Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1810 April 14


Vol. V.]


[No. 258.

Saturday, April 14th, 1810.

Government Bills. [heading]
Commissariat Office,
24th [sic] April 1810.
Cash Wanted for the following Bills of Exchange, amounting to L 2000 Stg. viz:
No. 956, L 500.
957, 400.
958, 300.
959, 300.
960, 200.
961, 200.
962, 100. - L 2000 Stg.
Drawn by Joseph Bullock Esq. Commissary General, on the Right Honble. the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury. Tenders in quadruplicate for the whole or any part thereof will be received at this Office until Friday next, the 20th instant, at 10 o'Clock, when they will be opened in presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops and the highest Offer if approved accepted.
Alex. Pitman
Asst. Comsy.

New-Town, 14th April, 1810. [heading]
The Commissaries, finding it impossible so immediately to make another call upon the Inhabitants of this District for Taxes, particularly request every Individual to repair the Street or Dam attached to their respective Lots; and give Notice, that such parts of the Town as are not in good order by the 1st May will then be made so at the expence of the Person neglecting - a measure strictly justifiable by the 3d Article of the approved Instructions of the 6th December last, whereby it is especially pointed out as their duty to take such measures as may appear to them requisite for keeping this District at all times in perfect good order.

500 Bunches of Plantains [heading]
For Sale, Weekly.
14th April 1810. Apply to the Printer.

Now Landing from the Brig Nabby, from Boston, and for Sale by the Subscriber for immediate Payment; -
New Fish in hogsheads and boxes,
Superfine Flour,
Wood Hoops,
April 14th 1810. Samuel Mackay.

On Sale. [heading]
By the Subscriber, at his Store, recently occupied by William Hallstead Esq. - Superfine Flour f 70 per barrel, Candles 4 & 8 to the lb. Firkins Butter, Barrels Mess Beef, Kegs of Tripe, and Rum three years old of an excellent quality in kegs from 10 to 20 gallons each.
Also a Mulatto Man, a complete Tailor.
H. S. Thomas.
Bridge-Town, 14th April 1810.

Notice. [heading]
The Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of the Subscriber is at the House of Mr. William King, North-Dam, Stabroek.
Joseph D. King.
Demerary, 14th April 1810.

Wanted In The Country. [heading]
A Steady confidential Man who well understands Dutch and English, and can make out Accounts in the latter taken from Documents in both Languages. Such a Person may meet with Employment for a considerable time, and a liberal compensation for his Service.
Apply to Park Benjamin Esq. April 14th.

Any Person desirous of owning two very Health Negro Masons (the oldest not more than 20 years of age), who well understand the hanging of Sugar Boilers, Stills, and all other Mason work; will be treated with either on the score of purchase or exchange for other healthy House or Field people.
Also may be had for half its value -
A new Coffee Pulping-Mill,
Warranted of the first description - worked by the hand.
Apply to the Printer. Demerary, 14th April 1810.

Picked up by one of my Boys on Thursday last, a Promissary note of two Thousand Three Hundred and odd Guilders H.Cy. dated 6th April 1810, and payable in four Months after date, favouring a Mr. Kernan. The owner may have the same, rewarding the Boy and paying for this Advertisement, on application to
Geo. Firebrace Perry.
Demerary, 14th April 1810.

Custom-House, Demerary. [heading]
12th April, 1810.
Publick Sale.
On Wednesday the 18th April 1810, will be Publickly Sold, at the King's Warehouse, near the American Stelling, the following Goods remaining unsold of those advertised the 27th March last, viz: -
11 Ploughs, 2 Harrows, 2 Blinders, 2 Sets Gig Harness, 21 Collars for Mules and Cattle, 13 Back-straps for ditto, 4 Head Bridles, and 2 Ox Plough Scrapers.
The Sale will begin precisely at one o'Clock.
John Forbes, Collector.
Jno. Ashley, Actg. Compt.

For Sale. [heading]
An Experienced Boat-Captain, well acquainted with Essequebo, and from this River to Berbice. He is a steady sober Man, sold for no fault. Also a Negro Man who has been accustomed to the field, - he is a good liner and driver.
April 14th. J. W. Robinson.

