Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 November 28


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 257.

Saturday, the 28th of November.

Rio Demerary. [heading]
The Subscriber, intending to leave the Colony early in the ensuing spring, on account of ill health, offers for Sale his Estate Mokha, situated in Canal No. 3.
He also offers for Sale, q.q.
The spacious, airy, and well contracted House belonging to Arthur Blair, Esq. situated on the Middle Dam, Stabroek, with all the Out-Buildings, &c. the whole Premises occupying one Full Lot and a Half.
He requests, that any persons having accounts against Mr. Blair, not yet rendered will deliver them to him, and that those indebted either in accounts or acceptances, will settle the same as soon as possible.
Nov. 28, 1807. Jos. Tuite.

The Subscriber has just received, per the late Arrival from London, the following Articles, viz.
[first column]
Butter in jars
Pickled Salmon
Ox tongues
Split peas
Scotch and Pearl barley
Best brown stout in bottle and draft
Fine Madeira Wine in do.
Real Cogniac Brandy
Double distilled White wine Vinegar
Best Irish Linen
Ladies' full dress shoes plain and embroidered
[second column]
Gentlemen's boots & shoes
White and green paint
Lamp and Paint Oil
Negro clothing of every description
Silk and beaver hats
A complete assortment of all Kinds of Perfumery
Madras Handkerchiefs &c.
[end columns]
Nov. 27, 1807. Edward M'Swinney.

Absented Himself, without any known cause, a Negro named London, about 5 feet, [?] inches high, of a yellow cast, well made, talks good English, and is well known about Stabroek, his being servant to the Subscriber, who will give a reward of Two Joes to any person who will secure or lodge him in the Barracks.
It is supposed he is gone to Berbice.
Nov. 25, 1807. Rt. Younghusband.

Ad in Dutch of H. Douglas.

H. D. Obermuller informs his Friends and the Public, that it is his intention to hold a Vendue of his remaining Articles, consisting of Plantation Stores, Provisions, & Dry Goods, well assorted and lately imported, on the 22d and 23d December next, at Six Months Credit.
Stabroek, Nov. 26, 1807.

Run Away from the boat of the Subscriber, on the morning of the 2d inst. a Carpenter Negro Man, named Ventor, tall and stout made, and a little yellow skinned, formerly the property of Js. Trigger, Esq. Cumingsburg, in which neighbourhood he is supposed to be harboured.
Also, a few weeks since, a Negro Woman, named Amelia, a Creole of the Islands; she is black skinned, short and thick made, talks good English, and formerly belonged to Plantation Mindenburg. She was carried away from the Subscriber's place by some craft, and had a letter addressed to him, but she has been since seen on the River and in Stabroek.
Whoever will bring either of the above Negroes to C. Hofstede, Esq. Stabroek, will be handsomely rewarded; and Five Joes will be given to any person who will give information of those who are harbouring them.
Hope, Nov. 18, 1807. John M'Pherson.

