Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1807 December 26


Ao. 1807 )


Essequebo and Demerary


( No. 261.

Saturday, the 26th of December.

Stolen, or Drifted, about eight days ago, from the Stelling of I. van der Haas & Co. a Punt, about 20 feet long and 10 broad, marked I V D H. Whoever will restore the same, shall be rewarded by
Dec. 26, 1807 I. Van Der Haas.

The Subscriber offers for Hire Two Saddle Horses with Tackling complete. For particulars, inquire of him at his Residence on Lot No. 83, Brick Dam, Stabroek.
Dec. 26, 1807. C. Smith.

The Subscriber offers for Sale a house and Half Lot of Land, with the Out-Buildings, situated in Cumingsburg, between the Premises of Wm. Heathcote, Esq. and the Widow Robb. The said Premises will be sold reasonable to an approved Purchaser. For particulars, inquire of the Subscriber, or Mr. C. Smith, on Lot. No. 83, Stabroek.
Dec. 26, 1807. Sarah Bourne

The Undersigned hereby makes known, that it is his intention to remove his Domicilium Citandi et Executandi from the House of H. D. Obermuller, Esq. Demerary, to that of J. G. Walteling, Esq. Fort Island, Essequebo.
Dec. 23, 1807. G. F. Perret.

The Undersigned being admitted Sworn Translator in English, French, and Dutch Languages, respectfully informs the Publick, and especially the gentlemen of the Law, of the same; recommending himself to their patronage.
Demerary, Dec. 25, 1807. L. P. Van Braam.

The Subscriber having purchse at public Vendue the Wood land Estate No. 3, in Haweronie Creek, from the Heirs of the late Mr. Campar, and finding many persons cutting Timber on the same, warns them in this public manner to desist from any further trespass.
Pl. Phoenix, Dec. 23, 1807. Jos. Beete.

A Side Roller for a Cattle Mill having been sent from Europe, in which there has been a mistake in the dimensions, any person that it may suit may have it at prime Cost and Charges. Its dimensions are
Two feet diameter
Two feet, eight inches case
Five feet, two inches, extreme length of the Gudgeon,
wedged and turned complete.
Please to apply to the Printer. - Dec. 26, 1807

FOR LONDON, [heading]
The Ship Aurora, John Brown Master, a fast sailing Coppered Ship, has a license from the Admiralty to Run, and will sail the first springs in February with any armed vessels which may be going at the time. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on board, or to
Underwood, Johnson, & Co.
Demerary, Dec. 26, 1807.

Any Person inclined to contract for cleaning the Trenches and making up the Roads of that Part of the Front of Vlissingen, situated between the New Union Coffee House and Mr. John Ashley's, now called Columbus District, likewise the three Main Streets thereof, may give in Proposals for the same, on or before Monday the 4th of January next, to the undersigned elected Commissaries, who, in the meantime, will give every necessary information respecting the same.
Demerary, Dec. 26, 1807. M. Campbell,
R. B. Daly.

FOR SALE, [heading]
A Fast Sailing Sloop Rigg'd Boat, built of Colony Wood, Thirty-two Feet Keel, and Thirteen Feet and a Half beam, in complete order, with Two Anchors and Cables, and a small boat, For further particulars, apply to
Middle-street, Dalysburg, Wm. Gibson.
Dec. 24, 1807.

Notice is hereby given, that the Copartnership subsisting under the name of Robert Arnot & Co. will be dissolved, by mutual consent, on the First of January next. All persons who have Demands on, or are indebted to, the said Firm, are requested to call, on Amos Leeds for an immediate settlement.
Amos Leeds,
Demerary, Dec. 26, 1807 Robert Arnot.

The Subscriber, intending to leave this Colony in the Month of May ensuing, offers far Sale or Hire, on easy Terms, the Premises which he at present occupies in Front of Plantation Vlissingen. Possession to be given the first of January. He also offers for Sale a Schooner Boat of 40 feet keel and 15 feet beam, built of the best Materials, with a Silver Bolly Bottom, 15 Months old; also the Negroes belonging to said Boat, well acquainted with the Coast. The Subscriber also requests all those who may have any Demands against him, and also those who may have any Demands against him, and also those who stand indebted to him, to come forward and settle with him without delay.
Demerary, Dec. 26, 1807. Amos Leeds.

Just Landed, and For Sale, for cash only, at the Store of Wm. Lucas, Middle Street, Bridge Town. - Dec. 26, 1807.