The Multiplicity of Business, and the daily increase of it, obliges the Subscriber to keep Saturdays and Sundays for himself; - his Clients will therefore be so good as to call on the other days of the Week. His Office is opened, as customary, from the Rising to the Setting of the Sun.
N. Rousselet.
Attorney at Law.
Yorkshire Hall, 14th April 1810.

Just Imported [heading]
In the Adventure, Thomas Brown Master, from Liverpool, and to be sold on reasonable Terms for Cash or Produce: -
[first column]
Best mess Beef in half barrels,
Do. Pork do. do.
Pickled white herrings in do.
Double rose Butter in half firkins,
Shell'd barley in small jars
Split pease in small jars
Pale Ale in bottles,
London brown stout in bottles,
Pine cheese,
Tongues in firkins,
Do. smoaked,
Potatoes in hampers,
Candles long 6s and 4s,
Linseed oil in 2 1/2 gall. jugs,
White Lead in 28 lb. kegs,
Iron puncheon hoops and rivets, Cutlasses,
Nails 4dy to 30dy,
Demerary trenching shovels,
Inverness Cotton bagging,
[second column]
Brown holland,
Printed callicoes,
Figured cambrics,
Plain French do.
Linen checks,
Cotton and Linen do.
Cotton 1/4 wide do.
Furniture chintz,
Sewing cotton,
Plain and corded dimities,
Mens silk and beaver hats,
Printed handkerchiefs,
Bordered lawn do.
4-4 Irish Linens,
Musquito netting,
Flaxen oznaburgs,
Cotton shirting,
Marseilles quilting,
Mens and Womens stockings
Do. strong ankle shoes.
[end columns]
Also on Hand.
[first column]
Best London particular Madeira Wine in pipes and hogsheads,
Loaf sugar,
Mill grease,
Mineral paint,
Temper lime in 12 gal. kegs
[second column]
Pullicate handkerchiefs,
Negro cloathing,
Pilchards and Herrings in barrels,
Salt in puncheons, tierces and barrels.
[end columns]
Apply to Thomas Green.
At the Store lately occupied by Mr. McSwiney.
Demerary, 14th April 1810.

The Subscriber offers for Sale, the following articles, at the Store of Madam Van Hove, opposite Plantation Vlissingen, on reasonable Terms for immediate Payment, viz: -
Marseilles, striped Florentine, black silk do. white and brown Sheeting, fine fashionable Callicoes in pieces of 28 yards, Ladies parasols, Indian and corded dimities, fine Callico Cambrics, nests of Trunks, Indigo blue Crown stamped, India white callicoes, Golding's Rose and Lavender Water, Windsor soap, Irish linens, cotton Check, an assortment of cutlery among which are some Penknives and Scissors of a very superior quality, wax Leather skins, Hemp, Hessian and military boots, mens silk Hats, Women's do. men's fine Shoes, Children's and Youth's do. printed cambric, and sundry other articles. Also a few bunches of Garnets, and a very handsome Chamber Clock.
April 14th 1810. M. Jacobs.

For Sale. [heading]
A remarkably good Saddle Horse, free from vice, and warranted sound; would not be disposed of, but that the owner is under the necessity of leaving the Colony on account of ill health. Apply for particulars to the Printer of this Paper.
Demerary, 14th April 1810.

For Sale. [heading]
An undivided third of Plantation Hackney, and the Buildings thereon, situated in Pomeroon river, adjoining Caledonia Estate, the Property of Messrs. McInroy & McLagan.
Also Twenty-seven Seasoned Negroes.
For particulars apply to
April 14th. Peter Rose.

Claret. [heading]
A Few Hogsheads Genuine Claret at a very reasonable rate, are now ready for delivery from the Store of Messrs.
April 14th. De Munnick & Co.

