Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1810 February 20


Vol. V.]


[No. 243.

Tuesday, February 20th, 1810.

Sugar and Coffee [heading]
Wanted for His Majesty's Troops in this Colony.
Persons willing to Supply either of the above Articles, viz: - of the former about Three Thousand Pounds weight, and of the latter Two Thousand Pounds weight, (to be delivered at the Commissary's Stores at Fort William Frederick,) for the Expenditure of the next two Months, commencing the 24th Instant, are requested to make tenders for the same, Sealed and marked - "Tenders for Sugar and Coffee" - previous to the 28th Instant, on which day they will be opened in the presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops when the lowest Offer or Offers will (if approved of) be accepted.
It is to be understood that the Person or Persons Contracting for the supplies of either of the above Articles shall be bound for the due performance thereof, in the Penalty of One Hundred Pounds Sterling, by virtue of his Tender. Alexr. Pitman.
Assist. Commissary.
Commissary's Office, 17th February, 1810.

Wanted [heading]
For the use of Government.
The following Negro Cloathing and Provisions: -
[first column]
24 Tradesmens' Jackets,
24 ditto Hats,
24 Russia sheeting Trowsers,
24 Linen Shirts,
46 Negro Hats,
22 ditto peniston Jackets,
22 Check Shirts,
22 Oznaburghs Trowsers,
196 Yards Check,
[second column]
27 Pulicate Handkerchiefs,
20 Women's peniston Wrappers,
77 Blankets,
6 Barrels of Mess Beef,
6 ditto of ditto Pork,
1 Tierce of Rice,
1/2 Pipe of Wine.
[end columns]
Tenders for the whole of the above-named Articles will be received at the Government Secretary's Office from this date until the 1st of March next, and the lowest offer will be accepted.
Demerary, 10th February 1810.
J. R. Brandt, Commissary.

The Undersigned hereby makes known, that he has taken his passage for Europe on board the Demerary, Capt. Inglis, the time of whose sailing may be seen by the papers. - He finds it absolutely necessary to give this information, as he is sorry to say the principal part of those to whom he addressed his Advertisement of the 30th December last, have paid no attention to it; affecting to believe that it was not his intention to quit the Colony as therein specified.
He now for the last time requests all those who have any Business to settle with him, immediately to come and arrange the same, and thereby prevent the disagreeable consequences which may ensue from further delay.
Demerary, 20th Feby. 1810. R. B. Daly
N.B. The Household Furniture, and other effects of the abovesigned, will be Sold at Vendue on the 15th of next Month. - See Vendue advertisements.

To Let. [heading]
A House in Cumingsburg, with Kitchen, wash House, Negro House, Stable, Chaise House, Water House, &c. situated opposite Messrs. Cornfoot, Bell & Co. and lately occupied by Mr. Frankland. For particulars apply to Sally E. Cuming, or at the Office of this Paper.
Demerary, 20th February 1810.

Picked Up. [heading]
By a Negro, on the Cross-Street between the Houses of Mr. J. Runnels and P. Phillips, yesterday Morning, a Small Liquor Case, with four square Flasks and a Tumbler therein; also an Iron ring with Five Keys. Whoever they belong to may have the same by applying at the Office of this Paper. Feby. 20, 1810.

The Undersigned intending to leave the Colony with the first Convoy, requests his clients to call at his Office for the Papers entrusted to his care, which shall be immediately delivered on the expences being paid.
C. Hofstede.
Demerary, 6th February, 1810. L.L.D.
P.S. - If the abovementioned Papers are not fetched away from the Office of C. Hofstede, on or before the 1st of March next, the same will be deposited at the Secretary's Office for account and risk of those concerned.

Just Received [heading]
By the Ship Hebe, Capt. Richardson, from London,
And for Sale by the Subscribers: -
Superfine blue and black Cloths,
Best Welch Flannel,
Rich Patent Hats,
Fine fashionable Beaver Hats,
Children's and Boy's do. ditto.
Ladies' most fashionable ruff Hats with handsome Ostrich Feathers,
Yellow Nankeens,
Hyson Tea,
Black Peper [sic], Mustard, Sallad Oil,
Temper Lime.
McInroy, Sandbach & Co.
Werk & Rust, 20th Feb. 1810.

Joseph Tayler. [heading]
Has the pleasure of acquainting his Friends and the Public in general that the
Commercial Coffee-House,
American Stelling, is recommenced immediately under his own direction. He solicits the continuance of their favour, and pledges himself every attention shall be paid to the extent of his ability.
N.B. Coffee, tea, and Chocolate every morning - Soup at One o'Clock.
Demerary, 20th February 1810.