Secretary's Office. This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Pamela Waldron, in 14 days, from 9 Dec.
Wm. Thos. Mason and Dom. Bernard, do, from 10 do.
Aaron Bryant and Jno. M'Donald, do. from 11 do.
Dec. 12, 1807. J. C. Stadtman, first Clerk.

All those who have any Claims or Demands against, or are any wise owing or indebted unto, the Firm of Wilson & Allen, are requested within the space of six weeks from this date to give in their Claims or Demands or make Payment unto Mr. John Allen the remaining Copartner of said Firm, or to John Mackintosh, Esq. in the Secretary's Office of this colony; as no receipts or acquittances will be admitted as valid except such as are signed by the said John Allen or John Mackintosh. Thus done at the Secretary's Office of Demerary, this 19th day of December, 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk

All those who have any Claims or Demands against, or are any wise owing or indebted unto, the Firm of Wilson & Allen, are requested, within the space of Six Weeks, from this date, to give in their Claim ms or Demands, or make Payment, unto Mr. John Allen the remaining Copartner of said Firm, or at the Office of M. Lamaison, Esq. or the Secretary's Office of this Colony; as no Receipt or Acquittances will be admitted as valid, except such as are signed by the said John Allen or M. Lamaison.
Thus done at the Secretary's Office of Demerary this 19th day of December, 1807.
J. C. Stadtman, First Clerk.

Wordt van weegens de Heer John Hendricks geadverteerd, dat Vier Obligatien door hem op den Vyfde deeser, in faveur van C. F. Guintzel of Order, afgegeeven als een ter somma van f 1000, betaalbar den 19 van deese maand, en drieter somma van f 2000 elk. betaalbar op den 2 Feburary, 2 July, 5 December, 1808, niet in betaaling an te neemen also deselve niet door gem. John Hendricks zullen worden om reedenen.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary, deesen 24 December, 1807. J. C. Stadtman, Eerste Clercq.

On Wednesday the 6th of January, by order of John Nichol, Esq. at his store on Robb's stelling, Irish linen and sheeting, calicoes, cambrics, dowlas, osnaburgs, cotton and coffee bagging, cotton shirting, muslin and pullicat handkfs. stockings, Gentlemen's made coats, waistcoats, pantaloons, and shirts, saddlery, perfumery, ironmongery, stationary, peas, pearl and Scotch barley, tripe, pickles, vinegar, dried vegetables, raspberry and cherry brandy, capers, &c. Also, London Particular Madeira wine in pipes, hhds. and quarter casks.
Dec. 25, 1807.
On Friday the 8th January 1808, at the Vendue Office, by order of Wm. Latham, Esq. the half lot of land No. 6 situated in Kingston, in which he at present resides, with all the buildings thereon, consisting of a dwelling house 24 feet by 16, a range of out buildings 60 feet in length, with a silver bolly water vat, holding about 3000 gallons, well fixed upon hard wood; also a Colony frame two stories high, covered with Wallaba shingles, 15 feet by 10, the whole paled in and paved, with a pleasant garden, &c. The quarter lot of land more or less, No. 27, situated in the same street, consisting of a dwelling house 24 feet by 16, the frame of Colony wood covered with Wallaba shingles, with convenient out buildings all in good order. The half lot of land No. 59, situated on Middle Dam, Stabroek, with a side building 24 feet by 12, also a frame of hard wood laying in the same lot, 28 feet by 18, one and half story high. The half lot of land No. 89, situated on the north dam, Stabroek with the dwelling house, 36 feet by 12, one and half story high, new out buildings 30 feet by 11, of hard wood. Also a Colony built tent boat and punt, can be seen at the logie of Adam Knight deceased.
On the same day and place, by order of Philip Cambridge, Esq. the lease of a piece of land No. 12, situated in the middle street, front of Plantation Vlissingen, with the buildings thereon, at present occupied by Joseph Taylor, Esq. Also, some valuable negroes, &c. Also, on the same day, the half lot of land, No. 89, fronting the Brick Dam, Stabroek, with the buildings thereon, consisting of a comfortable dwelling house, raised 6 feet from the ground, out buildings, oven, &c. all in good repair.
Also, two case and three chests of Fresh Medicines, well assorted.
Also, a steam machine lately invented for the purpose of drying Coffee on tin plates, by which a large crop can be prepared in a few weeks in the wettest weather. The apparatus may be viewed previous to and on the day of sale at the premises of Mr. Madden.
Dec. 5, 1807.
On Wednesday the 20th January, on Plantation Sarah, Little Corobana, by order of Richard Watson, Esq. q.q. twenty seasoned negroes. Also, cattle, horses, &c.
Dec. 25, 1807.
On Thursday the 21st January, on Plantation Lancaster, Mahaica, by order of N. Griffith, Esq. Executor to - Miller, dec. seasoned negroes, cattle, household furniture, &c.
Dec. 25, 1807.