Runway a few days before the sailing of last Fleet, an Apprentice Boy named James Gordon, belonging to the Snow Fortune, Capt. Wm. Wilson, of London; - the said Boy is about fifteen years of age, sandy hair and brown complexion. All Masters of Vessels are forbid taking him from the Colony, and others from secreting him. Should said Boy return of his own accord we will be forgiven by
Paul Smith.
Werk & Rust, 14th April 1810.
N.B. For Sale, some excellent Wallaba Shingles.

Sales by Execution. [heading]

By Authority obtained from the Honble. Court of Justice. Be it known that I the underwritten First Marshal of this Colony will Expose and Sell at Marshal's Sale, in the presence of the Honble. Counsellors Commissaries and their Secretary, the hereafter-named Plantations, viz: -
On the 25th April next, the undivided half of Plantation Sans Soucie, situated in Abary, belonging unto the late Wm. Horsham deceased, with all its Buildings, Cultivation, Slaves and further appurtenances.
On the First day of May next, the Plantation De Gebroeders, situated in Canal No. 1, cum annexis.
On the Third day of May next, the Plantation Rynestein, situated on the West Bank of this River, with all its appurtenances.
On the 16th June 1810, the Plantation Peter's Hall, cum annexis, situated on the East Bank of this River, adjoining the North of Plantation Providence.
The Inventories of said Estates can daily be seen at the Marshal's Office, (Sundays excepted).
Whoever may be inclined to purchase will please to attend on the day of Sale on said Estates.
Rio Demerary, 7th April 1810.
M. Smit, First Marshal.

Public Vendues. [heading]

On Thursday the 26th April will be exposed for Sale at Vendue, by order of the Attorneys for the Honbl. Thomas Cuming, on the Plantation Thomas, East-Sea-Coast, - Twenty-five to thirty Head Cattle, mostly milch cows; Horses, Chaises, Household Furniture consisting of Bedsteads with mattresses &c. complete, Tables, Chairs, Bureaus, China, Glass Ware, Silver Spoons, Knives and Forks. Also a six oared Yacht almost new, some old Madeira Wine, &c. &c.
April 14th. Kingston & McBean.

On Monday the 30th instant, at the Store of Samuel Mackay Esq. - Boards, Plank and Scantling, W.O. Hoops, Oars, Herrings in barrels, Fish in hogsheads & boxes, Navy Bread in barrels, Crackers in kegs, superfine Flour, Lamp Oil in jugs, &c.
April 14th. Kingston & McBean.

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
A. Foot, in ditto, - from the 23d March.
Mary Ann Stewart, with three Slaves, in do. do.
Rd. Deane, in 14 days or 6 weeks, - from do.
Mrs. Tournie, in 14 days, - from 24th March.
James Van Hamell, in 14 days or a Month, - from the 26th March.
Steph. Holman, in 14 days, - from ditto.
Eliot Walker, in ditto. ditto.
Chas. Ryan, and his Servant Martin, in 3 Weeks, - from the 29th March.
E. F. Hall, in 14 days, - from March 30th.
John Oliverson, in ditto. do.
Gavin Fullarton, in a Month or 6 Weeks, from do.
Alexr. Campbell, in 14 days or 6 weeks, - from the 3d April.
Robert Kingston, in all the Month of June.
N. Volkerts in three weeks, from 10th April.
Mrs. Davis, with her Servant Mary Ann, in 14 days, from the 11th April.
J. C. Van den Heuvel, in 14 days, from 12th April.
Mrs. Wells, with one Servant, in ditto or 6 Weeks,
C. L. Robertson, in ditto or ditto, - from ditto.
Mary Ostrehan, with a Servant, in 14 days, - from 12th April.
C. T. Tinne, first Clerk. [no citing of Secretary's Office or date]