Runaway from the Subscriber, the Negro Woman Venus, formerly the property of Sally Perkins decd. - She is stout made and good looking in her person, - speaks Dutch & English fluently, and is well known in and about Town as a huckstress, where it is supposed she may be harboured; or otherwise that she has gone to Walkenham Island, where she is also well known. A Reward of Three Joes will be given to any person who will secure her in the Barracks, or who may give such information to the Subscriber as may lead to her discovery; - any person harbouring her after this Notice shall be prosecuted as the Law directs.
G. A. Richardson.
N.B. Should the Woman return of her own accord within a Week from this date, her misconduct will be forgiven.
Pl. Enterprise, 20th February 1810.

Picked up behind the Fort on Thursday morning last, a small Yawl, apparently Colony built. The Owner may have her by applying to the Undersigned, paying the expence of this Advertisement, and giving a trifling reward to the Negroes who found her.
Hannah Landroy.
Kingston, 20th February 1810.

Public Vendues.

On Monday the 26th Inst. by order of McInroy, Sandbach & Co.
Irish linen, Sheeting, Diaper, Harn [sic], brown Dowlas, brown Holland, Cotton and Linen Checks, Oznaburgs, Bed Tyk, Tape and Bobbin, Nuns Thread, Ginghams, Seersuckers, callicoes, Patent and Willow hats, Negro Cloathing, Hams, Cheese, Pease, Barley and Oat meal, Beef and Pork.
February 20th. Kingston & McBean.

On Tuesday and Wednesday next, the 27th and 29th instant, at the store of Messrs. Charles & John Ryan, their remaining stock on hand, without reserve, consisting of -
Cumberland and Yorkshire hams, beef and pork in half barrels, pine and Gloster cheese, potatoes in hampers, tripe in jars, split pease and groats in kegs, pearl barley in do. sallad oil and French vinegar, cherry and rasberry brandy, ratafia, London draught porter in barrels, real Holland gin per gallon or pipe, salt in barrels, pickles assorted, Durham mustard, seltzer water, Gentlemens' fashionable made cloaths, cotton hammocks, counterpanes, London made hessian and top boots, silk hats, stockings, Irish linen, shirts, sail and sewing twine, temper lime, lamp oil, spirits of wine, glass ware in crates, mahogany writing desks, mill grease, nails and ironmongery assorted, shades, tape, pocket handkerchiefs, and what further may appear on the day of sale.
February 20th. Kingston & McBean.

On Thursday the 15th of March at Marshall's Hotel, by order of R. B. Daly Esq. - A Dwelling House, situated in front of Plantation Werk & Rust, neatly and newly fitted up; a great quantity of American oars of all sizes, ditto hoops and staves, iron hoops, puncheons, &c. Saddle and draught Horses well seasoned to the country and warranted healthy and sound, a convenient Gigg, Harness &c. Saddle, Bridles, halters &c. A Tent Boat, a fast rowing cedar-built Bermudian boat, with oars, sails &c. A Colony built Punt of the largest size with a Tent in the middle, a ditto built for the purpose of handily getting Timber out of the Creeks. Household Furniture of all descriptions, among which are very elegant Looking Glasses, Pictures, Clocks, Bedsteads and Mahogany Commodes, Chairs, Sophas, Sideboard, Counting-house Desks of different forms, Maps, silver Spoons and a variety of other articles.
February 20th. Kingston & McBean.

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Saml. R. Nurse, in 14 days or 3 Weeks, - 3d Feb.
Dond. McLean, in 14 days, - from the 5th Feby.
John Carpenter, in do. or one Month, - from do.
H. J. Lucas, in 14 days or 6 Weeks, - from 5th Feb.
Wm. Gordon, Junr, for Berbice, in 14 days, - ditto.
Thomas Lawrence and Family, in 14 days or 3 Months, - from 6th Feby. 1810.
Thos. Frankland in 14 days or a Month, from Feb. 7.
J. Griffith, in ditto or ditto, - from 8th Feb.
Allen Dalzell, in ditto 2 Months, from Feb. 9.
Tempest Coulthurst, in 14 days, - from 10th Feb.
F. De Ridder, with a black Servant, in 14 days or 3 Weeks, - from 10th Feby.
Ms. LaMaison, LL.D. by the first Fleet.
Henry Burton, in 14 days, - from 12th Feby.
Wm. Francis, in 14 days, - from 13th Feby.
Joseph Clarke, with his Wife and two Slaves, in 14 days, - from 14th Feby.
Mrs. du Sart, in 14 days or 5 weeks, from Feb. 16th.
C. T. Tinne, first Clerk. [no citing of Secretary's Office or date]

Banns of Matrimony [heading]
Between the Revd. W. G. Straghan, born in the Island of Barbados, Widower, - and Miss Frances Elizabeth Dougan, born in the Island of St. Christophers, assisted by her Mother Mrs. Dougan.
--- for the second time. [Transcriber's note: second appearance of notice?]
Any Person knowing just cause or impediment why the above Parties should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony must declare the same at the Colonial Secretary's Office. - Demerary, 9th Feby. 1810.
C. T. Tinne, first Clerk loco Secretarii.