The Subscriber has For Sale, on Reasonable Terms:
[first column]
Hyson tea
Refined sugar
Black pepper
Pickled and spiced salmon
Pickled tongues
Split peas, barley, oats
Raspberry & cherry brandy
White wine and Tarragon Vinegar
Plated bit and bradoon, snaffle, and single curb bridles
Chase and twig whips
A Lady's and Gentleman's solid mahogany dressing stand with conveniences
A four feet wide bedstead with fine chintz furniture, mattress, bolsters, & pillows
Dressing glasses
White and green ivory and black horn handled knives and forks with desserts and carvers
Large and small brass cocks with loose keys
Shot, gunpowder
Best quart & pint decanters
Cut glass fsl[?]s
Wine glasses
Goblets assorted
Rummers and covers
Wash basons
Cups and saucers
Earthen ware
Inverness cotton and coffee bagging
Lined and unlined negro jackets
Check and duck shirts
Worsted caps
Irish linens
[second column]
Printed calicoes
Checquered cambric muslin
Nankeen, dimity, and broad cloth trowsers
Dimity and black silk vests
Flannel under waistcoats & jackets
Broad cloth coatees
Silk and beaver hats
Jockey and Hessian boots
Imperial & dark blue, brown, corbeau, and olive broad cloth
Cordage from 9 thread to 2 & half inch
Fishing lines
Sewing and seine twine
Spermaceti & mold candles
Castile and brown soap
Paint oil and brushes
Green, blue, white, Venetian, yellow, and black paint
Coopers' nails
Nails from 4d. to 30d.
Iron pots
Cross cut saws
Chamber door, stock, and padlocks
Shutter and door bolts and hinges
Ship scrapers
Buck axes
Eau d'Arquebusade
Rose, honey, and lavender water
Tooth powder and brushes
Dressing cases
Writing desks
Silk braces
Proof vials
Clothes brushes, &c.
[end columns]
James Robertson.
New Town, Nov. 28, 1807.

NEW NEGROES. [heading]
The Subscribers beg leave to acquaint such of their Friends as commissioned them to import negroes under their licences, that they have received the cargo of the ship Mary Ann, Captain Kendall, consisting of
200 Prime Young Windward Coast Slaves,
which will be ready for delivery on Wednesday the 2d December, at their store in Cumingsburg.
Nov. 24, 1807. Wm. Heathcote,
John Shepley.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Subscriber intending to quit the Colony early in the ensuing spring, and being desirous to settle his affairs before his departure, requests all those to whom he is indebted to give in their accounts, and those indebted to him to come forward with payment; otherwise he will be under the disagreeable necessity of placing their accounts in the hands of a Lawyer; and it is pretty well known that Legal Gentlemen do not exercise their professional talents, without making ample charges for their trouble.
Cumingsburg, Nov. 28, 1807. N. Morehouse.

Whereas, the Undersigned has purchased, by Contract bearing this date, of Mrs. Mutz, Widow of the late Hermanus Mutz, all her Right and Title in the Estate of her deceased Husband; he, by these presents, gives information thereof to all whom it may concern.
Demerary, Nov. 27, 1807. Jacob Pantliz.

Imported in the Duke of Kent, James Dougal Master, from Liverpool, and for sale by the Subscribers,
[first column]
Ling Fish
Pale and brown beer in bottles and in barrels
Porter in bottles
[second column]
Three neat light chaises with harness
A light cart with harness
Nails assort. from 4d. to 30d.
Sheet lead
Negro hats
Stationary assorted
Cotton hammocks
Bricks, Coffee tierces, &c.
[end columns]
The Duke of Kent will sail for Clyde the Middle Springs in January.
Nov. 27, 1807.
M'Inroy, Sandbach, & M'Bean

A Capable Tailor Negro, who has also been used to a Boat and the House. His Owner will take in part Payment a good Washer-woman. Inquire of the Printer.
Nov. 28, 1807.

Two Young Men, who have been regularly bred to the Mercantile Business, and who, from having been in the employ of the most respectable House of Trade in this colony, also in the Islands, are well versed in accounts, are desirous to attend Posting of Books for certain hours of the day, at the houses of their Employers, although the preference would be given to their own Counting House. Such business as is placed in their hands will be unremittingly attended to, with neatness, secrecy, and dispatch. For reference, please to apply to the Printer of this paper. - Nov. 28, 1807.

