Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1810 April 17


Vol. V.]


[No. 259.

Tuesday, April 17th, 1810.

Sugar and Coffee [heading]
Wanted for His Majesty's Troops in this Colony.
Persons willing to Supply either of the above Articles, in such quantities as may be wanted, and of which due notice will be given, (to be delivered at the Commissary's Issuing Store at Fort William Frederick,) for the Expenditure of the next Six Months, commencing the 25th Instant, (April) are required to make tenders in Quadruplicate for the same, Sealed and marked - "Tenders for Sugar" or "Coffee." - previous to the 24th Instant, on which day such tenders will be opened in presence of the Officer Commanding His Majesty's Troops, when the lowest Offer will (if approved) be accepted.
It is to be understood that the Person Contracting for supply of either above Articles, shall be bound for the due performance thereof the Penalty of One Hundred Pounds Sterling, by virtue of his Tender.
Alexr. Pitman.
Assist. Commissary.
Commissary's Office, 16th April 1810.

For Surinam.
The Schooner Shark, Will Sail on Thursday next. For Freight or Passage apply to
Jno. P. Hicks.
N.B. The above Schooner will make a Voyage to Surinam regularly every Month.
Demerary, 17th April 1810.

For Sale. [heading]
A Washer, Ironer and House-Servant. Apply to the Printer. 17th April 1810.

For Sale by the Subscribers, [heading]
A Curricle and Pair of Horses.
The Horses are very capital black American Geldings, seasoned to this climate, very good tempered, and when not allowed to remain too long without exercise, so tractable in harness as to be drove by the most timid Lady, they are in excellent order, and with fair work and stable attention will remains so. They have been drove as a pair - singly in a Gigg - and together as Tandem, and one of them is a most excellent Saddle Horse - thus the pair uniting in themselves all the advantages of Saddle, Gigg, and pair of Carriage Horses. The Curricle is light, neat, and easy, lined with red morocco leather, and very little the worse of the wear; - it originally answered either for one or two Horses, into which it could be again converted at the trifling expence of a pair of shafts and staples. There is one set of half-worn Harness which answers either for a Charriot or Curricle - and an elegant new set never used but once with "new patent" Curricle bar - which also answers the purpose of Charriot or Curricle, and if required a set of Gigg Harness will be included, - or a very good light Gigg, with outrigger so as to drive a pair, and Tandum hooks to go as Tandum with a double set of Harness will also be sold.
An unexceptionable Set of Exchange, at 90 days Sight on London, for L 1400 Sterling. Enquire of
Mr. Madden. 17th April 1810.

For Sale or Rent. [heading]
The Premises lately occupied by A. Bryant Esq. second door from Mr. Henery's Printing Office, fronting the Main Street.
Enquire of
April 17, 1810. Thos. T. Thomson.

To Be Sold. [heading]
A Healthy Young Negro Man, who has been accustomed to the Field. Apply at the Office of this Paper. 17th April, 1810.

Theatre Royal, Stabroek. [heading]
The Proprietors respectfully beg leave to inform the Public that by previous arrangements they have determined to appropriate the Receipts of certain Nights to the Liquidation of Expences incurred in decorating the Theatre.
The first of those Nights (for remunerating the Artist engaged to paint the Scenery) will be on Wednesday Evening, the 25th April, when will be performed
Tobin's Celebrated Comedy of
The Honey Moon!
Dramatis Personae.
Duke of Aranza, - (in love with, and afterwards Husband of Juliana.)
Count of Montalban, (in love with Volante.)
Balthazar, - (a Painter, Father of Volante, and Juliana.)
Lampedo, - (An Apothecary.)
Campillo, - (Steward to the Duke.)
Lopez, - (A Rustic.)
Jaquez, - (Servant to the Duke, and sometime assuming his Character.)
Volante, - (Daughters of Balthazar.)
Hostess, - Servants, - Rustics, &c.
To which will be added
The Burlesque of
A Tragedy for Warm-Weather.
Dramatis Personae.
Chrononhotonthologos, King of Queerumania.
Bombardinion, - His General
Captain of the Guards.
Doctor, - Cook.
Fadladinida, Queen of Queerumania.
Tatlanthe, - Her Maid.
Prices of Tickets as usual.
Doors to be opened at six o'Clock, and the performance to commence precisely at seven.

Summonses by Edict. [heading]

By Virtue of a certain Petition and appointment of the Honble. Court of Justice. Are herewith by me the underwritten First Marshal of this Colony.
By Edict Summoned!
All known and unknown Creditors of John Culpeper, - to appear before the Councellers Commissary from the Honble. Court of Justice, at their session to be held in the Town of Stabroek, on the 14th of May next.
In order to hear such proposals as the said John Culpeper shall then lay before his said Creditors, and further to be taken over by the Councellors Commissary and reported by them to the Honble. Court of Justice, to de disposed thereon as they shall seem meet.
Rio Demerary, 16th April 1810.
M. Smit, First Marshal.

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony:
Mrs. Tournie, in 14 days, - from 24th March.
James Van Hamell, in 14 days or a Month, - from the 26th March.
Steph. Holman, in 14 days, - from ditto.
Eliot Walker, in ditto. ditto.
Chas. Ryan, and his Servant Martin, in 3 Weeks, - from the 29th March.
E. F. Hall, in 14 days, - from March 30th.
John Oliverson, in ditto. do.
Gavin Fullarton, in a Month or 6 Weeks, from do.
Alexr. Campbell, in 14 days or 6 weeks, - from the 3d April.
Robert Kingston, in all the Month of June.
N. Volkerts in three weeks, from 10th April.
Mrs. Davis, with her Servant Mary Ann, in 14 days, from the 11th April.
J. C. Van den Heuvel, in 14 days, from 12th April.
Mrs. Wells, with one Servant, in ditto or 6 Weeks,
C. L. Robertson, in ditto or ditto, - from ditto.
Mary Ostrehan, with a Servant, in 14 days, - from 12th April.
A. Tinne, senior Clerk. [no citing of Secretary's Office or date]

Average Cash Prices of Produce in Stabroek this day.
Cotton - 16 to 16 1/2 stivs. Sugar - 3 to 3 1/2 stivers.
Coffee - 9 1/2 to 10. Rum (C. P.) - 22 & 1/2

Yesterday the Sloop Aurora arrived here from Barbados, which she left on the 9th inst. and brought us a Paper of the 7th, of that Island; its contents are not interesting, except an account, received by the Schooner Polly in 44 days from Gibraltar, of the rapid progess [sic] of the French in Spain, where it appears, that nearly every place of consequence in that ill-fated country is in the hands of the enemy, except Cadiz, which was also closely invested.
Admiral Sir A. Cochrane has, on a petition from several Islands, protracted the sailing of the Convoy for ten days, in consequence of the unusual lateness of the crops.

This day at one o'clock the Schooner Eclipse arrived here in four days from Barbados, the second February Packet had arrived there; . . .

H. Parkinson and J. L. Forrester Esqrs. came Passengers in the Eclipse.

The Ship Vigilant, of Liverpool, to the House of Messrs. Barton, Deane & Co. came to anchor off the Fort at three o'Clock. We have not heard what passage she has had.

Married. - On Wednesday the 11th inst. at Plantn. Hermitage, Berbice, Charles Wilday Esq. to the amiable Miss Sarah Murray.

Stabroek: Printed and Published
Every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon
By Edward James Henery.


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