
Refined sugar
Best Hyson tea
Black pepper
Spices assorted
Stoughton's bitters
Hoffman's cherry & raspberry brandy
Fruits in brandy
Pickles in boxes
Best claret
Red port
London porter
Salt in baskets
Mess beef in half barrels
Irish pork in barrels
Sago in canisters
Essences of celery & parsley
White lead
Green and blue paints
Paint and lamp oil
Chamber oil
Nails assorted
Hoes, shovels, cutlasses
Coffee manaries
Ditto sifters
Wire to make sifters
Cotton and Coffee bagging
Wax, spermaceti, and mould candles
Tallow, soap
Negro jackets lin'd & unlin'd
Negro blankets
Do. hats
Patent silk hats
[second column]
Servants' glazed do.
Ladies' shoes
Large rose blankets
White East India Nankeen
White India calico for lining
Blue Salemporis
Fine and coarse Irish linens
Bed tick, Mattrasses
Baby flannel
Men's and Women's silk and cotton stockings
Hair stockings
Men's and Women's gloves
Brown Holland
French fine and coarse linen
Lawn pocket handkerchiefs
Diaper table cloths
Blue, corbeau & mixt cloths
Printed calicoes
Furniture chintz
Furniture paper
Seine and sewing twine
Deep sea lines
Starch and blue
Blue trowsers and jackets
Kerseymere trowsers
Marseilles waistcoats
Blue kerseymere
Sheet lead
Plantation lamps
Coffee pots with biggins
Rum bubbles
Hinges assorted
Brass and iron door locks
Stock locks
Hand, whip, and cross cut saws and files
Pump tacks
Small brads
Flooring do.
Glass ware assorted
[end columns]
And various other Articles.
Nov. 21, 1807. P. Verbeke.

NEW NEGROES. [heading]
The Subscriber begs leave to acquaint such of his Friends as commissioned him to import Negroes under their Licences, that he has received the cargo of the ship Mary, Capt. Stringer, consisting of 330 Prime Ebo Slaves, which will be ready for delivery on Wednesday next the 25th inst. at the stores of Mr. Forshaw, in Labourgade.
Nov. 20, 1807. James Ogle.

The Subscriber, intending to remove from this Colony to Essequebo, to reside on the Concordia Estate, Wakenham Island, gives public notice thereof accordingly, and he informs the Creditors of the Estate of the late Charles Clifton, dec. to which he is sole acting Executor in this country, by the last Will and Testament of the deceased (the other Executors named therein having declined to act, and formally resigned), that the property and effects of the deceased are nearly or will be wholly situated in Essequebo. The Subscriber therefore requests that all accounts relative to the Estate of the late Charles Clifton, dec. as well as to his own concerns, may henceforward be rendered to him, at his intended residence before named. James Wollen.
Demerary, Nov. 14, 1807

Now landing from the ship Belleisle, Captain Gemmell, and for Sale by the Subscriber for immediate Payment,
Irish Butter, Bottled Ale, Negro Clothing,
Best Twill'd Inverness Coffee Bagging
Gentlemen's broad rimm'd Hats, Boys' & Children's do.
Boat Cables, from 4 & half to 6 & half inch
Cordage assorted, Nails assorted, Puncheon hoops, &c.
Bridge Town, Nov. 21, 1807. Wm. Lucas.

Just landed by the Undersigned, and for Sale on reasonable Terms, at their Store in Charles Town, Mess beef in whole and half barrels, hams, shads, mackarel, onions, tar, pitch, temper lime, cordage, seine and sewing twine, coffee and cotton bagging, canvas No. 1, 2, 3, and 4, nails assorted, iron shovels, cutlasses, hoes, pots, men's, women's, & children's shoes, and a variety of ironmongery, tin ware, & dry goods.
Nov. 21, 1807. Schovers & Philippart.

Just Imported, in the Brigantine Alert and Ship Belleisle, and for Sale by the Undersigned at his Store, Werk & Rust, for immediate Payment in Cash, Coffee, or Cotton, at Colony Price, the following Articles:
[first column]
Split pease
Barley in kegs and jugs
White wine vinegar, in jugs
Old port
Old Jamaica & Antigua rum
Cogniac brandy
Madeira by the pipe & doz
Dutch gin
Sweet oil
Mustard and black pepper
Refined sugar
Hyson tea in canisters
India Ginghams
Muslin & cambric handkerchiefs
Linen pocket do.
Do furniture
Counterpanes, fringed and plain
Musquito lawn
French pullicats & Madras handkerchiefs
An assortment of Irish linen
Brown & white Russia sheeting
Negro clothing
Half bleached dowlas
Platillas Royal
Brown Holland
Paderborn linen
Coffee bagging
Blue and black cassimere
Superfine bottle green, brown and scarlet broad cloths
Ready-made coats, pantaloons and waistcoats
Welch flannel
Dimity and Nankin [sic]
India silk handkerchiefs
Umbrellas and Ladies' parasols
Ladies' silk and cotton stockings
Do. do. gloves
Gentlemen's silk and cotton stockings
Ladies' shoes and slippers
Children's do. for both sexes
Gentlemen's dress shoes
[second column]
Do. high quartered do with buckles
Hessian, back strap'd, and brown top boots
Gentlemen's patent silk and beaver hats
Children's hats
Ladies' long fawn skin gloves
Gentlemen's buck & doeskin gloves
Silk and cotton braces
Sets of tortise [sic] shell combs
An assortment of jewelery
Rose, honey, & lavend [sic] water
Essence of bergamot & peppermint
Turlington's balsam
Huxham's tincture of bark
Martinique liqueurs
Violet hair powder
Hair ribbon
An assortment of whips and walking sticks
Saddles and bridles
Curry combs and brushes
Shoe, scrubbing and [illegible] brushes
Hair brooms
Gunpowder and shot
Glass, pewter, tin, & earthen ware
An assortment of Stationary
Paints and paint oil
Lamp oil
Cordage and canvas
4d. 6. [sic] 8d. 10d. 20d. 24d and 30d nails
Hinges, bolts, stay bars and locks
Carpenters' & coopers' [illegible]
Desk locks
Pruning knives and cutlasses
Frying pans and gridirons
Coffee and pepper mills
Knives and forks
Plated and brass candlesticks
Brass cocks
Fish hooks and lines
Chalk lines
Deep sea, and log lines
Cherrytree [sic] chairs
Mahogany sideboards
Do. book case with [illegible] doors
Tea caddies
Mahogany trays
Double and single [illegible] waggons
Astor's barrel organs
Fowling pieces
Pistols in cases complete
Soap in boxes
Medicine chests with [illegible]tions
[end columns]
And a Few Half Barrels Prime Mess Beef.
Nov. 20, 1807. J. F. Meyer.