Newtown, 14th April 1810.
Notice is hereby given, that, as it is absolutely necessary before a Dividend can be made of the Estate of the late Adam Knight, to ascertain what may be the real amount due from the different Debtors thereto - there being too much reason to believe the Books in their present state are very exceptionable, - The Honble. the Court of Justice has thought proper by appointment of 19th March last, to order the undersigned, in his capacity as curator, to call up the Debtors to the Estate of the late Adam Knight, by Public Advertisement, to give proof, if they have any, of the Sums stated against their names not being due, or to close and arrange the same forthwith, within the space of Two Month from this date; authorising him in event of failure to compel by Law such Debtors to do so, as shall appear after this period not to have complied herewith! The undersigned Curator therefore earnestly requests attention to this Notice, and that every apparent debtor will do him the pleasure within this period to put it in his power, by a clear and full statement of their transaction; with the Testator, to make a satisfactory arrangement of their several Accounts, to prevent any thing like disagreeable measures being adopted.
James Robertson.
Ballance due by the Books of the late Adam Knight in his life time carrying on the Business of a Boat-Builder in this Colony.
[first column]
Capt. Allen, f 286 7 8
Ship Ariadne 98 5
Ship Arethusa 170 10
American Schr. 11 5
Adml. Nelson, 125 12
Fk. Allzier & Co. 18 10
American Brig 44
Pln. Aurora 66
J. T. Adams 198
Saml. Allen 61 10
R. L. Ashington 321
Arthur Blair 564 5
A. Blackwood 6 10
Brummell & H. [sic] 5,949
Brig Brothers 242
H. M. Bunbury 82 10
Christopher Bowin 33
Richd. Barry 272
Wm. Brereton 499 5
A. G. Burmester 381 8 8
Benjamin & Bl. 46 12 2
R. Bennie 16 10
Sloop Betsey 22
Bain 105 10
R. Bell & Co. 44
Ship Brilliant 68
Barker 722 5
Richd. Barnes 464 10
Irving Balam 44
Capt. Barry 52 10
Pln. Bromlaw 9
Capt. Barr 33
Capt. Barton 25
Capt Bousfield 27 14
C. De Beausobre 66
Betsey 41 10
M. Brower 145 19 8
Commdr. Barker 72 15
F. Bynoe 1,598 19 8
Wm. Bowers 363
C. Bone 17 13
G. Brown 53 10
M. Buchanan 33 15
Breton 76 15
H. Clark 102 15
Geo. Craig 168 9 8
Thos. Catheray 102
R. Clementson 64 7
Wm. Carleton 168 10
Ship Cato 74 15
J. Wm. Cox 16 10
Ship Cumberland 22 18
D. Cornfoot & Co. 623 6
M. Campbell 41 15
John Corbet 16 10
G. Coulter 551 4
Ship Castor 11 7
Lably Coulter & Co. 1,110 14
Cook, Canal 8 10
Capt. Caple 48
Cozier 40
H. Cambridge 15
John Currie 133 5
Commissaries of Cumingsburg 331
Joseph Cliff 37
Doctor Cox 460 11
Cowan 17
Jno. Du Fresne 181 15
John Douglas 104 12
Richd. Daly 11 15
T. Dium [sic] 1,745
W. Daniel 350 10
C. H. De Munnick 45 15
Ship Diana 130 10
Capt. Dougal 29 10
L. DeHelliand 198
Doctor of Pl. Zorg en Hoop 11
J. De Young 103
Jas. Elder & Co. 1,235 17 8
Exrs. J. Campbell 11
Ship Eliza 69 15
Ship Elizabeth 75
C. Edmonstone 232 10
Elizabeth Ann 321
D. Elliot 2
Eydle 2
Schr. Fanny 24 15
Fullerton & Co. 680 13 8
Brig Favorite 55 7
Ship Favorite 300
Ship Fame 275
W. N. Firebrace 19 10
Fairbrother 423 17
Thos. Frankland 74
John Fraser 75
Thos. Frier & Co. 109 5
T. Finlayson 43 10
Ship Frances 100 5
Donald Fraser 49 10
Simon Fraser 218 5
Thos. Farrier 42
H. Fraser 99
Wm. Forbes 157
[second column]
Fullerton & Co. 196 15
Ship George 75 10
Ship Glamorgan 177 16
G. J. Goppy & Co. 209 2
Brig George 440
Capt. Green 3 5
Capt. Gibson 387
Jas. Grant 46
D. Gould 310 15
P. Grant 46 7 8
Capt. Greaves 12
Grace Grundy 1 7 8
Capt. Gaire 1
Capt. Gross 18
Alexr. Gray 96
Wm. Gattrel 65 10
