Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1810 April 07


Vol. V.]


[No. 256.

Saturday, April 7th, 1810.

For London. [heading]
The Armed Snow Indefatigable, John Brand, Master.
Coppered and stand A 1 at Lloyd's. Will sail the first Springs in May; - for Freight or Passage apply to the Captain on board or to
Johnson, Dyett, McGarel & Co.
Demerary, 7th April 1810.

For Liverpool. [heading]
The stanch fast-sailing Ship Adventure, Thomas Brown, Master.
Is well armed and man'd; - having a great part of her Cargo engaged she will leave this, a runner, the first Springs next month positively. - For Freight or Passage apply to the Master on board, or on Bel Air Estate to John Staunton.
Demerary, 7th April 1810.

Pursuant to a Proclamation of the Honble. Court of Policy, and by order of the Honble. F. P. Van Berckel, Fiscaal, will be Sold at Public vendue, in one Month after this date, the following Slaves confined in the Colony Barracks, viz: the Negro Woman Princess, belonging to Thos. Lawrence; and the Negro Jack, of the Boed. F. C. Engels.
S. G. Martens, Drossaart.
Demerary, 6th April 1810.

Best Yellow Bark. [heading]
For Sale, at f 18 15 per pound, Cash.
Apply at the Office of this Paper. April 7, 1810.

Joseph Hadfield, [heading]
Sworn Surveyor and Book-Keeper.
Takes the liberty to inform those who may require the transaction of Business in the line of either of his professions, or of any branch of Accompting, that he now resides at the House formerly occupied by Mr. Willm. Caselely, on Plantation Adventure, on the West side of this River.
Essequebo, 5th April 1810.

Stolen from alongside the Schooner Matirossa, by some of her Crew, a Ship's Long Boat, marked on the outside of the Stern "John of London," - inside "John Heywood." Whoever will give such information as may lead to her recovery will be rewarded by applying to Capt. Brand, Demerary; or Capt. Williams of the Brig John, in Berbice. April 6th 1810.

For Sale. [heading]
A capable House Boy and Cook, about 18 to 20 years of age; he is sold for no fault, but the owner having no use for him. Enquire of the Printer of this Paper. April 7, 1810.

Absconded from the Subscriber on Saturday last, a Negro Woman named Rosetta, of the Pappa nation; her face is much cut or markd. It is supposed she may be harboured by her Country-Women at Hope Plantation, Eastern Coast.
William Good.
Who has some valuable Negroes to dispose of.
Demerary 7th April 1810.

Notice. [heading]
Should there be as yet any creditors of Mr. A. Brouwer, or his Plantation called Uitkomst, whom on the 2d April 1807 granted him indulgence of time, and for which his said Estate was brought under willing Sequestration; are hereby requested to come and receive their payment of
Yorkshire Hall, N. Rousselet,
Charles Town, having a General Power of
3d April A. Brouwer.

For Sale. [heading]
12 Puncheons Rum, proof 26.
30 Bags good Coffee.
3 Bales Cotton,
Also for Sale, a large New Punt, 48 feet keel and 12 feet 10-12th Beam, - built of Mora Timbers 4 inches square and planked with best red cabacally; would answer a Sugar Estate extremely well.
Also any Quantity of Bricks from the Brickery up the River, may be had at any time on moderate terms by application to
James Robertson
April 7th. Agent.

Wanted. [heading]
For Cash or Bills of Exchange, 300 Bunches of Plantains per Week for three Months.
Apply at Paul Smith's Commission-Store.
Werk & Rust, April 7th 1810.

Public Vendues. [heading]

On Friday the 13th inst. by order of James Jackson & Co. for the Benefit of the Underwriters and others concerned, a bale of Negro Clothing consisting of 87 lined Jackets, 97 pair Trowsers, 87 Red Wollen Shirts.
Also on the same day, almonds, raisins, currants, plumbs, sallad oil, vinegar, calicoes, handkerchiefs, tape, bobbin, writing desks, Seltzerwater [sic] and a trunk of shoes.
April 7th. Kingston & McBean.

On Saturday the 14th inst. at the Vendue Office, for account of the Underwriters, the following Goods per the Brig Thetis from Liverpool and Surinam, the following articles damaged by Salt Water, - two cases of hats, a trunk of calicoes, 20 boxes ling fish, 15 cases of raisins, 1 hhd tobacco and 4 hampers onions.
April 7th. Kingston & McBean.

On Thursday the 19th of April at the Vendue Office, by order of L. Barnes, Executor of Peter Martin deceased. - Wearing apparel, several charts and books, a quadrant, medicine chest &c.
April 7th. Kingston & McBean.

On Monday the 23d inst. by order of Charles Vincent Esq. intending to change his place of residence, will expose for sale by Public Auction, the undermentioned Articles, viz: - Household Furniture consisting of mahogany and cherry tree chairs, sofas, dining tables, tea tables, bedsteads, bureaus, looking glasses, a house clock, a parcel of elegant prints, a forte piano, a blue set of table ware complete, decanters, shades, a large collection of valuable Books, water jars, and a variety of other articles.
April 7th. Kingston & McBean.