Uit krachte van zeekere Appointement verlee[illegible] door den Wel Edele Gestrenge Heer en Mr. V. A. Heyliger, fungeerend President van den Edele Achtbaaren Hove van Justitie alhier d.d. 14 Dec. 1807,
Worden hiermeede voor de Eerste Maal, by Edicte
Uit naam en van weegens N. Rousselet, als door [illegible] Edelen Achtbaaren Hove van Justitie deezer Colonie aan[illegible] steld tot het beheeren en administreeren van den Boedel wylen Joseph De Weever,
Omme te compareeren voor den Edelen Achtbaaren Hove van Justitie, zittende op de Hoofdplaats, Stabroek, teegens [illegible] Agtiende January eerstkoomende en volgende daagen.
Ten einde te koomen opgeeven hunne pretensien, mit [illegible] te dienen van derselver sutenuen. Zullende na expiratie [illegible] Vier Edictaale Citatien teegens de[illegible] non comparanten worden geprocedeert om het eeuwig silentium te obtineeren.
Rio Demerary, den 24 Dec. 1807
D. P. Simon, Exploiteur.

De Commissarissen van Charles Town versoeken by deese de Concessionairen [illegible] gemelde stad, om hunne rekeningen te koome[illegible] afhaalen, ten huyze van den heer S. van s'Gravesande [illegible], van 1 January tot de 15 do. zynde voor een yde[illegible] aan-deel in 't leggen den twee bruggen over de Cana[illegible] van Repentir en Werk & Rust; zullende naden [illegible] tyde van betaaling, aan de Concessionairen by publicque gazette worden kennis gegeeven, alles ingevolge resolutie des weegen gonoomen op de vergadering in dato 23 September, l.l.
Charles Town, Dec. 24, 1807.
Frs. Schovers, als meede voor
St. van s'Gravesande,

WANTED, [heading]
A Good Compositor. Any sober man, who well understands his Business, will meet with great Encouragement, by applying to the Printer of this Paper.

Vessels Entered and Cleared Since Our Last.

Dec. 21. Schooner Success, A. Clark, from Portsmouth.
Dec. 21. Brig Hercules, E. White, from New London.
Dec. 22. Ship Aurora, I. Brown, from Cape Good Hope.
Dec. 22. Snow Clarence, I. Grieve, from Liverpool.
Dec. 23. Ship Eglintown, W. Hamilton, from Glasgow.

Dec. 21. Schooner Ariel, E. Satterlee, for New London.
Dec. 21. Brig Dian, E. S. Young, for Savannah.
Dec. 22. Brig Mary Ann, F. Dyer, for Norfolk.
Dec. 24. Schooner Active, T. Forbes, for New York.
Dec. 24. Ship Speculator, I. Leitchman, for London.
Dec. 24. Snow Bell, I. Garrison, for New Brunswick.
Dec. 24. Ship Demerary, P. Inglis, for Liverpool.

Gentlemen who have not yet renewed their Subscriptions, are respectfully requested to do so in the course of the ensuing Week; as this is the last paper for the present year 1807, and it is absolutely necessary to have the Money paid in Advance.

We find, by the Berbice Gazette, that Capt. J. Caple has obtained permission to establish a weekly passage boat thence to this Colony, and vice versa. His schooner has excellent accommodations for four passengers, and is to sail every Monday from Berbice, and every Thursday from this port.

The following are the dimensions of the Spanish launch, lately captured, as taken by a Gentleman who went on board out of curiosity, viz. 47 feet long, and 21 feet, 1 inch broad; she can row 24 sweeps. The prisoners are treated extremely well; they have not only money allowed them, but are permitted to go to market themselves, in parties of three or four at a time, to purchase what they want.

Mr. Peter Gordon, of Berbice, was on board the last cartel which went from Guadaloupe to Barbados, but he died at sea on the 25th ult.

[Note: this is the third page and most of the middle column of three columns is cut out of the issue]

[excellent response to earlier letter about America vs. England]

Printed By T. Bond, No. 20, Brick Dam, Stabroek.


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