D. Gerson 55
Jas. Greenwood 88
N. Hart 1,204 6 8
H. Holmes 1,347 7 14
Capt. Hall 143 16
Hadfield & M. 522 5
Pln. Helena 1,456 15
Brig Hope 37 10
Schooner Hector 39
Hadryan 70 15
Capt. Houison 553 4 4
G. Howard 6
Capt. Hunt 8
Schr. Hawke 7 15
Capt. Hazel 117
G. Helliards 185 12
G. Hilden 287
Pln. Hibernia 396
Hosack, Carptr. 103 3 8
H.M.S. Berbice 44
H.M.S. Nimrod 6
H.M.S. Skip Jack 600
Hubbard 197 10
Hamilton 130 10
Heathcote, Southern & Co. 84 8
Thos. Husbands 32 10
Jas. Hunter 112 14
Dr. Hazelwood 22
Ship Hippomenes 122 10
J. T. Heyliger 6
John Jackson 7,867 11
Ship Isabella 8
Ship Jane 82 10
Jeffrey, Pomeroon, 12
Ship Jean 3
Ship Jane 363 15
J. G. Johnson 148 14
Robt. Jack 20
Brig Joseph 305
Brig John & James 181
Brig Industry 133 18
Alex. Jones 440
Brig Justian 4 10
B. Jacobs 199 5
J. L. Iles 246 6
J. Jeffrey 58
J. Jones & Co. 143 15
Edwd. Jones 45
Jas. Knight 687 8 8
Ad. Knight 9,864 10 4
Alexr. Knight 2,197 5 8
Ship Kelson - 15
Jno. Knight 235 15
King or F. Green 37 10
Ship Kitty 242 11
R. Kingston 684 2 8
Ship Kelton 172 10
Kreigle 315
W. & A. Leeds 48 8
E. Latham 383 5
Ship Lucy 21 5 3
Ship little Dick 325
Bg. Little Jane 93 13
Bg. Leviathan 7
F. Littledale & Co. 371 7 8
Dr. Lloyd 26
Wm. Langley 615 12 8
Landry 66
Labee 100
Jno. Madden & Co. 2,403 10 11
R. McCartny 343 14
A. McNabb 712 5
Wm. McKenzie 3,473 12 1
Dr. McPherson 574 16
N. Morehouse 32
W. T. Mason 9
McInroy & Co. 271 4 8
McCarthy 19 14
T. McKenzie & Co. 69
Thos. Milborn 33
Ship Mary 6 10
J. C. McLeod 486 5
Pl. Maria Johanna 18
Jno. McPherson 5 10
A. Meertens 154
A. McAulay 14 15
P. C. Mickerts 231 15
J. T. Mathews 288 3
Jas. Marten 73 10
B. H. Mashittar 91
[third column]
McLeod & Tippen 5 10
McVicar 36
D. Newal 6 5
Wm. Neil 305 10 8
Capt. Newall 15
S. O. Nurse 37 15
Schr. Northbrook 50 15
Naghten & Fitzgerald 6,263 5 8
Old Field 43 5
A. Osborne 13 10
Willm. Ord 21 5
Jas. Ogle 12
N. Osborne & Co. 42 9 6
Pauley 66
W. Postlewaite [sic] 224
Robt. Phipps 566 10
Capt. Paton 84
Pln. Perth 17 5
Princes Royal 76 10
Brig Phoebe 22 10
W. R. Prout 263 15
Schr. Polly 7 10
Primas Baillie 24
Ship Panagon 2343 8 8 [comma?]
W. A. Perry 37 10
Dr. Perkins 87 15
Jos. Prowell 11
Ship Queen 104
Ridley & Dodgson - 18 8
G. Robertson 59
Rose & McLachlan 109
W. Robertson 145
Alex Reith 261 12 8
Jno. Runcie 93 12 8
N. Rousselet 3465 6 [comma?]
Pln. Ruly [sic] 62 10
J. Runnels 15
Mr. Rose 85 10
Thos. Rees 8,440
Jno. Smith 68 4
Capt. Swissure 176 [or Swifsure]
Capt. Salter 2 15
Ship Surprize 39 12
J. Sutherland 44
Shoemaker 88
Paul Smith 16 10
A. & A. Smith 522 19
Schweirs, Downer & Co. 8 10
Chas Singleton 837 1 4
[fourth column]
Dr. Small 411 10 10
Ship [sic] 56 5
Shipley 4 16
Capt Sinclair 6
W. W. Smally 7 10
M. Spooner 5
Slingarde 48 13
J. C. Sarah 45 10
Seward 80
Dr. Solomon 9
Telford N. & Co. 10091 3 1 [comma; correct?]
Capt. Thompson 299 1
Capt. Tyrer 129 15 8
Brig Taver 95 12 8
Schr. Two Friends 16
W. B. Thompson 104 5 11
Capt. Thompson 453 12
Capt. Thompson 15
Tousson & Connick 656 7
Dorothy Thomas 13
Joseph Trigger 11
John Tepper 158 10
Thompson & Boomie 10 8 4
Capt. Tilton 35
Mrs. Thornton 91
G. H. Trotz 313 10
Pln. Unity 99
Underwood & Co. 82 14
D. H. Van Nooten 223 15
Van der Bosch 771 15
Van Groningen 136 15
Pln. Unity 663
R. Wall 49 10
Ship Wentworth 12 9
Jas. Withers 16 2
Isac [sic] Wade 87 11 1
W. Wilkinson 43 10
Jas. Wilson 80 5 8
Jas. Wollen 26
Capt. Woodridge 126
Forest Windsor 33 5
S. Wardle 12
Joseph Ward 0 0 0 [sic]
Wortman & Butteweg 56 8
H. W. Walstaff 300
Capt. Whiston 72
Younghusband 726 16 8
R. Yearwood 250 18
Rk. Young 234 16
Pl. Zorg en Hoop 8 5
[end columns]