On Thursday the 3d December, by order of Robert Younghusband, Esq. at his house, New Town, a large assortment of Dry Goods, Madeira wine in pipes, hhds. and quarter casks, shads, herrings, &c.
Also, the stelling in Cumingsburg, known by the name of Telford and Naghten's stelling. The terms of payment 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.
Nov. 27, 1807
On Friday the 4th December, by order of Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach, and M'Bean, at their store, Werk & Rust, 39 casks scale fish, 50 barrels shads, 50 barrels alewives, dry goods, &c.
Nov. 27, 1807.
On Tuesday and Wednesday the 8th and 9th December, by order of M'Donald, Halkett, & Co. at their store, New Town, soap and candles, paints and oil, cordage, twine, seines, hardware, negro clothing, ready-made clothes, boots and shoes, Russia shirting, blankets, flannels, dowlas, Irish linens and shirting, sadlery, stationary, chintzes, calicoes, dimities, checks and stripes, tapes and threads, and a variety of other goods lately imported.
Nov. 27, 1807.
On Tuesday the 15th December, at the ferry, on the West side of the river Demerary, by order of Park Benjamin, Esq. Twenty five head of Creole Cattle, mostly young cows.
Nov. 27, 1807.
On Wednesday the 16th December, at the store of Thos. Shute & Co. beef, park, butter, hams, Dutch cheese, salmon, barley, peas, candles, soap, tea, loaf sugar, fresh Baltimore flour, tobacco, brandy, porter, beer, oats, tar, cordage, linen, checks, green silk umbrellas, mattresses, salempores, britannias, bed tick, paints, oil, negro clothing, glass ware, tin ware, &c.
Nov. 27, 1807.
On Thursday the 17th December, by order of Mrs. Eliz [sic] Mapp, Executrix, and Thos. Atkins, Esq. Executor to Thos. Mapp, dec. the lease of a half Lot of Land, No. [blank] with the buildings thereon situated in Robb's town, front of Plantation Vlissingen, lately occupied by the deceased.
Nov. 27, 1807.
On Friday the 18th December, at the Vendue Office, by order of Wm. King, Esq. payable at Three and Six Months, Eighty prime seasoned Negroes, being the principal part of the Gang of a Sugar Estate, and consisting of drivers, sugar boilers, coopers, carpenters, and field people. The sale will commence precisely at Ten o'clock.
Nov. 27, 1807
On Saturday the 19th December, at the Vendue Office, by order of Messrs. A. Cart and Louis Desaulles, q.q. three negro men.
Also, by order of Mr. Ch. de Beausobre, Ten prime negroes, viz. eight good shovelers and two women, field people.
On the same day, by order of Mr. Wm. Mitchell, Executor of Leven Deweever, dec. one negro, household furniture, wearing apparel, several pieces of hard wood, &c. &c.
Also, by order of the Executors of H. Mutz, deceased, a negro man named Sambo.
Nov. 27, 1807
On Tuesday and Wednesday, the 22d and 23d December, by order of H. D. Obermuller, Esq. at his store, Stabroek, a large assortment of dry goods, provisions, plantation stores, &c. at Six Months' Credit.
Nov. 27, 1807.

Den Ondergeteekende maakt met deesen bekend, dat tuschen Sondag en Maandag nagt is weggeloopen een rosagtige Neeger man met Potzuko aan den Linker voed hebbende een ligt bruyne vlak agter in de Londen staarten in 't haar spreek Engels, Holland, en Creools, de geene die de zelve mogte of kunnen vangen, en dezelve aan 't Fort Zeelandia te besorgen zullen in dank het vang loon betaalen, of ook te laten weeten waar hy te haalen is. J. A. Meeler.
Essequebo, 23 Nov. 1807.

FOR LIVERPOOL, [heading]
The ship George, D. M'Taggert Master, ship Diana, Thos. Brown Master; the former will positively sail the 24th, the latter the 28th December; and
FOR GLASGOW, [heading]
The ship Belleisle, W. Gemmell Master, will sail on the 15th January. For Freight or Passage, apply to Douglas, Reid, & Co.
Demerary, Nov. 28, 1807.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves [not transcribed]

The Undersigned have received, by the Duke of Kent, from Liverpool, a General Assortment of Merchandize, Provisions, &c. particulars of which will be given in the next paper.
Nov. 28, 1807. C. & J. Ryan.

