Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1810 February 10


[this issue represented by two frames - the front of the issue and back page - not the inner pages; some items recovered (Public Vendues) by references in later issues through the end of the month.]


Vol. V.]


[No. 240.

Saturday, February 10th, 1810.

The Undersigned contemplates again to bring his Business to a close, so as to leave this Colony early in April. He therefore most earnestly requests that all Persons indebted to him will have the goodness to call at his House in Commerce-Row with payment of their respective Notes and Accounts as soon as possible; at that period if not paid, they will be put into the hands of an Attorney at Law for collection.
For Hire or Sale. - A House and Lot No. 2 in Charleston; on ditto adjoining Messrs. Halket & Co. and opposite P. Verbeke Esq. and the Premises I now occupy, all in complete repair. And my stock in trade will be sold very low for real Cash as usual.
Feb. 10th, 1810. Wm. Good.

For Sale by the Subscribers, [heading]
For Immediate Payment,
A few hogsheads of Tobacco.
Hyndman & Cary.
Cumingsburg, 10th Feby. 1810.

For Sale. [heading]
Three seasoned Field Negroes.
On Moderate Terms for immediate payment in Cash, Cotton or Coffee. - If they are not sold before the 15th of March they will then be sold at Vendue.
8th Feb. 1810. James Lyon.

Notice. [heading]
As no attention whatever has been paid to the Subscriber's advertisement in this Paper of date 30th December ult. - he now for the last time informs those concerned, that he is positively determined to be no longer triffled [sic] with by promises, and it is therefore his fixed intention to institute Actions in time for the May Court against every one without respect to Persons, who may then remain indebted to him on Account, Notes of Hand &c. for former Years, a measure so unpleasant that nothing but a duty to himself and his Creditors could compel him to have resource to.
Alexr. Reith.
Demerary, 10th February 1810.

Stephen Garaud. [heading]
Lately arrived from Surinam, gives Notice to the Public, that he intends to carry on the
Business of Gold-Smith
in all its various Branches, and that he will do all that is in his power to merit the Confidence of the Gentlemen and Ladies, who may honor him with their Commands, - he also executes every kind of work with plated hair. His Domicilium is at the House of Madam Van Hove, opposite to that of the Honble. Van Der Paadevoort.
Demerary, 10th February, 1810.

Ten Joes Reward. [heading]
Will be given to any Person who will give such proof as will convict any White or free Coloured Person of harbouring or employing the mulatto Woman named Sally Ann, who has been some time absent. It has been hinted to the Subscriber that an attempt has or will be made to get her from this Colony to Surinam or Cayenne. All masters of Vessels are particularly cautioned from taking her off this Colony, as the law will be rigidly enforced against them. Five Joes will be given to any Person who will deliver her to the Subscriber.
R. S. Turton.
N.B. The last time she absconded she was taken up at Hamburg Estate, in Essequebo, by Mr. Geo. Reid Senr. who sent her up under the care of Mr. Adam Smith, one of the Attornies, who wrote a letter offering to buy her, and kept her in his possession for many days before he sent her home.
Demerary, 10th February 1810.

J. Pantliz & Co. [heading]
Offer for Sale the Cargo of the Brig Valerus, John Lane Master, from Bath, N.A. consisting of Kennebeck W.P. Boards and Plank,
R.O. Staves,
Herrings in barrels,
Alewives in do. and
Scale Fish in boxes.
Charles Town, 10th February 1810.

For Sale. [heading]
By the Subscribers, the Cargo of the Schooner Mark, A. Keith Master, from Passamaquoddy, N. A. consisting of -
White Pine Boards and Plank,
Clapboards, and
Spruce Spars from 40 to 60 feet long.
Also on Hand.
Newfoundland Cod Fish in good order,
Madeira Wine in Pipes,
Nails of different sizes, and various other Articles.
Charles Town, Feb. 10 1810. J. Pantliz & Co.

Stolen from Robb's Stelling, three days ago, a Small Punt, 14 feet long, 4 1/2 feet wide. - Whoever can give information for the recovery of the same shall be Rewarded.
10th Feb. 1810. D. P. Simon.

In fourteen days after date, if not claimed, will be Sold by Public Auction, a red and white Cow, brought to the Barracks by the Dienders on the 1st of January last.
Demerary, 10th February 1810.