Average Cash Prices of Produce in Stabroek this day.
Cotton - 16 to 16 1/2 stivs. Sugar - 3 to 3 1/2 stivers.
Coffee - 9 1/2 to 10. Rum (C. P.) - 22 & 1/2

The American Brig Nabby, in 40 days from Boston, arrived here on Wednesday last with a Cargo of two hundred barrels of Flour, Lumber, &c. A small Schooner belonging to Mr. Cusheon, from Berbice, arrived on the same day - and this morning the Sloop Harriet, from Trinidad and Barbados, which latter place she left on Saturday last; at that time there had been no arrival from Europe, subsequent to those mentioned in the Barbados Paper of the 3d inst. David King Esq. came passenger in the Harriet.

Vessels Entered and Cleared since our last.
April 11 Sloop General Hodgson, Capt. Bowen from Barbados - Flour &c.
--- Industry, Penistown, St. Kitts - Salt.
12 Brig Nabby, Rins, Boston - Fish, flour, lumber, &c.
13 Schr. Nancy, Hudson, Berbice - Staves and Shingles.
14 Sloop Harriet, Burroughs, Trinidad - Tobacco, Dry Goods &c.
April 14 Sloop Industry, Capt. Penistown, for Grenada.
Schr. Harriet, Flanders, Newbury Per [sic]

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves in the Colony Stocks of Essequebo, 4th April, 1810.



Brought by


Pl. Boesjenpark,

Free Negro Simon.


Mr. Wilkenson,

Den Heer Knecht.



De Indians.



Pl. Adventure.




W. V. D. Wagt, Schout.

List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves in the Colony Stocks of Demerary, 14th April, 1810.



Brought by


Chas. Beausobre,






Pl. Non Pareille,



Christy, in Berbice

Jas. Caple.


Chs. de Beausobre,

Ant. Osborn.


Chs. de Beausobre,



Chs. de Beausobre,



Peggy Kroll,

Pl. den Haag.


Wm. Heathcote,

Pl. Rome.


J. L. Looff,



Doct. Waddle,




Pl. Pouderoyen.


A. Meertens,


S. G. Martens, Drossaart.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
Every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon
By Edward James Henery.


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