On Wednesday the 25th inst. by order of Messrs. Hugh McKenzie & Co. at their Store. - Prime mess beef in barrels, mutton and bacon hams, pickled & smoked herrings, salt in barrels, barley and split pease in kegs, tripe in jars, soap and candles, raspberry & cherry brandy, brown stout vinegar in bottles, Irish linens, ditto sheeting, platillias, britannias, printed calicoes, furniture chintz, dimity, salempores, checks, India jean, cotton cambric, bed tick, mattresses with bolsters and pillows, large fishing seins, sein twine, oznabrugs, Welch flannel, cotton hammocks, Negro Clothing, Ladies and gents boots and shoes, cotton bagging, &c.
April 7th. Kingston & McBean.

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
John Seward, in ditto, - from the 20th March.
Sarah K. Lovell, in ditto, do.
A. Foot, in ditto, - from the 23d March.
Mary Ann Stewart, with three Slaves, in do. do.
Rd. Deane, in 14 days or 6 weeks, - from do.
Mrs. Tournie, in 14 days, - from 24th March.
James Van Hamell, in 14 days or a Month, - from the 26th March.
Steph. Holman, in 14 days, - from ditto.
Eliot Walker, in ditto. ditto.
Chas. Ryan, and his Servant Martin, in 3 Weeks, - from the 29th March.
E. F. Hall, in 14 days, - from March 30th.
John Oliverson, in ditto. do.
Gavin Fullarton, in a Month or 6 Weeks, from do.
Alexr. Campbell, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from the 3d April.
C. T. Tinne, first Clerk. [no citing of Secretary's Office or date]

By Virtue of an Order of the Honorable Court of Justice of the Colony and Dependent Districts of Demerary, dated 21 March 1810, are hereby Summoned all Colonial and other Creditors to the Estate of the late W. White, (to which Estate James Robertson had been appointed Curator), to give in, at the Secretary's Office of this Colony in the chief town of Stabroek, their Claims, with the vouchers relating thereto, within six months from the date of these presents; after the expiration of which time, the Court will decide on the preference or priority of such claims, and decree perpetual silence with respect to those who shall not have given in their claims by that time.
Court House, Stabroek, Demerary, this 4th April 1810.
C. T. Tinne, Dy. Secty.

Transports and Mortgages [an addition?]

after Dardier

By James Fraser, Transport of the Plantation S' Haagsche Bosch, late the Property of F. Kroll decd. situate in the Canal No. 3, to William Heathcote.

Drifted or Stolen from the Stelling of Plantation Rome, a large Punt. Whoever will give such information to the Subscriber as will lead to her recovery, or deliver her up to him according to Law, shall be rewarded.
S. G. Martens, Drossaart.
Demerary, 7th April 1810.

[immediately below (third page - middle column) item cut out]

Average Cash Prices of Produce in Stabroek this day.
Cotton - 17 1/2 to 18 stivs. Sugar - 3 to 3 1/2 stivers.
Coffee - 9 1/2 to 10. Rum (C. P.) - 22 & 1/2

With the exception of the Schooner Matirosa; which came in last night from Berbice, there has been no arrival since our last.

We insert the following at the request of a Correspondent:
- "At Mr. Marsh's Hotel, the 30th March last, the present Gentlemen Lawyers of this Colony gave an elegant Dinner covered with all the delicacies of the present season, in the Ball room, to a very brilliant and respectable assemblage of Gentlemen, in honour of the Secretary P. F. Tinne Esq. leaving this Colony with his Family for England. Amongst the Company on this particular occasion were the Honbl. Members of the Courts of Policy and Justice, the Secretary P. F. Tinne and his three Brothers, the Honble. Fiscaal, and heads of other Civil Departments, and other Gentlemen of high distinction. Appropriate toasts and sentiments having been drunk, the Company retired in the evening highly pleased with their entertainment."

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.
April 4 Schr. Good Intent, Strickland, for Barbados.
5 Ship Economy, Ross, London.
6 Snow Fortune, Wilson, Ditto.
Sloop First Attempt, Bommell, Barbados.
Sloop Mary, Miller, Ditto.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves

in the Colony Stocks of Demerary, 7th April, 1810.



Brought by


Chas. Beausobre,






Pl. Non Pareille,



Christy, in Berbice

Jas. Caple.


Chs. de Beausobre,

Ant. Osborn.



Mahaicony Ferry.


Pl. Helena,

Pl. Cumings Lodge.


Chs. de Beausobre,



Chs. de Beausobre,



Peggy Kroll,

Pl. den Haag.


Pl. Mindenburg,

Pl. Vredestein.


N. Volkerts,



Pl. Concordia,

C. Muller.


Wm. Heathcote,

Pl. Rome.


J. L. Looff,



Capt. Ince,

Pl. Golden Grove.

S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
Every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon
By Edward James Henery.


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