Sales by Execution. [heading]

By Virtue of a Decree of the Honble. Court of Justice of this Colony, dated 20th January 1810, I the undersigned First Exploiteur of the said Honble Court shall expose and sell, at Execution sale, on Friday the Sixteenth day of March next, in presence of the Councellors Commissaries and their Secretary: -
The Plantation Fredrica Johanna, situated in Mahaica Creek, belonging unto J. F. H. Von Schuler.
Whoever supposes to be entitled to oppose the above sale must address themselves in writing at the Exploiteur's Office; and those inclined to purchase to attend on the day of sale at the said Plantation Fredrica Johanna.
Rio Demerary, 9th February 1810.
M. Smit, First Marshal.
N.B. The sale will commence precisely at 11 o'clock in the morning.

Public Vendues. [heading]

On Wednesday the 14th February, at the Vendue Office, thirty pieces Dundee cotton bagging, a trunk of boots, cotton hammocks, potatoes, &c. &c.
February 10th. Kingston & McBean.

On Thursday the 15th inst. at the Vendue Office, a few pieces Inverness cotton bagging, nails assorted, a curricle harness, bundles twine, a parcel of hinges, a few dozen of hoes and shovels, some kegs paint, a case of ketchup, cannisters gunpowder, some pots of paint, and a parcel of glass ware.
February 10th. Kingston & McBean.

[???? – a missing item?]

On Monday the 19th February, at the store of Messrs. Charles & John Ryan, their remaining stock on hand, without reserve, consisting of -
Cumberland and Yorkshire hams, beef and pork in half barrels, pine and Glouster cheese, potatoes in hampers, tripe in jars, split pease and groats in kegs, pearl barley in do. sallad oil and French vinegar, cherry and rasberry brandy, ratafia, London draught porter in barrels, real Holland gin per gallon or pipe, salt in barrels, pickles assorted, Durham mustard, seltzer water, Gentlemens' fashionable made cloaths, cotton hammocks, counterpanes, London made hessian and top boots, silk hats, stockings, Irish linen, shirts, sail and sewing twine, temper lime, lamp oil, spirits of wine, glass ware in crates, mahogany writing desks, mill grease, nails and ironmongery assorted, shades, tape, pocket handkerchiefs, and what further may appear on the day of sale.
Also on the same day a Phaeton and Harness complete.
February 10th. Kingston & McBean.

On Friday the 23d inst. will be exposed for sale at the Vendue Office, by order of Miss Catherine Cells, the Lot of Land No. 155 with the Buildings thereon, situated in Cumingsburg, formerly the property of F. Swanke deceased.
February 10th. Kingston & McBean.

On Tuesday the 24th April, will be exposed for sale by order of John McDonald Esq. at his House in Mahaica. - Ten seasoned Negroes, chiefly carpenters and wood cutting negroes, a Lot of Land with a Logie 100 feet long, &c. And what further may appear on the day of sale.
February 10th. Kingston & McBean.

Notice. [heading]
Whereas the following Persons have Petitioned the Honble. the Court of Policy of Essequebo and Demerary, for Letters of Manumission for the afternamed Slaves, as follows:
C. G. Storm Van s'Gravesande for the Negro Woman Octavia, the property of her mother Philida.
J. P. Valz and J. Chaudony q.q. the Estate of the late F. G. Cornette decd. for the Mulatto Woman Charlotte and her Son Francois Louis Joseph.
And Diana Wallace, a Mulatto Woman, assisted by her former Master George Chalmer Wallace, for herself.
All those who may have right or title to said Slaves are hereby Notified to give in their Claims, either at the Commandement in Essequebo or at the Secretary's Office of Demerary, between this date and the next ensuing Ordinary meeting of the Court of Policy aforesaid, as the Court will then proceed to give such orders on the said several Petitions as it shall see meet.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, 9th February, 1810.
By Command of the Court,
C. T. Tinne, first Clerk loco Secretarii.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves

in the Colony Stocks of Demerary, 10th February, 1810.



Brought by



Abary Ferry.





Chas. Beausobre,







From Trinidad.



Joh. De Ruiter.


Thos. Laurence,

Pl. Foulis.


Rowland Smith,



J. L. Loof,



Pl. Non Pareille,



Hall Benjamin,

Ant. Osborn.


Js. Cummings,

Pl. Lancaster.



Thos. Smith.


G. F. Engels,

Pl. Ruimveld.



Pl. Kitty.

S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

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