FOR SALE, [heading]
At the large Logie of R. B. Daly, on Plantation Vlissingen, between the Union and Marshall's Coffee Houses, a great quantity of the following Articles, all of the very best quality, and now landing from the ship Queen, lately from Liverpool.
[first column]
Tobacco in hhds.
Cod fish in tierces
Flour in barrels
Salt in do.
Neats tongues
Herrings in kits
Smoked beef
Cheshire, Gloucester, &c. cheese
Candles, Soap
Cork butter
[second column]
Refined sugar
White lead
Paint and lamp oil
Sheet lead
Copper, &c.
[end columns]
Nov. 28, 1807.

TO BE LET, [heading]
That Part of the Great Building on Plantation Vlissingen, at present occupied by Ph. Yates, Esq. For particulars, inquire of
Nov. 28, 1807 R. B. Daly.

FOR SALE, [heading]
The Cargo of the Ship Hero, just arrived from Newfoundland, consisting of Excellent Cod Fish, in Casks of 4, 6, and 8 quintals, which will be sold on moderate terms for payment in Cotton or Coffee W. Roach.
South street, Bridge Town, Nov. 27, 1807.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Nov. 26. Ship Queen, John Mares, from Liverpool.
Nov. 27. Ship Duke of Kent, James Dougall, from Liverpool.
Nov. 28. Ship Hero, J. Carnichan, from Newfoundland.
Nov. 28. Ship Nile, I. Anderson, from Berbice.

Nov. 26. Brig Mary, Alex. Birnie, for New York.
Nov. 27. Sloop Hancock, M. Mecanger, for Rhode Island.
Nov. 28. Ship Sir Edward Pellew, W. Orr, for Liverpool.

Among the arrivals this week, it will be seen, are two vessels from Liverpool, the Queen and Duke of Kent; the former arrived off the Bar on Sunday, but, in coming in, unfortunately stuck in the mud, where she remained till Thursday. The Hon. I. van den Broek, Mr. and Mrs. Maurenbrecher, and Mr. B. Schlarhorst, came passengers. They left England the beginning of October, in company with other running vessels, the Neptune for Berbice.
The Duke of Kent came in on Thursday, after a passage of only 31 days; in her arrived -- Furnace, Esq.

We are sorry to have to state that the Chenille has been making sad havoc up the Coast; some people say it is all for want of a little Gypsum (see Advert.)

Died. - On Wednesday night, at this house in Cumingsburg, Mr. Adam Smith.

Mr. Printer,
Sir - I have not yet seen any thing interesting or conclusive on the subject of the present Comet. I have been anxiously waiting for information, but finding none, I now take the liberty of offering my own ideas on the subject.
It was first seen here about the 24th of September, and, as near as I could observe, it was then between the orbits of Mars and Venus. It moved at the rate of 3 degrees daily.
The plane of its orbit is very much inclined to the ecliptic, the angle of the two planes is about 42 deg.
It is most certainly the same Comet that appeared in the time of Sir I. Newton in 1680, and again in 1744, and therefore the time of its period must be 64 years.
The near approach of some Comets to the Sun subjects them to intense and inconceivable degrees of heat; the illustrious Sir I. Newton calculated the heat of the Comet of 1680 to have been nearly 2000 times as great as that of a red hot iron.
The calculation is founded upon this principle, that the heat of the Sun falling upon any body at different distances, is reciprocally as the squares of those distances.
Although the present Comet may still be very plainly seen through a good telescope, it has become almost invisible to the naked eye; therefore I suppose it to be far removed from our system.
I am of opinion that the nucleus of this Comet is fully the size of our Earth, and its distance from us when it crossed the Earth's orbit into the Northern hemisphere, about 16,000,000 English miles.
Such future suggestions as may occur to me on the subject of this rare phenomenon, I will communicate in a subsequent paper.
I am, Sir, &c. &c. Philo.
Demerary, Nov. 18, 1807

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.


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