Has just received per the last arrivals, a variety of Provisions, and all kinds of Merchandize, particulars of which will be given next week.

FOR HIRE. [heading]
Inquire at the Office of this Paper. - Nov. 19.

The Subscribers have imported in the Belleisle, Capt. Gemmell, from Glasgow, the following Goods, which they are selling at their Store in Robb's Town, viz.
[first column]
Best Irish mess beef in barrels
Do. Do. pork in do.
Butter in firkins
Tongues in do.
Tripe in jars
Salmon in kits
Porter and ale in bottles
Negro jackets lined and unlined
Do. hats and blankets
Do. shirts
Oznaburgs and Oznaburg thread
Cotton bagging
Hoes, shovels, and cutlasses
Cotton gin cranks with screws and brasses
Planter's strong shoes, to buckle round the ancles
Ready made clothes
Gentlemen's best Leghorn hats
Do. do. broad rimm'd hats
Do. doeskin gloves
[second column]
Linen handkerchiefs
Welch flannel
Umbrellas and parasols
Printed calicoes
Corded dimities
Ladies' and children's hats
Ladies' and children's shoes
Cotton cambric
Paint and paint oil
Ground paint brushes
Tar do.
2 inch white rope
Fishing seine from 10 to 20 fathoms
Best pig tail tobacco in casks
Best refined loaf sugar
Fine tea in cannisters
Starch in boxes
Linen and cotton checks
Green baize
Green gauze for windows
Indian garments
Irish [h or b][illegible]rns
Irish sheeting
Diaper for table cloths
[end columns]
They have also on hand,
[first column]
Carpenters' Tools, consisting of single jack planes
Double ironed do. do.
Trying do.
Smoothing do.
Bead do.
Tennon do.
Key hole do.
Hand saw files
Whip saw do.
Braces with bitts
Turnscrews assorted
Wright's cramps
An assortment of Ironmongery and Hardware, viz.
Best hook and eyes hinges
Boat chains
[second column]
Claw hammers
H[illegible]g[illegible]ng do.
Coopers' adzes
Do. howells [or bowells?]
Do. punches and chissels
Masons' chissels
Caulking irons
But hinges
Bright round bolts
Carpenters' compasses
A few casks & quarter casks London Particular Madeira wine
A few barrels of American tar
Rivets for iron hoops
Nails from 4d. to 30d. &c.
[end columns]
Nov. 20, 1807. Hugh Mackenzie & Co.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves [not transcribed]

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Nov. 16. Schooner Ant, J. Lolly, from Barbados.
Nov. 17. Sloop Hancock, M. Mecanger, from Barbados.
Nov. 18. Ship Belleisle, W. Gemmell, from Glasgow
Nov. 19. Brig Dian, E. S. Yong, from Portsmouth.
Nov. 20. Ship Mary Ann, J. Kendall, from Africa and Barbados.
Nov. 20. Ship Mary, W. Ettinger, from Africa and Barbados.

Nov. 17. Brig Harriot, John Wells, for Boston

The Printer hopes that the excuse of such of his Subscribers as may happen to receive a queer sheet this week. He has the satisfaction to state that the long expected paper is arrived on board the Good Intent; but not being able to get it landed in time (though he must acknowledge every effort was made by Captain Stuveng), he has been necessitated to make up sufficient for this publication of odds and ends.

To Correspondents [heading]
Philo on the New Comet shall appear in our next.
We decline the insertion of Castigator's Song; being fearful of surfeiting the generality of our readers.

We are sorry to have to state, that another inhabitant of this Colony was on Tuesday last arraigned for selling Rum contrary to law. The prisoner requested that he might be indulged with counsel, to which the Court having agreed, he chose Messrs. Hofstede and Cantzlaar. These Gentlemen, however, begging to be excused, he presented a petition to the Hon. Court, praying that they might be ordered to under take his defence, which the Court did accordingly. Thus commanded, the above Gentlemen exercised their abilities in his behalf yesterday, and this day sentence was pronounced, viz. to pay a Fine of One Thousand Guilders, and be banished for Twenty Years.

Died. - On Thursday morning last, at the house of Wm. Niel, in Bridge Town, Mr. John M'Verran, lately from Tobago.
Same day, in Cumingsburg, Mr. Cornelis Hendrickse.
In North America, died, the same day, and were buried in the same place, two old inhabitants of this Colony, viz. Mr. I. F. Le Blanc, who resided upwards of 12 years in Canal No. 2, as Manager of the Estate now the property of R. B. Daly, Esq. And Mr. Thos. Hays, who, after a long residence here, left us a few months ago for the recovery of his health.

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.

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