Notice is hereby given on the part of Messrs. C. & J. Ryan, that they have received a Power from the surviving Heir of the late Mr. John Salmond of this Colony, in consequence of which power they have taken over from the Wees Kamer under the Act of deliberation in behalf of the said Heir all the Papers of the deceased, - and they request all those Indebted to the said Estate to come forward with payment.
Secretary's Office, 10th Feby. 1810.
C. T. Tinne, first Clerk.

Mr. Henery, - By inserting the following lines you will oblige Britanicus.

Neptune and Britannia.
With hair dishivel'd and with tear dew'd cheeks
And spear revers'd Britania - Neptune seeks,
And having found him on his coral throne
Thus in sad anguish makes her sorrows known;
O Father why hast thou withdrawn thy smile
Thy smile benignant from my white cliff'd Isle
Thy smile which British breasts with ardour fir'd
While wondering Nations trembled and admir'd.
Thy aid O Neptune to this Isle restore
Or Britain's glory sinks to rise no more.
Sister, reply'd the Wave compelling God,
Britain has err'd and she has felt the rod.
Why leave her proper element the main
In tented fields to waste her strength in vain?
The Sea is mine and I'm Britania's friend,
But on the Land my power's at an end
On me if she'll depend for time to come
The Boon you ask I'll send Britania home.

Average Cash Prices of Produce in Stabroek this day.
Cotton - 18 to 19 stivers. Sugar - 3 to 4 stivers.
Coffee - 9 1/2 to 10. Rum (C. P.) - 22 & 1/2

By the arrival yesterday of three of the London Fleet under convoy of the Persian Sloop of War, we are enabled to begin this day's duties with the pleasing opportunity of congratulating the Public on the arrival of the Silver Money lately coined at the Tower of London by His Majesty's permission, for the use and convenience of the Inhabitants of these Colonies, as announced in His Excellency the Governor's Proclamation of the 3d instant. Assured as we are that there is but one wish, and one opinion, as to the benefits likely to result to the general interest of every branch of trade and traffic through this mountain of circulating Specie, if preserved within the Government, and allowed to invigorate the sinews of trade by a fair uninterrupted circulation. It may perhaps be allowed us to observe how much it were wished if Persons in ostensible situations in the country and particularly the Merchants of Stabroek, would enter into some regulations so as to co-operate with the acts of Government and secure the advantages of this valuable importation of Coin as well to themselves as to the whole of the Community. Some useful and public spirited hints have been already offered to public consideration through the medium of this Paper by J.B. who with much zeal and judgement recommends "individual caution and strict association of Merchants &c." for the purpose no doubt of detecting not only the depredations of capital offenders, but to secure the circulation of the Coin from the views of those who by hoarding or monopolizing Specie in preference to Paper currency thereby defeats the intention of the Legislature, to the manifold injury of the Public, and even without incurring any responsibility when detected.

For the names of the Ships arrived yesterday see our ship list. The indefatigable, Alfred and Fortune parted with the Fleet in the latitude of Madeira, and is supposed to have touched at that Island under the protection of one of the Men of War. They may be daily look'd for.

Among the Passengers by the Ships arrived we notice the following - Mrs. Clifton, Doctor Lloyd, H. Addison, and Ths. De Lisle Esqrs.

Early last Sunday morning after a short but severe illness, died at his House in America-Street, in the 48th Year of his age, Robert Younghusband, Esq. a Merchant of several years standing in this Colony. In every relation of life he was endeared to his acquaintances, not more by the integrity and manly firmness of his character as a Merchant, than the urbanity of his manners, and the social and correct [illegible] of his heart as a friend and a Gentleman. Of Mr. Younghusband it may be truly said that few lived more esteemed and respected, or died more universally regretted by a large circle of respectable friends as well as the whole Community to whom he was so long known. The deceased has left a disconsolate Widow, to whom he was only united a few days before his illness, to deplore his loss.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.

Feb. 20 Ship Hebe, Capt. Brown, from London - General Cargo & Silver Coinage for the Colonies.
-- Ship Albion, Nicholson, London - gen. Cargo.
-- Ship Economy, Ross, Ditto, - Ditto.
Feb. 20. Ship Blanchard, Capt. Hewison, for Liverpool.
-- ---- Venerable, Gillispey, Ditto.
-- ---- Ceres, Robinson, Ditto.
-- Schooner Sally, Williams, Boston.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves

in the Colony Stocks of Demerary, 17th February, 1810.



Brought by



Abary Ferry.





Chas. Beausobre,







Joh. De Ruiter.


Thos. Laurence,

Pl. Foulis.


Rowland Smith,



J. L. Loof,



Pl. Non Pareille,



Hall Benjamin,

Ant. Osborn.


Js. Cummings,

Pl. Lancaster.



Thos. Smith.


G. F. Engels,

Pl. Ruimveld.


La Bonne Intention,

Pl. Diamond.

S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
Every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon
By Edward James Henery.

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